Lovable Package

Chapter 93: Little Cutie 30

*NSFW content ahead!

After locking their lips for some time, the two men were still immersed in their desire. Su Tang’s consciousness was wavering, and he leaned onto Chi Shuyan’s body, panting heavily. In the end, he barely rested for a short while before Chi Shuyan hugged him tight once again, and his lips slid down to his nape.

Su Tang didn’t move, because he didn’t have an ounce of energy within him. He just felt that his entire body was limp, his mind was in a mess, and even though he was aware of what Chi Shuyan was doing to him, he didn't know how to react at all.

At this moment, he was extremely obedient. He would simply let out a few low and soft moans occasionally. Chi Shuyan couldn’t control himself when he heard his reaction; he wanted to hug and lick every single part of Su Tang's body, and devour him entirely.

Chi Shuyan's breathing became heavier, and even his breaths were very warm. The area below his hips was already swelling to the point that it was almost painful, but he could only hug Su Tang tightly, rubbing some of the fire onto the other party.

It was at this precise moment that a gust of sea breeze blew over, bringing with it the dampness and coolness of the seawater. The mix of hot and cold created an unfathomable reaction. Chi Shuyan returned to his senses and stopped his actions.

“Huuu…” He blew out a long breath, but he didn’t dare to continue. He could only close his eyes and force himself not to look, so that he could calm down.

He was trying his best to control his emotions, but Su Tang wasn’t aware of it. The latter just felt that he was extremely uneasy when Chi Shuyan stopped just like that. Hence, he wriggled a little. Yet, it was this little movement that almost caused Chi Shuyan to lose the last shred of his rationality.

“Don’t move.” Chi Shuyan’s voice was hoarse and filled with desire, but yet, he also sounded like he was suppressing himself. Su Tang also snapped out of his pleasure, and didn’t dare to move anymore.

“Are you alright…” He asked Chi Shuyan carefully.

“I’m not.” Chi Shuyan smiled bitterly, “I’m dying from trying to control myself.”

“What should we do then?” Su Tang was extremely worried, and his voice trembled as he spoke.

“Let me calm down a little.” Chi Shuyan leaned back a little, creating some distance between Su Tang and himself, before saying again, “Be good, my baby. Please don’t say a word. Once you speak, I won’t be able to control myself again.”

“Ah. Alright.” Su Tang quickly agreed, but all he heard was the other man’s groan. He was probably affected by his voice.

Su Tang was so surprised that he didn’t dare to make another sound. He could only apologise in his heart, then sat where he was, not moving a single inch.

Even so, Chi Shuyan’s crotch was still rubbing against him. He could feel its hardness, and Su Tang didn’t dare to even take a deep breath.

Su Tang thought to himself, he just had to bear with it for a short while. Hence, he sat there quietly for some time. However, he was still too naïve. He thought that the bulge would subside after a short time, but after a long while, not only did he remain hard, the bulge… only became larger.

Su Tang was in a dilemma; he didn’t know if he should be happy or worried. Even though his boyfriend’s stamina was good, he was hard at a single touch, and the hardness didn’t seem to stop. It was really worrisome.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he wasn’t sitting on the man’s thighs, but a burning hot metal rod.

A few more minutes passed, and Chi Shuyan couldn’t sit still any longer. He clenched his teeth, stood up and took a few steps back, then dipped his body into the water to cool himself down.

“Are you alright?” Su Tang didn’t have the time to feel relieved. He climbed over to take a look at Chi Shuyan, but the latter simply shook his head, before submerging himself again into the water. It was only then that he felt slightly better.

“Do you want to go back first?” Chi Shuyan felt somewhat embarrassed as he said that.

“Sure.” Su Tang nodded, but when he saw that Chi Shuyan seemed to want to say something, he came to a sudden realization, and his heart started beating faster.

Could it be that…

Su Tang immediately threw the idea out of his mind. He told himself not to overthink things, but still, his mind couldn’t help but wander. When he stepped back ashore, he still glanced at Chi Shuyan and saw that the area was still bulging. True enough, he was still hard.

“You,,, Stand there and don’t move.” Su Tang stuttered, and when he saw that Chi Shuyan wasn’t reacting, he threw his lifebuoy at the latter’s feet, before saying, “Cover yourself.”

After that, he ran off without looking back. He went to their locker, took out Chi Shuyan’s bag and quickly pulled out two pieces of clothes, then shoved it into Chi Shuyan’s arms.

This was a very arduous journey for him. It was only when they went back to the room and closed the door that he could heave a sigh of relief.

It was only about 4PM that afternoon. It was still bright outside, and the other classmates probably wouldn’t return so early. So they probably wouldn’t discover anything strange…

As Su Tang thought about it, he turned to look at Chi Shuyan. The latter had already locked the door, after which he carried him up, kissed his forehead, before walking to the bathroom.

“Ummm…” Su Tang was a little nervous. He tugged Su Tang’s arm and said in a tiny voice, “I’m scared of pain…”

“Ah? Why would you feel pain?” Chi Shuyan was clueless when he asked that, and Su Tang started blushing.

