Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 84 Ghost Lake (NPC)

As soon as Gao Yi saw Qin Tan’s team, he showed a helpless smile, "I didn't expect to see all of us grouped together. There are a total of 12 intermediate spirit weapon holders. Just thinking about it makes me feel unbelievable."

Lou Fan has calmed down his feeling. What’s coming will come, they can’t stop it. So he smiled and said, "Brother Gao, this time it's up to you to bring us together."

Qin Tan also said, "That’s right. You are more experienced, I hope we can cooperate happily."

"I will do my best." That's what he said, but Gao Yi is full of helplessness inside. With such a combination, he couldn't even think of what kind of mission world it would be waiting for them. Although he knew the general information about the world, who knows what the situation actually looked like? Even so, he couldn't show his weak side. It is a matter of morale for the group, so he couldn't kill hope first.

When everyone arrived, Tong Fei greeted everyone to sit down and introduced the woman beside her, "This is my friend, Feng Zhi. She doesn't like to talk, so please don’t mind that." Then, she introduced Lou Fan’s team to everyone again. As for the 2 men on Gao Yi's side, the strong-looking one is called Fan Dayong, while the other is an ordinary man in his thirties called Chen Man.

Lou Fan saw that Fan Dayong is holding a gun in his hand, Chen Man is holding an axe, and the woman named Feng Zhi had an oil-paper umbrella beside her. Tong Fei's spirit weapon is a big sword, but Lou Fan has never seen Jiang Rou's weapon. Same for Gao Yi's weapon.

"Since everyone has the same mission and the same goal this time, I hope that we will give everyone complete cooperation this time." Gao Yi took the lead, "I don't know much of the situation at the moment. After we arrived, let's check the situation first. To connect the two lakes, it must not be easy. First of all, we can rule out the possibility of using manpower to forcefully connect them..."

Gao Yi is worthy of being one of the managers of the intermediate weapon club. He has rich experience, clear thinking, and a well-organized speech, which undoubtedly gave everyone a lot of confidence and he faintly exuded the aura of the leader of the team.

After the discussion, Lou Fan’s team went to the registration office and listed 10 sets of spells to be sold. The price is very high, but they got sold out not long after they were released. When Lou Fan saw the huge amount of points he received, he clicked his tongue twice, "These people… they won’t be thinking about some strange ideas, right? They are fighting so fiercely over the amulets."

Immediately, Lou Fan gave half of the points to Jiang Dong, "Jiang Dong, prepare more medicines. If you don't have enough points, ask me again for it. I'll prepare the food. It seems that points spend on upgrading the weapons are wasted this time."

Before this, Lou Fan had upgraded the weapons of every team member to the next level, but now it seems that it is useless in a supernatural world.

"It's not necessarily a waste. Close-combat weapons will always have a chance to be used, so you just don't need to bring large weapons." Qin Tan specially reminded Chen Shuyang that he didn't need to bring his spear because it is really useless to carry those things around.

"Shuyang, did you feel any discomfort after drawing the amulets?" Lou Fan leaned over and asked.

Chen Shuyang thought for a while, "No, I feel good."

Lou Fan nodded, "Okay, then draw as many as you can before our departure. We have to prepare some on hand for emergencies."

After the assignation of duties, Jiang Dong and Wen Lang went to prepare medicines. Chen Shuyang focused on drawing more amulets with Nie Feng monitoring him, while Lou Fan and Qin Tan prepared food, water, and gadgets that might be used.

At 7.00 am on the 3rd day after the task announcement, Qin Tan’s team members gathered together in the living room, each carrying a large backpack. Lou Fan had Furball perching on his shoulders. He turned his head and looked around the living room to confirm that he didn’t miss out on anything. After that, they closed the door and walked towards the station.

Everyone agreed to meet up at 8.00 am, but when they arrived, the rest of the people had already arrived. Everyone is very proactive. The time is approaching 9.00 am, and no other team can be seen. Everyone knew that this time, the selected people should be just the two of their teams.

"Get ready, the train will be here soon." Gao Yi stood up and threw his backpack on his back.

Everyone put on their backpacks and waited for the train’s whistle. At this moment, some people appeared out of nowhere. Some of them are familiar, but most of them had never been seen before.

"Good luck! You must come back."

"Brother Lou, all the best." Lin Man Man forced a smile. Her eyes are a little red, and she said to Tong Fei, "Sister Fei and Sister Rou, you too, take care of yourself."

"All the best to you guys!"

"Good luck!"

Everyone did not expect that so many people would appear to support them, so they could only nod their heads and accept their blessings.

Boarding the train, the train drove away when the time is up. Those who came to see the teams off watched as the train disappears out of sight. There are sounds of constant discussions.

"Do you think they can come back safely?"

"Of course, they have 12 intermediate spirit weapons!"

"They are very powerful!"

"Yes, that’s right. They are high-leveled passengers."

But saying this sounds like they are cheering each other up, filling each other with hope, as if as long as the teams can come back safely, there is still hope for everything. However, some people sighed about the difficulty of the task that can be done by 12 intermediate spirit weapon holders.

The weather is so gloomy that it seemed like it is going to rain at any time. After everyone got out of the train, they saw the lifeless environment around them and immediately decided to go to a place with no dark clouds. Next to them is a lake, the water is so dark and gloomy that it is impossible to see what was in it.

