Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 96 Ghost Lake (NPC)

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The group stopped in their tracks and Qin Tan walked to the front. With a cold face, he took out 3 Thunderbolt[1] amulets from his bag and threw them straight into the black hole. 3 thunderous sounds of lightning boomed, and the black mist at the exit is scattered a bit.

It’s effective!

Chen Shuyang immediately became happy and took out a large number of amulets from his bag. He handed them to Lou Fan and said, "Brother Lou, these are for you."

Hearing that, the corner of Lou Fan’s mouth curved up. He took the amulets and drew out a cross arrow. Next, he attached all the amulets to the arrow, as if the amulets are just blank pieces of paper which are free. The arrow shot towards the exit with a swish, and 10 Thunderbolt amulets completely dispelled the black fog at the exit.

"Let's go." Qin Tan didn't hesitate and swiftly grabbed the backpack with the human skin on the ground before walking out.

Lou Fan put away his bow and looked back, but he did not see Wen Lang and Jiang Dong.

"Wen Lang, Jiang Dong." Lou Fan shouted loudly.

No one answered.

Walking in the middle of the group, Gao Yi and Fan Dayong are shocked inside. This is the first time they saw someone using the amulets like this; casually and wastefully as if they are free. Even for a senior team with a wealth of money like them, they don't dare to use amulets like that. The amulets are a life-saving item ah. But the people from the intermediate team are sure capricious. They didn’t even blink and a dozen of amulets are thrown out.

Lou Fan looked back anxiously over and over again. Walking in front of him is Gao Yi so he simply tucked his backpack into Gao Yi’s arms, "Team leader Gao, you should go out first. I have to trouble you with my backpack as I need to return to find my team members."

Gao Yi took over the bag with a complicated look. Finally, he nodded before walking forward to keep up with Tong Fei in front of him.

Lou Fan is about to go back down when he saw 2 figures running quickly toward him. He immediately took out his bow and kept shooting behind them to relieve their pressure.

Wen Lang shouted as he ran, "Brother Lou, hurry up! There are too many of them, hurry and get out."

Lou Fan responded with a sound of acknowledgment. Then he drew the bow a few times again. A dozen arrows disappeared among the ghosts behind and a bunch of ghosts disappear in an instant. But even if a dozen of them disappeared, no reduction in amount could be seen. He pulled the panting Wen Lang with him. Seeing that Jiang Dong looked okay, Wen Lang quickly followed and walked out of the exit to the waters.

All of a sudden, Wen Lang's hand broke free of Lou Fan. Lou Fan turned to look and saw that Jiang Dong’s foot is entangled in the black mist. Bubbles kept popping out of his mouth as he stretched out his hands helplessly and struggled upwards. Quickly, Wen Lang swam towards Jiang Dong. He took hold of Jiang Dong’s hand and pull up.

Lou Fan held his breath and keep drawing the bow. The spiritual arrows shot towards the black mist that entangled Jiang Dong's feet, but just as a wisp of it disappeared, another strand of black mist tangled around Jiang Dong again. Lou Fan gritted his teeth. There is only 1 small pearl left in his hand but he didn't know whether to give it to Jiang Dong or Wen Lang. He doesn’t dare to stop shooting the arrows, and his face turned red from holding his breath.

Qin Tan at the front noticed the abnormality and swam back. The black mist in the water seemed to sense the existence of their stolen human skin and began to violently surge up. On the other hand, the rest of the people are struggling to swim upstream.

Ghosts poured out of the hole of the cave. They are not afraid of water at all, and they moved freely in the water. One by one, they rushed to Wen Lang, Jiang Dong, and Lou Fan, who is shooting arrows, while the rest chased after the people in front.

The group of people is trapped in the water and has to deal with ghosts at the same time, they can only try their best to swim upstream.

Nie Feng pulled Chen Shuyang as they swam. Holding Lou Fan[2], Qin Tan and Wen Lang’s backpacks in one hand and Chen Shuyang in the other hand, blue veins are popping on his arms. With too much weight, he swam slower and slower. Seeing that the ghosts are about to catch up to them, Chen Shuyang threw out a Thunderbolt amulet while swimming with dog paddle style. Finally, he surfaced a second before the ghost caught him, and is dragged ashore by Nie Feng.

"Guard the bags here and I'll go down to help." Nie Feng settled Chen Shuyang on the shore, and added, "Hold the amulets in your hand and throw it at the ghost when you see one. Also, step back a little."

For every sentence Nie Feng said, Chen Shuyang will nod once. Nie Feng sighed and rubbed Chen Shuyang's head. Then, he leaned over and dropped a kiss on Chen Shuyang’s forehead before turning around and entering the water again.

