Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 67 Lazuli (NPC)

Tong Fei ignored Qin Tan's knife-like eyes and took Lin Man Man away with the spoils.

Qin Tan also want to take his team back to their residence, so he said goodbye to the Level 10 team before leaving. Chen Changdong looked a little better now, but Liu Xing still had a heavy emotion in her eyes. That lively girl he saw before going to the mission world will never come back.

Back at the house, Wen Lang said goodbye to Qin Tan and went upstairs with the other 2 team members. Lou Fan immediately felt relieved when he entered the house. It felt like he is home. Unfortunately, his whole body is covered in dust so he didn't dare to sit on the sofa. Throwing his backpack on the ground, Lou Fan ran to his room. Lou Fan carefully took Furball out of his pocket, but it is still curled up, and fell asleep like a snowball. Lou Fan put it on the bed, and let it continue to sleep. Since they are back in Lazuli, there is no danger anymore.

Qin Tan heard the sound of someone running in the house, and then the sound of the bathroom door closing. Smiling helplessly, he put the 2 backpacks in the corner properly. Then he went to his room to change his clothes. Next, after tapping a few times on the exchange machine, Qin Tan picked up the exchanged ingredients and went into the kitchen, where the sound of running water could be heard.

Warm water flowing down on the body, and the exhaustion all over the body is swept away. It would be nice if their next mission world can allow them to take a bath every day, Lou Fan thought. After rinsing the foam off his hair, Lou Fan flicked the water droplets and turned off the faucet. He took out a blue towel and wiped his hair, suddenly feeling that something is missing.

Aiya, he forgot to bring a clean change of clothes. Leaning to the door, he shouted to the outside, "Qin Tan, Qin Tan..."

Qin Tan came out from the kitchen and responded.

Lou Fan said, "Help me get the change of clothes, it’s the pile on the bed." He doesn't like bath sheets, and he can't go out wrapped in a bath towel[1], it can't cover everything at all.

Qin Tan wiped his hands and walked into Lou Fan's room[2], where he saw neatly folded changes of clothes piled on the edge of the bed. It’s a set of light grey loungewear, the fabric looked soft.

There is a gap in the door of the bathroom and Lou Fan was wiping his hair when the man suddenly pushed the door and came in. Those black eyes immediately met his gaze from the mirror. After a quick glance across Lou Fan’s body, the man's eyes darkened slightly and he walked it, step by step closer.

Lou Fan: …

Shiet! Forgot to close the door, and he is nekid.

Lou Fan immediately grabbed the towel to cover his ‘little brother’. As Qin Tan approached, looking at him with slightly deep eyes, Lou Fan unconsciously swallowed and his Adam's apple moved up and down.

The man's deep voice sounded in his ears, "Nice body."

Lou Fan's eyes narrowed slightly. The man lowered his head slowly and Lou Fan’s hands reached out to press against his chest. He could feel the person’s warmth emanating from under the clothes, but at the moment it is as hot as a soldering iron.

Lou Fan: "You are still dirty."

The inexplicable disdain tone caused a deep chuckle to sound from above Lou Fan’s head. Qin Tan shoved the clean clothes into Lou Fan’s hands, and said lightly, "Then, wash again with me."

Lou Fan: "In your dreams! If you just want me to rub your back for you, then no."

Qin Tan asked, "Then, how about I rub it for you?" He stretched out his hand.

Lou Fan reached out and pushed Qin Tan away, "Get out now, it's cold."

Hearing that Lou Fan is cold, Qin Tan stopped teasing him and went out. Then he closed the door to let him change his clothes.

When the door is closed, Lou Fan held his clothes and blushed inexplicably. The next moment, he scolded himself for blushing. It’s not like his nekid body had not been seen by other people before. When he was in the archery club, he used to wash together in the common bathroom with other members.

As Lou Fan came out of his room, he raised his hand and touched his half-dried hair. When he passed the other bathroom, he heard someone humming a song in a light voice, as if the person is in a good mood. Lou Fan curled his mouth. Tsk, Qin Tan is this happy from teasing him?