"This should be the ghost lake, it's gloomy and dreary." Gao Yi said. Then he told everyone to take their spirit weapons out and be vigilant.

There are many skeletons by the lake, all of which appear to be animals. They are piled up by the lake in large and small, and some of them are weathered out of shape. Strong winds blew from all directions, bringing up an unpleasant stench. Then, the rainstorm poured down, and everyone took out the prepared raincoats and put them on. Fortunately, the quality of Lazuli's things is good. The rain has a burning sensation when it hits their body, and the surrounding bones make a small sizzling sound. But after putting on the raincoat, they don’t feel anything from the rain at all.

In the rainstorm, Fan Dayong, who is walking in the front, pointed to the front and shouted, "Look, there seems to be someone living there."

Lou Fan had already vaguely seen a village ahead. It is sparsely populated so he can’t see how many families there are.

Gao Yi: "Let’s go over first. Everyone, pretends to be outsiders, talk less and observe more."

Hearing that, Lou Fan is a little confused. Shouldn't they ask more instead? But he didn't say anything, just wanted to see the situation first.

The teams quickly ran into the village, only to find that the village is deadly silent. There is no sound, not even a guard dog like in an ordinary village. What's even more strange is that this village doesn't even seem to be alive, and there is no trace of life.

"Anyone there?" Gao Yi shouted loudly, "Anyone? We just passed by here and wanted to get a shelter from the rain." He shouted twice in a row, and finally, an old and weak voice answered, "Who are you?"

Everyone looked over and saw an old man appearing by the door of a house. He is so skinny that he could only be described as a bag of bones. His eyes are empty, without a trace of expression, and his entire face is even more expressionless.

Gao Yi said loudly, "Old man, we are just passing by here. Unexpectedly, it started raining suddenly so we want to find a place to take shelter from the rain."

The old man responded slowly, raised his finger, and pointed to a house next to him, "Go to that house, and leave when the rain stops." After saying this, he turned around and walked into the house. The house is so dark inside that it is impossible to see the interior from the outside. They can only see the figure of the old man disappearing into the house.

Gao Yi glanced around and whispered to everyone to go over and take shelter from the rain.

The house beside the old man’s house is also very dark. As soon as they walked in, they couldn't see anything at all, so someone immediately took out a flashlight to illuminate the room. The house is very simple, with only a table, a bed, and a stool, and there is an unpleasant smell inside.

Taking off his raincoat, Wen Lang muttered, "This village is even weirder than the small fishing village we've been to. At the very least, there are people there."

Jiang Rou folded her raincoat and put it away. Then she took out a towel and wiped the ashes on the table, and said, "What's so strange? There are so many weird places in the mission world, this is already considered normal."

It's not surprising anymore when one has experienced more.

Gao Yi stuck his head out of the house and looked around again. Then he returned and said, "It looks like it will rain for a while, so let's think of a reason to stay."

"Just use the usual reason - traveling." Chen Man said.

Gao Yi nodded, "We’ll use this first. If it doesn't work, we’ll say that someone in the team is sick and needs to stay for a few days."

On the other side, Lou Fan's raincoat is picked up by Qin Tan to tidy up. Lou Fan leaned over and asked Qin Tan, "Qin Tan, did the Lake Rakshastal you went to look like that?"

Qin Tan’s hands kept moving, he shook his head and said, "It's different. Although it's still called the ghost lake, it's just called that in private. There are no ghosts in the lake and it's not black. It's just not drinkable."

Lou Fan uttered an ‘en’ and propped his chin up in thought.

The task period is 21 days, and the time is not short. It can be said that there is plenty of time for missions that require them to just fight monsters. But if it is a supernatural task with a plot, it is actually not easy to do. This quest is similar to the Lao Ye Temple quest in the small fishing village, but that one can be cleared by killing the monsters, and violence can solve everything. The difference with this supernatural world is that they don't know where the key point of the task is. His fingers tapped lightly on the table. If he has to make meaning out of it, the easiest thing to think about is that there are ghosts causing trouble where the 2 lakes are connected.

"The rain has stopped."

Lou Fan was thinking about it when suddenly Fan Dayong shouted. He stretched out his head and looked outside for a long time, then retracted to look at everyone, "No one came out."

When it rains, it’s normal that no one is outside. Now that the rain has stopped, it’s fine if some people wanted to continue to rest, but 12 outsiders just arrived, and there is not one person coming forward to ask them about their purpose. This plot is not right.

Tong Fei is carrying a large sword. Her spirit weapon is too conspicuous, and she couldn't hide it. So she said, "Someone, go and ask the villagers. Find an excuse to talk, we can't just sit and wait."

Everyone agreed. Gao Yi is about to pick a name when Lou Fan said, "Let me go out to ask."

Lou Fan’s appearance is clean and good-looking, and he makes people feel good about him at first glance. No one will be hostile to him. He is indeed a good candidate.

Gao Yi: "Okay, then you go, be careful."

Qin Tan: "I'll go with you."

Qin Tan said to Lou Fan, Lou Fan nodded, and the two went out together. The torchlight in the house is replaced by solar lamps, and the two left. For a while, no one in the house spoke and stayed silent.

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