Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 82 Lazuli (NPC)

Not expecting such a question, Gao Yi is stunned for a moment. Then he said, "There are 2 that are recently drawn while the others are from the past. As for the specific time..." As he said that, he tapped his head and hurriedly walked to the studio.

There is a date written on the back of each painting. Except for recent ones which were drawn half a month ago, the rest are actually dated 3 years ago.

Lou Fan took out a piece of paper and wrote down the content and the date.

"Come here and see, I found something." Chen Shuyang's voice came from the bookshelf, and the team immediately surrounded him.

It is a diary in a notebook. The owner of the notebook has beautiful handwriting, but the content looked rushed and anxious.

[May 24th - On the 7th day after returning from the previous mission, we received the notification of the next mission. The mission interval has changed, and the next mission’s title ‘Deserted World’ does not sound like a pleasant mission. I've been feeling very flustered lately as if something big is about to happen. It’s about us and Lazuli.

We're at Level 13 now and have intermediate spirit weapons. I don't know when we'll be able to go out from Lazuli. Team leader said that he felt that his spirit weapon is about to be upgraded to an advanced level, and we were looking forward to it.

Hope we can come back safely.]

The diary entry stopped at this point, and there are no further records after that. No one knows whether they managed to get out from Lazuli or died in the mission world. But the entry mentioned the advanced spirit weapon and the team leader felt it, which means that before one’s advanced spirit weapon is upgraded, they will have a feeling.

Lou Fan and Qin Tan looked at each other.

"Everyone, look around for more diary entries, see if there are other records." Qin Tan said to everyone, "Try to find the information that is useful for us."

Lou Fan turned to Gao Yi and asked, "Brother Gao, have you sorted out any information about advanced spirit weapons? Or, has anyone felt ‘the feeling’, can you share it with us?"

Gao Yi shook his head regretfully, "So far, I haven't heard any intermediate-level spirit weapon passengers talking about it. As for the information on advanced spirit weapons, we don't have any more information about it, except for the occasional mention in the diary you saw."

It's like a knowledge gap that leaves people nowhere to look.

Lou Fan scratched his hair irritably, but Qin Tan grabbed his hand, "Don't worry, we'll find it slowly." Qin Tan looked at him firmly and tenderly, soothing all his anxiety.

That’s right, with Qin Tan by his side, what is he anxious about? The desire to return to Earth is not very strong, But his heart stubbornly focused on the matter, like a donkey blindly moving forward, chasing the carrot dangling in front of it. It seems that he is used to constantly thinking about how to get out of Lazuli. Looking around his teammates, Lou Fan can see that they are seriously checking the data and notes. They didn't look anxious and irritable, it was just him. Lou Fan rubbed his face with his hands. He was impatient, probably because of the influence of the figure enveloped in white light. It is making him eager to understand what is happening, and the restlessness in his heart overwhelmed all reason.

"En, I'm too impatient." Lou Fan smiled embarrassedly and squeezed Qin Tan's little finger. Taking Qin Tan to a place where no one is around, he whispered, "As long as you are beside me, I think it's not bad to stay in Lazuli."

Qin Tan glanced at Lou Fan and said, "You are very skilled at ‘hitting snake up the stick’. You might want to stay but not me. Every time I get anxious and scared in the mission world, it makes me feel insecure."

Idiom: 打蛇随棍上 - It’s talking about people who can see opportunities and follow the trend, fighting for the greater good or benefit for themselves.

So, this is what Qin Tan actually thought? Lou Fan's eyes widened, obviously not expecting him to think like this. But there is no doubt that no matter how bad things are on Earth, living in a peaceful and stable world is far better than here in Lazuli.

"We will definitely go out." Lou Fan said, "I will find you when the time comes."

Although the entire 2nd floor is full of bookshelves, there are not many materials and notes that are useful. In the middle of the afternoon, the team read all the diary entries. At this moment, there are not many people in the house except them, and Chen Shuyang is lying on the table writing rapidly. When his hand is sore from copying the information, he raised his head and asked, "Brother Gao, can I borrow some of the notes to study?"

Gao Yi: "No, you can read it here, but you can't take it away. There are too few materials and notes, which is very important for other intermediate-level spirit weapon passengers."

Chen Shuyang nodded in understanding.

Nie Feng stretched lazily and said slowly, "Read slowly, I'll accompany you."

In fact, there are only a few important notes, and Chen Shuyang simply copied them all down. Everyone stayed back to accompany him, and when they left, it is already past 7.00 pm.

Tong Fei invited the team to dinner but Lou Fan and the others decided to go back first to sort out the information they got today. The amount of information they obtained today is a bit large so Tong Fei didn't insist. Lou Fan told her that once they found out anything new, they would tell her as soon as possible.

Chen Shuyang is frowning and deep in thoughts along the way. When he is about to hit a wall, it was Nie Feng who pulled him away. It wasn't until he sat down on the chair that he came back to his senses and found that he didn't know when he had come back.

"When did we come back?" Chen Shuyang raised his head blankly and then said, "By the way, I want to say that for our situation right now, we should focus on advanced spirit weapons. As for the paintings, I will study them later."

Chen Shuyang spread out his notebook where he copied several diary entries on it, all of which mentioned advanced spirit weapons. He pointed at the entries and said, "Look, these diaries all mention advanced spirit weapons, but I realized something. They have yet to upgrade to an advanced spirit weapon yet, although the mission level is high-level ones. Also, there is no record after the 12th or 13th level. According to my analysis, there is a high probability that those teams did not survive."

