My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 91: Counterattack

The same expressions on the big and small members of Mini Frostcloud Sect, the same tone of voice, and the same look of scorn, made Daoist Tian Luo felt ashamed as if he was being stripped naked. However, the fetal sculpting talisman was too tempting for him, so he could only swallow his pride and said weakly, “It’s not asking for advice, but to explore, yes, explore.”

Jing Yue just smiled and didn’t expose him but sat down instead. “Welcome to Mini Frostcloud Sect as a guest, but for the talisman refining method… I can’t tell you that.”

Daoist Tian Luo's expression changed but Jing Yue added, “But I can provide you with a fetal sculpting talisman for you to study on your own.”

Daoist Tian Luo gasped aloud at his words and almost choked. After regulating his breathing, he asked, “How many can you provide?”

Jing Yue smile and said, “What do you think of my place here?”

“It’s fine,” Daoist Tian Luo said absent-mindedly.  He came all the way here with things on his mind, so how could he pay attention to other things?

Jing Yue, “Mini Frostcloud Sect is currently not strong enough, but it’s also not a place where other immortal gates can come as they wish and bully at will. In a few years, we will definitely stand above the other five immortal mountains.”

Daoist Tian Luo saw that he was bragging his way to the sky and said impatiently, “What are you trying to say?”

Jing Yue, “Don’t be hasty. I’m just projecting the prospects of Mini Frostcloud Sect to you. We are not short of spirit stones, not short of martial techniques, let alone short of the ability to make a name for ourselves, but we are short of a golden core zhenren. If you are willing to stay in the sect and become a resident guest, I’ll provide you with 5 fetal sculpting talismans every month. How about that?”

If Mini Frostcloud Sect had a golden core cultivator on guard, it would probably save a lot of trouble.

When Daoist Tian Luo heard this, he finally understood that the sect leader had a request of him, and he instantly trembled. Not only did his face cool down, but the taut body also relaxed. But before he could make his stance, Jing Yue said, “If you don’t agree, I won’t force you either.”

His words were gracious, but the expression on his face was obvious—then, you may go down the mountain.

Daoist Tian Luo was torn. He had no other hobby in life but to refine talismans. However, if he wanted to study the fetal sculpting talisman, he had to be bound to Mini Frostcloud Sect. After some consideration, he should… just agree to it.

Of course, he couldn’t agree to it for nothing, so he bargained, “You have to give me ten fetal sculpting talismans every month. Also, if the sect is in danger, I’ll naturally help, but other chores will have to depend on my mood.”

Jing Yue, “That’s fine, but since you have been appointed as the resident guest of Mini Frostcloud Sect, we need to let others know about it, right? It just happens that we have something on today, so I have to trouble you to do it.”

“What is it?”

Jing Yue smiled slightly, and Qin Yanzhi beside him also smiled. Daoist Tian Luo felt an inexplicable sense of regret.

Lion Mountain, Tiangang Sect.

Several elders were pacing back and forth in the hall. One said anxiously, “Why aren’t they back yet? They have been gone for several days!”

Another said, “Why don't… we send some more people to Flying Blossoms Mountain to take a look?”

“Why should we?” the Laozu of Tiangang Sect said disdainfully. “Is an unbefitting school like that worthy of your anxiety?”

The sect leader immediately agreed. “Yes, Mini Frostcloud Sect has two to three hundred disciples at most, and very few of them have even reached the Qi Refining stage. Even if they have some skills in talisman Dao, how can it be compared with Tiangang Sect? You are boosting their abilities and destroying your own prestige!”

He wanted to say more when a disciple rushed in. “They’re back! Luo-shishu and the others are back!”

The sect leader twirled his beard and smiled. “What did I just say? Go! Let’s welcome my disciple back.”

The Luo-shishu mentioned by the disciple was his direct disciple, and also the leader of the group sent to attack Mini Frostcloud Sect this time.

The Laozu also smiled and said, “Did they catch the sect leader of Mini Frostcloud Sect?”

The other elders followed, “Did they bring back the talisman refining methods? And all the spirit stones earned by Mini Frostcloud Sect, did they find all of them?”

