Lovable Package

Chapter 90: Little Cutie 27

Chi Shuyan didn’t react, and all the classmate saw was a pair of translucent, fair hands crawling out from Chi Shuyan’s collar. Instantly, he linked it to the ghost films that he’d watched before, and was so terrified that he couldn’t even scream. His eyes rolled up, and he fainted.

“Hey, are you alright?” The others around him immediately helped him up, and weren’t in the mood to look anymore. They tried to do heart compressions on him and press on his philtrum, regardless of whether these methods were useful. All they did was to throw all their first-aid knowledge at him.

Chi Shuyan didn’t expect it to turn out this way. He casually pulled a jacket out and zipped it all the way up, then walked over quickly.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a heart attack, so the classmate woke up after a short while. He sat on his seat and drank a few gulps of water, before he turned nervously to look at Chi Shuyan.

“Oh… Just now, I saw a pair of hands on your body…” The other person stammered, saying this in a frightened tone.

“Are you alright?” Chi Shuyan naturally ignored this comment, and simply asked about his body.

“I’m fine, I just need a short rest.” The classmate shook his head. He wanted to say something else, but he saw Chi Shuyan’s nonchalant expression, as though nothing had happened.

“That pair of hands…”

“Don’t think too much about it. You must have seen it wrongly,” Chi Shuyan cut him off expressionlessly.

“Am I right, Zhang Yuan?” He shot a look at Zhang Yuan, and the latter immediately nodded, as he chimed, “That’s right. The Class President is right, you probably were just carsick, so your eyes were playing tricks on you.”

After some persuasion, they finally managed to convince the classmate. Chi Shuyan gave a few more reminders, then they went back to their seat, looking as though they had seen a ghost.

They weren’t blind. One of them might have seen it wrongly, but not all of them. Moreover, Chi Shuyan was wearing a V-neck t-shirt when he arrived, but he had just changed into a long sleeved shirt that covered most of his body. He was clearly trying to hide something!

Everyone exchanged looks, feeling that something was wrong, and if they continued investigating, they might perhaps uncover a massive secret.

Hence, all of them slowly looked back, and all they saw was Su Tang climbing onto the headrest of the row before him, looking nervously at them. When everyone saw him, they shrunk back into their seats like timid rabbits.

Those people had been so bedazzled by his moe looks that they forgot what they wanted to do. They eyed one another, then returned quietly back to their seats.

After a while, they finally recalled that they wanted to uncover the previous mystery.

Unfortunately, when they turned back, they didn’t see Su Tang anymore. Instead, they were met with Chi Shuyan’s cold stare. They paused for a second, then all of them turned back in unison and sat properly.

When Su Tang saw this, he finally heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to look at Chi Shuyan, the latter’s lips were curled up, looking somewhat mischievous.

“...…” Su Tang didn’t say anything. He simply moved to the side, his guard up, and used his expression to warn Chi Shuyan not to do anything.

“Were you scared?” Chi Shuyan chuckled.

“What do you think?” Su Tang retorted.

“Then, just smoothen your hair?” Chi Shuyan squeezed over and asked.

Smoothen his hair? Su Tang’s hair was about to explode. He moved to the corner, stuck closely to the window, then glared at the other man, warning him off.

However, this move was rather useful. Chi Shuyan didn’t move closer. He simply looked down and scrolled through his phone in boredom.

The group chat was already in a frenzy, as they discussed the matter that had just happened. Everyone gave their comments, and all of them agreed that their relationship was unusual.

Someone expressed his shock, “So, our tall, cold and noble Class President is attached, just like that?!!!”

One of the girls commented, “That’s right. I feel that our Class President is too uptight. He rejected so many pretty girls, I thought he was going to remain single for his entire life.”

“However, I think that they are quite compatible. The Class President is the cold and almighty male god seme, while Little Tangtang is the soft, moe and weak little uke.”

“I absolutely agree with that. Moreover, don’t you think that our Little Tangtang’s looks could bedazzle many girls instantly?”

One fujoshi commented, “That’s right! His skin is fair and tender, his waist is slim and his face is small. Plus, his voice is so soft, oh, it feels like god owes me a golden rod.”

“Cute, thinking about him.”

“Tsk.” Chi Shuyan’s expression darkened, and even his brows furrowed. In the end, everyone was so engrossed in the conversation that they didn’t notice that dark clouds had started forming above their heads.

The group chat was going high, and the chat messages had exceeded 99 messages unconsciously. And more importantly, they started speculating all sorts of things.

“What are you looking at?” When Su Tang saw Chi Shuyan’s strange expression, he wanted to lean over to take a look, but Chi Shuyan slid the page and turned the app off.

“Nothing much.” Chi Shuyan held his phone up and replied calmly.

“Oh?” Su Tang sounded like he didn’t believe him. He wanted to snatch the phone over, but was scared that others would see him, hence he hesitated for a long time before he said, “Let me see it.”

“Must you really see it?” Chi Shuyan asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes!” Su Tang nodded his head.

