Lovable Package

Chapter 89: Little Cutie 26

Su Tang didn’t know what was going on, but instinctively, he felt that the situation wasn’t too good. He carefully stuck his head out and looked again, and noticed that the young woman at that co-driver’s seat was waving at him.

That young woman was very pretty, and she looked about the age of sixteen to seventeen. She cheerily ran towards Su Tang and gave him such a fixated stare that her eyes were brightly lit.

In reality, when she was sitting in the car, she felt that the other person had a refined air about him. Now that she went in closer to take a look, she felt that it was really the same as she imagined; no, it was even better than what she had imagined.

He wore a simple plain white shirt and jeans, revealing the refined lines and exquisite toes. His skin was fair and delicate, and there was a refreshing aura about him, like the tender sprout that had just burst through the ground on a spring day, giving people unlimited hope and happiness.

And looking at his face again, he was still extremely dashing. His features were exquisite and gentle, as though they had been carefully sculpted. And the most good looking feature on Su Tang’s face was that pair of obsidian but bright large eyes. If she had to describe them, she would probably say that this pair of eyes were like the brightest star in the vast night sky.

Chi Lingling observed him and exclaimed, “You are so dashing, and you look younger than your age. It’s as though you are a middle school student.”

“Ahhh, thanks….” Su Tang was baffled, because he didn’t know the other party at all, but the other party acted as though she was very familiar with him, making him feel like he was in a dream.

“Lingling, why did you follow me here?” Chi Shuyan asked with a frown.

“Oh, Mom and Dad wanted to come and take a look, so they dragged me along.” Chi Lingling was stuttering; it was evident that she was lying.

Chi Shuyan only felt a headache coming. He didn’t say anything more to her; instead, he explained to Su Tang, “She’s my sister, her name is Chi Lingling. Those people in the car over there are my parents.”

“Ohhhh…..” Su Tang nodded his head dazedly. He was still unable to react, and could only raise his head and look at Chi Shuyan.

He was very reliant on Chi Shuyan, and when he met something that he couldn’t deal with, the first person he would think of was him. After all, in his heart, there was nothing that Chi Shuyan couldn’t do.

“Don’t be nervous. She’s really my sister.” Chi Shiyan said lightly, then reached his hand out to rub Su Tang’s head. When he saw that the other party was still somewhat lost, he pulled Su Tang to his side and lowered his head lightly, as he spoke beside his ear, “Look, don’t we think we look alike?”

It was only then that Su Tang relaxed a little, as his gaze hovered between the two. He realised that there really was some resemblance between them, hence he turned around and said to Chi Shuyan, “Your eyes are alike, very pretty.”

The corners of Chi Shuyan’s mouth curled up, seemingly pleased with Su Tang’s response. His fingers lightly brushed Su Tang’s hair, before he said, “But her personality is completely different from mine. She likes to go around sneakily like a stalker.”

After he said this, Chi Lingling couldn’t hold back her anger anymore. She shot a glare at Chi Shuyan, but regretfully, the other party didn’t get it, hence she said, “My dear brother, you can’t just say things that are against your conscience. At least I’m more sincere than you. If I cut you open, you’ll be black inside.”

When Su Tang heard this, he instantly showed a look of agreement to Chi Lingling. Chi Shuyan was stunned, as he realised that his wifey had actually changed sides. Yet, he was helpless. After all, he was his wifey, so what else could he do but to let her be?

Chi Lingling had finally won this battle, so she said happily to Su Tang, “You must be Su Tang, right? We spoke on the phone yesterday.”

“Yes, I remember you,” Su Tang tilted his head as he smiled.

Ahhh!! That’s so cute!!! Chi Lingling quickly held her chest, feeling as though she had been hit by something. After becoming a fujoshi for so many years, she had seen countless cuties, but it was the first time that she had seen someone whose smile was this good looking and moe-looking.

She recalled why she had been perplexed the night before why her brother suddenly became enlightened. Today, after meeting Su Tang, she finally realised why. After all, there were many good looking people in the world, but one who could attract others like an angel was extremely rare. To be with someone like this, one could feel their entire being warming up.

Chi Lingling was still stuck in her reverie when Chi Shuyan interrupted her, “Retract your gaze. You’ve scared Su Tang.”

“Hmph! Am I as scary as you?” Chi Lingling wasn’t convinced, and still wanted to observe Su Tang a little more. However, she saw her brother push Su Tang behind him, as though he wanted to hide his possession.

“How petty,” Chi Lingling made a face at him, and wanted to circle around her brother to continue speaking with Su Tang, but Chi Shuyan blocked her. She had to give it to Chi Shuyan, his possessiveness was really strong. He could even block Su Tang from his own sister, so if it came to others, wouldn’t he have to pack him up and hide him?

However, she felt that this was rather moe, tsk tsk.

Chi Lingling finally completed her reverie, before she said to Chi Shuyan, “Since my sister-in-law is so moe, I’ve decided to help you work on our parents. However, you have to make us proud too, don’t dump our sister-in-law.”