Lou Fan glanced across the room and saw a bowl of yellow mango sago that looked delicious on the dining table. A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he glanced sideways in the direction of the sound of water. Using a porcelain white spoon, he scooped a spoonful of sago and sent it into his mouth. Soft and sweet, smooth and chewy. Mixed with the unique taste of mango pulp and milk, a sense of happiness grows from the bottom of Lou Fan’s heart.

Suddenly, Wen Lang could be heard shouting from upstairs, "Jiang Dong, put that down! That is my shower gel."

Jiang Dong seemed to say something and then, Wen Lang shouted again, "Who is being stingy?! If you like it, then buy it yourself. I don't like to share my stuff with others!"

Immediately after, Wen Lang’s voice became smaller but still, he could be heard roaring wildly.

Accompanied by Wen Lang’s wailing noise, Lou Fan happily savor every bite and had a feeling that the dessert this time is more delicious than usual.

Qin Tan wiped his hair and wrapped a bath towel as he came out of the bathroom. Then he saw the person lying on the sofa. Walking over, he smiled when he saw the empty bowl on the coffee table. Then, he turned to look at the sleeping man.

Lou Fan’s eyes are closed and the corners of his mouth are slightly raised. His hair has grown longer now, and his bangs covered his eyes a little. The sun dipped in the west and the afterglow of the setting sun spilled in, causing the sleeping person’s fine eyelashes to cast a shadow on his face.

Qin Tan sat down beside Lou Fan gently. He reached out and brushed Lou Fan’s hair, revealing his handsome face. Qin Tan smiled inexplicably, and his fingertips touched Lou Fan’s smooth skin. It’s like poison, which made him not want to let go. Qin Tan’s other hand took Lou Fan's hand and found out that his slender fingertips are slightly cold. Qin Tan frowned and turned to pull the blanket on the sofa to cover him.

Lou Fan moved slightly. He shifted to a comfortable position, wrapped in a blanket, and fell asleep again, like a small animal who just found a heat source. Qin Tan chuckled lightly, and his eyes swept across Lou Fan’s calf, where a piece of flesh had been gouged out by an evil spirit before. The wound was dripping with blood, and the flesh was exposed. His hand that lifted Lou Fan's trouser legs even trembled slightly. But now, the calf is as smooth as ever. Qin Tan closed his eyes and forced himself to put aside his emotions to calm down. He could always recall that moment, if he was one step later...

A numb itching sensation spread from the calf to his whole body so Lou Fan opened his eyes in confusion. For a while, he doesn’t know where he is right now. He rubbed his eyes, his expression a little daze. Looking at the person in front of him, he called out 'Qin Tan' in a low voice, with a nasal sound and a little hoarseness.

The man didn't respond to Lou Fan and he got pressed down heavily the next moment. The man captured his lips roughly, and let out a deep rumble of a smile from his throat. Lou Fan put both hands against him but the man is only wrapped in a bath towel. Hence, at this moment, his hands are in direct contact with a firm and hard chest. The touch of warm skin makes Lou Fan feel that his palms are slightly hot, not sure where to put them.


The man's dissatisfied voice sounded in his ears, Lou Fan only had time to take a breath before getting kissed into a daze again. Finally fully waken up from the sleepiness, Lou Fan wrapped his hands around the man's neck unconsciously and responded enthusiastically.

Amid heavy breathing, the towel wrapped around the man's waist had already slipped to the ground. Lou Fan’s buttons are pulled apart, revealing his sturdy upper body. Touching each other skin-to-skin, their bodies trembled slightly.

The man stood up slightly, looked at Lou Fan’s misty and moist eyes with deep desire black eyes, and asked in a hoarse voice, "Can I?"

Being stared intensely like that, Lou Fan only felt that the blood all over his body is boiling. He nodded slightly, "En."

With 2-3 movements, Lou Fan is stripped nekid. He felt like he is a boiled shrimp now. The man slowly pressed down, and the sensitive friction caused them to shudder, making people go insane. Lou Fan took deep breaths and slightly raised his neck. The man didn't stop moving as he lowered his head to press his lips on Lou Fan's neck. The touch caused Lou Fan to let out a low cry.

It was too intense, causing Lou Fan to shed tears, which are then licked clean by the man. Lou Fan hugged the man tightly. At this moment, he doesn’t want to think about anything and just wanted to be with this man.

"Qin Tan." Lou Fan called out the man’s name.

