My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 95.1: Six Wheel Secret Realm pt. 1

(TN: For this chapter, there is a differentiation between ‘xiandan’ 仙丹= immortal pill/elixir, and normal  dan 丹 = pill)

“Genesis Elixir.”

Jing Yue’s calm words were like a thunderstorm.


Thunder exploded in Fairy Kushui’s mind as she staggered two steps back. She lowered her head and made no sound for a while. When she raised her head again, her eyes were already bloodshot, filled with jealousy and greed, which eventually transformed into thirsty fervor.

The effect of the Genesis Elixir was very simple. If an absolute level Foundation Establishment cultivator consumed this when they tried to break through to the Golden Core stage, it could increase the rate of core formation by more than 50%. Even if it didn’t succeed, it could still produce a pseudo-core. In other words, with this pill, the Golden Core stage was certain!

Although the residual detritus of this pill was very severe and many talented cultivators may not want to take it, for most cultivators in the Haotian Realm, it was the supreme treasure!

Here, a Golden Core cultivator could reign supremacy and wield control. Even if the cultivation progress ended here, it was more than enough!

However, the Genesis Elixir only existed in ancient scrolls. At least for ten thousand years, this pill had never appeared in the Haotian Realm and had become a legend.

No wonder so many Foundation Establishment cultivators had entered meditation. It was recorded in ancient books that when the furnace was opened, the fragrance of the Genesis Elixir contained strong medicinal power. Even a whiff would be of great help to cultivation!

Back then, Fairy Kushui relied on the Golden Lotus Elixir to achieve golden core stage. A large amount of detritus was also deposited in her body and she would have no hope of advancement in this lifetime, but the golden core formed was far less solid than the one produced by the Genesis Elixir.

If only she had this pill back then…

With a wave of Fairy Kushui’s sleeve, the originally cracked furnace completely shattered, and she took the pill from the furnace in her hand. As soon as she touched it, she felt a surge of spiritual energy, compelling her to take the Genesis Elixir for her own, and all those who competed with her would die!

“Sect Leader Kushui, it’s time to announce the end of the competition.”

Jing Yue’s reminder pulled Fairy Kushui back to her senses. When the latter recalled all the crazy thoughts just now and realized that she had almost suffered a Qi deviation, cold sweat instantly drenched her entire back and she went limp.

After a while, Fairy Kushui respectfully handed the pill back to Jing Yue and bowed to him, thanking him for waking her up in time and prevented her from falling into the deep end.

Jing Yue nodded slightly, closed his eyes, and adjusted his breathing.

To daunt everyone this time, he really went all out. Forcibly refining the Genesis Elixir with his Foundation Establishment cultivation was still too overwhelming. At this time, the spiritual energy in his body was completely drained as if the whole person had been hollowed out, and he was exhausted.

The reason why Jing Yue chose the Genesis Elixir was precisely because of its influence on the Haotian Realm.

In the World of Seven Continents, although this pill was rare, it was not sought after by many cultivators, because golden core cultivators had limited power in this big world, so why would they be willing to stop the progress at this level? However, in this realm, Golden Core was already the pinnacle. Since they couldn’t see the future, they were naturally willing to exchange the obscure future for a Genesis Elixir.

When he opened his eyes again, Qin Yanzhi had come to his side and wiped the sweat from his forehead very ‘virtuously’.

Jing Yue was about to thank him when an old man walked up to him and bowed to him three times.

“I’m Wu Changzi of Bluecloud Valley. I want to thank Sect Leader Jing for giving me this chance encounter.” Wu Changzi sincerely thanked him. He had entered the meditative state just now and his cultivation base had grown slightly. No matter how much progress he made, he owed a debt to Jing Yue.

Jing Yue, “You’re welcome.”

Wu Changzi stepped aside. Another young man walked up to Jing Yue, also bowed three times, and expressed his gratitude. After this person, dozens of others came one after another. All of them had gained something and willingly bowed to Jing Yue.

Jing Yue accepted their thanks one after another and took it as the completion of this karma. After all, this was unintentional.

Fairy Kushui looked at this scene and felt exasperated. This competition was meant to create fanfare for Xu Fenglan, but now, who cared what pill Xu Fenglan had refined? She had wanted to suppress Mini Frostcloud Sect, but even Tianshui Palace was convinced of Jing Yue's attainments in the art of alchemy. As long as Mini Frostcloud Sect didn’t snatch the business from Tianshui Palace, they would protect the other party. They still needed the recipe from him, right? Even if they couldn’t get the Genesis Elixir, maybe Jing Yue had other recipes?

In short, they really went out for wool and came back shorn. But not only was she not angry, she even felt that she had gained something somehow. It was quite tragic to think about it.

Although the Genesis Elixir that Jing Yue made that day was only a medium grade, he still won first place without dispute.