“Sure.” Chi Shuyan threw his phone over to him, a profound smile appearing on his face.

Su Tang had just started to feel nervous, and in the end, his face became redder as he read on. What was worse was that he even conjured all sorts of images in his mind.

However, this thread was truly poisonous; once Su Tang started, he couldn’t stop. He read all the way to the end, and even after the messages ended, he was still relishing it.

“Looks like you enjoy reading them?” Chi Shuyan was somewhat amused.

“No… No.” It was only then that Su Tang recalled that Chi Shuyan was beside him. He felt both embarrassed and shy, especially when he saw Chi Shuyan's smile, he felt even more ashamed of himself.

“Really?” Chi Shuyan probed again.

“No…” Su Tang was already sheepish, and after being pushed by the other person, he felt a ring in his mind, and immediately, his mind went blank and he couldn’t think of anything anymore.

“If it’s not the case, so be it. Do you have to be so nervous?” Chi Shuyan pulled him over and ruffled his hair. When he saw Su Tang in a daze, he leaned in and stole a kiss.

“You, you, you. We’ll be seen!” Su Tang hastily pushed him away, but Chi Shuyan didn’t care as he said, “They can see all they want. It’s not like anything will happen.”

“No, no. It’s too much. My… My heart was going to jump out.” His face was crimson as he said that.

“Oh, you are really too cute.” Chi Shuyan chuckled, but still, he didn’t continue teasing Su Tang. He simply opened the window wider, allowing the other person to recover.

When they reached their destination, Su Tang still had not recovered. He slowly walked to the back of the queue, walking two steps and turning back once. It was only when he saw Chi Shuyan standing behind him that he continued walking with ease.

In order to enjoy this trip, and also in order to make copying each other’s homework easier, they specially found a farmhouse to stay. Many of them could stay in one room, so they could have a lot of fun even late into the night.

It was getting close to noon, but everyone wasn’t eager to go out to play. Instead, they had lunch first, took a nap to digest their food, then went to the beach nearby to play.

But boys would always be boys. When they undressed, they couldn’t resist comparing sizes, or whose bodies were better. As Su Tang listened on, his eyes unwittingly trained towards Chi Shuyan.

He was really just curious, and he didn’t think about anything else. Anyway, Chi Shuyan was beside him, so he would just take a casual glance, and it wouldn’t be a big deal.

However, as much as he thought about it, when he actually saw it, his jaw almost dropped.

Initially, he was only taking a peek, and all he saw was the other man’s calves. The muscles were well-defined and perfect, so Su Tang couldn’t resist taking another look, intending to peek further up.

In the end, he managed to see Chi Shuyan’s abs, but he was also caught peeking.

Actually, it wasn’t really peeking. After all, everyone would take a look at one another, then do the same thing - they would catch each other in the act, it was just that, after all that embarrassment, some would be more discreet about it, while others would just be blatant about it.

Such as now - Chi Shuyan started staring blatantly.

Su Tang wasn’t really repulsed by this. Rather, he quite liked it. It was just that he had a problem - that was that he was easily embarrassed, and when that happened, his entire body would turn red. Usually, it was fine since he was clothed, but now that he was naked, it was as though he had just walked out of a sauna.

Chi Shuyan immediately thought about what those young girls were saying, such as his skinny waist, thin legs and fair skin, and it seemed as though they were spot-on.

At the start, Su Tang’s back was facing him, and Chi Shuyan could see the other person’s beautiful back and slender waist. When the other person couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to turn back to glare at him, he saw even more.

Such at those delicate collarbones, such as his fair belly, and between those two, the pink red dots…

Actually, Chi Shuyan had seen the other party like that before, but because it was in the dorm where the lighting was bad, and they were scared that others would discover them, hence he would always brush against them quickly. He had never observed them so closely, however, just that vague image was enough to make him relish for a long time.

However, when he saw them today, he wanted them again. After all, he was a young man about the age of eighteen, so if he didn’t have any urges when he saw the person he liked in this state, there was probably a problem with him.

Logically speaking, that was right, but Chi Shuyan had to restrain himself too. After all, Su Tang was too bashful, and would blush when he looked at him, and if he continued, he would probably be steaming red.

He tried to keep his gaze straight, and coincidentally, he saw the young man’s crimson face, as well as his timid gaze. He was scowling, yet there was love in his eyes. As he watched Chi Shuyan, his heart beat rapidly, taking his senses away with him.

“Can you stop looking?” Su Tang said to him.

“I can’t help it,” Chi Shuyan was honest about it.

“You…” Su Tang was hopping mad.

“Hmmm… Why don’t you return the favour?” Chi Shuyan’s thoughts were in a mess, so he could only say such inciting words.

How should he return the favour? Be like Chi Shuyan, and stare at himself? Su Tang couldn’t resist it, and he secretly thought about it for a while, but after that, he felt extremely ashamed, so his body turned even redder.

But he really wanted to look. What should he do? Su Tang was so conflicted that he was almost going to cry.

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