Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 83 Lazuli (NPC)

On the afternoon of the 4th day they returned to Lazuli, Lou Fan went to Tong Fei’s house, wanting to ask her what her mission is this time. Tong Fei’s next mission should be a Level 12 mission. Thinking of Chen Shuyang's inference, Lou Fan is still a little worried, and he also planned to ask Tong Fei if she found out about the organization that ‘pitted’ them.

"What? Your next mission isn't released yet?" Lou Fan frowned.

On the contrary, although Tong Fei looked helpless, she is not anxious, "Recently, the schedule of Lazuli's task release is a bit messy. Many people's task release time is wrong so it is nothing unusual."

Lou Fan thinks it makes sense. It's not a good thing for things to get messy, but it's out of their control.

"Have you found out who ‘pitted’ your team?"

Tong Fei snorted. With hatred in her eyes, she said, "I spent a lot of points to check and found out something. Have a guess?"

"Me?" Lou Fan felt a little inexplicable by Tong Fei. His team had very little dealings with the organizations in Lazuli. They only encountered 1 organization since they came to Lazuli, and the other party was completely annihilated in the mission world. He tentatively asked, "Could it be the Black Scorpion?" After thinking about it, Lou Fan felt that he only know 1 organization.

Tong Fei nodded, "Now, try guessing who planned it."

Almost without thinking, Lou Fan blurted out, "Qi Haichao?"

Tong Fei clenched her fist and slammed the sofa hard, "I'm really blind. I'm the one who led the wolf into the house, otherwise, Xiao Yun would be able to..."

Lou Fan sighed and comforted Tong Fei, "That can't blame you, Sister Tong Fei. They came prepared with a deliberate plan. If the perpetrator is not Qi Haichao, there would be He Haichao or Zhang Haichao (it could be anyone), you didn't know it in advance. How to prevent it?"

Although the comfort is futile, Lou Fan can only try to ease her pain like this. Otherwise, she will put the responsibility on herself, and she will be even sadder.

Tong Fei gritted her teeth, "I can't do anything to them now, but don't blame me if they bump into me during the mission."

Unexpectedly, Qi Haichao is actually a member of the Black Scorpion. He sure hides himself deeply. Lou Fan simply thought that he was trying to get some benefits from Tong Fei. Lou Fan changed the subject and told her about Chen Shuyang's analysis.

Tong Fei frowned tightly and asked, "That is to say, the level is not important and the important thing is the upgrade of the spirit weapon?" She stayed silent for a moment, and then said, "Does that mean that if one doesn't upgrade the spirit weapon to advanced level before the Level 15 mission, the person won’t be able to go out from Lazuli, and it will end at Level 15?"

Hearing that, Lou Fan is stunned. As if the information suddenly clicked, he finally understood. He stood up abruptly, with an imperceptible trembling in his voice, "Yes, it must be the case. If the spirit weapon cannot be upgraded to the highest level before the Level 15 mission, the person will be obliterated by Lazuli."

All the information seemed to be connected now. Lou Fan grabbed his hair and almost wanted to shout, "Does that mean that no matter how high one’s level, as long as their spirit weapon is upgraded to advanced level, it is possible for them to get out of Lazuli? It must be like this, it must be!"

Lou Fan turned around twice anxiously. After excusing himself from Tong Fei, he immediately ran back. He is going to tell his team about the news. It is too important, the truth must be so.

Lou Fan has just entered the house, and Chen Shuyang saw him at a glance. He rushed over to grab Lou Fan, and said excitedly: "Brother Lou, I know! I know what is it! The crucial point is the level of our spirit weapon, while our own level is a limitation. If we can't upgrade our spirit weapon to advanced level before the Level 15 mission, I think we won’t survive that world. Simply put, there will only be death for us."

Lou Fan got stunned for a moment, then laughed. He patted Chen Shuyang on the shoulder for a long time and said, "You really are our team's little genius. I was discussing it with Sister Tong Fei just now and came to this conclusion. Then I thought to come back and tell you guys… I didn't expect you to come to this conclusion as well."

Chen Shuyang touched his head and looked at Nie Feng. He said, "I didn't come up with it myself. It’s only when Nie Feng reminded me that I thought of it."

"Come over for a meeting." Qin Tan came out of the kitchen with a plate of fruits and called everyone immediately.

The meeting concludes that each team member should strive to find an opportunity to advance to the advanced level as soon as possible while making themselves proficient in using their intermediate spirit weapon. Everyone smiled bitterly. They have just upgraded their weapon to the intermediate level, and haven’t had the time to use it yet. But now, they have to find out how to upgrade it as soon as possible, what a headache.

Before they can stop the headache about the matter, Lou Fan asked, "Do you know who ‘pitted’ on Sister Tong Fei and the others? It's Qi Haichao and he is from the Black Scorpion organization. At first, I thought it has nothing to do with us. But now, could it be that the Black Scorpion organization knew about our relationship with Tong Fei and did it on purpose?"

"But it wasn’t our fault that the Black Scorpion team got annihilated at the time. Besides, they didn't know that we got into the same mission world with their team," Wen Lang said immediately.

Qin Tan shook his head, "You forgot that there is another person besides Lin Man Man that returned to Lazuli with us (Gong Yi)."

Wen Lang immediately reacted, "Oh yeah, I forgot there was another person. Black Scorpion must have known about us from him."

Qin Tan snorted, "Anyway, let's be careful. Jiang Dong and Nie Feng have to be careful too."

Training is the same as always, but when Qin Tan’s team sold the amulets, they deliberately stated that they are not selling to the Black Scorpion organization.

3 days later, as the team is training as usual, 6 beeps suddenly sounded at the same time, and everyone looked at their watch.