As soon as the competition was over, news of the appearance of the Genesis Elixir quickly spread throughout the cultivation world, and many cultivators hurried to Flying Blossoms Mountain to seek for one.

In the past, many people thought that Mini Frostcloud Sect only relied on talismans and Daoist Tian Luo’s support to occupy a spot in the cultivation world. Even if they had taught Tiangang Sect a good lesson, people didn’t think that they possessed the strength comparable to the Five Great Immortal Sects, and could only make a rival out of Tiangang Sect.

Now, with the emergence of the Genesis Elixir, no matter what they thought of Mini Frostcloud Sect, most of the forces were subdued. Especially those cultivators who were about to break through the barrier, who wouldn’t want an additional 50% chance of golden core formation rate?

They wanted the Genesis Elixir, while Mini Frostcloud Sect was not a sect that could easily be bullied, so what else could they do? They could only hold them in the palm and protect them.

Besides, other than the Genesis Elixir, Mini Frostcloud Sect had another product that cultivators couldn't refuse, which was the fetal sculpting talisman. Due to the scarcity, each talisman was enough to set off a bloody storm.

In this way, the prestige of Mini Frostcloud Sect had multiplied, no longer weaker than any of the five great immortal sects. In just a few years, the size of the sect had also expanded nearly ten times, with as many as four or five thousand disciples.

It was also during this period that Jing Yue achieved some success and finally entered the upper-level of Foundation Establishment stage.

Hidden Mountain, Bluecloud Valley.

Smoke from incense lingered in the main hall. The elders of Bluecloud Valley sat on both sides, while the sect leader sat at the top, and said slowly, “Are you saying that Tiangang Sect and Bodhisattva Yu want to make a move against Mini Frostcloud Sect?”

A disciple in green replied, “It’s just speculation. According to the scouts, the two factions have been having frequent private dealings lately, apparently making big moves. Tiangang Sect has always had a grudge against Mini Frostcloud Sect, while the sect leader of Bodhisattva Yu personally went up to Flying Blossoms Mountain six months ago to seek medicine for his disciple, and it is said that he had a very unpleasant look on his face when he came down from the mountain, so…”

The Sect Leader smiled lightly, “Counting the days, the hundred-year deadline is approaching, and the Six Wheel Secret Realm is about to open.”

The disciple in green was startled. “What the sect leader means is that they are not going to deal with Mini Frostcloud Sect, but are preparing to join forces in the Six Wheel Secret Realm?”

“At least, they don't have the energy to provoke Mini Frostcloud Sect before the secret realm opens.” The sect leader’s smile disappeared. “Notify all disciples in the sect, one month later, the sect competition will select outstanding disciples to enter the Six Wheel Secret Realm.”

Disciple in green, “Yes!”

After the disciple in green received the order and withdrew, an elder said, “The map that our disciples have brought back with great difficulty last time has been sorted out. This time, we are sure to reap some rewards.”

Sect leader, “The six wheel secret realm is both a test and an opportunity for us. Properly executed, we will gain a hundred years of progress. Otherwise, like Lion Mountain and Bodhisattva Yu, we’ll suffer for a hundred years!”

Everyone in the hall looked serious. An elder suddenly asked, “In that case, should we inform Mini Frostcloud Sect this time?”

The sect leader paused and fell into silence.

Happy Mountain, Bodhisattva Yu.

In the gorgeous palace, the sect leader in red stepped barefoot on the smooth back of a naked girl as he said to his eldest disciple below, “Zhao Ying, you will lead your fellow disciples to the Six Wheel Secret Realm this time. Last time, those bald donkeys from Cihang Gate and the hypocrites from Bluecloud Valley joined forces to trap us. This time, let’s make sure no one gets out!”

The Zhao Ying he referred to was a handsome young man, and he replied, “Rest assured, sect leader, this disciple will avenge the humiliation we suffered!”

Lion Mountain, Tiangang Sect.

Hatred flashed in the eyes of the sect leader as he gritted his teeth and said, “Mini Frostcloud Sect, as long as you dare to turn up, hmph!”

On the east summit of Flying Blossoms Mountain, Jing Yue was practicing the seven sword styles together with Qin Yanzhi. They had been in this world for 20 years, and Jing Yue had also practiced the seven sword styles for 20 years. Unless under special circumstances, he could say that he didn’t stop for a single day.

Now, he was more acute to the sword style. Just an ordinary movement contained just the right touch of beauty as if he was one with the nature of heaven and earth.

As for Qin Yanzhi, he was born to practice swordsmanship. In just 15 years, his progress was no less than Jing Yue. He was no longer the little chubby who couldn’t even hold the sword steadily back then. Every strike he made conformed to the origin of the sword as if forged by nature. What was even better was that the sword spirit in his dantian had almost absorbed the malefic energy of the nine heaven rift, and the sharp Qi was even more intense than before.

Ten days ago, he suddenly entered into a meditative state during practice, and ten days later, he had successfully reached the Foundation Establishment stage.