The couple looked at each other for some time, before Chi Shuyan finally realized that Su Tang had misunderstood his intention. He only wanted to hug Su Tang and rub against him, but the latter thought that he wanted to do it for real. Even though Su Tang was a little scared, once he thought that Chi Shuyan was the one doing it, he suddenly felt that he could take it.

In reality, he had thought too much. And not only that, he had spoken his mind. What would Chi Shuyan think? Would he think that he was too brazen?

Just the thoughts raced through his mind, he saw that Chi Shuyan was stifling his laughter so hard that his shoulders were shaking.

“Why are you laughing?!” Su Tang was both shy and angry, and he could only beat Chi Shuyan a few times to vent his anger.

“Alright, I won’t laugh anymore. I just felt that you were too cute.” Chi Shuyan coughed twice, but he was still smiling widely. He really loved to see Su Tang’s angry little face, and he leaned in to kiss him.

Su Tang turned his head, unwilling to look at him, but he didn’t ask Chi Shuyan to put him down. He simply acted angry, but he was still extremely obedient.

That was because he was feeling extremely nervous. They were clearly going to help each other, but when he thought about Chi Shuyan’s size, he felt a little resentful.

However, the resentfulness only lasted for a short while. When Chi Shuyan touched him, he was so comfortable that his soul was about to leave his body.

Su Tang lay down in the bathtub, and Chi Shuyan lay atop him. The latter kissed him from his head to his belly, and finally, when Chi Shuyan’s mouth enveloped that area, Su Tang was so excited that he couldn’t help moaning.

“No… No more…” Su Tang straightened his legs, as he spoke weakly.

“Is it not satisfying?” Chi Shuyan didn’t let him go. His voice was muffled, and there was a wet slurping sound.

“No, that’s not it…” Su Tang was about to cry. Or rather, he did cry, because the other party had brought him to euphoria, and his tears fell during that moment of satisfaction.

“So, you are satisfied then?” When Chi  Shuyan saw Su Tang’s reaction, he felt that it was worth it holding himself back for so long. He then lowered his head and rubbed him for a while longer. After that, he released Su Tang’s shaft and asked, “Did you feel good?”

Su Tang did not have any energy to reply to him anymore. However, Chi Shuyan still wanted to tease him, and he stopped when Su Tang didn’t say anything.

It would be fine if Chi Shuyan really stopped. However, the latter wasn’t so kind; he would stop, but circle the area around it, and would even scatter soft kisses around Su Tang’s belly.

He sucked till there were a few faint pinkish marks, then moved down when he was satisfied, before asking the other man again.

Once he opened his mouth, the warm breath would spread on Su Tang’s sensitive area. It was ticklish, yet it wasn’t as pleasurable for Su Tang.

“Do you like this?” Chi Shuyan asked him again.

“Yes…” Su Tang’s reply sounded like a sob.

“That’s my boy.” Chi Shuyan was satisfied with his reply, hence he took Su Tang into his mouth again. Perhaps he was too passionate the first time, hence it only took a short while before Su Tang cried out again.

“So fast?” Chi Shuyan was amused, then looked down at Su Tang’s hips.

“Booo… You’re bullying me!” Su Tang was extremely embarrassed. He felt that he had lost all dignity in this lifetime. He didn’t want to be so quick too, but how could he stand it from the way Chi Shuyan was going down on him?

“That’s fine. That’s still cute.” Chi Shuyan smiled, and then moved in to give him a peck, before he rubbed everything out. Then, he teased, “It’s sweet.”

“How can that be?” Su Tang couldn’t be bothered to argue with him. All he wanted was to take a break.

When Chi Shuyan saw this, he simply chuckled, then pulled Su Tang into his embrace. He continued to kiss the latter’s neck, and he moved down slowly till he tasted the two red tips on his chest.

Su Tang had already released the hand that was covering his mouth. He simply leaned against the side of the bathtub. At times, he would grab the side tightly from the pleasure, worried that he might lose himself in the waves of desire.

Chi Shuyan then took his hand and placed it on his own. He asked, “My good baby, can you help me too?”

Su Tang grunted in reply, but he felt that his fingers were already touching the burning rod. He had to give up on his shyness as he helped Chi Shuyan out.

It was truly gigantic. He only rubbed a few times before he felt his wrists becoming sore. However, when he saw Chi Shuyan’s breathing becoming hitched as he leaned against him, a sense of achievement overcame him.

In the end, Su Tang really ran out of energy. Chi Shuyan could only hold his waist and thrust against his body. His body was soft, and Chi Shuyan felt as though he was pushing against a mound of cotton. He loved that feeling.

After some time, Su Tang was already limp like a puddle of water. He couldn’t say a word, and could only hum or make muffled noises. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean that Chi Shuyan would let him off. In fact, he started to demand more from him.

The splashing sounds in the bathroom only stopped after a long, long time. Su Tang was in a daze, almost on the verge of falling asleep. It was only then that Chi Shuyan carried him out of the water, wiped him clean, before putting him back in bed.

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