Lovable Package

Chapter 84: Little Cutie 21

The next morning, when it was still quiet in the dorm building, Su Tang was pressed painfully by something bulging behind his back.

Actually, he wasn’t really awake, because he didn’t even open his eyes, but he laid there in a daze, and without a thought, he grabbed that thing that was prodding him.

“What is it…” Su Tang mumbled, then pushed this thing aside, but this touch had awoken Chi Shuyan instead.

To be exact, Chi Shuyan was startled awake.

He looked down somewhat awkwardly and saw that Su Tang was grabbing onto himself. Immediately, his blood started raging, and he almost couldn’t control himself.

Morning wood was a relatively common occurrence, but it was different if there was someone grabbing that area during the occurrence.

Chi Shuyan thought helplessly, if it was just a single grab, he could still bear it. However, the foolish Su Tang had grabbed it but didn't let go. And not only did he continue holding it, his fingers were still moving about. All in all, the situation wasn’t looking good.

Hence, he could only stop the other party’s hand and said, “Stop grabbing it. Hurry up and sleep.”

“But it’s poking me, making me so uncomfortable.” After Su Tang said pitifully, he pushed against Chi Shuyan twice. When Chi Shuyan saw this, he knew that the little baby was still in the midst of his drowsiness, so he could only turn around to prevent Su Tang from creating more havoc.

“There’s no prodding anymore. Go back to sleep.” After Chi Shuyan said this, Su Tang stuck close to his body.

Like an octopus, his hands and legs were on Chi Shuyan’s body. Su Tang’s head leaned onto Chi Shuyan’s neck, and he sniffed for a bit, and only when he smelled Chi Shuyan’s scent did he fall back asleep comfortably.

All this time, Chi Shuyan didn’t dare to move an inch. It was only when the other party’s deep and even breathing sounded, and the latter’s warm breath was on his neck that he could finally heave a sigh of relief, and let his body slowly relax.

However, his senses were already heightened, and all his attention was on Su Tang. He didn’t feel sleepy anymore, and so he could only open his eyes and wait till it was time to wake up.

However, this was something he would gladly endure.

After the pair washed up, they went downstairs together. They then went to the classroom for self-study after breakfast, and it was only till about 6PM that the PE rep brought the entire class down to attend the school ceremony for the start of a new semester.

Even though it was still very warm in early September, the morning breeze was cooling, the result of the onset of autumn. If they were to simply wear a t-shirt and be at the court for an hour, they would certainly not be able to handle it. Therefore, everyone wore their autumn jackets out, appearing like a uniform since all of them wore it.

However, Su Tang was a new transfer student, and his uniforms weren’t ready. He was also too embarrassed to wear his own jacket, and was worried that the school teacher would see him. Hence, after observing silently for a while, he found an inconspicuous spot at the end of the line and stood there.

At this moment, many other classes were slowly arriving at the courts. It was too boring to simply queue, and people liked to look around and observe the uniforms of other classes, or the beautiful young ladies in the other classes.

And they inevitably spotted Su Tang, who stood at the back of his class.

Su Tang was very good looking. He had an elegant face, exquisite features, and his soft hair was swept up by the wind, revealing his fair and tender ears and neck. It was as though he was a person walking out from a picture.

Everyone started gossiping, both males and females. Even though they weren’t loud, as the conversations continued, Su Tang could also hear them. He was really feeling embarrassed, so he turned back and took a peek.

When he turned back, the people sneaking glances at him couldn’t resist it anymore. If it wasn’t because they were at the school’s ceremony, and the school leaders were coming, they wouldn’t have stayed where they were and simply gossiped about him.

After all, there were very few good looking boys in school, but most of them appeared silly, so after some time, they didn’t look that good anymore. However, Su Tang was different. He was one of those who looked stunning at first, and remained eye-catching no matter how many times one looked at him.

Speaking of this, Chi Shuyan from the third year was also a presence like this. He was handsome and smart, and looked breathtaking no matter where he went.

However, he was extremely cold, and wasn’t easily approachable. On the other hand, Su Tang looked very obedient, soft and moe, like a little rabbit.

Su Tang didn’t know what the students were thinking. He could only perk his ears up to eavesdrop on them. And when he overheard them talking about himself and Chi Shuyan, he felt a sense of bashfulness, yet he was also internally gleeful.

Chi Shuyan wasn’t in the line today, because he had to be on stage for a speech as the student representative for the third years. However, when Su Tang looked at the rostrum, he didn’t see Chi Shuyan at all.

Su Tang rubbed his eyes and then took a close look again. He noticed that most of the teachers were already seated, and the student emcees and speech givers were already prepared, with the exception of Chi Shuyan.

Where did he go? Su Tang was flustered, and he started looking around, his ahoge shaking, looking somewhat cute.

