I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 64 (Part 1)

The snow fell two more times.

Everyone in the International Class discovered that after Zhao Mingxi returned from the final, the atmosphere between Zhao Mingxi and their boss seemed to have changed vaguely.

Before the final, they were practically stuck to each other. At first glance, they looked like a couple in love.

They didn’t know what happened after the final. They wondered if it was their misperception, but they always felt that Zhao Mingxi had become more attentive to the boss, like an eagle protecting a chick.

For example, the homeroom teacher Lu Wangwei.

Because of Fu Yangxi, Lu Wangwei has not received a performance bonus for three years. So it was normal for him to feel some form of resentment towards Fu Yangxi.

After Zhao Mingxi finally changed classes this semester, the frequency of Fu Yangxi causing trouble plummeted. Lu Wangwei thought he could breathe a sigh of relief, but the last school celebration performance was temporarily changed by Fu Yangxi to that thing!

The school leaders were furious. Fine, this month's performance is gone again!

Lu Wangwei was so angry with Fu Yangxi that he punished Fu Yangxi with running laps for trivial matters such as 'the blackboard was not wiped clean'.

Originally, running laps was a common occurrence for the boys in the International Class, so it didn't matter.

Fu Yangxi took off his headphones, stood up lazily and planned to leave the classroom.

However, Zhao Mingxi stood up and fought with Lu Wangwei!

She stated 100 hazards and consequences of corporal punishment in winter. If something happened to Fu Yangxi while running laps— from rising blood pressure to stepping on a screw, Lu Wangwei would be entirely to blame!

As Lu Wangwei was suddenly refuted by the student he was most proud of from east to south and then from west to north, he was stunned for a moment.

In the end, when he came out of the classroom with the supplementary book, he felt dizzy and had completely forgotten why he entered the classroom in the first place.

Fu Yangxi put his hands in his pockets, the corners of his mouth raised to the sky.

He looked at Zhao Mingxi beside him and sat down triumphantly. "Sigh."

There seemed to be a few large characters written on his face — 'Pampered man'.

The followers in the International Class were all stunned.


Their boss, a ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex that breathes fire at every turn, was described by Zhao Mingxi as a delicate flower swaying in the wind.

How blinded by love is Zhao Mingxi?!

Even the way she sees him is far too warped?!

And why does this scene seem so familiar??

Back to the original starting point.

The followers in the International Class did not mind eating more than a few bites of dog food every day between classes. It was rather strange yet interesting to watch Fu Yangxi appear like a different person after falling in love.

However, Ke Chengwen complained incessantly. He was at school for 10 hours a day, and for nine out of those 10 hours, he filled to the brim with such dog food.


The three of them were eating fried chicken together at an off-campus KFC store that day when they bumped into Fu Zhiyi.

Fu Zhiyi was wearing a beige coat and came here with a friend to do some errands. He didn't expect to bump into them. He turned around with a plate in hand, and happened to see Fu Yangxi who was sitting by the window.

Fu Yangxi didn't do anything. His face and temperament alone were enough to make him stand out from the crowd, not to mention Zhao Mingxi, the School Beauty who was sitting beside him. It was hard not to be noticed. Fu Yangxi leaned against the back of the chair holding a Coke, and looked up casually.

The two looked at each other.

Fu Zhiyi was stunned for a moment. His mood instantly fell. As if he felt a chill down his back, he quickly turned around and slipped away. He didn't even want the french fries and burger he just bought, he threw it on the table, dragged his friend and left.

The friend beside him who got dragged away cursed, and the ice Coke was spilled on the ground.

Fu Yangxi: “...” ???

Mingxi was also at a loss. Although she was not familiar with Fu Zhiyi during the training camp, she was still acquainted, and she never heard Fu Zhiyi say that he was afraid of Fu Yangxi. Could it be that this is a genetic thing passed down for generations, whereby they won’t say they’re afraid even though they are afraid?

Mingxi asked, "Have you bullied him before?"

"No." Fu Yangxi was baffled. He looked out of the store through the floor-to-ceiling windows, put the Coke on the table and said, "I think he has a hole in his brain. Every time he sees me, he turns around and runs away like a ghost. Am I scary?"

"Not scary," Mingxi replied.

Fu Yangxi turned his head to look at Mingxi. Mingxi looked at his frowning eyebrows, dipped the french fries in ketchup, stuffed it into his mouth and added, "Not scary at all."

Fu Yangxi snorted softly as if his fur was being smoothed out.

He chewed the french fries a few times, took apart the hamburger and handed it to Mingxi. "Don't just eat french fries, you'll be hungry by the time it’s three or four in the afternoon."

Ke Chengwen who was sitting aside: "..."

The scene before Ke Chengwen's eyes was exactly that of a breeder saying to the lion that was stalking her, 'You are not the king of beasts at all. Others run away when they see you, not because you are too fierce, but because you are too cute.’

Breeder, did you think of your conscience when you said this?!

"What?" Fu Yangxi glanced at Ke Chengwen and raised his dark eyebrows. "You got something to say?"

Mingxi looked at Ke Chengwen as well.

Ke Chengwen: “—”

What opinion can a single dog have?

A single dog doesn't even have human rights and yet it dares to have an opinion?!

Previously, to Fu Yangxi, Fu Zhiyi was just an illegitimate son of the Fu family whom he did not meet often, ran away when he saw him, and often followed Yu Jiarong around. But because of Zhao Mingxi as a bridge in the middle, Fu Yangxi finally understood Fu Zhiyi a little bit more.

This kid probably didn't volunteer to become a so-called 'fake'. The past incident also was also traumatizing for him.

Ever since they bumped into Fu Zhiyi, Fu Yangxi had been thinking.

He was thinking about how this matter should be resolved in the end.

Going on like this day after day doesn't solve any problems. Time doesn't seem to be the best medicine for healing. There's no way to heal the grief of losing a loved one. But even so, everyone shouldn’t stop here, everyone should continue to move forward, including his mother.

Originally, when Fu Yangxi heard Zhao Mingxi say that she met Fu Zhiyi during the training camp, he felt a little sour. However, seeing that Zhao Mingxi had no idea about Fu Zhiyi at all, his sourness was quickly resolved by his own efforts.

Again, men should not be too jealous.

Moreover, the old man may have been afraid that he and Fu Zhiyi would not get along, so after Fu Zhiyi returned to China, he specially transferred Fu Zhiyi to study in a neighboring city.

Fu Zhiyi's family was in this city, but he had to go to a boarding school in a neighboring city and only come back once a month, which was actually quite pitiful.

After Fu Yangxi turned 13, there were no real relatives around him. He didn’t even know how to get closer to his relatives.

So, although he had some changes in his mind about this illegitimate cousin, he didn't bother to find him to play basketball or anything to get closer to him.

In short, everything was business as usual with each person living their own life.

ray's note: really sorry for the late update everyone. i'm actually in the midst my own translating and transcribing business soon! very very excited. will let y'all know the details once i've gotten the ground work done. do let me know your thoughts on this, if any! always welcoming of any opinions anyone might have.

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