Lovable Package

Chapter 95: Little Cutie 32

“Exceedingly sweet,” Chi Shuyan smiled as he lowered his head and rubbed his nose with Su Tang’s intimately.

The air was suddenly filled with a sweet atmosphere, as though fine sugar was melted into warm milk. The fragrance filled the air, making one feel as though he wanted to give it a taste, and to experience that smooth and rich sweetness.

Chi Shuyan still wanted another taste. Unfortunately, Su Tang turned his head, appearing innocent and bashful, as though he wasn’t the one who had seduced him till he lost his senses.

“I’m hungry…” Su Tang’s voice was soft, like an insect, and his movements were extremely light. He simply tugged at Chi Shuyan’s shift, like a kitten who was feeling guilty because he did something wrong.

“You’re doing it on purpose.” Chi Shuyan caught Su Tang’s hand and pinched it, as though he was punishing him. He clearly didn’t use any force on it, but Su Tang still acted coquettishly and complained that it was painful, then glared at him.

“Now that you’ve pinched me, I feel even more hungry,” Su Tang grumbled.

“How is this my fault?” Chi Shuyan didn’t know what else to do. He could only rub Su Tang’s hand, then ask, “Do you want me to blow it, then tell the pain to fly away?”

“There’s no need,” Su Tang didn’t want to argue with him anymore. He simply pulled his hand back, used his other hand to grab Chi Shuyan’s arm, then dragged him into the crowded night market.

Su Tang was buying food at the front, while Chi Shuyan was taking out money and paying for him behind. The couple was chatting happily, and their hands were tightly together. From their actions it was clear that they were more than friends; they looked more like an intimate couple instead.

Everyone around them couldn’t resist looking at them. Most of them were just curious, but there were a few girls who were surprised that they even stealthily walked past them just so that they could steal a peek at their faces.

“Hey, the two handsome guys in front! Look here!” Someone shouted from behind them.

Su Tang didn’t know what happened, so he turned back obediently. There was still a squid ball in his mouth, and his cheeks were full. Moreover, with his dazed and moe expression, as well as his large and dreamy eyes, all people could think about was a tiny mouse who had stolen some snacks.

There was a commotion in the crowd as everyone was mesmerised by Su Tang’s looks. From their back figures, the crowd felt that they should look good, but there were too many false hits that the crowd didn’t dare to have too high expectations. Yet, when Su Tang turned around, his looks were way beyond their expectations.

A group of girls were exhilarated, and they even took their phones and tried to secretly take pictures of him.

When Chi Shuyan saw this, he could only pull his silly boy into his embrace and protect him. He covered Su Tang’s face and turned around, then smiled politely yet distantly.

Now, the entire group was in a frenzy. It was already rare for them to see a guy as exquisite and cute as Su Tang. In the end, they also got to see Chi Shuyan, who was tall and handsome, and certainly a rare find.

And the two men weren’t simply good-looking. They were even very compatible. When Chi Shuyan pulled Su Tang into his embrace, his manliness was over the top, dazzling the people around them.

Chi Shuyan was not a flamboyant person, but people had always paid attention to him from a young age. Hence, he wasn’t really bothered by the situation now. No matter what others said, he wouldn’t care about them, but if they dragged Su Tang into it, he would certainly react strongly.

There were two reasons why. Firstly, he was a possessive man who didn’t like to share his baby with others. The second was that the Internet was so widespread, if someone posted it online, it might affect Su Tang. Hence, he wanted to protect Su Tang from being seen by others.

He didn’t stop for long there. He simply pulled Su Tang’s hood over his head, then pulled the latter forward.

It was only then that Su Tang realised what was going on, and he obediently allowed Chi Shuyan to drag him along. He even secretly used his hand to pull the edge of his hood, covering his tiny face.

Chi Shuyan couldn’t resist teasing him, “You’re rather careful. It seems like you’re a celebrity or something.”

“Weren’t you the one who made me cover myself?” Su Tang’s face was flushed, and a weak reply was all he could manage.

Chi Shuyan replied, “Yes, yes, it was me. Wasn’t it because I was scared that you might be photographed?”

“Pfft! Are you scared that we might be embroiled in a scandal?” Su Tang giggled.

“Not a scandal, but a revelation of our relationship. Soon, we’ll be announcing our marriage.” Chi Shuyan couldn’t control himself, and he continued to tease Su Tang.

“In your dreams.” Su Tang glared at him, but when he saw that the grilled cuttlefish beside them looked delicious, he asked him to stop.

He paid for the cuttlefish and took it, then realised that it was even bigger than his own face. Even though the two sides were sliced open, the cuts were not deep, so he couldn’t eat it in one mouthful.

He thought about it for a moment, but still couldn’t find the right place to eat it gracefully. But he couldn’t resist it anymore, so he didn’t care about his image, and chomped down on it directly.

In the end, the sauce squirted onto his face.

“Mmm… Mmmm…” Su Tang was still chewing on the cuttlefish, but his mouth was full, so he could only ask for help this way.

When Chi Shuyan saw this, he instantly burst out laughing, and even took out his phone to take some pictures.

Su Tang was livid. He quickly covered his face and refused to let Chi Shuyan take any more photos. However, the other party was not going to let him off so easily. He leaned over and kissed Su Tang’s hand, and Su Tang immediately flinched.