Chen Shuyang licked his lips and Nie Feng handed him a glass of water. After gulping the whole glass, he continued, "If I'm right, completing a high-level mission doesn't mean you can go out of Lazuli. The key point should be on the level of the spirit weapon."

Everyone stared at Chen Shuyang, and Lou Fan said thoughtfully, "That means one may not be able to go out of Lazuli after passing Level 15 mission world. They must have an advanced spirit weapon instead?"

Chen Shuyang nodded, "Yes, that's what I guessed. Otherwise, it doesn't make sense. Why did Lazuli make us do the tasks? Its purpose must not be to send us to our death. From the moment we arrived in Lazuli, the importance of our spirit weapon is self-evident. Every seemingly useless spirit weapon can actually be the best weapon, but how many can upgrade their spirit weapon? I think Lazuli must have a deeper meaning in its doing."

Chen Shuyang’s analysis and ideas coincided with what Lou Fan thought, but it is more careful and comprehensive.

Qin Tan saw that everyone is a little sleepy and interrupted them, "Go to rest first. We will continue the discussion tomorrow, we still have time."

Chen Shuyang still felt unfinished with his inferences and wanted to say more. But he scratched his head and felt that he is still a little unclear at some points so he stopped talking and turned to head upstairs while thinking.

Nie Feng grabbed Shuyang’s collar and said, "Wait with me. We’ll go up together and you can tell me what you think. I'll listen to your thoughts first to see if there is anything wrong with the direction."

Chen Shuyang's eyes lit up and nodded like a little puppy, "Okay, okay, I'll tell you first. You can help me to see if there is any problem."

Jiang Dong followed Wen Lang upstairs like a loyal follower. Then, Nie Feng went upstairs as well with the little nerd. Lou Fan laughed inexplicably at the scene and got up to wash to prepare to sleep.

The lights in the bedroom went out all of a sudden. Before Lou Fan could react, he got pulled into Qin Tan’s arms and got nibbled on.

"Mhmm..." Lou Fan protested, "I haven't showered yet."

Qin Tan: "Wash later."

Lips and tongues intertwined. Qin Tan's movements are ruthless and impatient as he has gone without kisses and hugs for more than 10 days. Throwing Lou Fan on the bed, he eagerly pounced on him next. 2 heated bodies pressed tightly together as they entangled and tumbled on the bed. A suppressed growl sounded, accompanied by a gush of hot liquid, sending the connected couple into the most dizzying climax.

Lou Fan is spread out on the bed. Having too many things in his mind today made him very tired. And so, after a lot of ‘exercise’, he doesn't want to move anymore. Just as he is about to ask the person on top of him to go down, he felt something hard moving inside him. Lou Fan glared at the perpetrator, "You are a beast!"

The person shamelessly bit Lou Fan’s earlobe and licked it gently. His voice is low and full of desire, "That’s right, last time you said I was a dog."

Lou Fan gritted his teeth, "You!" Before he could say the words, Qin Tan gave him a hard thrust and his reason got shattered into pieces, and he couldn't get angry anymore.

The advantage of being tossed around in the bed is that he slept very sweetly that night. Lou Fan didn't even have a dream and slept until noon. Rubbing his hair as he came out of the bedroom, he smelled the fragrance of breakfast and instantly felt happy.

Hearing the sound of movement, Qin Tan stuck his head out from the kitchen and asked, "You are awake? Did you sleep well?"

Lou Fan smiled helplessly, "Thanks to you, I slept well."

"Thank you for the compliment, I didn't waste my hard work ‘plowing’."

That caused Lou Fan to spray mouthwash on the mirror and his hand holding the toothbrush trembling (in anger).

Nie Feng and Chen Shuyang came downstairs after noon, and both of them looked drowsy. Lou Fan asked Chen Shuyang if he had any new thoughts. Chen Shuyang shook his head and said it is the same direction, but a little smoother.

At present, they are only guessing about prophecy paintings and advanced spirit weapons. But they can't stop practicing so they resume training after research. Lou Fan asked Chen Shuyang to draw a lot of spells every day. Although they have not tested the effect of Chen Shuyang’s upgraded spirit book, the amulets drawn will definitely not be worse than when it was not upgraded yet. So the price of the spells has also increased, and they are listed to be sold on the electronic screen publicly this time.

Because of the high price, the high-level officials of the registration office couldn't privately buy it all and had to give up. Hence, every day in the North Square, people can be seen waiting under the electronic screen for the amulets to be listed, and they will be sold out almost instantly each time.

Right now, their team holds a lot of points in hand, and Lou Fan's unspeakable sense of urgency makes him replace the team's equipment with the best he can afford.

"It's really fortunate that Shuyang is on our team. If we don't have Shuyang as our money-growing tree, I don’t know how long it will take for everyone to upgrade our equipment. Everyone should thank Shuyang well."

Chen Shuyang immediately waved his hands vigorously, "No no no, Brother Lou, don't say that. Without you guys to protect me, I would have died many times in the mission world, let alone upgrading my spirit weapon. So, you must not say that."

Wen Lang hooked an arm around Chen Shuyang's neck and said with a smile, "I'm the most useless anyway. I won't say anything more than this. Thank you, Shuyang."

At a moment like this, it is the best time to consolidate the unity of the team. Qin Tan said, "We are a team, and we can go further by encouraging and helping each other. I have nothing special to say. In short, for everyone to get together as a team, we are a family. I treat you all as my little brothers."

Lou Fan smiled and leaned over, "What about me? Am I also your little brother?"

Qin Tan's eyes flashed and he said, "En, you are my dearest ‘little brother’."

Lou Fan's face darkened when he saw where Qin Tan is looking. *spit Damn pervert!

The author has something to say:
Brother Qin is still a beast today.

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