I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 65 (Part 1)

The day they left for Sanya.

There were only two hours left before they had to leave for the airport. Mingxi was still changing clothes in a hurry.

"Quick, Xi ge, do you think this one looks good?"

Fu Yangxi was holding a cup of coffee while squatting in front of the TV, fiddling with the switch with the crooked handle. Hearing the sound of the bedroom door opening and closing, he raised his head subconsciously.

The moment he raised his head, his hand shook, and all the coffee spilled out.

"You- Are you sure you want to wear this?!"

Fu Yangxi's ears were so red that it looked like blood was dripping out of them.

Mingxi was extremely excited. "Is there something wrong with this? I checked the temperature over there. It’s now over 30 degrees, so it must be as hot as summer!"

She was wearing a sleeveless short dress with daisy patterns. Her collarbone could fit coins and her two pale legs were slender and long.

Seeing that Fu Yangxi was looking over, she pulled at the door frame, shifting her long black hair over her shoulder. She excitedly did a few poses that could be used as for car models.

Fu Yangxi felt very anxious, so anxious that there were ants crawling in his heart.

He didn't even bother to wipe the coffee on the floor. "Wait, aren’t these pants too short? Will you accidentally expose yourself? And why is there no fabric on the shoulders? Won’t the top fall off? What if it falls?"

"It's a dress, not pants!" Mingxi said helplessly. "I wore safety shorts, so why would I expose myself? Do you guys not know what safety shorts are?"

After she finished speaking, she came over, lifted a corner of her skirt, and showed Fu Yangxi the white shorts.

There was also a small Pikachu at the corner of the shorts.

Fu Yangxi: “...”


I'm dying. Little Mask is doing this intentionally, right??!

Mingxi added, "And this is a tube top dress. This style of dressing is very common. You should have seen a lot of it at banquets."

Fu Yangxi never paid attention to whether the girls were wearing tube tops or tube bottoms. It was only today that he realized that girls can wear so little in summer.

No, it's too little, isn't it?

"No," Fu Yangxi said. "I don't think it looks good."

Mingxi felt that he was acting very oddly. "What’s not good?"

Fu Yangxi stood up, stared at the dress on her body with a sad expression of 'it's not good anywhere'. He pointed to the flower on her stomach. "This flower, the print is crooked, it looks like a small belly. Also, this one is as yellow as an oil painting, and the color is too unattractive - it's not your problem, Little Mask, it's the dress that doesn't match you."

Mingxi is dying of anger. Small belly? How can I have a small belly?

She tugged at the dress on her body and looked at him suspiciously. "You can’t be the kind of silly straight guy who doesn't feel happy when his girlfriend wears too little, right?"

"...No way?!" Fu Yangxi's pale neck was red with guilt. "I'm just giving you advice. I don’t have any selfish thoughts at all!"

Mingxi looked down at her dress, wondering if it was because this 200 to 300 yuan dress that she got on Taobao was too cheap and had no sense of design?

"Then I'll change into another one!"

Mingxi previously had the terminal illness sticking to her mind and she only focused on improving her luck and competition. However, everything is getting better now. Since she is going to play at the beach, of course she has to dress better.

She excitedly went back and continued to change into several pieces.

In the end—


"The design is not good."

"The hem of the skirt seems to be too small. I'm afraid that if you take too big of a step, you will trip on your feet and fall."

All kinds of flaws were picked out by Fu Yangxi in a righteous manner.

If the major manufacturers were here, perhaps they would have united and beat Fu Yangxi up.

Mingxi was exhausted trying on clothes, so she couldn't help dragging Fu Yangxi to her wardrobe, and said angrily, "Then which piece do you think is not a disaster to your eyes?"

Fu Yangxi glanced at her summer dresses. When he saw that one skirt was shorter than the other, his brows twitched.

He looked around. Finally, he took out her school uniform.

Mingxi: ?

Fu Yangxi looked down at her, raised his eyebrows solemnly and said. "Little Mask, why don't you wear your school uniform? Pure and beautiful, it is definitely the most beautiful scenery by the sea. The people staring at you will line up from the beach to the opposite of the ocean."

Mingxi said, “...Leave.”

Fu Yangxi suddenly felt that something was not right. He asked coldly, "Wait, Little Mask, why do you want to dress up so well?"

Mingxi also replied quickly, "Hehe, to see if there are any handsome guys."

??? Fu Yangxi's eyes suddenly went wide. He threw the school uniform and clothes hanger on the bed, his handsome face full of exasperation. He reached out and pinched Mingxi's face. "Come here, Zhao Mingxi."

"Hahahaha." Mingxi quickly slipped away.

In the end, Fu Yangxi compromised and asked Mingxi to pack a few long dresses with straps into the suitcase.

Seeing Mingxi happily packing up straw hats, sunscreen and other things, Fu Yangxi's little bird was crying. He comforted himself, straps are fine, at least she’ll be covering her legs.

However, the two were still wearing down jackets when they set off. After all, it was still snowing in A City.

Mingxi and Fu Yangxi stood in the cold wind, their breaths filled with freezing air, waiting for Xiao Li to dump the car out of the garage.

Fu Yangxi pushed two suitcases.

Meanwhile, Mingxi was empty-handed, carrying only a small bag on her back.

Her face was full of excitement. She pulled down the zipper again to check whether her ID and other items had been brought with her. "Shall we have a big seafood dinner? Do you have any allergies? I don't have any, I can eat anything. I can’t dive. What should I do? Hey, I heard that there will be a bonfire party by the sea at night. By the way, what hotel did you book?"

It was the first time that Fu Yangxi saw such excitement from Little Mask. It was rare to see her babble so much, so the corners of his lips couldn't help but curl up. “It's the one from the show you watched—”

Mingxi looked at Fu Yangxi in shock. "?"

Fu Yangxi felt triumphant as he took out his mobile phone with one hand and showed Zhao Mingxi the information of the hotel he had booked.

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