I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 64 (Part 2)

The three people came out of KFC. The cold wind was too strong. Fu Yangxi had Mingxi's hand in his pocket.

Ke Chengwen, with sharp eyes, suddenly called out to Zhao Mingxi. He pointed in one direction with the milk tea in his hand and said, “Am I seeing things? Isn't that Zhao Yuan? She has a boyfriend already?”

Mingxi also heard about Zhao Yuan's contract with the agency.

In the past month, Mingxi hardly met Zhao Yuan at school. The one person who could be seen on the road every few days before seemed to have completely disappeared from her field of vision.

The main reason was that although the turmoil of real and fake daughters had passed, Zhao Yuan would still receive some attention. If it weren't because she still needed to graduate, Zhao Yuan would not want to come to school at all, and she would have spent most of her time in society.

So Mingxi found it strange to suddenly see Zhao Yuan at the school gate.

She looked in the direction Ke Chengwen pointed.

There was a long boulevard outside of A High, turning to different commercial streets and food streets. Diagonally opposite A High is an art school. Most of the students studying were performing students, art students and dance students preparing for art exams.

At this moment, Zhao Yuan was at the entrance of an Internet cafe, wearing long boots and a black coat, with thick black eyelashes and flirtatious fishnet socks, hugging a boy with a tattoo on his neck.

The boy’s side profile was facing them and there was a skateboard under his feet.

There were also a few people who looked like gangsters behind him.

Before Mingxi could figure out who it was, a girl passing by saw them as well.

Someone commented, “Is that the handsomest guy from the opposite art school?”

“How can Zhao Yuan hang out with the people from the opposite school? They are a group of gangsters who like to fight. Last month, I heard that a teacher got beaten so badly that he or she was admitted to the hospital.”

"It’s that bad? But I must say, that guy is rather handsome — doesn't he know about the scandal that happened to Zhao Yuan before?"

"It became such a huge thing, he must know about it. But when guys hear about these scandals, they might think that Zhao Yuan is a poor little white flower who needs their protection."

Mingxi was a little stunned.


Now that things have developed to this point, it is obviously completely different from the original plot.

The budding love between Zhao Yuan and Zhao Zhanhuai was completely extinguished.

Zhao Yuan even got together with a random passerby.

After a while, the guy from the opposite school pinched Zhao Yuan's face and left with a few people with colorfully dyed hair.

Mingxi wanted to see who the guy was, so she kept staring at him to take a closer look.

Then she realized that there was no such person in her mind at all.

Moreover, the name discussed by the passers-by next to her did not seem to have appeared in the original text. It seems that this guy would definitely be a passerby without a name.

Fu Yangxi thought she was looking at Zhao Yuan at first, but after staring at her for a while, he found that she was looking at the face of the tattooed boy opposite them.

—And she was even on her tiptoes, staring intently at him.

Fu Yangxi: ?

"You think it's cool too?" Fu Yangxi stared at Zhao Mingxi and asked solemnly.

"He’s an art student after all. How can he survive without relying on his visuals?"

Mingxi's mind didn’t register what he meant just yet. She muttered, "And he really does look good."

As soon as she finished speaking, Fu Yangxi's face darkened.

Mingxi: “...”

Mingxi felt her heart drop. She felt that this situation could still be rescued, so she quickly said, "I mean, he looks so-so. The fact that these people around us are calling him the most handsome guy in the opposite school is probably because of his dancing skills.”

Fu Yangxi's main point was successfully deviated. He said sourly, “Do you think a man can get extra points for his dancing skills? Then how many points did you give him?"

Mingxi was very eager to survive. “I’m not going to give him any points. Why should I give him any points? I only give you points."

Fu Yangxi's face was full of disbelief.

He found it so difficult to be him right now!

He had just warned himself not to be too jealous, but if their genders were swapped, it would seem like the boyfriend was praising another dancing beauty in front of his girlfriend. Which girlfriend could endure this???

"Little Mask, you are a scumbag!" Fu Yangxi said with a sad expression.

Mingxi: ???

Mingxi's face screamed ‘It's not me, I didn’t do it’. She opened her mouth and said, "In my heart, you are the most handsome."

Fu Yangxi: "Look, you are saying what scumbags often say. Things like, ‘In my heart, you are the most beautiful—’”

Seeing that Fu Yangxi was still chattering, Mingxi felt like she had grown another head. She simply pulled Fu Yangxi by the collar, stood on her tiptoes, and smooched heavily on his chin.

If this trick doesn’t work, nothing will.

"..." Fu Yangxi's voice stopped abruptly. Oh, he really stopped.

He touched his chin and looked around. Several people looked over.

Fu Yangxi's ears turned red silently. He put on his hat, scooped up Mingxi's hat that was behind Mingxi with one hand and covered Mingxi's head with it. Then, he pulled Mingxi and the two people with a great height difference walked quickly to the classroom.

Ke Chengwen who was right behind them: ???

Wait, did the two of them forget that there was another person who came out to eat with them?


