I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 66 (Part 1)

Fu Yangxi spent a lot of effort before he finally managed to get Zhao Mingxi to lie on his back. Then, he walked back along the beach with one foot dragging the other.

Was there anyone who was more miserable than him? He even had to beg and coax Zhao Mingxi to calm down and hook her around his neck to prevent her from falling.

He walked for ten minutes before they reached the hotel.

Sweat was already oozing from Fu Yangxi's forehead, but Zhao Mingxi was still completely cool and refreshed.

He took out their room card and entered the room. The floor lamp turned on in response.

Schools of colorful fish swim around behind the floor-to-ceiling glass.

Fu Yangxi wiped his forehead, turned his back to the sofa and gently placed Zhao Mingxi on the sofa.

"Are you going to abandon me here?" Zhao Mingxi asked pitifully.

She was still holding his neck with both her arms. Her face was flushed and she was staring at the back of his head.

Fu Yangxi tilted his head slightly and coaxed softly, "No, I’m just letting you go for a while."

"No," Mingxi flatly refused. "A man's mouth is deceiving. How long is ‘temporarily’? Three seconds? Five seconds?"

“Three, two, one.”

She let go of both hands from Fu Yangxi's neck for three seconds and hugged him again in a hurry, her legs clamped around his waist. "Three seconds are up."

God, why is Little Mask so clingy when she is drunk??

Fu Yangxi found her so cute that his heart trembled.

He licked his lips, complacent and happy, and said, "Little Mask, you really can't leave me, huh?"

"Yes." Zhao Mingxi wouldn't let go even if she was to be beaten to death. She almost strangled Fu Yangxi to death.

Fu Yangxi couldn't help but chuckle. "Then you can change your name to Little Sticky Rice Cake."

"Hmm." Mingxi still didn't let go.

Fu Yangxi had no choice but to turn around and face her. He supported himself with both hands on the back of the sofa, and she was trapped in it, her long hair disheveled as she looked at him with twinkling eyes.

Fu Yangxi couldn't restrain himself anymore. He lowered his head and lightly pecked the corner of her lips.

Mingxi was very comfortable being kissed by him. She obediently let him kiss her. She even voluntarily wrapped her hands around his neck and got him to lower down a little.

Between the lips and teeth was the scorching sweet smell of beer.

But Fu Yangxi's damned "honest man" thought came up again. He felt that she was extremely drunk, so even though he only kissed her, he was taking advantage of her.

No, I still have to hold back and stop kissing her.

So Fu Yangxi raised his head and said to Mingxi with a straight face, "Hurry up and let go of me. Go take a shower before going to sleep."

Mingxi stared at him blankly before she suddenly cried with a wail. Of course, she was just howling with no tears. She complained, full of acting skills, "You scolded me."

Fu Yangxi: “...”

He felt more wronged than Dou E!

"If you don't let me go, I'll wash you," Fu Yangxi threatened.

Mingxi's cheeks were hot. She leaned over to breathe next to his ear, "It’s not, it's not as if it’s not allowed."

"..." Fu Yangxi looked at Zhao Mingxi who was below him in disbelief.

He was about to lose control. What kind of annoying little fairy is Little Mask when she is drunk?! She must never be allowed to drink with others outside in the future!

Fu Yangxi suddenly doubted whether Zhao Mingxi recognized him as Fu Yangxi now.

—Her coquettish behavior can’t be an indiscriminate attack on everyone, right?

Fu Yangxi raised his head and pulled Zhao Mingxi's hand off his neck. He made Zhao Mingxi look directly at him and asked seriously, "Zhao Mingxi, stop moving around. Let me ask you a question, do you know who I am?"

Zhao Mingxi giggled, broke away from Fu Yangxi's hands and continued to touch Fu Yangxi's chest restlessly.

His shirt was about to be torn by her.

She looked at Fu Yangxi frivolously and continued to blow into his ear. "You are my heart."


Fu Yangxi: I’m dead.

He held back the redness on his face and deliberately turned his face cold. He put on an expressionless look and said to Zhao Mingxi, "Look carefully, I am Shen Liyao."

"..." Although Mingxi was quite drunk to the point where looking at the moon was like looking at a mooncake and she felt as if Fu Yangxi had grown a layer of fur.

But she would never mistake Fu Yangxi as Shen Liyao.

Drunk Mingxi's inner thoughts: What kind of idiot is this person in front of me?

