Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 65 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins) -dead
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair)
Ma Ming (a short guy) -dead
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

Liu Xing's face is expressionless. Her eyes are dull as she used her remaining hand to help Liu Yue tidy up her clothes and appearance.

Chen Changdong tightly held the fishing rod in his hand. Raising his head, he stood up and straightened his back, as if the sad man just now was not him. He said to the only 2 remaining fighting forces in a deep tone, "Be vigilant. Be sure to keep your surroundings visible, don't be careless."

Before this, Liu Xing had already lost an arm and now she got hit by the loss of her sister. At this moment, she is like a walking dead. Even if she is at the juncture of life and death, even if the evil ghost king is in front of her now, she would not even blink.

Both Yuan Jin and Dong Xu are nervous, the palms holding the spirit weapon are covered in sweat. Yuan Jin stretched out his hand and wiped the side of his pants, suddenly feeling very thirsty.

The Level 10 team lost a member in an instant and Qin Tan’s team couldn’t even react in time. Lou Fan felt his eyelids twitch. He had a bad premonition, and his whole body tensed up.

"Remember to be careful!" Qin Tan urged, standing beside Lou Fan.

Lou Fan nodded, then turned to instruct the other team members, "Shuyang’s Yang Gathering Amulet are prepared quite a lot. Take turns to stick the amulets around. Stick one every 10 minutes. Don't let your surrounding be in darkness and hold tightly to your spirit weapon. Also, hold the Thunderbolt Amulet in your hand. If the situation is not right, use it right away even if you might get hurt from the explosion. You can't let the evil ghost grab you."

In short, their policy is to protect their own life, and at the same time to ensure that the master does not die.

The longer the master recited the scriptures, the faster it becomes. The sound in Lou Fan’s ears is strong, like a built-in loudspeaker, with a mellow voice reverberating in his ears. Lou Fan felt that the ghost king is going to be forced out by the master soon. Sure enough, the next moment, a huge shadow appeared from behind the mountain of corpses. It rushed straight to their side, obviously its target is the master sitting in the middle of their team’s guard.

Chen Changdong came over to the junior team’s side immediately, and the two people behind him followed. With a swipe, his hook and fishing line flew towards the huge shadow. Qin Tan also did not hesitate to face the shadow immediately. Lou Fan took a stance, stood in front of the master, and began to shoot arrows at the shadow. His arms moved rapidly, and the spiritual arrows are shot at the shadow like a dense rain of arrows. When the spiritual arrow hits the black shadow, a small white spot will appear in the black mass. As the arrow rains down, the black shadow seems to have been pierced with many small holes, looking like it is leaking. The effect of the spirit arrow is much stronger after the upgrade. Lou Fan could even see the puff of smoke coming out of the shadow after being wounded by the arrow rain. As Lou Fan is happy with the result, the movements of his hands became faster.

Chen Changdong's fish hook hooked at the evil ghost king, but the evil ghost managed to get away before the fishing line can entangle it. The evil ghost king still has some intelligence. Qin Tan stepped forward and slashed at the ghost king. However, the ghost king stretched out his arm and actually blocked it. Qin Tan flipped over, pulled back his Tang sword, and then stabbed at the ghost king again.

Both sides attacked and defended ceaselessly. Qin Tan is flexible and powerful and managed to fight an even battle with the ghost king. Also, Lou Fan is assisting on the side. Once Lou Fan’s arrows hit the evil ghost king, Qin Tan will slash at the ghost next. After a while, the evil ghost king dodged an attack and disappeared.

The Sanskrit chanting is also something. Lou Fan felt that the scriptures recited by the master might have a stimulating effect on the evil ghost king, After a while, the ghost king appeared again but the dark aura around him is not as thick as the first time.

The defense line in front is very strong. Jiang Dong informed Chen Shuyang and Wen Lang that he is going to help, and joined the battle himself. Yuan Jin and Dong Xu are both close-range fighters, but they didn't have the courage to go head-to-head like Qin Tan.

