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Chapter 89 Ghost Lake (NPC)

Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang are waiting for the man in black robe to come out with some mysterious solution to let the mist disperse (so that they could go back to the village), but the man in black robe just took them to walk for about half an hour. Next, they actually arrived at the edge of the woods.

The man in black robe stopped walking and said to them, "I will send you guys until here. Be careful. If you really are able to connect the two lakes, we will be grateful to you."

Qin Tan waved his hand and said, "We are not doing it just for you, this is what we're going to do. We’ll meet again if there is a chance."

The man in black robe nodded, "Goodbye."

Lou Fan thought to himself, maybe they will be back in 2 days but now the goodbyes sounded like they will never see him again. He always has a feeling that to complete this task, the man in black must return to his own position. The man might even need their help for this.

The moment they took a step out of the woods, the group returned to the edge of the village, and the village could be seen from a distance. What is even more bizarre is that they came out during the day. When they turned around and took a step back, they didn’t see anything unusual and did not return to the woods either.

"It's amazing. It looks like we can only go in the woods at night."

Lou Fan shifted his backpack and walked towards the village, "Come on, let's meet up with Sister Tong Fei and the girls. Then we need to discuss a plan."

The group of people walked into the village. It’s still the same as when they first arrived, the village is quiet, a dead silence. Inside a house that has its door open, a figure can be seen standing in the shadows. Walking back to the house where they stayed before, Wen Lang rushed in first, "Sister Tong Fei… eh, why is there no one?"

"No one?" Lou Fan followed, and sure enough, there is no one inside. But their big backpacks are still inside the house, but the smaller bags are missing. Lou Fan frowned and looked around, "Their backpacks are still there, it means that they are still in the village and did not go to the holy lake."

Qin Tan: "Go out and look around first, maybe they're outside looking for clues."

Lou Fan nodded, and the group immediately dispersed in the village and began to look for the girls.

Gao Yi followed and said to his team members, "Let's look for them too. We’ll go to a look at the lake."

Everyone split up in different directions. Lou Fan swiftly moved and looked around. His furrowed brows became deeper and deeper, and the bad feeling in his heart gradually rose.

Qin Tan followed behind Lou Fan and comforted him, "Tong Fei and the other 2 girls have good skills, they must be fine. Also, their spirit weapons are intermediate level, so ordinary ghosts are not their opponents."

Lou Fan's pace gradually slowed down and he sighed, "That's right, maybe they found something and didn't have time to leave a mark. Let's look around again. If there’s still nothing, we’ll go back and make plans for the next step." Although Tong Fei is important, he still has many companions around him to take care of. Moreover, there is still task to be done, so he can only try his best to find them. If nothing comes out, they can only wait.

"Brother Lou, have you found them yet?" Wen Lang asked eagerly, "Jiang Dong and I looked around, but we didn't see a single person."

As Wen Lang is talking, Chen Shuyang and Nie Feng also came back, shaking their heads at them, "No one here, and no clues are found."

Gao Yi and the others also came back. They looked around the lake, but they didn't see anyone.

Lou Fan cheered himself up and put down his backpack. He loosened his shoulders and said, "Okay, maybe they found some clues, but it's too rushed to leave a mark. Let's make a plan for the next step."

Gao Yi didn't say anything so Qin Tan moved in. He took the initiative to take over the planning and spread out a piece of white paper. Next, he took out a marker and started writing.

1. The man in black robe said that tomorrow night will be a full moon night, and we need to follow the bell of the 'village chief' to the holy lake.
2. Upon arriving at the holy lake, we need to find out about the passage and how to connect it to the ghost lake.
3. Find out the whereabouts of Tong Fei and the girls.

Qin Tan listed 3 points and Chen Man immediately said, "Wait, Tong Fei and the girls are missing, why do you still need to leave someone to look for them?"

Hearing that, Lou Fan looked at Chen Man with sharp eyes and asked with a harsh tone, "Then, why did we come to save you?"

It is probably the first time that Lou Fan showed this expression so Chen Man got stunned for a moment, unable to speak. Gao Yi pulled at Chen Man and immediately came out to calm the situation.

"It's right to look for Tong Fei and the others. Maybe they've found clues already. Besides, they're friends, so we should."

Qin Tan gave Chen Man a cold look and continued, "Then, we should at least divide into 3 groups. One group will stay here while the rest goes to the holy lake. At the holy lake, we must be divided into groups."

Qin Tan thought for a while, then added, "But the problem is, for anyone who chose to stay here, you may not be able to come over after the full moon. Then, you won't know where you can get on the train when the task is completed."

This is a rather troublesome problem.

"If the ghost lake becomes a holy lake, the two sides can be considered to be connected, so we should be able to communicate with each other." Lou Fan thought for a while and said, "It stands to reason that we should get on the train over here."

Chen Shuyang chipped in, "That is to say, if we can’t complete the task, it doesn't matter which side we are."

Lou Fan nodded, "For anyone who is staying here, go and look for Tong Fei and the girls, Also, I think there should be other paths going to the same place." Lou Fan has the fish scale suit in his backpack. Maybe there is a channel at the bottom of the lake, he had already planned to go down.

"Who wants to stay here?" Qin Tan asked, looking around.

