The Villainess is Changing Her Role to a BroCon

Chapter 7 - Sudden Rest (いきなり休み)

“It’s three days.”

Mina raised her three fingers.

“Please rest for at least three days. If you can’t keep that promise, you will have to stay away from the academy and return to the Duke’s residence. That’s His Excellency’s message.”

“No way~~~”

Lying in the bed, Ekaterina cried. But Mina’s expression didn’t change at all. Well, she was expressionless by nature.

“Please listen to him, My Lady. You were very healthy in the morning, yet you collapsed out of nowhere. No one will believe you even if you say that you’re fine.”

“But I’m really fine…”

“Please don’t leave this room for three days. If you do, I will be punished by His Excellency.”

“No way…”

“His Excellency’s skill in using a long sword is quite good. He can slice off a person’s neck without fail.”


Losing her strength, Ekaterina closed her eyes.

To be honest, she was still dizzy. As soon as she saw the heroine acting as ‘another person’ even if she should be ‘me’ in the game world, her mind and body became estranged. Why did this happen now?

(In the game I played in my previous life, I experienced this world as Flora.)

The heroine was Flora Cerny. She was born as a commoner, but when her mother, her only relative, died, Baron Cerny’s family took her over as an adopted daughter since they were close to her mother. After that, the examination revealed that she had a strong magic power. So she got the permit to enter the Magic Academy… that was the setting of the heroine.

Ekaterina thought that she had finished the fusion of the corporate slave and the villainess. But now that she thought of it, she was studying at the Duke’s residence all the time. Maybe her condition became unstable because the environment changed.

(Like what Brother said, it may be safer to take some time to adapt to the environment.)

Ekaterina had worried Alexei a lot.

(Oh no! I remember it again!)

Apparently, Alexei immediately noticed when Ekaterina collapsed and ran to her. He then picked her up in his arms and tried to carry her to the infirmary.

When Ekaterina regained her consciousness…

(Brother! He’s carrying me! Like a princess!)

For a moment, Ekaterina didn’t understand the situation. When she looked up, all she could see was Alexei’s beautiful face right in front of her.


“Ekaterina! You’re finally awake!!!”

At that time, Alexei had a sad face. He looked like he would cry any time soon.

Then he pressed his cheeks against Ekaterina’s forehead and hugged her tightly.

(Ahhh, just remembering it makes me feel like I’m going to have a nosebleed! His arms, his chest, and his shoulders… so warm!)

After Alexei did that, Ekaterina covered her face with both of her hands and wriggled.

“Brother, I can walk on my own. Please put me down.”


Ekaterina slightly yearned to have someone princess carry her like this, but when her wish came true, she was worried about her weight and became embarrassed.

However, her request was promptly rejected.

“If something happens to you, I won’t be able to live. Ekaterina, you are my life…”

(I died! Brother, your words shot through your sister’s heart, and she was dead now!!!)

After Ekaterina died thanks to Alexei’s cuteness, she couldn’t say anything else. Then they went to the infirmary. On the way, Ekaterina thought that it’s amazing how Alexei could walk normally even if he was carrying someone. But then, the noblemen in this nation received training based on whether they could wear armor and run around the battlefield. The otome game didn’t show that kind of violent setting, but she acquired that knowledge after she was reborn.

Ekaterina laid down on the bad in the infirmary and asked Alexei to return to his class, but he looked a little lonely and said, “You don’t want me to hold your hand today?”

Alexei had the image of a big, cool dog with drooping ears. He was clearly disappointed. Where did his previous intimidating look that pressured all of the students with just a glance go?

(I’m losing it! I found the moe-ness that’s making me insane!)

Ekaterina was about to slip out, ‘Please hold my hand or whatever you want. I beg you.’ But Mina came in at that moment.

There, Mina substituted Alexei to attend Ekaterina, so Alexei returned to his class.

Somehow, Ekaterina knew that this situation was dangerous. She knew that Alexei had decided that his sister should take a leave from the academy for a while and rest at the Duke’s residence. She could sense it through his words. That’s why she took countermeasures and asked Mina to take her back to her dorm room.

Since her room was in the girls’ dormitory, no boys were allowed to enter. It was an absolute rule that not even the power of the Duke could break. Alexei wouldn’t be able to forcibly step in and take her home.

Ekaterina wanted to walk back to the dormitory on her own, but Mina unexpectedly lifted her up. Having the maid carrying her like a princess was awkward. Mina swiftly walked, carrying a young lady without any trouble. How strong. This beautiful maid was too strong.

“I’m sorry, Mina. Did Brother get angry?”

“Well, at first. But as I said, ‘My Lady is crying because she’s sad to leave the academy,’ His Excellency became so depressed that he couldn’t afford to be angry anymore.”

“I-I see…”

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for taking advantage of your siscon, Brother.

If I wanted to avoid our destruction flag where we were stripped of our title, then being absent in the academy was the best choice. But I wouldn’t know if we were heading to the imperial destruction flag. I couldn’t leave the academy.

Ekaterina would break the imperial destruction flag for you, Brother!

Anyway, Ekaterina, who took a rest for three days after entering the academy, finally went to the class for the first time on the fourth day.

When she entered the classroom, her classmates held their breath and focused at her all at once. That’s probably because Alexei was escorting her. Naturally, everyone would remember his intimidating appearance at the entrance ceremony. In addition, Mina followed them, carrying her bag. Most of the students had maids in their home, but only students in the special dormitory room could bring one into the academy.

“Where’s Ekaterina Yurinova’s seat?” Alexei asked the students nearby. Under his cold gaze, they could only timidly point to a seat. Then he had Ekaterina sit in that seat.

“Then I will return to my class. If you feel unwell, tell the teacher. Be more aware that you’re not fine at all. Please take good care of your body.”

“Yes, Brother. I will do as you say,” Ekaterina replied obediently.

Still worried, Alexei stroked his sister’s hair and sent a sharp glare to the entire class. It’s like he was warning them that nothing could happen to his sister.

Ekaterina’s smile turned stiff.

“I’ll be waiting for your return,” Mina said after handing her bag. Then Alexei left the classroom with Mina, even if he still looked worried.

...Now then.

Ekaterina casually scanned her surroundings.


They were all taking a distance from me!

That’s only to be expected. No one would want to approach such a troublesome person.

I was also parading the ‘I’m special’ aura.

If I suddenly collapsed, they would be in trouble. No one would be comfortable if they received a heavy responsibility over something they couldn’t control.

Since three days had passed, the girls already had their own groups too.

Ah… This is bad. Hahaha.


Ekaterina turned her face to the seat next to her.

“Um… Hello. My name is Ekaterina Yurinova. Pleased to meet you.”

Then the girl next to her widened her eyes in surprise and replied respectfully.

“It’s my honor. I’m Flora Cerny.”


In the game, Ekaterina sat next to the heroine.

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