The disciple who brought the message, however, had a bitter face and said in a trembling voice, “They… they…”

Seeing that he couldn't say a complete sentence at all, the sect leader said angrily, “They what? Talk properly!”

Who would have known that this disciple’s mental fortitude was not good? He was already under a lot of pressure, and after getting a fright, he rolled his eyes and fainted.

Sect leader, “…”

The hall fell silent. Several people looked at each other, smelling something fishy.

When they arrived at the mountain gate, they saw the disciples clamoring. Under the scorching sun, an old man was pulling a huge net stuffed full of people. At one glance, he looked like an ant pulling an elephant, and the visual effect was very frightening.

At this time, the people in the net were desperately crying for help. The sect leader scrutinized carefully and found that they were all disciples of Tiangang Sect! Instantly, he felt dizzy, his ears buzzed, and the fire in his heart rushed to his throat, almost burning him hoarse.

Furthermore, that old man still had the audacity to stimulate him and said, “Are you here? This is a gift from the sect leader of Mini Frostcloud Sect that I’m requested to bring here. He asked me to tell you to take good care of your disciples and grand-disciples so that they won’t get lost in the mountains again. He won’t be so kind the next time!”

With that said, the net fell from the sky!

“How dare you!”

The reason why Tiangang Sect was called one of the five great immortal gates was that there were two golden core zhenren on guard. The Laozu and the sect leader were furious. They waved their sleeves at the old man and the wind from the sleeves blew dark clouds and stirred up a storm of flying sand and rocks. All the disciples narrowed their eyes at the spectacle.

However, the old man just blocked the force with both hands and retreated far away with the momentum.

This nonchalant retreat caused a great blow to the two. Few people in the cultivation world could block their combined attack and most of them were in the other four immortal gates. Only one person had always been mysterious, the first rogue cultivator—Tian Luo-zhenren!

But why would Tian Luo-zhenren lend a helping hand to Mini Frostcloud Sect?

They were baffled, but the other disciples didn’t know the identity of the old man. They only thought that the laozu and sect leader had shown their magic prowess and forced the troublemaker to retreat with one move, so they cheered.

“As expected of the Laozu!”

“As expected of the Sect Leader!”

“As expected of a golden core zhenren!”

“The Laozu (sect leader) is so formidable that he can catch the evildoer, destroy his spiritual dais, eradicate his dantian, and avenge all our fellow disciples!”

Sect leader & Laozu, “…”

What humiliation play!

After all, the Laozu had lived a hundred years longer than the sect leader and had more life experience. He coldly snorted, “The evildoer must have used some unorthodox demonic talisman to flee so quickly. Let’s spare his life for the time being!”

As soon as he said that, another person floated in the air.

“Oh right! I almost forgot…” Daoist Tian Luo went and returned, causing the Laozu’s expression to collapse instantly.

Daoist Tian Luo spread his hands and tossed a large pile of talismans at them. Yellow paper filled the sky, and the scene of the mountains from a distance created a different view.

“The sect leader said it’s impolite not to return the favor.”

The words echoed at the entrance of the mountain gate. Once again, Daoist Tian Luo brushed off his clothes and left, concealing his merit and fame.

Only a group of people was left dumbfounded, looking at the sky fluttering with yellow talisman. Suddenly, the Laozu shouted, “Not good!”

Unfortunately, it was too late. The exploding yellow talisman was accompanied by howling and screaming, telling a tragic story…

—Those who heard it shed tears, those who saw it had their hearts broken.

Ten days later, teahouses and taverns all over the Haotian Realm.

“Hey, have you heard?”


“… I haven’t said it yet!”

“Then say it quickly!”

“Mini Frostcloud Sect is about to be destroyed by Tiangang Sect!”

“Pooh! How outdated are you? It’s clearly Mini Frostcloud Sect that wiped out Tiangang Sect! Even Tiangang Sect’s mountain gate has been reduced to ashes!”

“Really? Where did you hear the news?”

