Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 69 Lazuli (NPC)

Qin Tan turned his head sideways, stepped up, and left the center of the square, and the other members followed. After finding an open space and discussing it a bit, the five decided to go for a walk around, and find out what is going on along the way.

Bazaar is the place Wen Lang is most familiar. After the team walked around and asked the people from the 2 other shops, they finally found the only barber shop in Lazuli.

The storefront is very simple. The word Barbershop is written on a piece of cardboard and hung at the door. There is also a price next to it, and there is only 1 item listed: 500 points for a haircut. The price is clearly marked, with no hidden charge or anything.

The barber inside is a man with a slovenly appearance, with drooping eyelids, and he is quite tall. He is holding a pair of scissors and a comb in his hands. His actions are quick and neat, carefully cutting the hair with his head lowered. A person is sitting inside who is getting a haircut, and 3 people are waiting outside. Qin Tan’s team moved over some stools and sat down to wait for their turn.

Wen Lang is about to walk over to talk to the 3 people when Jiang Dong held him back. Jiang Dong took out 2 packs of cigarettes from his bag and handed them to Wen Lang. Wen Lang got stunned for a moment before taking the cigarette and putting it in his pocket. Then, he approached the 3 men and started talking.

Smiling with a sunny and handsome face, Wen Lang approached the men and asked, "These 3 big brothers, you also came to cut your hair? How is this master's craftsmanship? This is the first time this brother came here. I even asked several people for directions to find this place." After saying that, Wen Lang handed out 3 sticks of cigarettes. The men took the cigarettes, put them under their noses, and smelled them. After that, they began to chat happily.

"This guy's craftsmanship is very good. Have you seen his spirit weapon? It's the scissors and comb in his hand. It is said to be very powerful."

Another man said, "That’s right, the man cut people’s hair as a way to relax whenever he returned to Lazuli."

Wen Lang smiled and asked again, "I just came from the square and found a lot of people around. Do you three know what's going on? This brother just came back from a mission, and is completely in the dark."

"Hey, about this, you've asked the right person..." The old man started talking freely while smoking a cigarette. During the period, the other 2 people next to him added information from time to time, basically letting Qin Tan’s team understand the general situation.

It happened 10 days ago, a senior team of the Black Scorpion went on a mission with another intermediate team, and as a result, the entire team in that mission world have been destroyed. That intermediate team is a member of another relatively large organization. With 2 well-known organizations dying in a mission world, the impact of such a result can be imagined. In the following week, such incident happened twice again. And, most importantly, there are passengers with intermediate spirit weapons in the team.

Although Lazuli has a lot of passengers, the level of their strength is like a pyramid. The higher the level, the lesser the quantity. Those who can reach level 10 or above are the elite of the elite. This time the organization lost 3 senior teams, it is no exaggeration to say that it caused an uproar in Lazuli. This kind of explosive news was broadcasted on the electronic screens of the north and south squares at the same time. The news at the north square was spread by the people, while the south square which is controlled by Lazuli broadcasted the news in bright red characters. The impact was humongous, so to say. To this day, the names of the demised teams are still displayed on the display in the South Plaza. Almost everyone who is not in the mission world knows about it.

The man paused for a while, glanced at the group sitting in a circle, and then said mysteriously, "You should have seen the electronic screen on the bazaar, right? Then you should notice the information on it." He paused, not expecting anyone to answer him, and continued, "Most of the requests are about purchasing items from spiritual worlds, do you know why?"

Wen Lang cooperatively asked why and the man looked inscrutable before answering, "Because, all the fallen teams failed their mission in a supernatural world."

After the man finished speaking, he couldn't help shrinking, as if he is cold.

The barber called out 'Next' from the room and the man responded. Standing up, he finally said, "This is how things are. Listen to this big brother, if you have points, go and post a request to purchase information. Just in case you are lucky enough that someone is willing to sell, there is more hope in the mission world." After speaking, the man couldn't help sighing and walked into the barber room.

Wen Lang thanked the other 2 brothers and turned to sit back in the line. This news is also very explosive for them. Lou Fan remembered that Tong Fei's expression seemed to be a bit wrong yesterday, and she should have come to pick them up on purpose. Probably because she was afraid that something would happen to them.

Thinking of this, the goodwill towards Tong Fei and Lin Man Man has risen again.

Speaking of annihilation of a team, they met such an incident once, the Black Scorpion team at Lao Ye Temple. Unexpectedly, it happened again this time. The man only talked about teams getting annihilated, but no one is sure what is going on. After all, if the whole team is really destroyed, there is no one left to tell the tale.

Such an incident is not a good thing for the passengers, and it even makes one wonders if Lazuli is deliberately annihilating the senior teams.

Lou Fan frowned and thought about the matter but Qin Tan whispered to him, "Don't think about it so much. We have encountered so many senior teams before, the sky won't fall (just because some teams got annihilated). We’ll go to Tong Fei to inquire about the details at night."

Lou Fan nodded, forcing himself not to think about it, but his thoughts still couldn't help but turn in that direction.

Soon it is time for them to get a haircut. The barber didn't ask for their opinions. He just asked them to sit down and then he started working. Staying in Lazuli, the team didn't have any requirements for hairstyles. They won’t insist to get a Mr. TONY to design the trendiest and most fashionable hairstyle for them. There is only 1 requirement, that it should be shorter and not ugly.