“Hey! That’s enough!” Su Tang was hopping mad. He even pulled the cuttlefish out and glared angrily at Chi Shuyan. Yet, the latter simply laughed so hard that Su Tang’s face was flushed red.

“Why are you laughing?” Su Tang asked.

“I really just wanted to see your face.” Chi Shuyan felt that it was a little too corny to say this, but fortunately, he wasn’t as easily bashful as Su Tang, otherwise, he might really be teased for a long time about this.

“Is it really that delicious? Your face is covered in sauce.” He took out a pack of tissues from his pocket, then smiled as he wiped the other party’s mouth.

Su Tang completely forgot about his face, and in that moment, he was flustered. But he couldn’t just run around with his face like this, so he could only obediently allow Chi Shuyan to help him wipe his face clean.

Su Tang had a relatively small appetite, but he wanted to try everything. Yet, he couldn’t finish all the things he bought, so he could only make Chi Shuyan share it with him.

However, all the food that he fancied were sweets, and he loved the ones that looked pretty, such as chocolates with sprinkles, or the sweets that were carved out in the shape of people. If he didn’t like them, he would pass them over to Chi Shuyan, and the latter would always frown and reject them.

Of course, Su Tang knew that Chi Shuyan didn’t really like sweets, but he still liked to see Chi Shuyan’s expression when he ate the food with a frown. He didn’t know why, but he really liked to see it.

However, he didn’t dare to tell Chi Shuyan that. He could only make up a weak reason, saying that he didn’t want to waste food, then acting coquettishly and pulling Chi Shuyan’s sleeves, forcing the latter to agree.

Chi Shuyan rejected him, a look of pain in his face. “No more sweet things please. I really don’t like them.”

“What if I feed you?” When Su Tang saw that Chi Shuyan was still hesitating, he decided to act cutely, “Just one mouthful alright, hubby?”

“Why are you so intent on this?” A suspicious gaze appeared on Chi Shuyan’s face.

Su Tang replied seriously, “It’s bad to waste food.”

Chi Shuyan tapped on his head and said, “Tell me the truth.”

“Uhhh…” Su Tang’s voice lowered by a few octaves, and finally, he could only be honest about it. “I just think that it’s fun seeing you like this.”

“You’re always so calm, but you’ll always frown when you eat something sweet. It’s surprisingly cute.” After Su Tang said this, he turned and secretly snuck a peek at Chi Shuyan. When he noticed that Chi Shuyan was smiling, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

“I really like seeing you like this. Just eat it for me, alright?” He hugged Chi Shuyan’s arm and shook it lightly, “I already called you Hubby, didn’t you say that you were going to listen to your wife’s words in future?”

“Fine, fine. I’m scared of you.” Chi Shuyan sighed, and finally agreed. However, when he thought about how the other person could act cute and call him “Hubby” so easily, he was really amused.

“But I have to say this first. I won’t eat it for free. I want some benefits from you.”

Su Tang was full of agreement, and he gleefully fed the food to Chi Shuyan, and mimicked his actions to take photos of him. He finally had a keepsake of this moment.

The couple continued playing around for a while, when suddenly, one of their phones rang. Chi Shuyan picked up the call, and heard a commotion on the other end of the line.

He asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Boss! Come and save us! Wang Jianchen drank too much and is on a drunken rampage! He sees everyone as his goddess, and even went to kiss and hug them! Our chastity is at stake!” There was a howl from the caller.

“What?!” Chi Shuyan had a headache from listening to this. He could only say, “There’s so many of you, can’t you just deal with him?”

“F*ck! He can even kiss Liu Weiyi! My god!” There was a mess there, and after some time, another cry sounded, “All of us drank too much too, but the few that he pounced on… Were all violated by him…”

What the heck?! Chi Shuyan’s temples were throbbing, and he really wanted to slaughter this group of insolent boys. They shouldn’t drink if they couldn’t hold their liquor, and when they couldn’t deal with someone’s drunkenness, they came to look for him. And this bunch of people were all men! So what if they were kissed? How dare they say that they were “violated”?

But he was in no mood to think about all of these anymore. He simply said a few things to the caller, then prepared to head to the barbeque shop.

“Shall I go with you?” Su Tang asked.

“No.” Chi Shuyan didn’t even think about it and directly rejected him. He added, “It’s very messy over there. I’m worried about you. Why don’t you…”

His voice trailed off. Su Tang looked at him, and saw the conflicted look on his face.

It was already 11PM, and even though the roads were still brightly lit, this was a dangerous place after all. If he made Su Tang return alone, he would certainly feel worried.

“Forget it. You’d better come with me.” Chi Shuyan tightened Su Tang’s hood and then patted his head and said, “When we’re there, listen to my instructions. Stay away from them.”

“Alright.” Su Tang nodded, and when he saw Chi Shuyan’s sullen expression, he blinked and said, “Don’t be angry. Let me show you a magic trick.”

After he said this, he pulled the zipper of his jacket all the way up, till it reached the top of the hood, pretending to be a sweet little dumpling.

“Magic!” He shouted, and as he was about to pull his zipper down and reveal his eyes, the zipper got stuck, and he couldn’t pull it down.

Chi Shuyan was really amused by him, and the frustration inside was swept away. He looked down and carefully helped Su Tang to pull down the zip. Halfway through, he pulled Su Tang over, and kissed his forehead.

Then, he said, “What a foolish little cutie.”

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