After she said that, she waved her hand and swiftly slid back into the car and started speaking animatedly.

“Let me tell you, my sister-in-law is really too good looking! He’s soft and moe, like a little angel, and when she smiles, she’s so cute! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen such a good looking person, oh, but you know, Mom, you’ve always topped my ranking of beauties…”


Even when Su Tang went into the car, he was still absorbed in Chi Lingling’s last words. When Chi Shiyan saw this, he regretted not reminding his sister to hold her tongue. And now, Su Tang was certainly worried to death.

“Don’t think too much. Even if anything happens, I’ll bear all of it for you. Don’t be scared, alright?” Chi Shuyan hugged Su Tang’s waist, getting the latter to lean onto him, as he spoke.

“Mmmm. But…” Su Tang was feeling a little upset. He knew that he was simply overthinking things, but he couldn’t resist thinking about them. His brain was about to explode from those thoughts, but he still couldn’t resist thinking about them.

“Do you want to cuddle?” Chi Shuyan hugged him as he suddenly asked him.

Su Tang hesitated for a moment. He remembered that he was still in the car, so he felt somewhat embarrassed.

“We’re sitting in the last row, they can’t see us.” Chi Shuyan could sense Su Tang’s thoughts, so he whispered this to him.

“Then… Then I want it.” Su Tang’s face was red, as he lowered his head into Chi Shuyan’s embrace, and placed his face on his shoulder. He then closed his eyes and breathed in his scent.

After leaning into him for a while, he started to rub his face against Chi Shuyan. His soft hair touched the other man’s shoulder, tickling him.

“Mmmm…” Su Tang hummed. His voice was very soft, though he dragged the last note in a higher pitch, like the claws of a kitten, scratching Chi Shuyan’s heart, as he unconsciously acted coquettishly with him.

“You’re really sticky,” Chi Shuyan ruffled his hair, his voice somewhat hoarse.

“Hmph…” Su Tang didn’t deny it. Instead, he leaned forward further, reaching Chi Shuyan’s exposed collarbone, and bit it.

He seemed to have obtained an interesting toy, and was unwilling to let go of it. In actual fact, biting was just a way for him to vent, but not everyone was willing to be the one on the receiving end of it.

Yet, Chi Shuyan was willing. Or rather, as long as it was something that Su Tang did, he would like it, or even enjoy and indulge in it.

When Su Tang bit him, it didn’t hurt. He was like a herbivore who didn’t have any attack power. However, it was very fun, because sometimes, he would use his teeth to chomp down hard, and other times, he would just softly rub against it.

“When did you start having this habit of biting others?” Chi Shuyan felt somewhat warm, but he couldn’t bear to push Su Tang away, hence he asked the question.

“I don’t know…” Su Tang finally stopped, then considered it carefully, “Perhaps I was born with it.”

“Then you might have been a vampire in your previous life,” Chi Shuyan chuckled.

“Vampires will only bite you,” Su Tang bit him again, then pulled away from Chi Shuyan. When he looked up, he noticed that he had left small red marks all over Chi Shuyan’s neck.

Initially, he was still pleased about it, but after a while, he realised that he might have gotten into trouble. He wanted to say something, but was too shy to say it.

“What’s the matter?” Chi Shuyan asked curiously.

“Mmmm… Do you have a mirror?” Su Tang’s eyes were darting around, feeling extremely guilty.

“Nope,” Chi Shuyan shook his head, as he looked at Su Tang with a perplexed expression. The other party lay down on his legs, and couldn’t turn his body, so he simply covered his face.

And then started secretly laughing.

When Chi Shuyan saw this, he knew that the other person must have done something bad. He didn’t even have to ask why, but simply took out his phone and stared into his reflection.

At this moment, Su Tang opened his eyes, and secretly peeked through his fingers at Chi Shuyan.

“You still dare to look?” Chi Shuyan pulled the hands that were covering Su Tang’s face, and raised a brow as he asked him.

“I’m sorry… Hahahaha…” Su Tang laughed till his stomach hurt, but he saw Chi Shuyan lower his head, while his eyes were filled with a devilish glint.

“What are you doing?” Su Tang could sense something was wrong, so he quickly asked Chi Shuyan.

“Returning the favour,” Chi Shuyan placed a finger on Su Tang’s collar and threatened him.

“I’m wrong, I’m wrong. Don’t bite me.” Su Tang was terrified, and for a moment, he forgot to control his volume. Hence, when he shouted, someone turned his head back immediately.

“Class President, what are you playing?” When one person saw Chi Shuyan lowering his head, he thought they were playing some game, so he asked excitedly.

Once he asked that, a few other classmates turned around too. Seeing how this situation might turn awry, he could only raise his head and say, “Nothing much.”

But before he could finish his words, he felt a pair of hands covering his collarbone. Su Tang was probably being kind and wanted to help him cover the spots.

But even as they managed to cover the red spots, it seemed like what they were playing was going to be exposed...

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