“It's more real than real gold! Tiangang Sect brought more than a thousand disciples to attack Flying Blossoms Mountain but they were all bundled up and sent back by a golden core old man!”

“How is it possible? I haven't heard that the sect leader of Mini Frostcloud Sect has golden core cultivation.”

“I didn't say that it was the sect leader. He only has a Foundation Establishment stage and is also a beautiful young man. What has the old man got to do with it? The golden core old man is just a resident guest of Mini Frostcloud Sect.”

“That can’t be possible either. How could there be so many golden core cultivators? Aren’t they in the five immortal gates?”

“Have you forgotten? The lake island…”

“So, it’s him! No wonder, he actually joined Mini Frostcloud Sect. This time, the five immortal gates won’t dare to act recklessly.”

The news spread like wildfire. Truth and rumors were muddled and quickly permeated the streets.

In Tianshui Palace out in the sea, a female cultivator in pink said, “Since the rise of Mini Frostcloud Sect is unstoppable, send them an invitation to the pill-making competition.”

Another long-faced female cultivator agreed, “That's right. Let them see the true heritage of a real immortal gate. We’re not the same as that declining Tiangang Sect.”

Female cultivator in pink smiled lightly. “They are capable enough to take care of Tiangang Sect, but if they underestimate the other immortal gates because of this, they only have themselves to blame if something goes wrong.”

Hidden Mountain, Bluecloud Valley.

After hearing the report from his subordinates, the sect leader laughed softly and said, “Mini Frostcloud Sect? Interesting.”

Forgotten Mountain, Cihang Gate.

A group of monks knocked on the wooden fish and sat around the hall chanting as if nothing in the outside world could disturb them.

Happy Mountain, Bodhisattva Yu.

The male cultivator took the fragrant wine served by the beautiful young girl and said happily, “Those stinky tramps from Tianshui Palace are going to wreak havoc again, but the excitement seems really fun!”

The sun was high in the sky and colorful clouds were plentiful.

Six spiritual horses pulled a treasured carriage behind them and galloped in the air. The carriage was large enough to accommodate more than ten people. Jing Yue, Qin Yanzhi and Daoist Tian Luo were sitting in it, with seven or eight other disciples accompanying them.

Gui Sheng, “Sect Leader, why are we participating in the pill-making competition? We don’t know alchemy, do we?”

Jing Yue smiled without commenting. He knew that Tianshui Palace issued an invitation to Mini Frostcloud Sect for the pill-making competition was in fact intimidation in disguise, but for pill-making… well, it was still too early to say who would be intimidating whom, and who would get the last laugh.

Initially, he wanted Daoist Tian Luo to remain vigilant in the sect, but he was worried that the people of Tianshui Palace couldn’t afford to lose and became angry, so he simply brought him along. As for the sect, with the formation protecting it, there was no fear of those with ulterior motives taking advantage of the situation.

Jing Yue closed his eyes in rest, one hand gently stroking the soft fluff of the blue phoenix, and Ji-ji’s face was also full of enjoyment.

After a while, Jing Yue asked suddenly, “Yanzhi, your sword seven styles have improved again recently. Do you want to learn any sword techniques?”

Qin Yanzhi shook his head. “It’s not time yet.”

At this time, three years had passed since Tiangang Sect attacked the mountain, and Qin Yanzhi had reached level-9 of Qi Refining stage. For nearly a year, Jing Yue had asked him the same question every other month, and Qin Yanzhi’s answer had always been the same.

Jing Yue opened his eyes slightly and looked at the teenager in front of him whose youth was gradually fading. In his mind, he sometimes thought of the other party's young ignorance, and sometimes thought of the mountain leader of Nine Heaven Academy. But no matter what he looked like, Qin Yanzhi never let the sword down, and the sword never let him down.

“Ahem, Sect Leader,” Daoist Tian Luo coughed and pulled Jing Yue’s attention back. “Although alchemy Dao is Tianshui Palace’s strength, there are also people in other sects who are proficient in pill-making. I see that you seemed quite confident. Don’t you take the last place and make me embarrassed later then.”

Jing Yue leaned back comfortably and said lazily, “You can rest assured.”

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