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Chapter 80: Like

If Xing Ye was an ordinary person, he might’ve just treated it as an ordinary mobile game. If he wanted to play it, he could play it for a bit, and if not, he could just leave the app. Besides, who would want to deal with a silly phone game when they suddenly found themselves in women’s clothing? There were more important things at hand- for example, preventing him from chopping his own d*ck off during episodes of mania.

But Xing Ye was different.

When he saw the prompt, his first reaction was also I don’t like this game and the original owner didn’t play it either, so I’ll just close it and continue investigating the original owner’s temperament.

But just as he was about to close the app, he hesitated. There was something just too unsettling about this game.

The original owner lost his memories every day and liked to crossdress. Everyday, the most the original owner would do on his phone was go shopping and go on chat boxes to vent to strangers on the internet. There weren’t even common puzzle games like candy crush on the phone, so why would he have a mystery game?

He searched through the phone and found that this was the only game. Furthermore, it’s been more than half a month since it’s been downloaded.

It was very strange for somebody who loses their memory every day to play a mystery game. Xing Ye tried to see it from the original owner’s view: if he knew he would lose his memory every day, then even if he played games, it’d be something simple that didn’t need too much brain power.

Logically, there must be something wrong with this game that shouldn’t be here, yet has been on the original owner’s phone for half a month.

Xing Ye sat in front of his desk and closed his eyes to think.

Right now, he knew:

  1. He wasn’t the original owner of this body. A supernatural phenomenon moved his soul into this body.
  2. The mirror in the makeup cabinet can write words by itself, just like something that’d be described in a ghost story. Although he didn’t remember any specific ghost stories since his memory was wiped, his experience, intuition, and common sense was still there and didn’t obstruct his normal judgement.
  3. There was a prompt from the game on his phone that seemed like something out of a horror movie. It claimed there were parasites in the hospital, which would continuously multiply.

To sum it up, under the condition the first two points were true, it was possible the game prompt in the third point could also be true!

Xing Ye straightened his back, going on alert. That meant he had to guard against everybody.

What was even more frightening was that if his memory was reset every day, what proof was there that today was the first day?

On the first day, there would be two parasites, and the number would grow by one with every passing day. If this was already his tenth or twentieth time waking up here, what if the hospital was already filled with monsters?

No. It shouldn’t be that hopeless yet.

Xing Ye was very confident in himself. If he could gather so much information about himself only thirty minutes after waking up, yesterday’s him and the day before that’s him would also be able to. If that was the case, then why didn’t he leave himself any information for the next day’s him?

He had already searched the room earlier and didn’t find any other noteworthy clues.

Naturally, there was a chance that there was some mysterious power erasing the clues he had left.

That was definitely a possibility. If even his memory could be erased, wouldn’t eliminating traces in the physical world be even easier?

But if the current me could think of that, then yesterday’s me also definitely would’ve been able to as well. If it was me, how would I seamlessly leave tomorrow’s me a message that could not be erased? Especially for somebody with a temperament as suspicious as myself-  I’d have to ensure I would immediately believe my yesterday's self. Xing Ye thought to himself.

When analyzing things, you need to make bold assumptions and then confirm it carefully. Supposing the above reasoning was valid, he was truly facing a dangerous and hopeless situation.

First of all, assuming what’s described in the mobile game is true, “humans” in this hospital cannot be trusted since they are likely to be parasites in human skin.

Second, spirits exist in this world.

Third, assuming it’s already no longer the first day, if yesterday’s him left him any critical clues, it must be somewhere he could see and pay attention to as soon as he got off the bed. Furthermore, it must be very eye-grabbing.

The first thing he noticed when he woke up was his hair, and then his chest. A fake chest meant he was crossdressing, and crossdressing would make him want to check his appearance as soon as possible.

So he immediately went to open the mirror, and on the mirror, saw very eye-grabbing red words.

Humans could not be trusted and may be dangerous, but the app never said ghosts were dangerous or untrustworthy.

His own memories and inanimate objects could be erased. The only thing near him that was alive, had a consciousness, and could try to give him information was the ghost in the mirror!

Xing Ye swiftly returned to the bedside and opened the mirror in the makeup cabinet. A new row of words dripping with blood appeared on its surface: It’s already the second day, hurry up and remember me!!

The handwriting was very frightening. If the average person saw such a scene, they would likely smash it immediately from fear.