The kiss got Chen Shuyang stunned on the spot. He touched his forehead blankly, feeling like the cold but gentle soft touch still remained there.

Qin Tan stuffed the last small pearl into Lou Fan's mouth. Lou Fan turned his head and saw Qin Tan’s greenish face from holding his breath and his eyes turned red. So, Lou Fan leaned down and transfer a breath to him (via mouth-to-mouth). Then, Lou Fan got an idea and his eyes lit up. He took out his only small pearl and handed it to Qin Tan, pointing at Wen Lang.

Qin Tan nodded, and while waving his Tang sword, he swam toward Wen Lang. He handed the small pearl to Wen Lang, then pointed to their mouths. At the same time, Qin Tan swiped at Jiang Dong's foot with his Tang sword, severing the black mist. But it is useless as Jiang Dong hadn't had the time to move yet, and the black mist came to entangle him again. On the other side, ghosts are coming close to them. Qin Tan couldn’t deal with them all and can only fight with the ghosts on one side first.

Wen Lang stuffed the small pearl into Jiang Dong’s mouth. After that, he kissed Jiang Dong and took a breath from his mouth, the poker at his fingertips kept shooting out. Jiang Dong's suffocated head finally cleared up a little, and he pushed Wen Lang away to get Wen Lang to go upstream. But Wen Lang turned a deaf ear and vehemently held on his breath with red eyes. Dragging Jiang Dong by the arm while throwing poker, Wen Lang is already out of strength. But in his heart, he is forcing himself, gritting his teeth that he will never let go.

He will never loosen his hand.

Both of Jiang Dong's feet are entangled, and his entire lower body is covered in black mist. His legs are covered with wounds, and the red blood is scattered in the water, like a dull red flower. Jiang Dong waved his hand to let go. But Wen Lang shook his head vigorously, and arrows shot past him one by one, dispersing the surrounding black mist. Wen Lang hugged Jiang Dong tightly, and he looked at Jiang Dong with determination - if you are going to die, then we’ll die together. The poker that flew out of his finger suddenly flashed brightly in dazzling white light, and a huge vortex appeared in the dark and turbulent lake water. Wen Lang and Jiang Dong are wrapped in it, and the surrounding black mist and ghosts disappeared. They are the only ones in the vortex.

Wen Lang gritted his teeth, holding Jiang Dong and pulling him forward vigorously. His feet swung rapidly alternately and finally, they got out of the dark mist at the bottom of the lake. Wen Lang glanced down and the strength he has been holding on is used up. His body turned soft and the arm around Jiang Dong hung down. It looked like he is going to sink.

At this moment, Jiang Dong, who had recovered a bit, immediately grabbed his arms. Holding Wen Lang firmly in his arms, Jiang Dong gave him a tight squeeze before starting to swim upstream. With the small pearl, he regained some stamina. Even though it is a little difficult to carry Wen Lang, it won’t be a problem to go up.

Nie Feng swam down and saw that Wen Lang and Jiang Dong had left the bottom of the lake. Just as he is about to breathe a sigh of relief, he saw Qin Tan and Lou Fan trying their best to go upstream, followed by a bunch of ghosts.

Seeing that the ghosts are about to catch up with them, Qin Tan stopped and swung the Tang sword in his hand. From the whirlpool just now, Qin Tan got the idea and swung it like a propeller, and the effect is very good.

Nie Feng stepped forward to join the battle. His scissors copied the movement like Qin Tan and swung like a propeller. The 2 propellers are powerful, saving some time for the people above them to get ashore. Lou Fan turned around and drew out a cross arrow. He affixed the thunderbolt amulet and shot it between Qin Tan and Nie Feng. The amulet exploded below the two, leaving a gap for them to go up.

Soon, the rest of the group went upstream. While the people on the shore are waiting anxiously, Jiang Dong took Wen Lang out of the water first, followed by Lou Fan and Nie Feng. Qin Tan is still underwater. He faintly felt that something in his body is about to burst out so he didn't come out of the water. When he glared at the black group of ghosts, his gaze is icy as if his eyes are about to shoot out ice arrows. The feeling of suffocation didn't make him faint, instead, he became more awake. Qin Tan held the Tang sword in both hands, and his arms bulged lightly. Slowly, he raise the Tang sword in the water and hacked down sharply in the water. The Tang sword slashed into the water, and a sword aura with a cold light sliced into the darkness, like a bolt of huge lightning splitting in the water. The darkness is divided in two, then disappeared. The black mist that is about to move at the bottom of the lake fell in silence now.