The evil ghost king is slippery like a loach. Chen Changdong's fishing line couldn't get around the ghost every time it got hooked. Only Lou Fan's spirit arrow could do something in the battle.

The bandage in Jiang Dong's hand is actually similar to Chen Changdong’s fishing line. Even better, his bandage is wider and not slippery. With a flick of his hand, a strip of bandage is wrapped around the ghost king. It's a pity that his spirit weapon is not an intermediate spirit weapon, It's a little bit low-leveled to deal with the evil ghost king. After a few moments, the bandages are broken into several pieces by the evil ghost king. Jiang Dong frowned and saw the Thunderbolt Amulet in his hand. With a flash of inspiration, he put the amulet on his bandage. Then, with a flick of his hand, the bandage rushed out to wrap around the ghost king again. Jiang Dong felt that he even heard the ghost king's ridicule - Even small fries like you want to deal with me? In your dreams!

The next second, Jiang Dong whispered the word ‘Explode' softly.

Inside the bandage wrapped around the ghost king, thunderbolts and lightning flashed. With a loud BANG, the amulet caused an explosion on the ghost king's body.

The explosion is quite loud and everyone looked at the evil ghost king. They saw a hole in the place where the Thunderbolt amulet detonated, oh, the ghost is leaking.

It’s effective! Everyone's eyes lit up and they all held the Thunderbolt Amulet in their hands. In case the evil ghost king approaches, they’ll stick it on the ghost!

Instantly, Chen Shuyang become the treasured person on the team. Because though the amulet was taught by the master to Chen Shuyang, the master himself did not draw this amulet. Lou Fan took 2 Thunderbolt Amulets from Chen Shuyang. Next, he pulled out 3 cross arrows from the quiver on his side. He stuck the 3 amulets on the arrows, raised his bow, and aimed. The 3 arrows flew toward the evil ghost king who is currently fighting with Qin Tan.

"Qin Tan, cross arrows incoming." Lou Fan shouted.

Qin Tan keeps moving but slightly turned his body sideways. Reaching out, he caught the 3 arrows and then directed them forward, right into the huge shadow[1].



With 3 deafening explosions, the evil ghost king looked like it got immobilized. Qin Tan fixed his eyes on the huge shadow and felt like there is a human figure in the dark shadow.

"Team leader Chen, your fishing line."

Chen Changdong reacted and immediately threw out his fishing hook. The fishing line finally entangled the evil ghost king. Qin Tan slapped an immobilizing amulet on the ghost king. Lou Fan ran forward and stuck 2 more amulets on the ghost. After making sure that it couldn't move, he then felt relieved.

Chen Changdong also let out a sigh of relief, "Let’s get it down and seal it. Then it's over."

Lou Fan shook his head and looked at the master, "Master, please."

It was unknown when the chanting stopped, the master stood up and walked toward the evil ghost king. Standing in front of the ghost, he put his hands together and chanted the Buddha's name. Then he said, "Put down your enmity and repent. If you continue doing something like this, you will never be able to be reborn as a human again[2].”

The evil ghost king screamed, but they couldn't hear what the ghost is saying. Only the master shook his head with a look of pity. Sighing, he said, "Obstinately persist in going the wrong way."

As the master spoke, he took off the rosary bead on his body and held it in his hand, reciting the scriptures again. Then, he grabbed a handful of glutinous rice in his hand and sprinkled it on the evil ghost king. Everyone can see the black aura emanating from the ghost king's body and the human figure in the shadow is struggling violently, screaming. The sound wasn't loud, but they can't help wanting to cover their ears and falling into a trance.

The master is not affected at all and continued to chant. His chanting turned faster and faster, and the evil ghost king struggled even more. Qin Tan took the Calming Amulet from Chen Shuyang and put it on himself and Lou Fan. After that, he told the other 3 members to stick it on too. Then, he stood beside the master to prevent the evil ghost king from suddenly attacking.

Seeing that the ghost struggled more and more violently, the master suddenly nodded at Lou Fan. Lou Fan immediately understood, turned around, and went to the pile of objects to find the hair and nails of the 7 deceased wrapped by the master. He lit the fire in the brazier and then threw them in.


