I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 68 (Part 2)

When Mingxi opened her eyes the next day, she saw a familiar sleeping face beside the bed.

Fu Yangxi was lying on the edge of her bed. Because his right shoulder was wrapped with a bandage, his head rested on his left arm, curled up in sleep. His long legs were crossed, and he looked extremely uncomfortable.

The morning sunlight came in through the half-drawn curtains, and fell on the right side of his face, outlining half of his features.

It also fell on his hospital gown, and a little blood oozed from his right shoulder.

His face was still dirty. No one had wiped his face yet.

It made him look mature yet childish, gentle yet messy.

Why didn’t they wipe his face???

Didn't anyone remember to wipe his face?!

Mingxi found it both funny and sad. The emotions in her heart were overwhelming.

Resisting the sour tears, she raised her fingers, wanting to touch his face. However, she was afraid of waking him up, so her fingers trembled in the end, covering him from the sunlight.

At this moment, Fu Yangxi moved his eyelashes and woke up.

After sleeping in this position for several hours, his neck was sore and stiff. He subconsciously wanted to twist it, but it suddenly triggered the wound on his right shoulder, and he immediately hissed.

"Don't touch it! Or else the wound will become inflamed later!" Mingxi was so frightened that she sat up quickly, and took his hand that wanted to rub his right shoulder.

"Who wrapped it up? It's so thick that I can't even move my neck." Fu Yangxi's voice was also hoarse. He glanced at the thick bandage wrapped around his shoulder to collarbone in disgust.

Mingxi looked at him, and the corners of her eyes suddenly turned red.


Fu Yangxi's heart tightened. "What's wrong? Why are you crying again?"

Mingxi said, "It’s none of your business."

Fu Yangxi stretched out his hand to wipe away the tears on Mingxi's face. "Little Mask, did you wrap them? Good, it's wrapped very carefully, not rough at all."

Mingxi wanted to beat him up. She said angrily, "If you have the ability to save people, don't get hurt! Look at the bloody flesh on your shoulders, it looks like it hurts like hell - Also, why are you not obediently lying down in your ward? What are you doing in my ward? Can you go back and wait for your medicine to be changed?"

Fu Yangxi said, "It's okay, isn't it just a little injury—"

Mingxi was afraid that he would say some nonsense like 'a man's medal' again, and said, "...You should sober up. Such deep burns will leave scars!"

"So what if it leaves a scar?" Fu Yangxi said triumphantly, "Isn't it handsome if you have a scar? There are so many people with scars in the world, at least I am the most handsome one with scars."

Mingxi: “...”

Thank you, suddenly I can't feel sad anymore.

What Fu Yangxi didn't say was that when he just woke up, he couldn't see anything in front of him, as if he was plunged into darkness. His eyes burned badly.

For a moment, Fu Yangxi thought he was blind.

Fu Yangxi's first thought was that Little Mask must be very sad.

Immediately, he remembered the TV dramas that Zhao Mingxi had watched - what should a blind hero do?

He will definitely hide his illness, even pretend that he is not blind, push the heroine away, talk about breaking up, and then have a sadomasochistic relationship.

But Fu Yangxi thought about it and felt that he couldn't do it at all.

Even if he might be blind in the future, he would do his best to protect Zhao Mingxi and protect her from being bullied.

Why would he so easily let go of Zhao Mingxi who he possessed by using only his own abilities?

Would it be more reliable to leave her to others than him who was blind?

After thinking about such a mess, Fu Yangxi felt a burst of sadness in his heart.

He groped around, wanting to turn over and get out of bed to find Zhao Mingxi.

Then, when he opened the door, he found that everything outside the corridor could be seen clearly.

It turned out that he thought he was blind just now, because the lights in the ward were not turned on in the middle of the night.


In the next few days, Mingxi and Fu Yangxi stayed in the hospital to recuperate.

The teachers and classmates in their school came to see them one by one, and the ward was crowded.

In the afternoon, both Shen Liyao and Li Haiyang came.

Although they couldn’t be lovers, there was a past friendship. Shen Liyao bought a flower basket and fruits. He placed them beside Mingxi's bed, telling her to have a good rest, and to contact him if she needed any tutoring.

Fu Yangxi's face was all stinky. When he was having dinner, he asked Xiao Li to buy a flower basket that was twice the size. He insisted on replacing Shen Liyao's one, and placed it beside Zhao Mingxi's bedside.

However, Professor Gao and his grandson suffered a completely unwarranted disaster this time.

When Professor Gao came to thank Zhao Mingxi, Mingxi felt guilty. She didn't think that her act of saving his grandson was anything worth appreciating.

Professor Gao's house was burned down, so Fu Yangxi offered to buy him a new one. However, this was firmly refused by Professor Gao.

He had been honest and stubborn all his life. He never received help from others. Even if he was in such a catastrophic situation at this time, it was no exception.

So, Fu Yangxi had no choice but to ask Lawyer Zhang to help. He asked Professor Gao's insurance company to pay him an extra sum of money.

The money was called “insurance” by name, but in fact it was paid from Fu Yangxi's personal account, so that Professor Gao could accept it with peace of mind.

With the money, Professor Gao could live in a new community.

As for those neighbors who were also implicated, the Fu Company also sent some kind compensation money to them.

After Grandfather Fu came to see Fu Yangxi, he didn't say anything about it. After all, the money was just a drop in the bucket for Grandfather Fu, so he allowed Fu Yangxi to squander it at will.

The Zhao family came several times in batches in three days, but they were all turned away by the bodyguards.

