Pampering My Husband Every Day

Chapter 9.2 - The Marriage (2)

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It was nice out on Wednesday. The sun was shining and there were no clouds in sight. In spite of Wu Tong's current mood, it wasn’t gloomy outside.

Wasn’t it said that when one was feeling down, it seemed like it would rain? So why was the temperature so high today? The air-conditioning inside of the Bureau of Civil Affairs’ lounge was unable to quell the agitation she felt inside.

When Qin Ge, who wore camouflage trousers and a black t-shirt, came into the lounge, he spotted Wu Tong almost immediately. Aside from the fact that she was the only one sitting down, he likely spotted her almost immediately because she was the prettiest person in the room.  

Her long hair hung loosely against her white chiffon blouse. She was wearing cropped skinny jeans that accentuated the shape of her legs and exposed her ankles. To complete the look, she had on silver-colored sandals.

Wu Tong sensed a tall figure standing in front of her and looked up to see Qin Ge. “You’re here.”

Qin Ge noticed Wu Tong’s mood. “You look unhappy,” he stated.

Of course she was unhappy. What kind of girl would be happy marrying a complete stranger? However, Wu Tong couldn’t admit that she was unhappy and forced a smile as she shook her head, saying, “No, I’m not.”

“You are unhappy!” Qin Ge stated with more conviction.

Why does this guy have to be so serious? Does he have no EQ at all? Wu Tong couldn’t help but roll her eyes as she admitted, “Yes! Yes, I’m unhappy! I’ve been waiting a very long time for you. Why are you so late?”

Qin Ge grinned in response and explained: “When I was driving here, there was a small car accident that caused a traffic jam. I only managed to get here because I found a motorcycle at the last second and rushed over. Just look at all the sweat on my forehead.”

Wu Tong looked at his forehead and sure enough, his hair was dripping with beads of sweat. His t-shirt was also sticking to his body but because it was a black t-shirt, it didn’t look too obvious.

“Do you want to go wash your face first?” Wu Tong asked.

“How long until it’s our turn?” Qin Ge asked.

“They called our number just a moment again, so I had to get a new one. I reckon it’ll be a while before our number is called again,” Wu Tong replied.

Qin Ge straightened his lower back and fished his household registration booklet and ID card out of his back pocket. He handed these items over to Wu Tong and asked her to hold it for him before going off to the bathroom.

Qin Ge returned after about 5 minutes and plopped down next to Wu Tong. Wu Tong noticed that despite washing his face, he hadn’t dried it, so it was dripping wet. She took a small packet of tissues from her bag and handed it to him.

“What’s this for?” Qin Ge asked, baffled as he turned toward the packet of tissues that had appeared out of nowhere.

“To wipe your face, it’s still wet,” Wu Tong responded.

Qin Ge raised an eyebrow. He seemed to have thought of something amusing as he turned toward her and said, “Help me wipe my face.”

“I—” The feeling when a strong, 1.8 meter tall guy with a scar acts like a spoiled child in front of you...

”Hurry,” Qin Ge urged. “Water has already gotten into my eyes. It feels a little uncomfortable.”

What do you mean it feels uncomfortable? If it was uncomfortable, wouldn’t you have wiped the water out of your eyes already??? Wu Tong could only scream at him in her head. In the end, she decided to accept her fate and slowly wiped Qin Ge’s face with a tissue.

Qin Ge was grinning from ear to ear as she wiped his face. He didn’t even blink as he fixed his gaze on her.

After a while, Wu Tong couldn’t bear it any longer and said, “Can you stop staring at me like that?”

“But all I can see is you,” Qin Ge said innocently.

“Then close your eyes.”

“Closing my eyes in an unfamiliar place will make me feel unsafe,” Qin Ge responded. “I get easily agitated when I don’t feel safe. You already know that I have (a mental illness)…”

Wu Tong gave up and said, “Alright, continue looking at me then.”