Actually pretending to be Shen Liyao and lying to me?

Nonetheless, Mingxi pushed Fu Yangxi away very cooperatively and said fiercely, "Shen Liyao, don't touch me."

Fu Yangxi wanted to laugh.

How can Little Mask be so obedient?!

Fu Yangxi stared at Zhao Mingxi under him, wiped his face, changed his expression again. He said solemnly, "Then, you should take another look. I am Fu Yangxi now."

The drunk Mingxi was unable to complain.

She went along with his act.

She opened her eyes wide, showing a surprised expression. "Fu Yangxi? You're here? Uwu, I want a hug."


Fu Yangxi’s heart was about to melt.

He couldn't help but lightly pinch the face of Zhao Mingxi who threw herself on top of him.

Little Mask is so cute.

She is too f*cking cute! Is there anyone cuter than Zhao Mingxi in the world?

This night was a mess. Mingxi still had a little consciousness in her head, but her whole body was already like a puddle of mud. She couldn't lift herself up, let alone take a bath by herself.

She had been pestering Fu Yangxi, wanting him to wash her.

Fu Yangxi had no choice but to fill the bathtub with water and test the water temperature. Then, he closed his eyes, helped her take off the dress on her body and put her in the bathtub.

The moment Fu Yangxi carried her in, his brain almost exploded. The sensation on his hands was soft and delicate. His heart almost jumped out.

Zhao Mingxi flopped around in the bathtub, thinking she was a fish. After a long time of fuss, Fu Yangxi fished her up again, wrapped her in a bath towel, put on her underwear and threw her on the bed.

After all this was done, Fu Yangxi was so exhausted that he collapsed.

Although Little Mask looked thin, she really weighed quite a bit when she was carried, not to mention that she had been making a fuss.

The schools of fish swimming around spit bubbles, as if accusing the two of being too clingy.

After Mingxi’s drunk night, the next afternoon, when she woke up, she was in a bad mood, as if she had fallen apart.

She almost thought that Fu Yangxi had done something to her.

Fu Yangxi's face turned red. He almost jumped three feet high. "What could I have done? I changed your clothes with my eyes closed. Do you know how difficult that is? You will not be allowed to drink in the future."

As a result, Mingxi used a kind of 'Didn't do anything? Are you still a man' eyes to look at him in disappointment.

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Good times always fly by so fast.

In the next few days, seafood feasts, diving, swinging, sailing on a yacht, and New Year's Eve arrived in the blink of an eye.

The two spent New Year’s here.

Although the modern New Year didn’t feel like a new year was here, after watching the fireworks show, the two returned to the hotel, turned on the TV, watched this year's Spring Festival Gala, and kept watch until 12 o'clock.

In the middle of it all, Zhao Mingxi and Fu Yangxi both received some phone calls and SMS blessings. Ke Chengwen called Fu Yangxi the video in a lonely and cold manner. Fu Yangxi went to take a bath, so the person who picked up his mobile phone and answered was Mingxi, or specifically, Mingxi who was lying on the bed while eating snacks — As soon as the video was turned on, Ke Chengwen howled in despair and said "oh, my eyes" before he quickly hung up the video call.

"Happy New Ye—" Before Mingxi finished speaking, the video went black. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

She called several teachers, the Dong family and He Yang's family to send New Year greetings. She also asked about He Yang's family situation on the phone.

Now, the potted plants were short of the last five.

As she gradually got rid of the villain's misfortune, He Yang was no longer defined as the number one villain's friend. The misfortune of He Yang's family gradually disappeared completely and the fate like that in the original text should not appear anymore.

This was of great significance to Mingxi.

She hopes that not only her own destiny will become better, but also for the people she wants to protect, so that their fate will not repeat the mistakes of the previous life.

Fu Yangxi made a phone call on the way. When he came back, he said with a complicated expression that he was sure, after the New Year’s, his mother would be sent to a nursing home abroad for long-term treatment.

But this time, it was Yu Jiarong's own decision.

It's not that Mingxi's last outburst woke her up, or in other words, Mingxi only played a small part of the fuse.

Yu Jiarong herself had been struggling between reality and the past, making herself inhuman and ghostless, exhausted. And when she realized that she had indeed caused harm to Fu Yangxi, her rational part finally defeated her crazy part.

She realized that perhaps she was really sick because she couldn't control herself. And if left untreated, she will cause even greater irreparable scars to her only remaining child in the future.