Only Zhao Yuning sneaked in while no one was paying attention. But when he slipped in, Mingxi went to the rooftop to get some air, so he didn't see Mingxi either. In the end, he left in disappointment, leaving Madam Zhao's stewed chicken soup behind.

And this chicken soup was later drunk by Ke Chengwen who was extremely thirsty.

After three days in the hospital, Mingxi's voice finally recovered.

Fu Yangxi's shoulder was still the same.

It wasn’t bleeding anymore, but it burned and became itchy at night.

Mingxi knew that such a large wound on his shoulder would definitely hurt, but she had never seen him frown even when he was awake.

After Mingxi fully recovered, she began to take charge of changing Fu Yangxi's dressing.

Every time the gauze was removed, Mingxi felt very uncomfortable, as if it was her who was burned to a bloody mess.

Fu Yangxi didn't want her to see the hideous wound, and wanted Xiao Li to change it, but Mingxi was extremely stubborn. She felt that Xiao Li was clumsy and wrapped the gauze worse than her.

The police and legal team were still searching for evidence. They heard that Zhao Yuan had been detained.

As for whether the art school boyfriend she knew and those gangsters had anything to do with this incident, it was still under investigation.

The anger in Mingxi's heart had always been suppressed.

When she was changing Fu Yangxi's dressing every day, she gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to send Zhao Yuan to prison with her own hands.

Some of the students who came were discussing this matter, talking in private about why Zhao Yuan did such a thing.

Did she get bullied by someone outside? Then, under the madness, she came to this conclusion.

However, Mingxi didn’t want to know Zhao Yuan's motive for committing a crime.

If you commit a crime, you commit a crime. You almost killed someone, why investigate the motive of the criminal?

Perhaps, if only Mingxi herself was injured in this matter, Mingxi would still care about these things. But now that Fu Yangxi and Professor Gao's grandson were both affected by this, all she had left was anger.


That evening, Fu Yangxi went to the recovery room to rehabilitate the strained shoulder muscles.

Mingxi stood in the corridor, looking at the patients playing football downstairs in the hospital. As the sun set, a slightly hot wind blew in mid-May, blowing her long hair and her hospital gown to one side, wrapping her slender figure.

She changed the red string, and tied the jade around her neck again.

Mingxi calmly made a decision.

She asked the system: "The first 500 points can be exchanged for me not to be terminally ill, so can the last 499 points be exchanged for another thing?"

It took a while for the system to respond, a little surprised: "What do you want to change it for? But after you save up to 499 points, you will have the halo of the heroine, and with the halo of the heroine, you will have everything. What needs to be replaced?"

Mingxi said: "I want to change the bloody part of Fu Yangxi's right shoulder back to its original state."

The system: ?

The system: ??

The system: ???


Mingxi replied, “You heard that right.”

The system was shocked and said: "Are you crazy?? Don't you know what the halo of the heroine means? It means that your future life will be smooth sailing! Think about it, everyone will love you and everyone will become your stepping stone. Don't you yearn for this kind of life?"

The strange thing was that Mingxi didn’t yearn for this "Zhao Yuan's life" as the system said.

When she goes up, someone must be her stepping stone.

Mingxi did not hope that one day, Fu Yangxi would become an existence implicated by her heroine halo.

"Exchange it for me, okay?" Mingxi asked.

Although the system couldn't understand it, it still agreed to her request.

"If you insist on going your own way, then after 500 points, the luck you accumulate will fall on him, and his wound will miraculously heal quickly, just like the wound on your face before— To be honest, it’s okay for men to have some scars, you really don’t need to—”

Mingxi shook her head. "I've already decided."

She didn’t want her life to go smoothly. She just wanted Fu Yangxi to be with her, safe and sound.

She hoped that what Fu Yangxi longed for, what he sincerely pursued, what he dreamed of, and what he loved most could also fall into his hands.

When Mingxi turned around, Fu Yang just came out of the recovery room.

Seeing Mingxi standing here, he quickly walked towards Mingxi.

His short hair was disheveled by the wind, and his blue and white hospital gown was also blown up by the wind. His tall, striding figure was outlined by the light and shadow of the setting sun into a handsome silhouette.

Mingxi waved at him. "This way."

Because of her black hair, pale skin, and excessive beauty, many patients in the corridor looked at her.

Fu Yangxi raised his eyebrows triumphantly, and glanced at Xiao Li who was next to her with an expression saying, "my wife is so beautiful". However, he saw Xiao Li who couldn't help staring at Little Mask. He: "…"

Fu Yangxi's face changed as soon as he said it, and the storm was about to come in an instant. He looked at Xiao Li with a chilling stare. "What are you looking at? Go down and buy dinner."

Xiao Li: “...”

Xiao Li quickly turned around and slipped away, while Fu Yangxi glared fiercely at the people around him again.

Mingxi: “...”

"Go back to the ward, don't stand outside. You’ll catch a cold later."

"It's already May, it's almost too hot. How can I catch a cold?"

The two walked towards the ward.

All the way Fu Yangxi glared at the men, causing them to run.

Fu Yangxi didn't know that Mingxi gave up 500 points of luck, and would rather lose the halo of the heroine to let him be as healthy as before.

Just like Mingxi didn't know, before she fell into a coma, when the beam fell, Fu Yangxi had actually protected her and the child.

The injury on Fu Yangxi's shoulder was caused by rushing back into the fire after taking her out.

He went to pick up her most precious jade.

They don't tell each other these things.

They'll just hold each other's hands and walk through everything together until they see the stars shining brightly.

ray's note: "She hoped that what Fu Yangxi longed for, what he sincerely pursued, what he dreamed of, and what he loved most could also fall into his hands."

i'm not sobbing you are (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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