Hence, Qin Ge stared at her even more intently until Wu Tong finished wiping all of the water droplets off his face. As if he didn’t want her to stop wiping his face, he commented, “My hair is still wet, why don’t you help me dry my hair as well?”

“You don’t need to dry your hair,” Wu Tong said.

“Oh, I see… So you like my face more,” Qin Ge said knowingly.

How the hell did you come to that conclusion??? Wu Tong really wanted to crack open his skull and see what the hell was in there.

Seeing that Wu Tong was intent on ignoring him, Qin Ge was bored, so he glanced around at his surroundings. Mom was right, today really is a good day to get married. There are so many newlyweds in the lounging area.

But why does something feel off? Qin Ge observed the couples around him for a bit before silently edging closer to Wu Tong.

Wu Tong was startled by Qin Ge’s movements. Baffled, she asked, “What are you doing?”

“Sit a little closer to me.”

“Why do you want me to sit so close to you?”

“Look at everyone else.” Qin Ge gestured at his surroundings with his gaze.

With suspicion, Wu Tong glanced at her surroundings. Sure enough, she saw that the faces of everyone else in the lounging area was full of joy and happiness. If the couples weren’t glued to each other, they were at least tightly grasping each other’s hands. A few of the more emotional ones were even hugging each other and kissing while in their partner’s embrace. Wu Tong awkwardly turned her head back to Qin Ge and was caught off guard when her lips brushed the corner of Qin Ge’s mouth.  

Qin Ge’s eyes immediately lit up as he grabbed the back of the chair with one hand and used his other hand to firmly catch the back of Wu Tong’s head, just as she was attempting to retreat. Wu Tong fiercely smacked his chest with her fists but Qin Ge’s chest was as hard as a rock. Aside from her lips feeling sore, her hands were also starting to hurt a little.

Luckily, Qin Ge understood that there was a time and a place, so he quickly let go of Wu Tong. Unfortunately for Wu Tong though, the cut at the corner of her mouth, which had healed a bit, was bitten down on again. Does this guy only know how to bite his partner’s lips when he kisses?

Wu Tong glared at Qin Ge with animosity. He looked like he hadn’t had enough of her lips as he asked, “What flavor is your lipstick? It tastes pretty sweet.”

Wu Tong ignored him and took out her compact powder case to look at the corner of her mouth. Sure enough, her makeup was a little smudged. In a moment, she had to get her picture taken! Wu Tong was about to get up and go to the restroom to touch up her makeup when her name was called through the speakers.

Wu Tong had no choice but to wipe her mouth and head over to the front desk with Qin Ge.

When they were getting their picture taken, the photographer praised Qin Ge right in Wu Tong’s face, saying, “Damn, bro, you were pretty rough there. When you take out your marriage certificate, everyone will be hit by the smell of your hormones.”[1]

[1] The photographer means this figuratively lul He's trying to say that everyone is going to feel Qin Ge's manliness through the photo of him and Wu Tong (who was roughly kissed by him).

Upon looking at the photo and seeing the cut on Wu Tong's lips, which were obviously caused by someone biting on them, Qin Ge was very self-satisfied.

When Wu Tong held the newly printed marriage certificate in her hands, all she wanted to do was to hide it away in a place where no one could ever find it.

“Wifey…” Qin Ge suddenly shouted.

Wu Tong turned her head with astonishment.

Qin Ge waved the marriage certificate in his hands. “From this moment onward, you’re my wife.”

Was there a particular reason why he needed to point that out?

“With this marriage certificate, it’s legal for me to kiss you from now on, right?”

“Didn’t you kiss me even when you didn’t have the marriage certificate?” Wu Tong asked huffily.

“How could I possibly do something like that? I’m not some rogue, you know.” Qin Ge adamantly denied her accusations. “It was always you who tried to kiss me first.”

This rogue!!! Wu Tong had never met such a shameless person in her life.

LMAOOO I swear Qin Ge is the King of Shamelessness. XD But mans got a point. Technically, Wu Tong initiated the kiss the first time and this time, her lips brushed over his first~ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

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