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Chapter 82: Yan Hebi

According to the mirror, their current intimacy points weren’t high enough so there were many things the mirror couldn’t tell him. This included how he entered the game, what type of game this was, and other such details. However, the mirror believed Xing Ye’s teammates shouldn’t have the same restrictions.

“In other words, I’m the only one affected by hard mode. It doesn’t affect my teammates.” Xing Ye walked out of the patient room and patted the mirror carefully, “Don’t speak now, or you’ll be exposed.”

The mirror also knew the danger and immediately quietened, focused on observing their surroundings. He would only speak if it was absolutely necessary.

Xing Ye’s phone could connect to the internet. He should have unlimited data- after all, he was rich. Using the address on the clothes express delivery receipts, he searched for information about the hospital he was in. H City’s Hospital 1 was the best hospital in the province. Many came here from far away so the inpatient department was always busy.

The inpatient department had three buildings, connected together on the 1st, 4th, 13th, and 17th floors. Xing Ye was currently on the 12th floor, the psychiatric floor. Two of the three buildings had twenty floors and only the third, built just last year, had 21 floors.

Xing Ye’s luxurious single room was precisely in the newly built third building, with all kinds of brand new facilities.

Although the game said the parasites were all throughout the hospital, only the inpatient department and emergency care units had people staying overnight. Both areas were also in the third building, meaning there would only be people in the third building at nighttime.

But as the top hospital in the province, there were at least a thousand hospitalized here, with another one or two hundred accounting for doctors or nurses on the night shift. Trying to find two or three parasites was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

There should be some tips or clues. If it weren’t for his amnesia, he probably would’ve had some clues he could follow. It really has become much harder now.

All the patient rooms were locked. Some had their lights on, and others, off. Knocking on every door wouldn’t make much sense and it’d also disturb the real patients.

Xing Ye remembered he went out for ten hours yesterday looking for clues. At that time, he hadn’t seen the mirror yet and only found him in the closet later. Since he was still unfamiliar with the mirror, he only briefly mentioned meeting a patient and a nurse on the night shift in the washrooms.

That was clearly a lie. Xing Ye refused to believe he didn’t find any clues after investigating for ten hours yesterday.

The most likely reason for people to come out at night was to use the washroom. Xing Ye had his own private bathroom connected to his room, but other patients were different. According to the floor map, each floor had two bathrooms.

There wasn’t a single person in the corridors. The nurses had probably already gone to their rooms to rest.

Xing Ye quietly entered the 12th-floor men’s washrooms and found nobody. He turned and walked into the women’s bathroom apprehensively.

Ahem- since he was cross-dressing right now, the women’s bathroom was where he was supposed to go.

Fortunately, the women’s bathroom was also empty or he would’ve become a peeping tom trying to finish the mission. Xing Ye breathed a slight sigh of relief before carefully leaving the bathroom. Suddenly, he sensed a movement behind him, as if somebody was trying to put a hand on his shoulder.

From the sound of their breathing, Xing Ye estimated the other to be half a head taller than him, around 185 centimetres.

Xing Ye’s fingers twitched as a series of movements appeared in his mind. His fighting skills seemed to have been quite good before his amnesia. He could give it a try.

The moment the hand touched his shoulder, Xing Ye pressed down on it with one hand before executing a shoulder throw and pinning the other to the ground with his foot on their chest.

It was a tall, handsome, well-built looking young man. Xing Ye said coldly, “Who are you?”

This body’s voice was very neutral. If treated as a woman’s voice, the low huskiness made it sound quite sexy.

“Beauty, beauty,” The man raised his hands, trying to make himself look harmless, “Don’t turn against me now! Last night, we spent more than ten hours looking through here and separated after eating breakfast in the morning. We agreed to rest for a while before meeting at the third building’s rooftop at noon. It took me so much work to climb up there but even after waiting the whole afternoon, you didn’t show up!”

Xing Ye didn’t move his foot and continued to stare at him coldly.

“Geez, why are you exactly the same as yesterday…” The man said hopelessly, “I told you yesterday, I’m an opposing fate player with almost 50,000 points. If I get the true ending in this world, I’ll be able to become a high level player so there’s no reason for me to hunt players. Besides, I’m a gentleman who knows how to treat women. Even if I killed players, there’s no way I’d hurt a beauty as pretty as you!”

Xing Ye still didn’t move.

The man continued, “You’ll expose yourself if you do that with a short dress… oh, you’re wearing safety shorts like yesterday. God damn it, why do safety shorts have to exist? Let me think, yesterday, you said that if you don’t remember me tomorrow, we should have a secret signal.”

Signal? Xing Ye tried to think. If he met somebody he thought could be a teammate yesterday, what kind of secret signal would he choose?

