Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 66 Liwan Plaza (NPC)

Here’s a list of names, in case someone couldn’t remember them:

Level 10 team
Chen Changdong (leader)
Liu Yue (older sister of the twins) -dead
Liu Xing (younger sister of the twins)
Yuan Jin (man with slightly long hair) -dead
Ma Ming (a short guy) -dead
Dong Xu (a tall guy)

The transparent figure in mid-air disappeared without a trace, and everyone collapsed tiredly to the ground.

Wen Lang let out a long sigh of relief and howled, "I'm so exhausted!"

With the evil ghost king disappeared, the darkness around faded away, gradually revealing the original appearance of the circular atrium on the 1st floor of the shopping mall. Unexpectedly, it is already daytime. When they glanced at the time on their watch, it is already 7.00 am on the 11th day.

Suddenly, Chen Shuyang, who was standing just now, fell head-first to the ground with a loud ‘thump’. Lou Fan is startled and immediately ran to Chen Shuyang’s side. Wen Lang and others also came to surround Chen Shuyang.

"Shuyang is injured? What's the matter?" Lou Fan turned to ask Wen Lang because he was the one standing the closest to Chen Shuyang just now.

Wen Lang blankly replied, "No, Shuyang has been drawing amulets by the master's side. The evil ghost king never came to this side, so he shouldn't be hurt."

The master who is standing at the side said quietly, "So, drawing amulets is not tiring huh?"

Lou Fan and the others turned their heads to look and saw that the master seemed to roll his eyes at Wen Lang. His gaze seemed to ask, 'Are you looking down on people who support with brain power?’.

Wen Lang: ...What's with this feeling like his IQ is being questioned?

Hearing that, Lou Fan breathed a sigh of relief. It’s fine as long as Chen Shuyang is okay. "It seems that drawing amulets is not an easy job. Let's go back to rest first, everyone is exhausted."

They are physically exhausted, while Chen Shuyang is mentally exhausted, both are not easy.

The task of going back with Chen Shuyang on his back is handed over to Wen Lang as he contributed the least. Although Wen Lang is tired after a tense night, everyone else is even more tired. Wen Lang also felt sorry for not helping, so he took the initiative to carry Chen Shuyang back.

Yuan Jin and Liu Yue’s bodies are still here so the Level 10 team did not follow them back. Chen Changdong and Qin Tan exchanged some words before carrying Liu Yue on his back. Dong Xu carrying Yuan Jin, and Liu Xing followed behind. The team of 3 people heads outside together.

Qin Tan sighed deeply and took his team back to rest.

When everyone in Qin Tan’s team woke up, it is already evening. Everyone was very tired after all. At this moment, they woke up after getting a full sleep, and their eyes are hazy.

Chen Shuyang rubbed his head with a confused look on his face. There is a huge bulge on the back of his head. Did someone hit him with a stick? But looking at the expressions of his teammates like nothing is wrong, he didn't ask further.

When everyone in the team woke up, the Level 10 team coincidentally came in from outside. No one knows where they were going earlier but the team of 3 looked tired and depressed. Qin Tan and his team are going to go out for food, so they gave them the space to rest in the staff lounge.

The master followed Qin Tan’s team out of the lounge. His face is still full of kindness, but Lou Fan looked at him and had a feeling that he is a little different now, like a weak old man.

"Young men, our fate has ended, and I'm afraid we won't see each other again in the future. Let's leave it as it is now."

There’s a cloth bag on the master’s shoulder but it didn't look like there is anything in it. The master smiled mildly and took out 2 bracelets with 18 praying beads. The beads looked shiny and smooth. At first glance, one can see that the bracelets are often rolled in someone’s hands. The master looked at Lou Fan and Chen Shuyang, and said with a smile, "You two have a fateful link with me. I have these 2 bracelets which I often carry with me. Just take them as a souvenir. Take them."

Lou Fan and Chen Shuyang are overwhelmed by the favor. They didn't expect to receive a gift from the NPC. They immediately stretched out their hands, took them solemnly, and sincerely thanked the master.

The master narrowed his eyes and chanted the Buddha's name, "Our meeting is fate. Young brother Chen has learned several spells from me. I hope those can help you in the future. Well then, I will take my leave first."

Chen Shuyang raised his hand and wanted to say something, but he only opened his mouth and closed it again. He didn't know what to say, but he felt a faint sense of loss in his heart.

The master walked away slowly, and his back looked free and relaxed.

Jiang Dong put a hand around Chen Shuyang's shoulder and patted him, "Where there’s a meeting, there will be a separation as well. Then the circle will be complete."

Chen Shuyang sighed silently.

Suddenly, Wen Lang made a fuss at the side, "What is the master doing?! Didn't he see that there are still 3 people at the side? Do we not want our faces as well? At least give us an amulet or something! But he gave us nothing!!"

Wen Lang’s funny tone and expression of grief and indignation immediately made everyone laugh. Lou Fan and Chen Shuyang put away the bracelets in their hands, and their team went out to find something to eat.

Since the matter with the evil ghost king is cleaned up, the plaza looks a lot normal. Even the customers who come and go inside are all smiling. They are planning to find a place to eat something good. They had been in this world for more than 10 days, and they really relied on dry food to fill their stomachs every day. This kind of food almost caused them to become ascetic monks.

No, even ascetic monks are not as miserable!

Then, the team found a hot pot restaurant in the plaza. They ordered a dual-soup pot and started to eat together. Fortunately, the hot pot restaurant closed at 2.00 am so they have enough time to eat. When they came out of the hot pot restaurant, their belly is round with food. Lou Fan felt that he is stuffed to his throat already. If he is to take another half a mouthful, he will vomit.

