I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 63 (Part 1)

Neither of them had enough to eat there, so when they got home, they cooked some noodles.

"I'm actually a little angry." Mingxi stirred the noodles in the pot with long chopsticks, her voice still choked up.

She didn't look at Fu Yangxi. She lowered her eyes and stared at the boiling water and tumbling noodles in the pot. Her eyes were still red, “Before, hic, I asked what happened with the wound on your neck, hic, you actually told me that the glass bowl which you used to cook your noodles with exploded! Are you heartless or something?”

Mingxi couldn't help but put down her chopsticks.

She should have found out long ago. She had lived with him for so long, yet she had never seen Fu Yangxi eat instant noodles— His refrigerator was completely empty, there were no instant noodles or glass bowls, so what kind of noodles could he have possibly made?!

Fu Yangxi was always lying to her!

Fu Yangxi was very distressed when he saw Mingxi crying all the way back in the cold wind, her eyes swollen to the size of walnuts.

He patted Mingxi's back, trying to relieve her hiccups. He looked down at her and apologized in frustration, "It's my fault."

Mingxi raised her red and swollen eyes to look at him. “Of course it’s your fault—"

"Yes, yes, I was wrong." Fu Yangxi was no longer stubborn at this time. His usually arrogant, short, hedgehog-like hair seemed to have turned gentle.

He circled around Zhao Mingxi, put his hand on the back of Mingxi's neck, squeezed it lightly and tried to console her, “Little crybaby, stop crying, okay?"

"You still dare call me little crybaby?!" Mingxi said. "Except for, hic, this time, when else did I cry?!"

Fu Yangxi replied, "That time you got drunk."

Mingxi turned her red eyes to stare at him.

Fu Yangxi was very eager to survive, so he immediately changed his words. “No, I remembered it wrongly. You didn't cry when you were drunk, I’m the one who cried, okay?"

Mingxi was still uncomfortable. This kind of discomfort was a kind of sadness that couldn’t be consoled at all, because she couldn’t travel back to the past and bring out the former Fu Yangxi.

She sobbed as she pulled tomatoes out of the refrigerator.

"Let me handle it." Fu Yangxi hurriedly took the tomatoes and knife from her hands. After taking them, he glanced at Mingxi.

Because he didn't know how to coax someone, his eyes looked helpless and pitiful.

He paused and said again, “I'm sorry, I won't hide anything from you anymore."

Mingxi felt distressed again. Why did she ask Fu Yangxi to apologize to her?

"I, hic, I'm not angry anymore. I'm sorry, that wasn’t what I meant," Mingxi said quickly.

Fu Yangxi smiled and scratched the tip of her nose with his fingers. "I know."

Little Mask was worried about him.

This was enough to make Fu Yangxi happy.

Mingxi took a step forward and hugged Fu Yangxi from behind. She wrapped her hands around his waist and pressed her cheeks to his back.

Fu Yangxi was very tall. Mingxi's cheeks were pressed square against his backbone. She could feel the bones of the boy under his clothes. Like pines and bamboo in the scorching sun, they grew by the joint.

“Fu Yangxi.”


"I just got an idea just now. I want you to become smaller," Mingxi said suddenly.

Mingxi's words came out of nowhere. Fu Yangxi clumsily cut the tomato, turned his head slightly and asked in confusion, "Become smaller? Then what are you going to do?"

"Then I'll get you a soft nest and make you live in it. After that, I'll put you and the nest together and rub you into my arms."

Mingxi’s sudden utterance of such words made Fu Yangxi shy.

Rub you into my arms.

What kind of dangerous words are these—?!

He looked back at Mingxi with an expression saying, 'What the hell? How can I tolerate such an insult as a school tyrant who is 1.881 meters tall?! My Little Mask is so arrogant!’ However, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but rise wildly. “Based on your description, you are trying to be my keeper.”

“Can I?” Mingxi asked.

Fu Yangxi suddenly became serious. He took out a tissue, wiped his hands and turned around.

Mingxi had no choice but to let go of the hands that were wrapped around his waist.

Fu Yangxi leaned over slightly and held her shoulders.

Under the kitchen light, Fu Yangxi's dark eyes stared at her seriously.

Mingxi saw her own shadow reflected in his eyes.

Mingxi asked, “What’s the matter?”

Fu Yangxi said to her, "I'm really fine, Little Mask, don't think about it anymore, it's all over."

Mingxi still looked at him with a sad expression.

Fu Yangxi said gently, “Actually, the way Fu Zhiyi explained the story might have been scary, but it's really not a big deal. Every family has their own problems. For example, you might not know Jiang Xiuqiu very well. Don't just look at the way he hangs out with girls all day long, feigning an appearance of a blessed son, in fact, his parents have long since divorced and their scandals are all over the net. They have cheated on each other with more than 10 others and they are still caught up in multiple lawsuits. There’s also a lot of illegitimate children, and 9 out of 10 of them want to fight for the family property. He’s in a huge pickle, but doesn’t he always look as if there’s nothing in the world that could make him worried? Look at your family. I also had a heart attack that night at the police station. I almost beat up your second brother to the point where he would be disabled. I was kind enough to not cut off one of his arms or legs. However, when you came out, you were fine and you flew forward like a little butterfly, so much so that you were out of reach when they started to regret their actions. So how could I be affected? I have money, looks and a beautiful Little Mask. I am the winner in life, okay? I bet the others are so jealous of my life, yet you still feel sorry for me. Aren’t you being silly? Your partner can beat up two people at once, so don’t think of your partner as a weakling, okay?”