For an ordinary person, when they saw there was a ghost in the mirror asking if he remembered them and even saying it was already the second day, it would be hard for them not to think of the seven day death curse myth and shatter the mirror.

However, he had already been awake for more than half an hour and the mirror hadn’t done anything to harm him.

From a different perspective, if those garish red words that looked like they belonged in a horror movie were replaced by a cute font, the effect would probably change from a horror movie into a human-ghost romance film.

He could give it a try.

Xing Ye told the mirror, “I don’t remember you.”

Mirror: You big liar! Before you fainted last night, you even said that you’ll definitely remember me when you open the mirror!

A strange thought rose in Xing Ye’s head when he saw the message: he felt like a heartless rat.

The mirror was very emotional. When he saw Xing Ye had no intention of closing the mirror, he wrote frantically: You said that as long as you had me, you weren’t afraid of anything. You even said I was your soulmate, two halves that would only be complete with the other! Hurry up, you have to remember and like me!

When Xing Ye saw that, he fell silent for a moment before asking, “You… like me?”

The mirror’s handwriting became even more messy and bloody: Of course I like you! Our relationship was one where we could share everything. I trusted you completely, I entrusted everything to you- you’re the only one that can hurt me!

Xing Ye rested his elbows on the table, his hands clasped together against his lips as he pondered the mirror’s words. “It sounds like you really do wholeheartedly love me. If I chose you to wake my memory, you must also be somebody I trusted very much. Generally speaking, when it comes to love, I should be thinking of the mirror as a ‘she/her’, but I can’t help thinking ‘he’. Does that mean I subconsciously believe the mirror is a man?”

However, all of the above was in his mind. Xing Ye didn’t actually say anything. He was very cautious and needed to carefully consider how to ask.

At this moment, the mirror’s tone changed again: Don’t start asking questions at random again! You have to like me before you ask anything! I can’t say anything more, so just hurry up and like me!

Every exclamation mark showed the mirror’s impatience.

Why couldn’t he ask? Could the mirror not say anything? Saying too much could harm the mirror or I. I have to like him? Is this a trap? How could I like a mirror? Xing Ye silently asked himself.

Normal people wouldn’t like mirrors. With those bloody red letters scrawled on the mirror, any casual picture of it could be taken as a still in a horror movie. It was like there was some incorporeal power preventing him from liking the mirror.

“If you were a little cuter, I’d like you.” Xing Ye slowly said. He really wanted to see what the mirror would do to make Xing Ye like him. He was strangely eager.

A loud clang! sounded as the mirror closed himself angrily, refusing to see Xing Ye.

He was like a flustered youth, stomping his foot angrily. Although the mirror seemed like something that belonged in a horror movie, everything he said was actually for his good.

Xing Ye couldn’t help but laugh and poke the mirror, “I think you’re very cute right now.”

“You big liar, I’m worrying to death here while you’re playing tricks… huh? I can talk now?” A pleasant voice sounded from the mirror, instantly raising Xing Ye’s mood.

He held the mirror, “I’m a little surprised your voice is of a young man. According to reason, I thought you’d be a beautiful woman.”

“Don’t say too much right now. You have to like me more, I can’t even tell you my name right now!” The mirror said impatiently, “Time is of essence right now. Yesterday, you spent ten whole hours finding me in the corner of the closet. You specifically put me on the makeup cabinet before you lost your memory so you can remember as soon as possible. You placed me so I was standing up yesterday, but when you woke up, I was closed. It took forever for you to open me!”

Like me… the mirror cares for me very much. Xing Ye was secretly happy, but he continued to tease the mirror unhurriedly, “I think my requirements ought to be very high. Maybe I don’t like the opposite sex, but appearance-wise… it’d have to be at least above average, not too much worse than my own face.”

With the topic of looks, the mirror instantly turned very confident. “Just your current face? It’s so ugly!”

Was he really a very good looking person?

The mirror saw Xing Ye’s skeptical stare and said, “If you want to see my face, you have to like me more.”

Xing Ye couldn’t help but smile, “But even if I do, I’ll only like you today and tomorrow, I’ll forget all about you. What should I do?”

“I can’t move, but your teammates can!” The mirror said, “You have two teammates. We spent the whole day yesterday looking for them, but we couldn’t find them. We can only hope they hadn’t been taken over by the parasites last night. As long as we can find them today, they’ll be able to remind you tomorrow!”

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