Lovable Package

Chapter 91: Little Cutie 28

Su Tang was at a loss about whether he should look. He simply looked down timidly, then quickly packed his things. He wanted to speak, but he couldn’t say anything. In the end, he could only glare at Chi Shuyan, then carry his bag and walk out.

Strangely, there were so many people out there, all of them fair-skinned, but Su Tang didn’t feel anything when he saw them. If it weren’t because he would always blush and his heart would beat rapidly when he was with Chi Shuyan, he would probably have thought that he was asexual.

Then again, after looking around at everyone, he still felt that his Chi Shuyan was the best. He was tall, and his figure was good. As Su Tang thought about it, he felt extremely proud, and the initial bit of shyness he felt disappeared with a trace. He was just in a very good mood.

Chi Shuyan and Su Tang walked side by side, and the former observed the latter’s expressions along the way. From the initial angry expression, to the frown later on, and just when he wanted to console the other party, Su Tang started smiling happily.

When Chi Shuyan saw that Su Tang’s mood had improved, he also became happy. It seemed as though the other party was his own weather forecast. Just now, it was a thunderstorm, now, the skies were clear, and the sun was starting to show itself, shining its warmth and light onto them.

“Do you know how to swim?” Chi Shuyan leaned in closer and suddenly asked Su Tang.

“Not really, but if you give me a float, I probably will be able to…” Su Tang wasn’t sure of himself, primarily because he was had mild aquaphobia. Anything beyond the depth of regular hot springs would be too scary for him.

Before that, Su Tang had also suggested it to the system, because he wanted to show his swimming skills in front of the other person. However, the system said that this skill wasn’t very useful, since their mission was to be a supporting character, and not the one doing the saving anyway. However, Su Tang insisted that the system had probably come up with this excuse because it was outdated and unable to do so, but was trying to put up a false front.

Regardless, Su Tang remained unable to swim. But even so, he did not want to sit alone by the beach and take pictures for others, while having to envy their ability to have fun in the water.

So he wanted to try, but his expression betrayed him.

“Hmmm… Why don’t we rent an inflatable raft? That way, you can still rest when you are tired.” Chi Shuyan made this suggestion after observing Su Tang’s petite figure. He was worried that the latter might be dragged away by the tides if he sat in a lifebuoy.

The idea might be good in theory, but in reality, it was difficult to execute. After all, Su Tang was a scaredy-cat, so after he went on the raft, he was like a frightened kitten. He did not dare to enter the water at all; he simply crouched by the side of the raft and watched as Chi Shuyan swam around.

Chi Shuyan said, “Get in, I’ll hold you.”

“How can I go down?” Su Tang was almost going to cry. He could not see the seabed, so he was afraid that he could not stand.

Chi Shuyan reached his hand out and coaxed him, “I’ll carry you. Don’t be scared, come on.”

“But it’s so deep…” Su Tang was hesitant, and when he tried to dip his feet into the water, a wave swept over and the raft bobbed along with it, making him feel as though he was in the air.

“Woahh…” He cried out in surprise, but unexpectedly, Chi Shuyan grabbed him at this moment. And as the tide receded, Su Tang fell forward and saw the water right in his face.

He was so scared that he closed his eyes, but after about thirty seconds, he realised that he was not choking on the water. Instead, he seemed to be floating around, as though someone had caught him.

“Baby, open your eyes.” Chi Shuyan pushed Su Tang’s wet hair aside and smiled at him.

When Su Tang heard him, he nodded obediently and opened his eyes carefully. He found himself leaning in Chi Shuyan’s embrace, and only his head was above the water.

“Are you still afraid?” Chi Shuyan asked.

“Yes,” Su Tang nodded, and chimed, “Don’t you dare let go of me.”

Chi Shuyan teased, “Tsk! Didn’t you forbid me from hugging you before this? Why are you going back on your words now?”

“I… I want you to hug me now! Are you going to reject me?” Su Tang replied fiercely, and even wrapped his arms tightly around Chi Shuyan’s neck, then leaned his head back and stared at him.

“Why are you even starting to act shamelessly?” Even though Chi Shuyan said this, the smile on his face had clearly deepened.

“Because I want to.” Su Tang pondered for a moment, then said tauntingly, “If not, I’ll go find someone else. Anyway…”

“How dare you?” Chi Shuyan shaped his little butt, then leaned over and licked his ear, before saying seductively, “Your husband is carrying you, but you dare to think of other people? Are you itching for a punishment?”

“You were the one who said that you didn’t want me,” Su Tang was feeling aggrieved. He wanted to sulk, but he realised that Chi Shuyan’s hands were still on his waist, clearly taking advantage of him. Hence, he said, “Take your hand away.”

Chi Shuyan frowned, as though asking him, Are you sure?

No, Su Tang wasn’t sure. He shrunk back, and did not persist.

He had been teased countless times by the other party, and every time, he would be the one being subdued, not daring to speak up anymore, and allowing the other man to do all he wanted.

It was the same now. This man had placed him on a large buoy, and even pinched his cheeks. When Su Tang glared at him, he shamelessly leaned over to kiss him.

It was just a kiss, but the feeling was entirely different from how it was in the past. The water was cold, but Chi Shuyan’s lips were very hot, and slowly, Su Tang started enjoying this sensation.