Wen Lang exclaimed, "Fck, why suddenly a mission is announced?!"

Holding the bow in his hand, Lou Fan shot out the arrow he has been pulling. It hits the bullseye steadily. "Tsk, the mission finally came, huh?"

Mission content: The ghost lake changes to a holy lake. Please get on the train on time at 9:00 am on March 10.

Mission time limit: 21 days.

Team information: Lou Fan Level 6, Chen Shuyang Level 6, Jiang Dong Level 6, Qin Tan Level 7, Wen Lang Level 7, Nie Feng Level 7.

"Ghost lake?" Chen Shuyang murmured, "There are too many ghost lakes in the homeland and abroad. What's going on?"

Qin Tan thought about it twice, touched his chin with his fingers, and said, "If I guess correctly, it should be Lake Rakshastal (La’angcuo), which is called the Ghost Lake, and the other side of it is called the Holy Lake."

Seeing Qin Tan seemed to be familiar with the place, Lou Fan asked strangely, "How do you know so clearly when even Shuyang doesn't know?"

Qin Tan raised his eyebrows, "I know more than that, I'll tell you later. Also, I know about this place because I did a mission nearby there a long time ago."

Lou Fan said in realization, "Oh yes, you were in the army before."

Knowing the exact location of the mission, Chen Shuyang started the top student mode and gave general knowledge about the legend of the ghost lake. The name was given due to its property as ‘poisonous black lake’ as the water of the lake is not drinkable. Plus, if looked down from the sky, the surface of the lake is like flayed human skin, which is even more terrifying, hence the name. Next to the ghost lake is a holy lake separated by a hill. The lake is clear and has a sweet taste, forming a strong contrast with the ghost lake.

While Chen Shuyang is talking, he jotted down important information as well. Suddenly, he stopped writing, looked up, and said seriously, "There is another problem, we need to pay attention to the difference between the mission world and the real world. Although the general myth may be similar, the key point may be the difference in the mission world.”

While the team is discussing, someone knocked on the door. Wen Lang went to open the door and is surprised when he saw the visitor, "Sister Tong Fei?"

Tong Fei smiled and saw that everyone is looking at her. She asked jokingly, "Why do you guys look at me like this, am I not welcome?"

Lou Fan stood up immediately, "No, it's just that we have just received our next task and are discussing it."

"You received your mission?" Tong Fei asked in surprise, "I'm here for this too. What is your mission?"

Wen Lang grinned and interjected, "What a coincidence, wouldn't we be on the same mission?"

As soon as Wen Lang finished speaking, he found that Tong Fei and Lou Fan are looking at him, making him feel a little guilty for some reason. "It won't be so coincidental..."

Tong Fei: "Ghost Lake..."

Wen Lang: The Hell, it’s really the same mission!

Lou Fan instantly became happy, "Sister Tong Fei, what a coincidence."

Tong Fei: …

Qin Tan: "Are all your team members familiar people, or are they randomly assigned?"

"It's all familiar people."

Qin Tan nodded, "Then you can discuss the task with us first."

Tong Fei thought for a while and said, "Okay, I originally wanted to come over and ask if you know about Ghost Lake, but now it seems that you have reached a conclusion."

Chen Shuyang repeated the points he mentioned just now with great enthusiasm and raised key issues.

"Sister Tong Fei, what is your mission?" Lou Fan asked.

They are an intermediate team, while Tong Fei’s team is a senior team. They didn't expect to bump into each other, which means that their mission world is definitely not simple. Tong Fei stretched out her wrist, and Lou Fan took a look at her watch. It turned out to be the same task content. He frowned, feeling ups and downs in his heart and an indescribable heaviness.

As if Qin Tan knew what Lou Fan is thinking, he patted Lou Fan on the shoulder, "Don't think too much."

Lou Fan rubbed his face. He didn't know what is going on recently. Probably because he is surrounded by all kinds of nervous emotions, which made him who was usually free and easy feeling a little intimidated. Qin Tan already comforted him last night but when he saw that Tong Fei had the same task as them, he became anxious again.

Tong Fei didn't stay long and said she is going to go back to discuss with her team members first. Both teams would discuss what to bring together tomorrow. At present, they only know of their two teams, but it is already enough because this time there will definitely be no newcomer team. As for whether there are other teams, they can only find out on the train platform at that time.

In the evening, Qin Tan made a hot pot meal. The air is full of fresh and spicy aromas, which stimulated people's appetites.

"Come!" Qin Tan raised his glass. "Since the mission task came out, everyone knows what they have to do. I only have one request. All members must come back alive. We are passengers with intermediate spirit weapons so you all have to do well."

Fortunately, this mission can basically be determined to be a supernatural mission. Chen Shuyang has an intermediate-level spiritual book in his hand so his heart felt assured. He immediately echoed, "Brother Qin, don't worry, it is a must (to come back alive)."

Lou Fan also smiled, raised his glass, and said, "Everyone, take good care of ‘your partner’ and be mentally prepared. Even if there is only one breath left, you will return to the train."

Those who understood what Lou Fan meant looked at each other, and then lowered their heads to look at their ‘partner’. Lou Fan smiled, but these words undoubtedly made everyone vigilant and thought deeply about the situation.

The next day, Qin Tan’s team went to Tong Fei's place, as if they had already regarded it as a base. One of the reasons is there are too many people watching in front of their door, and it is not conducive for everyone to get together to discuss their tasks.

As soon as they entered the door, they saw an acquaintance. There’s Tong Fei and Jiang Rou with another unfamiliar woman, as well as Gao Yi and 2 other men who they don’t know, but they have all seen these faces in the intermediate level club.

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