Lou Fan pursed his lips, he wanted to stay here to find Tong Fei, but...

"I'll stay here and look for Sister Tong Fei." Wen Lang said aloud, "I will be here waiting for you guys to come back to me. Don't worry, I'll be able to find the three of them for sure."

Jiang Dong chuckled and immediately said, "I'm with him."

Lou Fan laughed, "You two are conjoined twins huh."

Wen Lang clicked his tongue, "Brother Lou, can you stop being so scary? The remark makes me think of ghost stories."

Lou Fan stopped laughing and asked seriously, "You two really decided to stay here? In case..."

Wen Lang casually said, "Brother Lou, I believe you, don’t you know that yet? Even if we can't find any useful clues, I believe you can connect the two lakes."

"So confident in me?" Lou Fan chuckled.

Chen Shuyang nodded, "Yes, we have confidence in you!"

Wen Lang patted Chen Shuyang’s head gently, "I haven't spoken yet, what are you talking about on my behalf? Go and follow Nie Feng well, and help Brother Lou and Brother Qin to come up with ideas. We will meet in a short time."

Chen Shuyang nodded with reluctance on his face.

Qin Tan made the decision, "Then, Wen Lang and Jiang Dong will stay here. You two must be careful, Even if you can't find any clues, it doesn't matter, safety comes first."

Jiang Dong agreed, "Yes, you guys need to be careful too."

With Jiang Dong around, Lou Fan is more at ease. Wen Lang is more impulsive, while Jiang Dong is calm and reliable, so the two match up very well.

That's the decision for now, so everyone is just waiting for the bell to ring on the full moon night tomorrow.

That night, when the twilight is dark, Wen Lang, who was guarding outside, jumped off the stool and rolled to the ground. Then, he cried out, "Brother Qin! Brother Lou! Come out and see!"

Wen Lang’s cry woke everyone up, and they all rushed outside to ask him what happened. Wen Lang pointed to the sky. At this moment, a round and large moon appeared in the sky covered with dark clouds, shining brightly in the sky.

Almost immediately, Qin Tan reacted and said, "Go get your bag first." As soon as he finished speaking, he rushed into the room and grabbed his and Lou Fan's bags. Nie Feng then grabbed his and Chen Shuyang's. Following that, a crisp sound of a bell tinkling appeared.

"Go quickly." Wen Lang pushed them forward and kept instructing, "Follow the bell and don't get lost."

A group of people ran forward following the sound of the bell, and Wen Lang and Jiang Dong followed anxiously, looking for the sound of the bell. After walking around a few houses, he immediately saw the 'village chief' shaking a bell as he walked, with 2 people following behind him. They immediately joined in and formed a line.

Lou Fan and the others waved at Wen Lang and Jiang Dong, and whispered, "Go back quickly, those things will come out later to go into the water, so be careful."

Wen Lang and Jiang Dong kept nodding their heads, indicating that they understood.

Seeing that the group of people followed the bell gradually walking away, Wen Lang and Jiang Dong started to walk back to the house slowly. Wen Lang couldn't stop looking back, and Jiang Dong pulled him.

"Alright, now. Don't worry about them, it's not easy for us here as well." Jiang Dong said after soothing Wen Lang, "Let's go to the lake to have a look first, be careful."

Lou Fan pulled at Qin Tan in front of him and whispered, "Didn’t the man say the full moon is at tomorrow’s night, how did it become today?"

Qin Tan shook his head and said he didn't know. Raising his hand to look at his watch, the time shown is 16 days and a few hours left. The time is right, which means the judgment of the man in black robe is wrong. Or maybe the timing when they were in the woods is wrong. But these are not important now, the important thing is to go to the holy lake to see the situation first.

The group kept quiet, for fear that something unexpected might happen. The fog is rising all around, and slowly they can't tell the direction. They can only concentrate on following the person in front of them, not daring to get distracted.

Not sure how long they walked, the group finally stopped at a mountain wall. The 'village chief' pressed around on the mountain wall, and then quickly rang the bell. Next, a stone door suddenly opened, revealing a stone cave. When the last person, Fan Dayong, stepped into the stone gate, the stone gate closed with a 'BANG', and the force is so great that specks of dirt fell down on the mountain wall.

The cave is winding, but the ‘village chief’ does not need light at all, so he simply walks in the dark. For fear of being discovered, the group did not dare to take out their torchlight, so they could only pull the hem of the clothes of the person in front and walk forward.

Not sure where the water droplets came from, it fell on them drop by drop. Chen Man loosened his left hand from the hem of Gao Yi's clothes in front of him and wiped a handful of water droplets on his face. A tinkling bell sounded behind the ear, which is not the same as the bell in front. He listened with his ears tilted sideways. Then he turned his head and is about to ask Fan Dayong about the bell, his right hand slipped and lost grip on Gao Yi's clothes. He panicked in his heart, and immediately grabbed forward, trying to grab the hem of the clothes again, but this time he came back empty.

"Team leader?" Chen Man called out in a trembling voice.

Fan Dayong behind Chen Man asked in confusion, "Hey, Chen Man, what's wrong with you?"

"Dayong." Chen Man stopped and couldn't take a step anymore. He doesn't dare to take a step forward. His voice is trembling as he said, "We got separated from the team leader and the others."

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