The barber looked expressionless and a little unfriendly, with drooping eyelids as if he hasn’t fully waken up, but his craftsmanship is good. According to the different face shapes of the 5 people, he used the scissors in his hand to cut the hairstyles that fit their temperaments. The styles are all good-looking, not inferior to the most expensive hairstyle directors in fashion hair design stores at all.

Qin Tan’s style is crew cut while Jiang Dong's is the same but a little bit longer. Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang's hairstyle is a little bit longer and looks quite like a college student. Lou Fan's hairstyle is like the most popular hairstyle with some bangs in front.

All in all, everyone is very satisfied.

Lou Fan looked in the mirror and finally felt that he looked like a normal person. He sincerely praised, "Boss, your craftsmanship is awesome."

The barber is about the same height as Qin Tan so he is half a head taller than Lou Fan. He turned to look at him and nodded expressionlessly, "I think so too."

Lou Fan: …

This boss is really out of the ordinary.

Coming to the square again, the team stood on the edge of the square, watching the information scrolling on the electronic screen. For a while, the information only increased, with no sign of decreasing.

Chen Shuyang scratched his head, "Brother Lou, should we sell more?"

Lou Fan glared at Chen Shuyang, "You don't want to live anymore? I don't even want to sell one now."

Qin Tan disagreed and insisted on the original plan, but they could not act together. He ordered, "Jiang Dong, you will do the communication, but make a request that the information will not be released until half an hour after you leave. The others go home first."

Jiang Dong took the amulets and stuffed them into his pocket. After the others have left, he strolled slowly to the registration office. He even chatted with the person who came to register a request to purchase information, saying that he is also here to purchase, and it is not easy to stay alive these days.

Half an hour after Jiang Dong left, the 2 registrars at the registration office have already reported to the top management of their own organization. The five amulets in their hands are like hot potatoes.

The person in charge frowned and knocked on the 2 staff, "Do I need to tell you about how to handle this kind of thing? Our organization is also lacking this kind of item, why didn't you report it immediately?"

The two stuttered a few times. The policy of their registration office is always like that when a passenger asked for confidentiality, they would not reveal their personal information. Hence, they didn't ask any further questions and only recorded Jiang Dong's watch number for communication.

The person in charge notified the higher-ups, and they decided to purchase the amulets in a normal procedure. After that, they ordered the people in the registration office to pay attention. If this happens again, they are to notify them immediately.

As soon as Jiang Dong walked into the living room, the watch on his wrist beeped. He talked with the people from the registration office, and then, the points after deducting the handling fee are credited to his account. Jiang Dong looked at the 3 people in the living room staring at him and shrugged, "The amulets are sold."

Since the situation is quite urgent, the team went straight to Tong Fei in the afternoon. Unlike in the past, Tong Fei is basking in the sun, but in a training. Her long wavy hair is tied up neatly, her expression is serious and solemn, and her movements are sharp and neat.

Lou Fan raised his eyebrows, it's been a long time since he saw Tong Fei so serious.

Seeing the 5 people coming, Tong Fei put away her weapons. She turned and walked inside, "Come in and sit."

As soon as they entered the room, they heard her chattering away, obviously aimed at them. "I know that you will definitely come over early. So, you must have heard something. But it’s just right, I have something to tell you too. I have a lot to say today, so we’ll take it slow. Hmm, you all got a haircut? Not bad, you lot looked human now."

Everyone: …

Thank you so much for your compliment!

There is a banquet on the dining table; hot pot, barbecue, fruit, and wine. Judging by this arrangement, it seems that they will talk for a very long time. But for the 5 people who just rushed over after a simple lunch, this banquet is undoubtedly a silent temptation.

Tong Fei sat on the chair. The sweat on her forehead had been wiped off, her hair is pulled up, and she looked mature and charming. Opening a can of beer, Tong Fei took a big gulp and sighed comfortably.

"What do you want to ask?" Tong Fei asked with her red lips opened and stared at them with big eyes, "You should have heard about the general situation."

Qin Tan glanced at Lou Fan, who looked eagerly at all kinds of alcohol, and turned his head to answer, "We've inquired a bit, it should be the basic situation, so I wanted to ask you for details."

Tong Fei pursed her lips and looked serious, "Originally, I intended to wait until you come back and talk to you briefly. But as soon as you guys returned, the two of you returned big and your spirit weapons have been upgraded. I don't know whether to envy you or feel anxious for your guys."

"Alright, things are a bit weird recently. You all know the basic situation and I won't talk about it anymore. According to the information I got from the organization of the demised team, including the Black Scorpion, we lost 6 whole teams. 3 of them are senior teams, and the other 3 are intermediate teams. Moreover, the 3 intermediate teams are about to enter the rank of the senior team, which is just a step away. Now, everyone's focus is on what a terrible mission world that caused none of the 6 teams to survive. For your information, among the 6 teams, there are 4 passengers with intermediate spirit weapons." Tong Fei paused, then raised her head suddenly, "Speaking of which, the Liwan Plaza you've been to is a super scary mission world. That’s where the 1st team got annihilated."

After Tong Fei said that, she looked at the team, as if suddenly curious and asked, "What was your mission? Can you tell me the whole process of your stay in Liwan Plaza? I remember the senior team that came back with you, they only have 3 members left."

And the junior team in front of her, everyone came back well and alive.

Raw word count: 3150


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