The man responded in a low voice, touching his forehead like caressing a treasure, "I'm here."

Hearing that, Lou Fan wrapped his arms around the man's neck and raised his head to initiate a lingering and long kiss.

When Lou Fan wakes up, he is surrounded by darkness, the heavy curtains drawn. Lou Fan pushed himself up, causing the quilt on his body to slip down. A breeze of coldness hit his skin, causing him to shiver. There is a little discomfort below at that place and Lou Fan frowned slightly. Just as he moved, a firm arm stretched out from under the quilt, wrapping his shoulders and pressing him back to the bed.

The man buried his head at the side of Lou Fan’s neck and sniffed him. It made his body tremble, and a slightly hoarse voice sounded, "Sleep for a little while more. Do you feel any discomfort?"

Lou Fan snorted softly. Earlier he even put down his pride and begged for mercy, but Qin Tan didn’t spare him. Now he dared to ask him if he is uncomfortable?

Of course there is!

It’s too late to ask now!

The man pressed down on him again but Lou Fan blocked with his hands. Gritting his teeth, he scolded, "Qin Tan, act properly."

Qin Tan didn't want to be ‘proper’ at all, but seeing that Lou Fan is about to get irritated, he flipped from the top with a quick movement and stepped on the ground with his bare feet, "I'll make you something to eat, you can sleep for a while."

Looking at the man's nekid and strong back, Lou Fan clicked his tongue and pulled the quilt over to continue resting. Although he didn't fall asleep and just lay quietly in bed, there is a smile on his lips.

Although the ‘exercise’ was a little painful, it felt good unsurprisingly. With them living a day-by-day[3] life in Lazuli, if he doesn't enjoy things to the fullest, he will feel sorry for himself.

There is a gap at the door, and some light shone in. Lou Fan glanced at the time and saw that it is already 8.00 am. Sounds are coming from the kitchen outside, and then someone knocked on the main door.

"Brother Lou is still sleeping?" Wen Lang asked in surprise, "He wouldn’t be sick, right? He slept for more than 10 hours now. Logically speaking, he won't get sick. No, Jiang Dong, you should go take a look."

Wen Lang is in a hurry to look for Lou Fan but got stopped by Qin Tan, "He is just catching up some sleep. He is not sick so don't yell. You better shut up if you want to eat breakfast."

Wen Lang immediately made a zipping motion on his mouth and sat down at the dining table. Though, he couldn’t understand since Brother Lou isn't sick, why Qin Tan's attitude is still so unfriendly?

Lou Fan rolled twice on the bed, and then went to the bathroom in the room to take a shower. He felt much more comfortable, so he changed his clothes and went out.

Jiang Dong and Wen Lang are already seated, but Chen Shuyang isn’t there.

"Where's Shuyang?"

Jiang Dong: "He slept late last night and hasn't woken up yet."

Lou Fan: "What did he do, sleeping so late?"

Jiang Dong showed an indescribable expression before saying, "He exchanged some points for an anime called Onmyoji, and watched it all night."

"Pfft!" Lou Fan couldn't hold back and burst out laughing.

Is Chen Shuyang planning to learn how to draw spells from the anime? He kind of wanted to go upstairs now and stand beside Chen Shuyang's bed. Then he’ll ask him how he felt after watching the anime.

Jiang Dong's eyes scanned Lou Fan up and down, and Lou Fan looked at him too. Then he saw Jiang Dong blinked and raised an eyebrow at him.

Lou Fan: …

Why didn't he find out before that Jiang Dong is so sassy? Can he still change teammates now?!

The author has something to say:
This novel is also known as "Is it too late to think about changing teammates every day?
I think this chapter is super sweet!
Thank you to the little angel who voted or irrigated the nutrient solution for me~
Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard!

Raw word count: 3131


[1] Apparently, there are different types of bath towels lol
[2] Not sure if the author noticed the plot hole but Lou Fan can always go to his bed nekid to quickly take the change of clothes. There’s only him and Qin Tan staying in the house anyway _(;3/
[3] Not sure if there’s an English word for this. The chinese word here means 'living everyday, not knowing if you might die the next day'. Something like ‘carpe diem’ I think
Banana: I tried to make this chapter as sexy as possible but the author isn’t giving much for me to expand _(;3/

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