Palace Full of Delicacies

Chapter 8- The shop (Part 2)


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Chapter 8- The Shop

“You…” Su Xiaozhang almost lost his breath when he saw who it was.

“You still have the face to say that! The family is so poor now, is it not because of you!”

The man was Su Xiaoxian, Su Yu’s third uncle. He was lazy good-for-nothing and he caused a great disaster a few years ago.

Su Yu’s father had to sell the family’s farm before he could settle the matter, which was also the main reason for the deterioration of the Su family.

“Hmph, I didn’t ask my second brother to save me. Did you all ask me when you sold the farm? It’s the ancestral property and I also have a share! Now if you want to be a general, then you must give me my share!” The third uncle squatted at the doorway with his hands in his pockets, straining his neck.

Seeing the third uncle coming, Zhao Shi sneered.

“The land was sold the year before the last, he sold off his land property, but there is still a Zhuangzi in the western suburbs, and there are several shops on the East Street. If Older brother-in-law wants to take the title, it is not impossible to succeed, just split these properties with us, and let us have something to eat.”

Hearing this, Su Xiaoxian eyes lit up and he stood up.

“What’s the matter? Is there another Zhuangzi in the western suburbs? Elder brother, you’re going to swallow all the family properties!”

With the third uncle's making such a stir, the main hall became more and more lively, and Su Xiaozhang was left panting with anger.

An Hongche was impatient for a long time and kept scratching Su Yu’s clothes with his claws.

His Majesty who didn’t eat his breakfast was in a bad mood. Su Yu couldn’t help but quietly reach out and pull the cat’s tail to make him quiet.

The kitten immediately jumped on his other shoulder and continued to scratch.

“How about this,” Zhao Shi finally spoke, “I don’t understand anything about it as a woman. I just want to be able to eat and wear warm clothes. Give Yu’er the two shops on East Street, I’ll follow Yu’er in the future. Younger brother-in-law and Older brother-in-law can discuss the title.”

Su Yu was stunned. A shop on East Street? The Su family actually has a shop on East Street!

East Street was the main street of East City. It was very prosperous.

If you could open a storefront there, your business will be booming. It’s just like I’m sleepy and I come across a pillow!.

Su Xiaozhang was in the middle of the commotion, with the sudden twists and turns, without even thinking about it, he responded: “Yes!”

“How can you do that! That’s the most valuable property of the Su family!” Li Shi, the eldest aunt, shouted.

That’s the shop she only got her hands on by scheming, and she received five taels of silver every month!

Without these two shops, they still have to walk around to give gifts to earn the title. Where can they get the money?

“What do you know!” Su Xiaozhang hurriedly winked.

After a tumultuous morning, in the end, under the witness of the two clan elders, he took the account book and simply divided the family property. The title is still uncertain, so the family cannot be divided, but the shop on the account book was assigned to Su Yu, which was counted as his private property.

Su Xiaozhang asked Su Yu to sign his name and write a letter saying that he gave up the title

Su Yu didn’t care and Zhao Shi didn’t stop him.

An Hongche watched this farce with cold eyes, and his mood became worse and worse. This stupid slave was too easy to bully!

“I can’t go out and sell today, let’s eat these squids.” Su Yu looked at the sky, it was almost noon.

The squid hadn’t been marinated yet, so it was too late to show up at all.

An Hongche squatted on the chopping board, glanced at him, and turned his butt at Su Yu.

Stupid slave, without a title how can I promote you and make you rich in the future? What was there to be happy about.

Su Yu used his finger to poke the soft kitten’s butt.

“Hey, Sauce, Let’s go and have a look at the two shops. If the location is good we can open a restaurant.”

After lunch, Su Yu excitedly took the cat to the shop.


After noon, East Street was not deserted at all, and it was still very lively. Su Yu searched for a long time but couldn’t find the address recorded in the account.

“No.101 East Street…” Su Yu stared between the 100th and the 102nd for a long time.

No.100 was a pawnshop, No.102 was a silk shop, and No.101 was a…


There was no shop, only a small alley. 101 seemed to disappear into thin air, “It can’t be a demolition!”

“Meow…” The kitten on the shoulder glanced at the silly Su Yu, shook his tail and jumped to the door of the pawnshop, and exposed a gray brand in the corned of the eaves.

Only then did Su Yu discover that there was a small door three feet wide on the edge of the pawnshop, which was not connected to the pawnshop. He asked and learned that this was shop No.101.

Su Yu: “...”

In fact, the store was not small. It was indeed two large rooms, but they were all on the second floor.

There was only such a small door on the first floor, there was a stepladder to go in. There was no business at all, therefore, it had been rented to the pawnshop as a warehouse.

Su Yu stared at the shop for a long time, and suddenly his eyes lit up. The small staircase was next to the alley. If you wanted to do business on the second floor, you couldn’t put the staircase like this.

If it was made into a distinctive external staircase, hang a conspicuous sign, and decorate well, it may be particularly eye-catching. But just like this, the cost of decoration will be much higher than the cost of the storefront on the first floor.

He just had no money to do that beautiful rotation staircase alone.

Dejected, Su Yu went home with the cat in his arms. Su Yu had been switching back and forth between heaven and hell all day and was exhausted both physically and mentally.

“Sauce, I’m so poor…” Su Yu buried his nose in the cat’s fur and groaned. Looking at the golden fur, he thought that it was like sparkling gold.

“Lend me some money. I’ll be a cat slave for you all my life…”

The kitten, who had been squatting impatiently, slowly turned his head and looked at Su Yu’s beautiful white face.

Then he quickly pursed his ears, stood up, put his paws under the pillow, and took out a piece of sapphire jade carved with a Qilin.


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