“Well, I guess you can’t really call it a secret signal. You told me your favorite expression was ‘bold assumptions, careful confirmations’. If you didn’t recognize me today, you told me to tell you this and at the very least, you’ll know I didn’t harm you at the start. This means I already have plans and in that case, I’m not a threat for the time being. You can cooperate with me until it’s time for me to shed pretenses and attack.” The man’s face softened as he spoke, “You’re a girl, why do you have to act so strong? You can be a little softer and rely on me, you know.”

Xing Ye took his foot back and let him stand up.

The man was right, those were things he would say.

“Yiyi, did you really forget about me? What did the system do to you?” The man stood up and looked at him with pity.

“What did you call me?” Even somebody as calm as Xing Ye couldn’t help but crack when he heard what the other called him.

The mirror in his fanny pack started shaking furiously, as if cracking up with laughter.

“Yiyi! Aren’t you called Xing Yi? That’s what you introduced yourself as. Your name is really cute, but your reaction is exactly the same as yesterday. You also looked like you wanted to kill me when I called you Yiyi!” The man said.

Translator’s note: Xing Ye said his name was 树叶, but a different ‘Ye’ character from his real name (邢烨). I changed it to Yi to reflect that + it sounds more feminine.

Xing Ye took a deep breath to calm himself. He had to endure. He couldn’t kill him yet.

But through his words, Xing Ye could confirm the other wasn’t one of his teammates. Xing Ye firmly believed there was no way his teammates didn’t know his true gender and Xing Yi was just a fake name he made yesterday.

When he thought of that, Xing Ye couldn’t help but rub his head. Yesterday’s him wandered around for more than ten hours. Just how much trouble did he bring for himself today?

“You really don’t remember me?” The other shook his head, “I’ll introduce myself again then. I’m called Yan Hebi, you can call me… hm, how about Brother Bi? Yiyi, how old are you? Yesterday, you were wearing a long, mature-looking dress so I thought you were 25 or 26 but today… You look like you’re around 17 or 18. I’m 24, so how should I address you?”

“You can just call me by name.” Xing Ye answered coldly, “Yan Hebi.”

“But that sounds so cold! I said I’ll carry you, so I’ll just think of myself as older.” Yan Hebi’s lashes were very long, adding to his pretty peach blossom eyes. His eyes made him look very affectionate as he casted flirting looks at Xing Ye.

Xing Ye clenched his fists, enduring his impulse to beat him up.

“I know you still don’t trust me,” Yan Hebi took out his black and white phone, “Here, you can see my player information on my phone. This proves I haven’t been taken over by the parasite. If I was, I’d be dead and my phone would follow me back to the system space. Even if my phone was still here, the game wouldn’t and even if the game was still here, it wouldn’t have my player information.”

I’m not worried about you having parasites, I’m worried about you as a person. Xing Ye thought inwardly.

Personally, he didn’t want to work with this flirty, chauvinistic ladies man with an overly high ego from his high points, but reason told Xing Ye that it would be better to cooperate with him.

“I really question how you got so many points.” Xing Ye said casually.

A trace of helplessness appeared on Yan Hebi’s face, “Yiyi, you keep saying the exact same things as yesterday? What kind of things have you gone through? Was the system’s malice towards you too much?

“I’m not annoyed, of course. Your voice sounds so good, I like listening to everything you say. However, if you keep saying the same things as yesterday, won’t we just be repeating yesterday?”

Xing Ye took out a pen and a notepad from his bag and gave it to Yan Hebi, “Write down everything we did yesterday. After I read it, keep it with you and write down what happened today too. Tomorrow, show me it again.”

I have to write…” Yan Hebi reluctantly accepted the notepad and quickly began writing on the reception desk.

Xing Ye glanced at his handwriting. It was unbearably ugly.

According to what Yan Hebi wrote, he had been playing for more than a year already. The game was awful to opposing fate players and he often ended up in miserable straits, losing half his points time after time again.

But Yan Hebi firmly believed “everything was for a reason. Only with challenges, can you temper yourself and grow…” The rest didn’t need to be mentioned. In short, all difficulties were just tests and the protagonist always had to face hardships before succeeding. Sooner or later, he would reach the peak of the game world. Countless beauties flocked towards him to become his girlfriend, but he was determined to reach the peak and had no choice but to reluctantly reject them to walk the path of the solitary warrior.

Relying on his unwavering optimism, Yan Hebi endured more than a year in the game world, playing more than 60 worlds and slowly getting better. Finally, at around the 50th world, he learned about the true ending. He relied on his wealth of experience to work with following fate players and managed to get several true endings. Right now, he has 8 books.

Yan Hebi had exactly 49950 points, just 50 points away from becoming a high level player. It was very unlucky.

However, Yan Hebi did not think that, instead believing the 50 points were a stroke of luck given by God. High level players definitely also needed points and 50,000 was just the minimum. He wanted to get more QR codes and points in this world so he could be better prepared for the high level worlds.

In short, the optimistic, brave, strong, solitary warrior Yan Hebi met a beauty who had lost his memory yesterday and kindly decided to help her. The two searched the third hospital building together and found no clues at all.

Xing Ye: “...”

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