Mingxi wanted to cry and laugh as she heard Fu Yangxi speak.

"What kind of words are ‘flying forward like a butterfly’? Did you even pass your Mandarin exams?"

Fu Yangxi also raised his eyebrows and smiled. “So we have to live a good life, move on, eat, drink, fall in love, kiss when it's time to kiss—"

After he finished speaking, he lowered his head, held Mingxi's face, and gave an abrupt “smooch” on Mingxi’s cheek.

Mingxi asked, "...What kind of sudden poem recitation is this?"

Fu Yangxi was triumphant. He looked like a proud boy waiting for compliments. “Creator, Fu Yangxi."

Mingxi was so angry that she laughed, and the hiccups finally healed.

"Hey, the noodles are about to come out." Mingxi exclaimed. She quickly pushed Fu Yangxi away and turned off the fire.


Mingxi finally stopped crying, so Fu Yangxi let out a sigh of relief.

The TV was on. The two of them sat on the bar stool and began to eat the noodles.

The steam was hot, warming their faces.

After they finished eating, Fu Yangxi said solemnly, "I'll wash the dishes."

What he called dishwashing was actually putting the dishes and chopsticks into the dishwasher.

Mingxi rolled her eyes at him. She took an orange from the refrigerator and started peeling it. After she was done peeling, she threw the peeled skin into the trash can, divided the orange into two, walked to Fu Yangxi and called him.

Fu Yangxi turned his head.

Mingxi raised her hand and gently inserted a slice of orange between his lips and teeth.

“Is it sweet?” Mingxi asked.

Fu Yangxi was caught off guard. His lips became cold. At the same time he touched the orange slice, he also touched Zhao Mingxi's fingertips.

The girl's fingers were slender and soft— but Little Mask didn't notice anything. After feeding him, she lowered her head ignorantly and stuffed an orange slice into her mouth.

She opened her lips slightly and her fingertips touched her lips.

When touched, her lips sank slightly and returned plump and moist.

Fu Yangxi looked at her fingers and then at her lips. His blood sugar level spiked in an instant.

"...Sweet." He finally swallowed the orange slice, his heart pounding.

Mingxi didn't know that she had unconsciously touched Fu Yangxi. She put the remaining oranges into Fu Yangxi's mouth one by one.

Before the last slice could be fed, Fu Yangxi couldn't help pinching her waist, pressing her in front of the refrigerator and giving her a deep French kiss as seen on TV.


The specific feeling that Mingxi felt was completely indescribable, but in short, it was very wild.

The blood in her whole body rushed to the top of her head and her soul seemed to be kissed out of her body.

Fu Yangxi's ears turned red while kissing her. His arm rested on the refrigerator, letting Mingxi's head sink into his arms while his other hand lightly pinched Mingxi's waist, kissing her earnestly and innocently.

It was obviously the position where he pressed Mingxi against the refrigerator, but his shyness made it seem like Mingxi was pressing him in for a kiss, and he was the one who was sullied.

Soft lips were connected, full of the sweet and sour taste of oranges.

The surrounding air gradually warmed up.

Mingxi was out of breath and her legs started to soften. She couldn't help grabbing Fu Yangxi's collar and pulling him towards her.

Fu Yangxi didn't press in. She thought he was too far away.

However, once his body leaned closer and wrapped her in the familiar youthful scent of rosin, Mingxi felt her whole body beginning to heat up like shrimps about to be cooked.

"I- I can't do it anymore," Halfway through the kiss, Mingxi slid down softly and said in a daze.

Her mind was empty.

She felt like she was a soft little trash now.

Fu Yangxi picked her up and kissed her for a while before letting her go.

When their lips were separated, Fu Yangxi was a little reluctant to part, so he kissed her lips again and again with red ears like a chicken pecking at rice.

Mingxi leaned her back on the refrigerator and smiled at him. “Your ears are so red."

Fu Yangxi refused to admit it, so he resisted the blush rising on his face. “It's too hot, okay? Little Mask, you must have turned up the heating too high."

Mingxi was angry. “What the hell? You’re blaming me for being shy???"

Fu Yangxi acted as if he heard some Arabian Nights sort of joke. "Shy? I don’t even have this word in my dictionary!"

Mingxi: “...”

What should I do if my boyfriend is too arrogant?

"Ah, ah, it's so annoying, let's break up, let's break up."

Mingxi smiled and scolded, wanting to run.

Fu Yangxi pulled her back again.

No. We won’t ever break up.

ray's note: the sweetness in this chapter!! author did well to make up for the sadness in the last chapter

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