So, what else can be done?

Yu Jiarong never admitted that her husband and son were dead.

But at least, she couldn't let her younger son disappear from this world.

The old man made an appointment for Yu Jiarong on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, just before Fu Yangxi went back.

As Yu Jiarong said, she didn’t want to see Fu Yangxi again until she was cured.

And Fu Yangxi respected her decision.

Mingxi didn't know if everything was going in a good direction.

But all in all, it didn’t seem to be getting any worse.

She had already gone through the worst times with Fu Yangxi.

On the Zhao family's side, this New Year was deserted.

Zhao Mo didn't come home this year,so there were only four people in the whole family: Mr. Zhao, Madam Zhao, Zhao Zhanhuai and Zhao Yuning. There were three empty seats at the dining table for seven people— Of course, Zhao Yuan’s dining chair and room had been removed and would never be placed again.

Zhao Mo called home, and after saying a few words of blessing, he hung up. His career had been affected and he was still busy, so he couldn’t come back in the New Year.

The whole family was sitting in the living room. The TV was on and there were various fruits and snacks on the coffee table, but no one moved. They were all looking at their phones absently. In fact, from the bottom of their hearts, they were still expecting Mingxi to call.

However, on this day, they did not receive a call from Zhao Mingxi even until after midnight.

Mingxi didn't know how the Zhao family was doing now. She didn't leave any room for them in her heart.

When 12 o'clock struck for the final time this year, she and Fu Yangxi went to the beach.

There were lively bonfires and crowds.

Mingxi looked at the waves lapping on the shore and heard the cheers of the crowd. Tears even welled up in her eyes.

She has achieved a completely different life from her previous life.

Under the moonlight, she and Fu Yangxi hugged among the lively crowd until the arrival of the new year.


On the day of the return trip, the morning sun rose and Mingxi and Fu Yangxi finished their buffet before Fu Yangxi went to a fruit shop not far away to buy some oranges. He was planning to give them to Mingxi to be brought on the plane.

Mingxi was wearing a floral dress, waiting on the spot with her luggage, the corners of her skirt and her long hair were all messed up by the wind.

She was in a hurry to put on the straw hat when a photographer not far away suddenly took a picture of her.

Before Mingxi had time to react, Fu Yangxi, who was digging out money to buy fruit diagonally across the street, had already strode towards the photographer, negotiating with an ugly face as he asked the other party to delete the photo.

Mingxi: “...”

It was at this moment that Mingxi received a call from Mr. Lu.

Mr. Lu chattered a lot excitedly on the phone, but Mingxi couldn't hear anything except a few words. When she hung up the phone, her mind was blank and blood was rushing to her head.

Everything was like a dream.

The negative luck disappeared little by little.

She could finally test her true grades with her own true strength.

She was no longer the supporting actress Zhao Mingxi. She was finally just herself.

"Fu Yangxi." The first thing Mingxi did when she hung up the phone was to turn to Fu Yangxi.

She wanted to share all the ecstatic things with him.

She didn’t know when this person was carved into her life.

Fu Yangxi was returning to the fruit shop to pick up the oranges and bought a bunch of daisies along the way. When he heard her calling him excitedly, he still hadn't reacted.

He turned his head subconsciously, only to see Mingxi running toward him.

The edge of Mingxi's dress was flying in the air.

She left all her luggage on the spot, rushed into his arms like a happy little bomb and said to him out of breath, "Just now, I just—"

Fu Yangxi took the flowers, patted her on the back and said, "Talk slowly, don't rush."

In fact, Fu Yangxi had already guessed it, and the corners of his mouth twitched for her.

Mingxi took a deep breath and then said excitedly, "In the finals, I am number one in the province."

"..." Fu Yangxi gasped slightly. Although he knew that the fact that she showed this expression means that she must have done very well in the exam, he never expected her to be number one in the province.

As soon as Mingxi finished speaking, Fu Yangxi stuffed the bouquet of daisies into her hands, picked her up and twirled her wildly several times. "That's great, wife! You are my pride!!"

Mingxi was dizzy from being turned around. She was both shy and excited when she heard how he addressed her. She held a pink and yellow daisy bouquet and covered her face on top of Fu Yangxi's head.

At this moment, she clearly saw that the potted plant she had raised for so long slowly grew the last one—

In the end, it became a neat ten trees.

Mingxi: ???


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