Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 68 Lazuli (NPC)

After breakfast, Lou Fan took out the items he brought back from the missions world this time. The most important thing is the 4 sets of 5-attributes crystals. According to the master, it can be used to deal with evil spirits. There are also other crystals, they can be used when needed or just exchanged for points directly. Other than that, he has the praying bead bracelet that the master gave to him and Shuyang.

The 5-attributes crystals and praying bead bracelet will definitely not be exchanged, but that does not prevent Lou Fan from finding out their value on the exchange machine. When he put a crystal into the exchange machine, it showed that the exchange points are 5,000 points. Changing to other types showed the same value. However, when Lou Fan put the white crystal on the exchange tray, the value multiplied tenfold, showing 50,000 points.

Seeing that, Lou Fan's eyes curved with laughter. As expected from the white crystal, its role is different from ordinary crystals after all. He thought for a while and put a set of 5-attribute crystals together on the tray. This time, the buffer icon rotated for a minute. This familiar feeling made Lou Fan's heart skip a beat, and he immediately became excited.

100,000 points.

Lou Fan snorted. His expectations were a bit high as he wondered if there would be a higher value. But then he thought of the previous Longjing grass that can improve their physique and its value is only 100,000 points. Compared to Longjing grass, the set of crystals has the same value so it's pretty awesome. Thinking of this, the feeling of loss in his heart is comforted.

"It's worth 100,000 points!" Wen Lang shouted. Then his expression dimmed as he said, "But we can’t exchange these 5-attribute crystals for points, right?"

Yes, that's right. Wen Lang’s words got to the point.

The reality caused Lou Fan to be speechless. These crystals are like Longjing grass, it cannot be exchanged unless it is a last resort, it is a life-saving item. There are more than 50 random crystals in his hand, but they are only worth 200,000 points at most. White crystals can't be exchanged away either. Combining its usage with Yang Gathering Amulet, this crystal will be their light source in the spiritual worlds.

Lou Fan frowned and worried staring at the pile of crystals. There are very few points that could be used.

Qin Tan is making something for Lou Fan in the kitchen at the moment. Jiang Dong saw Lou Fan’s dark expression and comforted him, "Though the points are not much, but we just changed our weapons. Now, there is not much use for the points except for medicines."

Speaking of medicines, without the medicines from Chen Changdong and his team, Lou Fan's leg wouldn't be able to heal so quickly. And then at the last battle with the evil ghost king, they would have lost a lot of help from Lou Fan.

Wen Lang also echoed Jiang Dong’s words, "That’s right, Brother Lou. The weapons were useless in our last mission world. So, we haven’t used them yet and they are new, brand-new. There’s no need to exchange for more."

Lou Fan looked at the two sadly, the disdain in his eyes almost turned into a tangible thing. At this moment, Chen Shuyang walked into the hall, rubbing his hair like a chicken coop.

Ding! ——Lou Fan felt as if he heard the sound of money and points swaying in front of him. The money tree has arrived!

Wen Lang only saw the RMB symbols flashing in Lou Fan's eyes, and then saw Lou Fan bounce off the sofa and wave at Chen Shuyang.

"Shuyang, come on, have you eaten? If you haven't, let your brother Qin cook something for you."

Qin Tan who just came out with a bowl of dessert: …

When did he become a bargaining chip to please the members? ‘Public morals are degenerating with each passing day’ (idiom).

Wen Lang: "Brother Lou, are you such a superficial person?"

"Yes, that's right." Lou Fan nodded and admitted, "If you are like Shuyang, and can earn points for the team instead of making me worry, I will also ask your brother Qin to cook delicious food for you."

Chen Shuyang scratched his head, "Well then, thank you, Brother Qin."

Lou Fan pulled Chen Shuyang to sit down and asked earnestly, "Shuyang, did you learn anything from the anime?"

Chen Shuyang: "No, the spells can't be seen clearly even after pausing the movie."

Wen Lang threw his hands behind his head and shook his feet in the air. Hearing their conversation, he laughed out loud, "I say, rather than looking for information in the anime, it’s better to go to the bazaar. Maybe there's something to gain."

Hearing that, Chen Shuyang and Lou Fan's eyes suddenly lit up. They stood up together, and are about to go out. Qin Tan called them, "Where are you going? Shuyang, eat your breakfast first. We’ll go to the bazaar after a discussion. Also, if you guys want to sell Shuyang’s amulet, you can try putting them on the electronic screen."

Since the team leader has spoken, the two calmed down. Lou Fan nodded, "Oh yes, we must list them on the electronic screen."

Jiang Dong interjected, "You should state that it is limited in quantity. Previously, the master said that drawing amulets consumes energy."

Wen Lang also added, "It's better to mark the listing as anonymous so we don't get in trouble." While they may not be afraid of getting in trouble, getting stuck on is annoying.

Lou Fan took out a small notebook, wrote down everyone's opinions, and briefly introduced the effect of each spell in one sentence. He turned to Chen Shuyang and asked him how many spells he had in his hand. Chen Shuyang opened his spirit book. Inside, there are about 5 sets of spells, 5 for each type of spell, adding up to a total of 25 spells. These are all drawn by him in his spare time, so it does not waste any energy at all.

Lou Fan tapped his index finger on the coffee table and thought for a moment. Then he said, "Then, we’ll take these first to sell. We’ll talk about it again after it's sold out. Make it like Hunger marketing, this will help increase the value of the spell."

As if he thought of something, Jiang Dong sat up abruptly. He took one of the spells from the coffee table, walked to the exchange machine, and put it in. After waiting for more than 10 seconds, the value of the spell is displayed on the screen. Staring at the display, Jiang Dong is stunned for a while, then he silently turned to look at the others.

