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Chapter 88: Changes

Xing Ye was silent when he woke up. He gestured at Cao Qian to release him before quietly sitting on the rooftop for a while.

Yan Hebi stood guard by Xing Ye’s side, his face worried. Guan Ling and Cao Qian sat beside him, smiling bitterly.

“Do… do you remember what happened?” Yan Hebi asked cautiously.

“No.” Xing Ye replied coldly.

“I’m going back to my room to change.” Xing Ye stood up.

Cao Qian was very strong. When she was trying to control Xing Ye, she ended up ripping off a large part of his dress, giving him a very sorry looking appearance.

Xing Ye also needed to take a shower and calm down.

The four silently went downstairs and followed Xing Ye back to his ward on the twelfth floor of the third building. Even now, Xing Ye’s back was straight and strong.

Yan Hebi punched the wall, distressed, “The system’s going too far! How can it bear treating a girl as cute as Yiyi like that!”

“Hahahaha!” A burst of laughter sounded from behind him.

Yan Hebi turned his back, dumbfounded to see Guan Ling and Cao Qian almost dying of laughter. Guan Ling was laughing so hard he couldn’t even stand straight and Cao Qian was hardly better herself- she sat on her wheelchair, one hand slapping the wall as she covered her mouth with the other.

“Aren’t you guys a little too unsympthetic? Look at how pitiful Yiyi is!” Yan Hebi said unhappily.

“We… aren’t… hahaha!” Guan Ling could hardly breathe from laughing so much. He patted Yan Hebi’s shoulder, “Man, you don’t get it. Boss is usually always so calm and composed, like everything’s in the palm of her hand. Now, it’s like… pfft!”

Forgive him for being so unsympathetic and taking joy in Xing Ye’s misfortunes. Plus, they stopped him in time so he didn’t get hurt anyways… pfft! Hahaha, he couldn’t stop!

Xing Ye walked into the hospital ward, his face dark. He laid on the bed for a moment before pulling the mirror out of his bag.

Bloody red Hahahahahas filled the mirror’s screen.

“Stop laughing and help me analyze my episodes.” Xing Ye sighed, “It’s a mental illness, so there has to be a trigger. You mentioned I had an episode yesterday as well, do you know how it happened?”

“Hahaha… cough, cough,” The mirror was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe, “Let me think, yesterday… we were trying to raise our intimacy points. At that time, I was already able to talk. I mentioned you were also in cross-dress in the first world, but at that time, your chest was real and not the fake ones you have now. You commented, 'Why does the system like to put me in crossdress so much when I'm clearly a m-' before you suddenly went into a bout of madness."

Xing Ye: “...”

As it happened, he had also tried to tell Yan Hebi his true gender today when he went into an episode.

Thinking up to there, he opened the door and poked his head out to see Cao Qian and Guan Ling still in hysterics outside. He pretended to ignore them as he said, "Cao Qian, come in for a moment."

Cao Qian rolled her wheelchair in.

Xing Ye trusted Cao Qian more than Guan Ling.

When Cao Qian saw him, she mentioned the mirror, proving Cao Qian knew about the mirror's existence. At that time, Yan Hebi was also there so Xing Ye couldn't ask in detail. Now was a good time.

He also had a guess that he needed Cao Qian's help to test.

After Cao Qian entered, she told Xing Ye about Following Fate props and wrote it on paper so she could show Xing Ye tomorrow too.

"I don't know how you and the mirror got acquainted, but your intimacy points were very high, over 80 at least. Linlin and I are only at 30 so she can only talk to me and can't tell me anything about her state in real life." Cao Qian took the swan crystal out of her pocket.

“I liked you that much before?” Xing Ye looked at the mirror.

The mirror snorted, “Of course! But then in this world, you actually forgot about me, you big liar!”

Our intimacy points were over 80? Xing Ye poked the mirror, not understanding why he liked a mirror he never saw the face of before.

"Write down everything I need to know and try to be with me when the clock hits 12 am. You and the mirror need to help me remember." Xing Ye ordered, "We have to save as much time as possible recovering my memory. The department of gynecology and obscetrics gave me a bad feeling today. I don't think the system was being entirely truthful in saying every night, the number of parasites increase by one. We need to be quick.”

“Okay.” Cao Qian nodded.

“Also, help me test something.” Xing Ye took a deep breath before continuing, “I have an idea of what triggers my bouts of madness. Let me try this out.”