Since the team slept too much during the day, they are not sleepy at all at this moment. Hence, they walked around like walking corpses, wandering inside the mall. The mall is empty, but it wasn't as gloomy as it used to be. Looking left and right, it is just an ordinary mall.

Wen Lang put his hands behind his head and let out a leisurely sigh, "Ah, when will this leisurely time become an everyday thing. I just want to be a person who lazes around until the day I die!"

Jiang Dong let out a laugh, "If you don't work hard, you don’t get to laze around and just wait to die!"

Being confronted like this, Wen Lang suddenly frowned. Even Shuyang found the best way to use his spirit book. His poker is the weakest weapon on the team right now, and the restrictions are also very big. If he doesn't try hard, he’s afraid it will be really hard to keep his life.

Qin Tan said lightly, "Wen Lang’s practice will be doubled up when we return to Lazuli. The same goes for Shuyang. It’s not enough to just count on your book. Your body is too weak."

Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang nodded quickly, showing no resistance at all.

Thinking of leaving tomorrow, Lou Fan reluctantly stuck his face at the window of the crystal shops. He looked at the crystals inside, thinking about whether to break into the store at night to search for more crystals. But the probability of getting the attribute crystals here is really low. Also, it is too time and power-consuming to smash the shops one by one. After thinking about it, Lou Fan lets go of his thoughts. This row of shops in the south has been looted by them, and almost everything that can be taken is in his bag. It is better not to do such immoral things.

At 12:00 pm on February 5th, the junior team carried their luggage to the platform and waited. The atmosphere in the team is light and happy. When the Level 10 team came, they only felt that the atmosphere of the 3 people is heavy.

After a while, Wen Lang turned his head left and right to look around, and suddenly asked, "Why hasn’t the newcomer team come?"

Oh yeah! How did they forget the newcomer team? It's almost time, and there is no one there. While discussing whether or not to look for the newcomers, 2 miserable-looking people appeared out of nowhere and scrambled up to them. Their faces are full of panic as if they had been frightened by something.

Everyone asked for details and found out that on the day they dealt with the ghost king, all kinds of ghosts appeared in the plaza, and the newcomer team was attacked. Only the two of them fought back with their spirit weapons. With much hardship, they hold on until dawn and survive. But they couldn't find anyone else, so they could only hide by themselves, afraid that those ghosts might appear again. It is until now that they finally came back to their senses, and realized that the mission time is ending soon.

Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang comforted the newcomers with a few words and then everyone waited for the train to arrive. At 1.00 pm, the train arrived on time. Everyone looked back once more and saw that the characters inscribed at the entrance had returned to become Liwan Plaza. Sighing, they embarked on the return journey.

Liu Xing turned back and her gaze stopped at a point. Then she looked sideways at her backpack. Inside is a small jar containing Liu Yue's ashes. She said silently in her heart, "Sister, let's leave here. I'll take you back."

When Lou Fan and the others got out of the train, they saw a charming woman standing opposite a pillar with a cigarette in her hand. There is also a sweet-looking girl standing beside her.

Seeing the people getting out of the train, the charming woman curved her red lips. She snuffed out the cigarette in her hand and walked over to them. Skipping past Qin Tan, the woman pounced at Lou Fan boldly and said, "I knew that you guys will be all right."

Lin Man Man next to the woman also smiled and narrowed her eyes, "Brother Lou, you guys are amazing. It's great that you are all fine." After that, she greeted Wen Lang and the other members.

Not expecting that someone would come to pick him up upon returning, Lou Fan is quite happy. "Sister Tong Fei, Man Man, you two waited here to pick us up?"

Squinted her eyes, Tong Fei smirked and raised Lou Fan’s chin with her fingers, "Of course, I’m here to see you."

Tong Fei is a beautiful woman, but when she raised her eyebrows and smiled, she looked like a domineering female president teasing a naive young man. Lou Fan is a little helpless and wanted to move away, but Qin Tan is quicker and he slapped Tong Fei's tender fingers away. He pulled Lou Fan behind him and said, "Don't touch as you please, talk properly." The tone is full of possessiveness.

Tong Fei chuckled. Her big eyes looked back and forth, and her expression towards the ambiguous relationship is very obvious, like an X-ray. Even Lin Man Man has a gossipy expression on her face.

Lou Fan is a little embarrassed for some reason. When he is about to speak, Tong Fei suddenly froze, followed by a look of shock.

"You, both your spirit weapons..."

Lou Fan got taken aback for a moment, then smiled and said, "Yes, both of us have been upgraded."

"The fuc..." Tong Fei accidentally said a foul word and continued, "You guys are too frcking awesome!"

As one of their few friends, Lou Fan felt that he is willing to tell Tong Fei everything he knew, so he agreed to get together tomorrow and talk about the upgrade of the spirit weapon in detail.

Although Tong Fei is anxious to know more inside, Qin Tan’s team had just returned and she had to let them rest, so she said yes. After a pause, she raised her head and asked hesitantly, "Can I call another friend to listen?"

Lou Fan glanced at Qin Tan and shrugged, "No problem, it's not something that can't be said. Isn't it easier to survive if more people upgraded their weapons?"

Hearing that, Tong Fei shook her head with a wry smile. Then she said, "I have also inquired about some things here. I'll talk about it in detail tomorrow. You go back to rest first. I can see that you are tired too."

Before leaving, Lou Fan casually took out a crystal from his bag and handed it to Lin Man Man, "This time we have collected some crystals. This is for you, you can keep it for fun."

Lin Man Man likes this kind of shiny thing very much. She knows that Lou Fan must have collected a lot of items this time. She still remembers that back in the mission world of Lao Ye Temple, they collected a lot of items so she accepted it with a smile.

At the side, Tong Fei spread her hands and said, "I want one too."

Lou Fan: …

Qin Tan: …

Why is this woman so annoying?!

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