The dark shadow dissipated, leaving only a terrifying-looking human figure. His face is hideous and his head is drooping, but he looked like a man. His eyes are scarlet, full of hatred. The man looked at the master fiercely, and cursed out in gritted teeth, word by word: "I. Want. To. Kill. You!"

The master looked kindly at the man with a gentle smile on his face, "If killing me can dispel the hatred in your heart, then you can kill me."

Lou Fan's heart skipped a beat. Master, can we not make this kind of joke? If you dispelled his hatred (by dying), isn't this asking us to die (because they failed their mission)? This idea doesn't work.

The ghost king suddenly laughed. He raised his head and laughed continuously, unable to stop.

The master sighed, "Go, she must be waiting for you. You should go!"

A struggling expression suddenly appeared on the man’s face. Suddenly, the surrounding black mist slowly gathered again and Qin Tan guards the master as they retreated.

"What's going on? Why do I feel like he is going to be the ghost king again?"

Everyone suddenly became nervous, and the junior team immediately surrounded the master. The master waved his hand and wanted to move forward, but is stopped by Lou Fan. Lou Fan looked at the master firmly and shook his head. The master smiled gently, but did not insist and continued to recite the scriptures.

"Stand guard first." Qin Tan said and stuck 2 more immobilizing amulets on the evil ghost, hesitating whether to stick a Thunderbolt Amulet as well. But the evil ghost king broke free the next moment, it seems the immobilizing amulet doesn't work either.

The ghost stretched out its hand and grabbed Yuan Jin, who is standing not far away. Then the ghost burst into laughter as if mocking the group for underestimating him.

The master sighed again and continued, "Since you are stubborn, don't blame me. Originally, I wanted to save you because of your pitiful background and guide you to reincarnate, but you are unrepentant. Let go of the innocent in your hands."

The evil ghost king didn't listen at all and pinched Yuan Jin's neck. They could even hear the sound of bones breaking.

"Ah Jin!" Dong Xu shouted, his voice sorrowful.

The master took out a golden bead from his pocket and held it up with his hands. The bead slowly floated into the air, and a dazzling golden light appeared in the air.

Seems like the master is going to release a big move!

Accompanied by the chanting of scriptures, Yuan Jin fell from the hands of the evil ghost king and collapsed to the ground softly. Looking at his condition, he probably is dead.

Shadow and human figure appear alternately in the ghost king, it is enough to see how powerful this golden bead is. Lou Fan pondered silently that without the key NPC, the Master, the Level 10 team would not even be able to complete their mission. Firstly, it would be impossible for them to seal the evil ghost king. They can’t even pull the human figure out of the huge shadow. Also, after pulling the figure out, the man can return to become the ghost king again.

The master here is the one with the ultimate killer move!

If the master is not protected well, the junior and intermediate teams will not be able to complete the task at all.

And so, with no suspense, the evil ghost king slowly separated from the shadow from the master’s chanting and returned to his human body again. Immediately after that, everyone saw the hideous face fade away and turned into a handsome man whose body gradually became transparent. A good-looking smile appeared at the corner of the man’s mouth, like a nice boy next door.

The man’s figure slowly became more transparent, and then dissipated into the air.

Finally, they finished off the ghost king!

Everyone immediately slumped to the ground, while Chen Changdong and Dong Xu ran to Yuan Jin's side. Seeing that Yuan Jin is really dead, Dong Xu clenched his fists and thumped the ground. His fist hits the ground, making a loud sound.

Lou Fan sighed and turned his head away. When he saw his teammates who are all well, his brows relaxed again.

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[1] Banana: Re-read it 3 times, but that’s what the raw said. I don’t get why Qin Tan need to catch the arrows lol.
[2] Banana: The master is implying that if the ghost is willing to be purified, it could still be reincarnated as a human in the next life. It seems weird to me, since the ghost has taken many lifes already _(;3/ but Banana is a free-thinker so not very sure how this works :P

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