“Are you looking for me?” Chi Shuyan was just walking out from the music building behind them, and he happened to spot Su Tang, hence he secretly made a detour to him, and he smiled as he asked Su Tang.

“Ohh…” Su Tang was startled, but once he had a clear look at who it was, he said in an embarrassed tone, “Where did you go?”

“I went to help the teacher with something.” After Chi Shuyan said this, he saw that the rest of the class had worn their jackets. Only Su Tang was in short sleeves, and he realised what was going on.

“Are you cold?” He wanted to hold Su Tang’s hand, but he was afraid that Su Tang might feel shy, so he just handed his script over to the other person.

“?” Su Tang was confused, but he still took the script from Chi Shuyan. It was also at this precise moment that Chi Shuyan’s fingers touched his.

One was warm, while the other was slightly cold.

Su Tang felt as though his finger was burned, and immediately wanted to pull back, but his heart longed for that warmth. He looked up at the other party, but realised that in the next moment, Chi Shuyan’s warmth was gone.

“Remember to wear more next time.” Chi Shuyan shoved the script into Su Tang’s hand, then took off his sweater and got Su Tang to put it on. He then said, “Why are you standing there in a daze? Are you waiting for me to help you button up?”

Su Tang snapped out of his daze when he heard this. Immediately, his entire face was flushed. He couldn’t thank him, nor could he reject him, so he could only use his big eyes to stare at the other person, like a helpless little deer.

“I have to go on stage now. I’ll see you later.” Chi Shuyan wanted to ruffle Su Tang’s hair, but he didn’t do it in the end. He only took his script back from Su Tang’s hand, then rolled it up and tapped the other person.

Su Tang’s shoulders shrunk, then quickly covered his head, thinking of saying something. However, he saw that Chi Shuyan was smiling at him, and he forgot what he wanted to say.

In the end, he could only mutter feebly, “All the best.”

“Alright.” Chi Shuyan nodded, then left the group.

“The two of you are so close.” The girl beside him suddenly spoke up.

“Oh, we’re quite alright…” Su Tang tried to mask their relationship.

“Hehe, it’s the first time our boss Chi is being so gentle.” The girl winked, then asked in a mysterious tone, “Tell me, why does he treat you so well?”

“I, I don’t know.” Su Tang started getting nervous, worried that others would discover their relationship. However, they haven’t done anything out of line, except for that time in the dorm…

Before Su Tang could finish his musings, that girl smiled and said, "It's because you are really cute, really soft and moe!"

Her comment made Su Tang feel somewhat shy, and he wanted to say something in reply when he felt a gaze in his direction. When he turned back, he noticed that Chi Shuyan, who was on stage, was looking at him.

"Woah, I won't chat with you anymore. Our big boss Chi is going to begin his speech." The girl smiled, then discreetly whispered, "Boss Chi is so possessive."

Another girl beside her heard this, and she turned and said to the other girl, "I feel like we are being fed royal dog food."

"What are you saying? It’s clearly royal gummy!” The second girl said.

“More like it’s flaky pastry [1]”, the first girl said meaningfully.

“Oh, we can’t do this. Boss Chi will kill us with his gaze…”

The two girls were chatting cheerily, but Su Tang’s ears were burning up from listening to them. He wanted to unzip the jacket slightly, but when he recalled Chi Shuyan’s reminder, he held himself back and didn’t move anymore.

Right at this moment, their form teacher walked over from the teaching block. When he saw the two girls secretly chatting, he coughed lightly. Thankfully, the chatter that made Su Tang blush had finally ended.

Teacher Xing was more lenient towards girls, so he simply gave them a warning. However, when he saw Su Tang, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Oh, Su Tang, you got your school outfit from the athletics team right? Why is it so big?” He smiled as he asked.

“Ah, the class president lent it to me,” Su Tang replied carefully.

“Haha, are you serious? Are you sure you are not talking about the other leaders in the class?” Teacher Xing chuckled.

“It’s… It’s Chu Shuyan.” After Su Tang said this, he thought about it for a while more, then said with some uncertainty, “Oh, isn’t he the class president? I thought that he was…”

“He is the class president.” When Teacher Xing heard this, he felt that it was extremely strange. He knew the character of his class monitor. Why would he lend his uniform to the new student? He might have been possessed by a ghost.

When Li Cheng, who was beside them, saw the scene before him, he couldn’t resist laughing. He was on better terms with the class monitor, so he said slyly, “Teacher, why don’t we bet on this? I bet that Shuyan had proactively lent this to little Su Tang. You can bet otherwise, and if I lose, I’ll hand in my homework everyday. If I win, you should stop using our self-study time to test us.”

“Sure.” Teacher Xing was confident. He tapped on Li Cheng’s shoulder, as they waited for Chi Shuyan to come down from the stage to verify this.

Whereas Su Tang was wearing a jacket that was too big for him, as he mourned the class president for three seconds.

[1] Another homonym of Su Tang’s name.

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