Today, the Foolish Scum Gong Screwed Me Over Again

Chapter 83.2 - You Know I Like You a Lot, Right?

TW: Drugs, hypothetical sexual assault

Fei Sihao argued with Qiu Xicheng on the phone yesterday. He even smashed his phone in a fit of rage.

But the impact brought him a sense of clarity.

He immediately headed out and bought a new phone before calling Qiu Xicheng back to apologize. He also said that everything was arranged for and he would be able to film a video of Qiu Yanzhi being promiscuous with other men within three days.

Yet today at around ten, he received another call from Qiu Xicheng.

Qiu Xicheng was seething with rage. He said he couldn’t wait three days anymore.

He needed to see Qiu Yanzhi ruined tonight, so he arranged for Fei Sihao to attend the banquet.

Fei Sihao immediately agreed.

Before Qiu Xicheng’s eyes and ears, he drugged Qiu Yanzhi and helped him off to a room.

But Fei Sihao didn’t really want to take pictures of Qiu Yanzhi to send to Qiu Xicheng. He only did all this to put on a show for Qiu Xicheng.

Fei Sihao had an epiphany after smashing his phone yesterday.

The reason why Qiu Xicheng was so concerned about Qiu Yanzhi was because the old master’s attitude had changed.

Qiu Xicheng and Qiu Yanzhi were both sons of his, and both not born of the legal wife at that.

So why did the successor have to be Qiu Xicheng?

After following Qiu Xicheng for so long, Fei Sihao was in possession of a lot of evidence of Qiu Xicheng's dirty deeds. Who knew if the old master could continue to favour Qiu Xicheng once the scheme he had planned for his own little brother came to light?

Not only that, he even had a recording of a drunk Qiu Xicheng cursing Qiu Hongsheng to die early so that he could inherit the family fortune already.

If Qiu Hongsheng knew about this, he might just make Qiu Yanzhi the heir in a fit of rage.

Qiu Xicheng promised him a villa worth tens of millions of dollars after the deed was done.

But if Qiu Yanzhi truly loved him and he inherited the company, Fei Sihao wouldn’t just be walking away with a villa.

Besides, he genuinely liked Qiu Yanzhi too.

After the two of them went abroad to get a marriage license, the entire Qiu family fortune would be theirs to share.

The thought made Fei Sihao perk up.

After ending the call with Qiu Xicheng, he stayed up all night organizing the evidence.

Today, before he came to the banquet, he crunched some numbers and set an email to be sent to Qiu Hongsheng’s mailbox at a specified time.

The recording of Qiu Xicheng cursing Qiu Hongsheng, the recording of Qiu Xicheng giving him drugs and telling him to find people to rape Qiu Yanzhi, the proof that Qiu Xicheng was embezzling company funds...even how Qiu Xicheng was currently doing drugs at a certain nightclub and messing around with woman. Fei Sihao sent everything to Qiu Hongsheng.

Looking at the time…

Qiu Hongsheng was probably rushing over to the nightclub Qiu Xicheng was at by now after receiving the email.

But Fei Sihao certainly couldn’t tell Qiu Yanzhi everything. He really laid on his lovesick lover act and affectionately looked at Qiu Yanzhi. “Zhizhi, I’ve done well, right?”

Qiu Yanzhi hoarsely replied, “En… But could you step out for a moment?”

Fei Sihao smiled. "Zhizhi is right here, so where would I go?"

"You just drugged me." Qiu Yanzhi paused, "I'm very uncomfortable right now."

Fei Sihao consoled gently, "I’ll make you comfortable soon."

Qiu Yanzhi fell silent.

Fei Sihao thought Qiu Yanzhi didn’t reply because he didn’t believe him. He frantically continued, “...I-it’s true that I’ve never done it with a man before, but….I did quite a bit of research.”

Then he pulled open the nightstand drawer.

“See? I’ve even brought toys.”

