My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 95.2: Six Wheel Secret Realm pt. 2

Two days later, the sect leader of Bluecloud Valley received a transmitted message from Mini Frostcloud Sect.

“The six wheel secret realm is about to open. I heard that the five immortal gates each have four spots. My Mini Frostcloud Sect has only been established for 15 years, so I am embarrassed to ask for too much. You may just simply give me two spots.”

Jing Yue's laughing voice echoed in the hall and an elder said angrily, “He really doesn’t know his limits! Shameless! He really thinks we are afraid of him!”

“Exactly! He actually asked for two spots at once! How do we divide the remaining 18 spots?” Another elder also found it absurd. He was puzzled and said, “They only have one Foundation Establishment cultivator in the whole sect. Why do they need two spots?”

The hall was filled with discussion. In the end, the sect leader asked, “So, what do you suggest?”

The crowd looked at each other and someone said, “I don’t think the message from Mini Frostcloud Sect is only sent to Bluecloud Valley, right? The other four sects should also have received it. Why don’t we wait for their reaction before we decide?”

The disappointment in the sect leader's eyes flashed and he said coldly, “Fool! The five immortal gates are already suspicious of each other. Don’t you think the other sects will also share the same thought? If we drag things on, it will only offend Mini Frostcloud Sect.”

An elder huffed, “So what if we offend them? Should we be afraid of them?”

“Afraid? When has Bluecloud Valley ever been afraid of anyone? However, don’t you want the Genesis Elixir anymore?” The sect leader sneered, “I’ve already reached the Golden Core stage and don’t really care about it, but how about the rest of you? Don’t you need it?”

Seeing that no one answered, he added, “You may say disdainful words now, but who really dares to do anything to Mini Frostcloud Sect? They are not weak and they also possess the Genesis Elixir and fetal sculpting talisman. If they just spread a little news out, countless practitioners are willing to work for them! With their strength today, it's okay if they don't know about the secret realm. Once they know about it, they’d definitely share in a piece of the pie.”

An elder said dejectedly, “Are we just going to allow Mini Frostcloud Sect to take advantage?”

“That's not a matter of choice, but it’s still too early to say whose advantage they are taking.” The sect leader smiled subtly, “Since Mini Frostcloud Sect only asked for two spots, the remaining 18 spots won’t be evenly distributed among the five immortal gates, but someone will still get four spots. With the strength of Bluecloud Valley, it’s not difficult to get four spots. Isn’t it the same as before? Since we can be generous at the expense of others, why don’t we help Mini Frostcloud Sect and earn this favor?”

The elder was delighted. “Yes, I got it all wrong before! Now that Tiangang Sect and Bodhisattva Yu have joined forces against us, with Mini Frostcloud Sect stepping in, we may even try to pull some aggro! Hehe, not to mention the dangers of the secret realm. If anything happens to Sect Leader Jing in the secret realm, I wonder if Mini Frostcloud Sect can still hold on to their secrets?”

Everyone pondered. Since Bluecloud Valley wouldn’t suffer any losses, they said, “We respect the sect leader’s command.”

Ethereal Town.

The waiter put up the wood panels, casually slung the white cloth towel over his shoulder, and yawned as he prepared to go back to the room to clean up.

Suddenly, he felt the ground shake slightly. The waiter’s squinted eyes suddenly popped wide open. Was he too sleepy that caused the dizziness or did the ground move? He was hesitating whether to hide when he saw a red light shining through the gap of the carved window. The waiter jolted and took out a wooden door panel, only to see the blood-red sky like a sea of flames.

The immortal realm had opened!

The sounds of cheers came from Ethereal Town. They learned from ancient books or their ancestors that the immortal realm would open once every 100 years and immortals would come to this town by then. Anyone with the fate of an immortal could follow the immortals and live in the immortal mountain. Thus, this town was called Ethereal Town.

But a thousand years had passed and no one with the fate of an immortal had appeared in this town.

There was a small hill 50 miles outside Ethereal Town where the red light emitted. When the cultivators from surrounding areas noticed it, they thought a heavenly treasure was born and came from all directions.

But when they arrived at the hill, there were already people waiting there.

“Huh? It's someone from Tianshui Palace.”

“There’s also Bluecloud Valley, Tiangang Sect… all the five great immortal gates are here!” The person who spoke gasped. “Could it be the Six Wheel Secret Realm?”

“Who are the other two? They don't seem to belong to the great five.”

“Are you stupid? Of course it’s Mini Frostcloud Sect!”

At this moment, the six major factions stood in clear separation, with three people from Bodhisattva Yu and Tiangang Sect respectively, and four from the other three immortal gates. Only Mini Frostcloud Sect consisted of Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi.

The three disciples of Tiangang Sect stared at Jing Yue viciously as if they wanted to eat him alive. Jing Yue was not afraid and grinned at them. “How have you been doing?”

He recognized that two of the three disciples had ‘visited’ Mini Frostcloud Sect as ‘guests’ before. One was surnamed Luo, who seemed to be a Shishu, while the other had a face full of pockmarks, and seemed to be surnamed Yu.

The muscles on Luo Chenghai's face trembled. His hatred for Mini Frostcloud Sect was bitter to the bone. He was somewhat surprised to see the other party turn up with two people. He thought that Jing Yue deliberately asked for two places to annoy others.

He sized up the other Foundation Establishment cultivator next to Jing Yue and saw that his bone age was only 20. Foundation Establishment at 20? It was impossible even if he started cultivation from his mother’s womb!

Jing Yue, “Most disciples of Mini Frostcloud Sect have excellent talent. Not any stinky fish or shrimp can join just to fill the numbers.”

Luo Chenghai was so angry that he was about to pull out his twin hammers. “You!”

Next to him, Pockmarks Yu tugged at him. “Shishu, ignore them. Let’s go in first before we say anything else.” After speaking, he looked around suggestively.

Seeing the rest of the sects peeking this way, Luo Chenghai grunted in exasperation, loosened his hold, and sneered, “Yes, let’s go in before we say anything else.”

Once they got in, don’t think of getting out!

But the fire in his heart had not been dispelled, so Luo Chenghai said to a few prying cultivators, “Tiangang Sect is on official business here, so get lost!”

The onlookers immediately scattered.

Luo Chenghai was finally happy, a hint of disdain in his glee. That should be the way! He was a member of the five immortal gates! Much more prestigious than Mini Frostcloud Sect!

At this moment, Qin Yanzhi was looking at the sky of red, and a door was faintly visible within. He suddenly felt that his chance encounter was right behind this door.

Speaking of which, he recalled that since his Foundation Establishment, his brother had found a bunch of sword techniques for him, but he always felt that they were not suitable for him, and he was afraid and worried that the other party would get angry. But his brother reassured him that his chance encounter had not arrived yet, and told him that once it appeared, he would know that it was his sword.

Thinking of this, Qin Yanzhi felt a surge of warmth and couldn't help calling out to him.

Jing Yue smiled as he looked over, and it was more beautiful than the morning sun against the red light.

At this time, everyone heard the clear sound of Daoist scriptures as if tens of thousands of Daoist priests sat around chanting together. The door in the red light finally revealed a gap, and a white jade stairway fell down.

A disciple from Bluecloud Valley approached and said to Jing Yue, “Sect Leader Jing, I’m Wang Yingfeng from Bluecloud Valley. The secret realm is now open. After you, please.”

Jing Yue, “Thank you.”

He touched his chest, exchanged glances with Qin Yanzhi, and stepped up the stairs with him.

When the twentieth person ascended the white jade steps, the red light dissipated and peace was restored.

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