In this way, Jing Yue could finally rest easy. Qin Yanzhi could not advance for a long time and he had been worried if he was guiding him in the wrong direction, and kept asking him about it. Blue phoenix said that his behavior was like some parents in the small world urging their children to marry and have children, and that anxiety was all for nothing.

After practicing for another half a day, Jing Yue retracted his sword and exchanged a smile with Qin Yanzhi.

At this time, the strong winds had receded, and a gentle breeze blew. One big and one small stood still and looked at each other, with the tacit understanding and closeness in their eyes that only they could understand.

Blue phoenix finally flew up staggeringly from the bottom of the mountain. After so many years, it still couldn’t withstand the strong winds and was no longer thick-skinned enough to brag about it. It slumped on Jing Yue’s shoulder, sobbing silently.

When they returned to the temple, Wu Zhongchun happened to be waiting at the door and said to Jing Yue as soon as he saw him, “Sect Leader, Tian Luo-zhenren has something to discuss.”

A few moments later, Jing Yue found Tian Luo and asked, “Why are you looking for me?”

Without further ado, Daoist Tian Luo said, “I just remembered something. It’s like this…”

It turned out that 1,000 years ago, Haotian Realm discovered a secret realm called Six Wheel, which opened once every hundred years, and only Foundation Establishment cultivators could enter.

“There is only one white jade building in the secret realm with six floors. The higher you go up, the more difficult it is, and the greater the reward. So far, no one has passed the fourth floor but for a disciple of Bluecloud Valley who stepped into the fourth floor a century ago. However, there were heavy casualties, and only one disciple escaped back.” Daoist Tian Luo said solemnly. “It is also said that there is a curse in the secret realm. People who enter may be unconscious at any time and fall asleep forever.”

Jing Yue nodded slightly. “It sounds very interesting. May I ask which floor have you reached?”

Daoist Tian Luo’s expression froze for a moment and reluctantly said, “Hmph, only 20 people can enter the secret realm each time and they are divided by the five immortals. How do rogue cultivators like us stand a chance?”

An uncanny smile appeared on Jing Yue’s face. “Then why are you telling me at this time?”

Daoist Tian Luo, “I just can’t stand their domineering ways. Now that Mini Frostcloud Sect has the strength to compete, why not share a piece of the pie?”

Jing Yue deliberately said, “But this piece of pie may be poisonous. Only Yanzhi and I are at Foundation Establishment stage in the sect, and Yanzhi is unwilling to be separated from me. Are you hoping for us to get trapped in the secret realm and inherit our legacy?”

Daoist Tian Luo said angrily, “Am I such a person?”

Jing Yue, “Who was the one who snuck into the talisman hall in the middle of the night the day before yesterday and stole the fetal sculpting talisman?”

Daoist Tian Luo, “…”

Jing Yue sighed. “If not for the hidden formation I’ve placed outside the talisman hall, you’d have succeeded.”

Daoist Tian Luo buried his face in his hands, too ashamed to see anyone. “What are you going to do then?”

Jing Yue, “If I went with Yanzhi, and I don’t know when we’ll return, the sect cannot be left without a leader. I hope that Zhenren can officially join my Mini Frostcloud Sect and guard the sect for me as an elder.”

“This…” Daoist Tian Luo paused briefly. Thinking back on the days he had spent in the sect, it seemed pretty good, right?

As a guest resident, apart from being ordered to go to Lion Mountain to provoke them at first, he had never done anything for the sect since then. All he needed to do was to study the talisman every day and there was no need to worry about spirit stones. Moreover, the fellow disciples were friendly and harmonious, and the relationship was not as complicated as he had imagined before, so it could be said to be free of any worries.

Besides, after being here for such a long time, he knew that Jing Yue’s methods were formidable. Any factions with the guts to make trouble up the mountain would return with their tails tucked between their legs like Tiangang Sect. If not for the fact that Jing Yue found it bothersome, he didn’t need Daoist Tian Luo’s presence at all.

To put it bluntly, Mini Frostcloud Sect borrowed his prestige but he received more favors in return.

At this moment, Tian Luo-zhenren made the wisest decision of his life.

“Okay then, I agree.”

Jing Yue laughed softly. “In that case, I shall trouble you then, Elder Tian Luo.”

After saying goodbye to Daoist Tian Luo, Jing Yue took a stroll around the temple. The moon hung high in the sky at this moment. He looked up at the stars in the night and suddenly thought of the World of Seven Continents.

20 years had passed now. Based on his current cultivation progress, without a chance encounter, it might take two to three hundred years before he could return. With the opening of the six wheel secret realm, although there might be many unknown dangers, it could also be a chance encounter for him.

In any case, since he knew about this matter, he would definitely go.

However… Jing Yue sneered. Mini Frostcloud Sect seemed to have been forgotten by the five immortal gates.

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