"Hey, what's the matter with you?" Wen Lang asked anxiously. Seeing that Jiang Dong didn't speak, Wen Lang walked over there by himself to look. Immediately, he widened his eyes and exclaimed, "Damn, Brother Lou, we are rich!"

Lou Fan is startled and swiftly walked over. Together with Qin Tan who had just come out of the kitchen, they saw on the display - Spell: 10,000 points.

The bright light in his eyes almost turned into a tangible thing. Chen Shuyang became incredibly happy and said, "Damn, I didn't expect that I am now a high-paying skilled worker!"

Wen Lang is very envious. The sour jealousy turned him into a ‘lemon spirit’, "Ah, ah, I also want this skill too!"

Jiang Dong glanced at Wen Lang and said, "Stop dreaming."

Wen Lang gritted his teeth. What else could he say?!

Like a splash of cold water, Qin Tan said, "Don't be too happy. ‘Men dread fame as pigs dread being fat’, so keep a low profile."

Everyone immediately restrained their smiles and got driven back to the sofa to sit down by Qin Tan.

"Regarding the fact that Shuyang can draw spells on his book, I have talked to Team leader Chen about it so he should not talk about it outside." Qin Tan sat next to Lou Fan and said with a serious face, "Put the amulets on the electronic screen, just as you said before. Also, set the quantity as limited and keep it anonymous. Everyone, don’t reveal about the amulets so easily outside and in the mission world as well. I’m afraid Shuyang will be in danger if it goes out.”

Everyone also took the warning seriously and expressed that they will pay attention.

Qin Tan turned his head and asked Chen Shuyang, "How much are you going to price the spell?"

Chen Shuyang looked dazed. He uttered a word and looked at Lou Fan, "I don't know. We’ll just put whatever Brother Lou said."

Lou Fan nodded and touched his chin with his index finger. After thinking for a while, he decided not to go too far, one must have the capacity to be kind. Since in Lazuli’s exchange machine it is worth 10,000 points, they’ll set the price at 30,000 points. The most important thing is that there is no such item available to exchange in the exchange machine. Even if the amulet is only worth 10,000 points in the exchange machine, one might not be able to get the amulets even if they have the points, which makes it easy to raise the price.

"30,000 points is not too outrageous, right?" Lou Fan smiled and narrowed his eyes, like a cunning fox.

Jiang Dong, Wen Lang, Chen Shuyang: …

Qin Tan's expression looked serious and remained unchanged as he added, "En, it's not outrageous at all. I think we can add another 20,000 points to it."

The highest level of ‘saying nonsense without blinking’.

In the end, they set to sell a spell with 30,000 points each, and they are only going to take out 5 spells this time, which is a set. The main reason is that if they take out 25 spells at a time, it will be too eye-catching, and they will definitely be monitored. They don't want to stand out.

The first day they returned to Lazuli is always the most relaxing time. After everyone finished unpacking their stuff, Lou Fan stood in front of the mirror and brushed the hair on his forehead. It keeps making him uncomfortable as it is a bit long. Lou Fan turned his head to look at the others. Except for Qin Tan, everyone's hair has grown below the ears and is about to become mid-shoulder-length.

"Wen Lang, does Lazuli have a place to cut hair?" Lou Fan asked casually, "If we don't cut our hair, we will have to go to Tong Fei to ask for a rubber band to tie it up."

Wen Lang got taken aback for a moment and he tugged at his own hair. After thinking for a while, he said, "I seem to have heard of such a person. It should be in the bazaar."

Lou Fan nodded. Qin Tan walked over to Lou Fan, pulled a lock of his hair, and blew it. Then he chuckled and said, "Let's go to the bazaar. We’ll go for a walk."

The two of them fell behind the group and Qin Tan suddenly approached nearer to Lou Fan. With a smile, he asked, "Does it still hurt down there?"

The question got Lou Fan froze for a moment. Feeling a little awkward, he coughed lightly and shook his head.

"En." Qin Tan replied with an acknowledgment. Then, he reached out and lightly patted Lou Fan’s butt.

This ambiguous action made Lou Fan turn his head to look at Qin Tan with a stunned gaze. The words in his eyes said, 'You have changed!’

Qin Tan is in a good mood. Seeing Lou Fan’s wide and round eyes like a small animal, he couldn't help rubbing his head again.

Lou Fan: "Qin Tan, don't overdo it!"

Qin Tan: "I can ‘do’ even more, don't you already know it all?"

Lou Fan took a deep breath. He doesn’t know where Qin Tan learns this kind of thing. Let’s not talk about how Qin Tan looked at him with a hair-raising gaze. Now, even his speech is so blatant. Lou Fan felt that he has to figure out a way to counter. Otherwise, if he is so passive every time, he will lose out.

Qin Tan had already walked out of the door. He turned his head and shouted at Lou Fan, who is still stunned in the living room. Lou Fan rubbed his hair and decided to talk about this later, so he stepped up and followed.

The team hasn’t been in Lazuli for more than 10 days, and they felt a long-lost intimacy as they walked. Soon, they came to the bazaar in the north square. There are many information displayed on the electronic screen. Each listing stayed for 10 seconds, and the scrolling frequency is quite high.

The team stood there and stared for a long time. Then, they all realized that something is wrong.

"Why are there so many requests for information exchange? I counted them, and there are more than 70." Lou Fan counted twice with squinted eyes.

Qin Tan nodded, "There are more requests for items from the spiritual world, more than 80%."

Jiang Dong looked around calmly and whispered, "Many people are hiding and monitoring in the dark, all staring at the registration office."

The team can’t understand, what happened recently? Why did the bazaar's atmosphere suddenly become so strange?

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