Mingxi only spared that one glance while they were at the school gate. She didn't intend to pay attention to Zhao Yuan's personal affairs.

She felt that the entertainment company that Zhao Yuan signed with sounded unreliable, and the direction of Zhao Yuan’s image was completely in the direction of revealing her flesh. Further, she felt that there was something wrong with Zhao Yuan's new boyfriend.

But this didn’t seem to have anything to do with her. She and Zhao Yuan have nothing to do with each other now.

In the blink of an eye, this semester was over.

The list of finalists will be announced online during the winter vacation. So long as the results weren’t out, Mingxi would be anxious. However, it was useless to care about it, because either way the test had been completed. So now all she could do was to wait for her results in anxiety.

She originally planned to get extra points so that she could stop participating in the competition and concentrate on preparing for the college entrance examination.

But Fu Yangxi's grandfather said that if she won the gold medal in the national competition, he would send her and Fu Yangxi to study abroad together - who wouldn't be moved by this?

There is no need to worry about tuition and living expenses!

So Mingxi went back to Mr. Lu Wangwei and asked for the registration form for the next semester's national competition.

After these days of close contact, the amount of plants in her pot had risen to 488, and it was missing just a few more shoots.

The winter vacation was only 10 days, so there was no need to pack anything.

But no matter what, it was the longest holiday in the tense senior year. Some of the students from the International Class had already started tearing their books to celebrate, scattering shredded paper everywhere.

Jiang Xiuqiu slept on the table and was caught off guard by the shredded paper: "..."

Fu Yangxi felt that he had a girlfriend now and so he must be mature and stable. Thus, he sat on the chair with his hands in his pockets and did not participate in the whole process.

Mingxi smiled and stuffed her books into her schoolbag.

She and Fu Yangxi planned to stay at home for three days, and then go to Hainan to play for the remaining days.

Mingxi rarely traveled far, so she was already looking forward to it, so much so that her heart almost exploded in anticipation.

Mingxi packed up and planned to go back with Fu Yangxi, but was stopped by Lu Wangwei before leaving the school.

Lu Wangwei intended to take this opportunity to give her some extra classes for her to learn more about the main points of the national competition in previous years.

Mingxi had no choice but to stay.

It just so happened that Fu Yangxi had to go back to the old house too — since Mingxi pulled him out last time, he hasn't gone back for half a month.

In the corridor.

"Must you go back?" Mingxi frowned with worry. "Will your mother go to your grandfather’s place this time?"

Fu Yangxi ruffled her hair and said, "Lawyer Zhang called me. It wasn't clear on the phone, but he revealed that my grandfather seems to have made up his mind to send my mother to get some treatment."

Mingxi looked up in astonishment.

The cold wind made a little mess out of Fu Yangxi's short hair, and Fu Yangxi looked a little more mature.

"She used to go to a treatment center every once in a while, but she would run out every time after staying for a few days, and I couldn't force her to go in."

The expression on Fu Yangxi's face was a little gloomy.

He paused. When he seemed to have made up his mind, he said, "But I've made up my mind, this time I'll make sure that she stays there until she’s fully cured. Maybe this is the best choice for her, and—"

Fu Yangxi smiled softly and pinched Zhao Mingxi's face. "If it wasn’t because of what you did that day, Little Mask, by suddenly blowing up, leaving my mother and grandfather stunned, my mother, she..."

Yu Jiarong had sent a lot of text messages to Fu Yangxi recently. She was always in a bad state of mind, and she even texted him to scold him before.

But the text messages sent recently have gradually become more calm, recalling the past, and even reminding Fu Yangxi to be wary of the rain.

Fu Yangxi felt uncertain when he saw these recent text messages.

He didn't know if this was a good change.

But with Zhao Mingxi by his side, he felt like he was standing under the sun, with an inexplicable confidence that everything would be fine.

"Let's just take it one step at a time. I only need you anyways."

Mingxi hugged him hard and said sullenly, "Then come back early. I'll be waiting for you at home."


Although Mingxi said that he should come home early, but Mr. Lu Wangwei nagged too much like a Tang monk. In the end, she came home later than Fu Yangxi.

As soon as she pressed the password, opened the door and entered, she heard the sound of dancing music.

Mingxi's heartbeat suddenly quickened, she almost thought a robber had entered.

She probed nervously and looked into the living room, only to see that Fu Yangxi was dancing with all his strength.

When other people dance, they are dancing. But for him, he looked like he had stepped on an electric switch and was being electrocuted. He had a good pair of long legs, but he moved like a robot.

Mingxi: “...”

Mingxi didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Fu Yangxi, are you still thinking about this???"

She simply mentioned that a man who can dance can get extra points!

The music was so loud that Fu Yangxi didn't hear Mingxi open the door at all. He didn't turn his head until he heard her roar.

Him: “...”

Fu Yangxi quickly turned off the music and ran into the room with a flushed face.

ray's note: thank you for your kind words everyone! as excited as i am to start my new journey, i'm sad that this story is nearing its end. we've got about less than 10 chapters to go and i don't think i'm ready to say goodbye just yet ;__;

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