After that, he turned to Cao Qian and said, “Cao Qian, I’m actually a ma-”

Before he could finish, he suddenly went crazy. Cao Qian used the bedsheets to restrain Xing Ye and pressed him down. After 30 minutes, he recovered.  

This time, Xing Ye didn’t say anything and called Guan Ling inside, asking to borrow his clothes. The original owner of the body only had dresses and skirts. Apart from his hospital gown, he had no men’s clothing.

After putting on Guan Ling’s clothes, Xing Ye went crazy again. Cao Qian was used to it now, using the bedsheet to cover his mouth. After another 30 minutes, he recovered.

After all their exploring, it was already 8 am in the morning. Guan Ling hadn't slept for two days and was so tired that he fell asleep in the chair.

After Xing Ye recovered, he told the two, "It looks like there's actually a reason behind my episodes of madness. Every time I or somebody else mentions my gender, my body's biological gender and my personal identity turn in conflict with one another and trigger my episodes. There might also be other triggers, but this is definitely one of them. It doesn't look like I can tell Yan Hebi my true identity, so I guess I'll have to wait until after this world is over."

"I think it's actually better to not tell him." Guan Ling yawned as he spoke, "We still need his QR codes. If he knows you're a man... there's no way his pride can take it. I doubt he'd continue working with us."

Xing Ye was silent.

“Anything I write or draw will be reset at midnight and special QR codes can't be screenshotted or photographed, so I can only rely on memory. We need Yan Hebi right now." Xing Ye said, "After this world's over, I'll definitely be honest and apologize to him."

Guan Ling changed back into his clothes and watched as Xing Ye picked out a white tee and convenient-looking pair of knee-length overalls, paired with white sneakers. He couldn't help but be dazed for a moment before sighing, "Boss, beautiful Miss Ye, you're seriously gorgeous like this. No wonder that boy Yan Hebi's head over heels with you. Even I can't help but take a few extra looks at you even though I know your identity."

Cao Qian said, "You're way prettier than me and pretty much radiate youth and beauty. I'm not surprised Yan Hebi thinks you're a student. Your closet is full of sexy outfits, traditional chinese dresses, and designer items, but you don't wear any of them. Your outfits make you seem more chill."

Xing Ye took a deep breath, "Clothes that are easy to move around in make you look young- what a surprise. We're in a dangerous hospital with who knows how many monsters, why would I wear a long dress with heels?"

The mirror joined in, "I always thought I was the most handsome person in the world, but if I was a girl, I don't think even I'd be as pretty as you. Oh, my Claire, my beautiful girl, you'll always be the prettiest lady in the world."

The mirror copied the magic mirror's tone in the first world and laughed mischievously.

Xing Ye stared at the three in frustration, but after a while, he couldn't help but laugh along.

Even though he didn't have his memories, he had good teammates.

Xing Ye decided to go all-in and used the mirror to apply a little makeup, perfecting his skin with some foundation before livening up his appearance with a pink lip tint.

He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw himself in mirror and directly gave the mirror a kiss, leaving a lipstick mark.

“Huh? Y-y-you…” The mirror stuttered in shock, “You’re taking advantage of me!”

Xing Ye smiled mischeviously and said to the mirror, “I’m a beautiful, young girl. Aren’t you the one taking advantage of me?”

The mirror discovered Xing Ye was truly different from before. In the first world, despite being the most beautiful woman in the world and having a large bosom, he still acted very much like a man. Although he didn't seem to care on the surface, in his heart, he still resisted his female identity.

But he could only repress his feelings and force himself to bear it.

However, the current Xing Ye felt... more honest and able to go with the flow. Since he couldn't change it, he may as well make the most of it.

Without repressing his feelings, Xing Ye now seemed more carefree and at ease. He was just as smart as before, but he was more willing to accept others as well as himself.

The system sealed Xing Ye's memories to weaken him and put him in crossdress with episodes of madness to weaken Xing Ye's charisma, but it actually seemed to have done the opposite effect.  

The truly strong could always turn plights into fortune and never curse the gods for it.

A young man's face appeared in the mirror. He opened his eyes, staring at Xing Ye.

Cao Qian's gaze inadvertently swept past the mirror and gasped in surprise, nearly crushing the Swan Crystal against her chest.

“What happened?” Xing Ye heard Cao Qian’s gasp and looked at her.  

“Look at the mirror…” Cao Qian pointed at the mirror.
Xing Ye turned his head to look. When he saw the mirror’s face, he couldn’t help but be stunned.

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