He closed his eyes, and small water droplets still clung onto his eyelashes, causing his eyes to appear dewy under the sunlight. Chi Shuyan couldn’t resist it, so he closed in on him and kissed the corner of his eyes, then kissed his brows.

The waves were choppy, and the water splashed onto their bodies. Su Tang was shocked, and he pushed the other man's face, his face still blushing. Yet, Chi Shuyan simply chuckled, then leaned in to kiss him again.

“Take one blow from me!” Li Cheng suddenly appeared from nowhere and started splashing water at Chi Shuyan. In the end, even Su Tang was implicated.

Su Tang was in a daze after being splashed, and he could only shake his head and stare dumbly at Chi Shuyan, asking him, “What just happened?”

Chi Shuyan didn’t say anything. He simply turned his head back, and saw Li Cheng looking over in shock.

It was fine if Chi Shuyan got wet, since they were just having fun. At the most, he would be served with a beating in the water. However, he didn’t expect Su Tang to be with Chi Shuyan.

Li Cheng couldn’t help but think, how unfortunate! If only Chi Shuyan wasn’t around. Given Su Tang’s soft character, even if he was accidentally injured, he simply had to apologise. After all, Su Tang was unlikely to tell anyone or take revenge against him. Unfortunately, he had splashed both of them together.

“Ohh… Why don’t we rent another raft? If you are tired, you can rest there.” Chi Shuyan saw Su Tang’s petite body and was worried that he might flip under if he continued to sit on the lifebuoy, hence he made another suggestion.

Li Cheng might be a careless person, but he knew how much Chi Shuyan pampered Su Tang. If Su Tang wanted the moon and the stars, Chi Shuyan would seek all means to get it for him. This time, he had splashed Chi Shuyan’s baby. If Chi Shuyan didn’t go all out to take revenge, he wouldn’t be Chi Shuyan anymore.

As Li Cheng thought of this, he apologised profusely to Su Tang, then turned around and ran. His speed was like a race car, and even Su Tang was stupefied.

Su Tang asked, “What’s wrong with him?”

“I don’t know,” Chi Shuyan feigned ignorance, then said to Su Tang, “I’ll go and ask him. Wait here for me.”

Su Tang nodded. He thought that Chi Shuyan was joking, but the other person actually brought another raft over, then turned to leave.

Oh? What was going on? When Su Tang saw Chi Shuyan’s departing figure, he had a bad premonition.

Hmmm… Li Cheng was going to suffer.

Even though Chi Shuyan and him didn’t know each other for a long time, he understood Chi Shuyan’s character. On the outside, he looked cold and aloof, but he was actually a devil inside. Towards someone like Li Cheng who came to provoke him, he could surely punish him.

Oh, how pitiful, Su Tang sighed to himself. Even though he pitied Li Cheng, he was simply sympathetic.

Anyway, Li Cheng wasn’t his boyfriend, so he didn’t really care about his outcome. However, he was feeling bored alone, so he started looking at the scenery.

The sky was very blue, making it look like the sea was above them instead. The fluffy clouds floated on the surface, moving around with the breeze, as though they were fishes in the ocean. A few seagulls would fly past occasionally, bringing an extra liveliness to the quiet and beautiful scenery.

After some time, Su Tang felt his eyelids becoming heavier, and the blue sky and clouds started becoming blurry. He was almost falling asleep.

However, he didn’t fall asleep. He felt as though he was awake, yet he was also in a dream. Anyway, his mind was in a daze, and he didn’t know what was real or fake.

The boat continued to rock, and then sunk down a little. Someone had probably climbed up the raft, and then lay down beside him quietly. He didn’t know what the other person was doing.

Yet, Su Tang felt at ease, and continued to keep his eyes closed, as he felt the warm sun shining on his body.

He seemed to hear the other person call his name, but he was too lazy to reply. He simply pouted, wanted to turn around, but he fell into the other person’s embrace.

He shifted around before finding a comfortable position. He was still in  dreamland, but that person simply chuckled. The voice got closer, and finally turned into a pair of soft lips that stuck to the corner of his lips.

Su Tang instantly awoke. However, he didn’t move, nor did he open his eyes. He pretended that he was still asleep, but he was still rather nervous as he felt the other party’s touch.

He told himself, this was a dream, so he could accept it comfortably. However, he somehow felt that this kiss would be different from the past.

True enough, the other party didn’t stop at a peck this time. Instad, the other man rubbed his lips, sucked them, and then attempted to open a small gap between them. It was like the first taste of forbidden fruit, and he felt nervous yet amazed.

Su Tang was equally nervous. His heart was pounding madly, and his breathing became heavier. His body was almost frozen in place, but in his heart, there was an unfathomable feeling of anticipation and excitement.

“You’re awake?” The other party stopped, probably worried that Su Tang might not be able to accept it, so he wanted to retreat, and try again another time.

However, Su Tang wasn’t happy with his actions. He was anxious, and held Chi Shuyan back, as he opened his eyes and replied, “Not awake.”

Chi Shuyan immediately laughed when he heard this. Su Tang was extremely embarrassed, but he didn’t retreat. Since things had come to this, he pounced on Chi Shuyan and captured his lips.

A rabbit biting a wolf was going to be bitten back instead. Moreover, once the rabbit took the bait, how could the wolf allow it to escape so easily?

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