I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 65 (Part 2)

Zhao Mingxi watched a drama some time ago. The hero and heroine lived in a beautiful sea-view hotel. It had the best underwater hotel service. When you sleep at night, you can see dolphins swimming around.

At that time, Fu Yangxi took a glance at it when he passed by after taking a shower. He saw Zhao Mingxi staring at the actor in the TV series intently, and said that the actor was really good. His mood was: "..."

At this moment.

Mingxi leaned over and scrolled through his phone quickly with her fingers. Her eyes almost fell out of the sockets. "Poseidon Underwater Suite, 108,888 per night? Am I reading this right? One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand??? Fu Yangxi, are you crazy?!!”

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Why is it good when the male protagonist in the TV series does it, but when he does it, he’s crazy??

Little Mask, you can't practice such extreme double-standards as a person.

Mingxi hurriedly said, "You should quickly ask for a refund. I don't think it’s necessary to book such a good one, it's too wasteful."

"Is it too expensive?" Fu Yangxi said. "This is the first time I've taken you out to play. How many times can I have such firsts in my life? For booking the best hotel, getting the best service and experience, and being in the most wonderful mood, I think it's actually very cheap."

Mingxi: “...”

Mingxi suspected that he was showing off his wealth.

"So." Fu Yangxi pointed at his cheek with a grim expression.

"Hahahaha." Mingxi laughed hard. Then, she leaned over, wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a firm kiss. "Xi ge, you are so handsome."

Fu Yangxi's ears turned red and his tail was about to shoot to the sky.


The plane arrived at around 5pm, and the two arrived at the hotel by the sea with their luggage.

Mingxi went crazy with joy as soon as she entered the room. She threw herself on the bed and rolled around. Then, she lied down beside the floor-to-ceiling glass panel and observed the colorful fish that were swimming around.

Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows with a smile. He dragged her to the bathroom and told her to quickly take off her sweater and change into summer clothes, otherwise she might suffer from a heat stroke later.

It was typhoon season in Sanya recently, but the majority of typhoons have passed and the sky was clear.

Mingxi was wearing a long dress with straps. She pulled Fu Yangxi, who had changed into a flowery shirt, to go out. It was sunset, and the orange-red to purple fiery clouds were pressing on the sea. The blue sea hit the shore as many people ran barefoot on the beach.

Mingxi stood under the setting sun, her long hair and dress blown by the wind.

Fu Yangxi took a photo of her with the DSLR he brought and sent it to the group.

Fu Yangxi: "My wife is so pretty. :D"

Ke Chengwen, who was bored playing games at home: "..." F*ck.

After a while, Fu Yangxi was removed from the group chat by Jiang Xiuqiu.

The two went to the beach after having a huge seafood dinner. The sky darkened, and after playing with mud and sand, they were like two happy little lunatics. They originally planned to go back to the hotel to rest early, but they were dragged into the bonfire party by the people on the beach.

Mingxi was not good at drinking. In addition, she played like crazy again tonight. She was persuaded to drink several cans of beer by a couple she met next to her.

Fu Yangxi couldn't stop her despite his best efforts.

So on this night, Fu Yangxi once again realized how terrifying a drunk Zhao Mingxi was.

He picked up the drunk Zhao Mingxi and walked to the hotel room.

Zhao Mingxi's cheeks were flushed. She felt dizzy and her bright eyes were watery.

Under the street light, she wiggled wildly in his arms and asked fiercely, "What are you planning to do? Are you going to sell me for money?"

Fu Yangxi could die of happiness, because he had one hand supporting her neck while the other was holding her under her knees. Both his hands were occupied. He lowered his head, touched the tip of her nose with his own and said affectionately, "Yes, I'll sell you to the most handsome guy in your class."

Mingxi panicked. "??? You want to sell me to Jiang Xiuqiu? No, no, I refuse."

Fu Yangxi: “...”

??? Fu Yangxi said angrily, "What the hell? Do you think Jiang Xiuqiu is the most handsome guy in your class?"

Wow, Little Mask. Yet you always say that I am the most handsome one.

Are you telling the truth after drinking now?

"No, I don't want to be sold to Jiang Xiuqiu. He’s too much of a playboy." Mingxi was still struggling, grabbing Fu Yangxi's collar with both hands, and almost tore the short sleeves of the 232 yuan floral shirt she bought for him from Taobao.

Fu Yangxi was about to go mad with anger. He stopped, leaned over and put Mingxi on the swing by the roadside. "You have offended your partner now, you should reflect on it—"

Before he could finish speaking, Zhao Mingxi wrapped her cool arms around his neck again and begged in a low voice beside his ear, "Good person, sell me to Fu Yangxi."

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi stopped for a moment. Like red ink dripping into the water, his face turned red little by little.

His Adam's apple bobbed as he swallowed. He tried his best to hold back the numbness of his scalp from being stimulated by Zhao Mingxi's breath in his ears. Then, he twisted his neck and said coldly, "Who is Fu Yangxi? Why should I sell you to him?"

Mingxi continued to hug his neck. She looked at him with hazy eyes and said, "He is the treasure in my heart."


Fu Yangxi: F*ck.

Seriously, f*ck.

Zhao Mingxi's soft words made his heart tremble.

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