I Just Want to Freeload on Your Luck

Chapter 69 (Part 2)

Although Shen Liyao resisted with all his heart what Zhao Mingxi said that day, he understood some things later.

He has stood at the finish line since he was born, thinking that he was outstanding, that he had the right to look down on everything, and that it was only natural for everyone to look up at him.

But then all he could get was adoration.

If he meets the person he likes again, if he remains the same as before, then the other person's neck will be sore, and the other person will leave him sooner or later.

Perhaps only when he also learns how to like others and how to treat others well, can he be entitled to a deeper liking that has nothing to do with family background, appearance, or grades.

Shen Liyao never thought that one day Zhao Mingxi would be able to teach him something.

—After he fell in love with her, and she never looked back.

Of course, Shen Liyao would never admit that he also saw a dazzling quality from Fu Yangxi that he had never seen before.

He felt that this kid deliberately rolled up his sleeves when he saw him on the basketball court, exposing Zhao Mingxi's little hairband, which was really annoying.

Next, there would be a lot of fuss, including three major events.

After Fu Yangxi recovered from his injury, no one knew what kind of conflict happened with Shen Liyao on the basketball court— They didn't fight, but there was definitely some tension between them for a while.

After returning home, he didn't eat dinner for three days.

After losing two kilograms in weight, he was finally lighter than Shen Liyao.

His face finally turned from cloudy to sunny.

Mingxi’s response: "..."

Then, there was the national competition and the college entrance examination.

There was no training camp for the national competition, so Fu Yangxi sent Mingxi there to finish the exam, and that was it. This time, it was the result after achieving 500 seedlings, that is to say, it was Mingxi's own real result. No matter what she got in the exam, Mingxi was satisfied.

It was very hot during the two days of the college entrance examination. Everyone felt so hot that they could wring out water caused by sweat all over their bodies.

While they were about to suffer from heat stroke, everyone finished the exam in one go, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

After the exam, the people in the International Class tore up the papers, and chased and slapped each other. Everyone seemed crazy.

White test papers were flying all over the sky, radiant under the scorching sun.

In a crazy and scorching atmosphere.

While packing up her things, Mingxi asked, "Aren't most of the people from our class going abroad? We're already going abroad at the end of September. Why are you still so excited after the college entrance examination?"

Fu Yangxi was wearing a black short-sleeve. Mingxi had no idea where he found that thin black gold skull chain from nowhere to hang around his neck again. Ever since Mingxi said last time that he looked handsome while wearing this one, causing her heart to beat wildly since their first meeting, he has been smug and never took it off.

He leaned against the wall, tearing up his book seriously. He raised his eyebrows at Mingxi. "Little Mask, this is known as a sense of ceremony, understand?"

Mingxi: “...”

What ‘sense of ceremony’? I think you just want to tear up the books, right?!

"Why is there a Chinese dictionary in my desk drawer?" Fu Yangxi suddenly found a thick dictionary while he was throwing away the things in his desk drawer.

Mingxi said, "It's mine. How did it get into your drawer?"

Fu Yangxi handed it to her. "Do you still need it? Take it back with you."

Mingxi said, "Forget it, it's so heavy. Throw it here first, later on there will be those Year 2s who want to borrow books, so I’ll just give them directly to my juniors."

Fu Yangxi: “...”

Fu Yangxi said angrily, "How can you do this, Little Mask? Do you still like to study? Such a thick dictionary costs 56 yuan!"

"..." Mingxi leaned over and touched his forehead. "Do you have a fever?"

Fu Yangxi's face turned red suddenly. He put the dictionary back into the desk drawer.

Mingxi felt that he was acting weird. Before he stuffed it in, she suddenly pulled out the dictionary from his hand.

“Wait, don’t—”

Before Fu Yangxi could speak, Mingxi had already opened the thick dictionary.

Sunlight refracted in from the window, shining on a dark blue exquisite brocade box sandwiched between the hollowed out dictionary.

When Mingxi opened the dictionary suddenly, the brocade box was also opened.

Standing amongst them were two silver rings.


Mingxi's heart skipped a beat.

Fu Yangxi stood up, his face was red like it was bleeding.

He originally planned to let Zhao Mingxi take the dictionary home with her own hands, and when she saw the starry sky he arranged, he would hint to the Little Mask to open the dictionary. However, he could not outdo what was fated. The decorative lights this time were the same as last time, and they had no effect at all. No matter what trick Jiang Xiuqiu made, it didn't work every time.

The little bird in Fu Yangxi's heart was crying. Is the love of an 18 year old destined to be in a hurry?

That being the case, he couldn't wait for one more minute, one more second.

"Little Mask, give me your hand." Fu Yangxi looked down at Zhao Mingxi.

Mingxi took a breath and raised her head.

Although this kind of routine was very basic and vulgar, but ahhh— why was she so damn tempted?!

The yellow and warm orange sunset came in from the window behind him, casting the tall figure of the young man on her.

Fu Yangxi lowered his head slightly to look at her. He raised his eyebrows, still as high-spirited as when he first saw her, as fierce as the rising sun.

Mingxi held the dictionary in her arms. When she met his eyes, her heart was still beating very fast.

It's Fu Yangxi.

Mingxi was sure that he was the chosen one for her.

Amidst the noise of the group of people in the class, shreds of snow-white paper were scattered one after another.

Mingxi's cheeks were hot. She raised her hand to touch Fu Yangxi's.

Fu Yangxi looked shy but serious. With a ring, he slowly locked her close to him.

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