Qiu Yanzhi looked up at Fei Sihao. “...Sihao, you know I like you a lot, right?”

Fei Sihao froze for a moment before nodding.

Qiu Yanzhi was barely holding on at this point. He pinched his palms as he tried to keep his tone even, “I’ve fantasized about doing these things with you countless times, but none of them involved drugs. I like you, but that doesn't mean I'm willing to have sex with you under these circumstances."

He paused for a moment, his tone soft as a gust of wind: "Sihao, will you respect me?"

Fei Sihao said with some reluctance, "...I will."

Qiu Yanzhi’s eyes crinkled as he smiled and stroked Fei Sihao’s hair with deep affection in his gaze. “You know something? I like the you right now the best.”

Fei Sihao flushed as he frantically shot to his feet. “Then...then I'll go out and wait for you right outside the door. Call for me if you feel uncomfortable or anything.”

Qiu Yanzhi didn’t want him waiting right outside the door. He thought of an excuse to draw him away. “Can you go buy me some comfortable clothes? I’m going to take a shower later.”

“Sure.” Fei Sihao solemnly nodded.

When Fei Sihao finally walked out of the room and closed the door, the smile on Qiu Yanzhi's face vanished.

"What a stupid bastard."

Qiu Yanzhi cursed coldly as he stood up holding the bed.

It’s been long enough that the drug was in full effect.

Right now, Qiu Yanzhi was panting and his legs were basically jello. His mind became muddled as well, but the most prominent symptom was the unbearable ache in every part of his body.

Qiu Yanzhi grit his teeth and took out his phone from his pocket.

He had sent a fumbled text to He Zhou just now.

“Come quickly, 602. I've been drugged."

Due to earlier circumstances, there were three or four typos in the short message.

He Zhou probably took a moment to react. When he did, he immediately sent countless texts and even tried calling Qiu Yanzhi.

However, Qiu Yanzhi put his phone on silent so Fei Sihao didn’t find out.

He Zhou’s last message was from three minutes ago. He said he was almost here.

Qiu Yanzhi was just deliberating whether to call him and tell him to hurry up when the door was violently thrown open by someone.

He Zhou ran over, panting. He frantically cupped Qiu Yanzhi’s cheeks and squeezed his hands upon seeing the state he was in. “Qiu Yanzhi, are you alright?”

“No.” Qiu Yanzhi replied huskily as he threw himself into He Zhou’s arms and started undoing his tie. “If you took any longer I would’ve died from feeling this way.”

With that, he leaned over to kiss He Zhou.

He Zhou stiffened before shying away.

Qiu Yanzhi stared at him with moist, uncomprehending eyes. “He Zhou…”

He Zhou reached up to hold the hand that was tugging on his tie. "Qiu Yanzhi, no."

"Why not?" Qiu Yanzhi pulled open the bedside drawer like Fei Sihao did moments ago. "Look, there’s even tools here."

He Zhou pursed his lips and let go of Qiu Yanzhi. “I’ll go run you a bath in the bathroom.”

"He Zhou!"

Qiu Yanzhi refused to let go of his clothes. He was so overstimulated he was about to cry.

He Zhou pried Qiu Yanzhi’s hand off him finger by finger, sternly saying, “No. This is Qin He’s body.”

Qiu Yanzhi froze for a moment before his groggy brain finally reacted. His face alternated between flushed and pallid as he kicked He Zhou’s calf and stumbled to the bathroom.

He Zhou watched him stumble out of view. His hands silently clenched into fists.

He looked away and happened to spot Qiu Yanzhi’s phone on the bed.

For some reason, he picked up the phone and took off the phone case.

A familiar photo fell out.

When He Zhou picked it up, he noticed that this photo was a lot more aged than before. The edges were frayed and Qin He’s face had lost some of its colour.

It was as if someone snuck it out and traced this person’s face countless times with their finger.

He Zhou flipped the photo over.

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