The people on the shore only saw that the water seemed to be split in half. Then the black mist disappeared and the water felt a little clearer. Lou Fan, who is waiting anxiously on the shore, finally feels relieved when he saw Qin Tan surface from the lake. The water drips from his body as Lou Fan's legs move forward weakly against the resistance of the lake water. After taking a step, he can no longer move. With a thud, he fell to the shore.

Other people are no better than Lou Fan. Nie Feng staggered and is supported by Chen Shuyang. On the other hand, Jiang Dong is half hugging and half dragging Wen Lang and Qin Tan is supporting his body with his Tang sword while walking forward slowly.

Tong Fei and the others immediately gathered around. Some went to help the collapsed people while some helped to pick up things. After they brought the rest of the people ashore, they turned their heads and looked - ei, countless black ghost heads appeared in the lake.

The combat effectiveness of the intermediate team greatly decreased but Tong Fei and the others didn’t hesitate. They held onto their weapons and face the ghosts head-on. Probably because of lack of skin, most of the ghosts stayed in the water, and very few come ashore so there is less fighting. Tong Fei and the rest quickly killed them off. But even so, a steady stream of ghosts is coming up ashore, until the sky turns white with gold trim from the sun.

The sun is coming out.

Without protection, the ghosts sank into the water unwillingly.

Everyone finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Tong Fei looked at everyone's situation and felt a little guilty, "It’s all thanks to you guys. If you weren't staying behind to fight, we probably wouldn't have come up so easily."

Gao Yi also felt the same. His spirit weapon is a nest of bees. Fighting is fine on the shore, but his spirit weapon won’t work in the water at all. So when Lou Fan gave him the backpack, he lived up to Lou Fan’s expectations and managed to bring the human skin ashore safely[3]. Just that he couldn’t help with the fighting at all.

Qin Tan and Wen Lang are exhausted, and Wen Lang is still in a coma. Lou Fan is exhausted as well. He had pulled the bow no less than a hundred times, and the resistance in the water was so great that his arms don’t feel like his own anymore. On the other hand, Nie Feng's back is full of wounds. The wounds turned white from soaking in the lake water, and his face is deathly pale.

After Jiang Dong settled Wen Lang’s condition, he immediately went over to check Nie Feng’s wound.

"Take off your clothes and let me see." Jiang Dong said while rummaging through things.

Nie Feng didn't speak and took off his clothes. There is almost no clean spot on his back. No one knows when he got this injured, he never said a word.

"The wound is a little deep, and there is also a problem with the water in the lake. The wound is red and swollen, and it needs to be disinfected." Jiang Dong frowned, turning over the flesh of the wound with tweezers while looking for medicine.

Fortunately, the medicine is prepared well this time, and all of them are good stuff. As soon as the medicine powder is sprinkled on the wound, the cracked purple-red flesh started foaming white as if the flesh was poisonous.

Chen Shuyang felt a pain in his teeth when he looked at the wound. The naive boy in the past now had red eyes with sadness. Lowering his head, Chen Shuyang wiped the corners of his eyes while pretending to shift his glasses. A big hand rested on his head and Nie Feng's lazy voice sounded from above his head.

"What’s wrong, hmm? I’m not feeling painful."

Chen Shuyang didn't raise his head. His voice is muffled as he said, "It would be strange if that doesn't hurt."

Nie Feng's eyes curved up and he didn't speak, but he looked like he is in a good mood.

Lou Fan and Qin Tan finally recovered a bit. Qin Tan pulled Lou Fan up and checked his whole body. He didn't see any wounds, so he went to see Nie Feng. Hearing Jiang Dong says he is fine, Qin Tan looked down at Jiang Dong's feet. The exposed calf under his trousers is covered with red marks, which should have been wounded by the black mist.

"After putting the medicine on Nie Feng, quickly tend to your own legs."

Jiang Dong is taken aback for a moment, and then he realized the burning pain in his leg.

Lou Fan looked at Wen Lang and determined that he is now probably tired. Wen Lang recovering from a coma to a tired sleep, Lou Fan immediately felt relieved. Next, he looked at the Tang sword in Qin Tan's hand.

It’s upgraded!

Raw word count: 3202


[1] Banana: Apologies if I got the name wrong. The glossary I stored in mozilla got wiped out in my laptop and I can’t remember which chapter the amulet came one :v
[2] Banana think the author has totally forgotten about Gao Yi, because it seems that Nie Feng is holding Lou Fan’s backpack lol
[3] Now only the author remembers Gao Yi :v Too late, Nie Feng already brought the bags up! Joking, this is probably an undersight from the author.

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