My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 98.2: Fourth Level pt. 2

After performing 49 great circuits to recover his spiritual energy, Jing Yue finally opened his eyes. He saw that the others were still in meditation but Qin Yanzhi was all alone, holding the sword in a daze. He said softly, “Has Yanzhi broken through?”

Qin Yanzhi came back to his senses, his eyes full of excited surprise, “I…”

Jing Yue placed his index finger on his lips, swept his gaze over the people around, and stopped Qin Yanzhi. “I more or less guessed it. Did you find it?”

Qin Yanzhi was startled before he said with a smile, “Yes, I found it.”

Jing Yue also smiled. There was nothing better than this.

After a few more days, the remaining four people came out of the meditative state, and it was time to divide the spoils of war.

First, Jing Yue took Zhao Ying’s Qiankun bag into his arms matter-of-factly. Although touching the corpse of a companion was very disrespectful, Jing Yue and Zhao Ying were no friends, not to mention any respect. Besides, even if he didn’t do it, others would.

As for the people of Bluecloud Valley, he didn't make a move, leaving Wang Yingfeng to deal with it.

Everyone had no objection to this. After all, they knew very well by whose favor they owed for being able to survive, and they knew that even if they joined forces at this time, they couldn't compete against Mini Frostcloud Sect.

Then, they searched the colosseum.

The colosseum was very large with a stone platform at the four corners. Each stone platform stood a stone statue of a beast and the treasures of this floor were there.

At this time, Jing Yue and others stood in front of a stone sculpture—a stone elephant with a long nose upturned, with a box made of spiritual wood on the tip of the trunk. Even though the lid was tightly closed, the spiritual energy still overflowed from the box.

In the face of treasures, other people's minds naturally stirred, but no one dared to compete with Mini Frostcloud Sect. At least on the surface, they couldn't be more obedient.

Wang Yingfeng's attitude was respectful and polite. “Sect Leader Jing, please go ahead.”

Xu Fenglan smiled blandly. Yongming and Yongqing put their hands together and recited a chant.

If their eyes were not fixed on the wooden box, their performance could be said to be perfect.

Jing Yue smiled inwardly as he stepped forward and carefully opened the wooden box, only to see a green jade hairpin lying in the box, emitting a faint fluorescence.

He took the hairpin and found a protection barrier engraved on the hairpin. It turned out that the hairpin was a defensive treasure of the spiritual level.

After Jing Yue looked at it, he put the hairpin back. Then, he turned around and walked away.

Everyone else glanced at each other, not knowing his intention, but no one dared to touch the treasure.

Everyone followed Jing Yue and came to the second stone statue. This time, it was a stone lion, biting on a scroll in its slightly opened jaws.

Jing Yue unfolded the scroll and saw that it was an ink painting depicting a scene of an imminent battle filled with thousands of troops and horses. The brushwork was natural and lifelike with the words in the upper left corner of the painting—Troop-breaking Formation Map. Jing Yue speculated that this was an attack-type spiritual weapon that could draw Foundation Establishment cultivators into it, consuming the cultivator's spiritual energy with the use of those troops and horses in the painting.

Likewise, he put the scroll back and walked toward the giant tortoise stone statue in the west corner.

The giant tortoise carried a piece of flexible protective armor on its back, a spiritual level treasure just like the two before. Jing Yue only swept a glance and went to the last stone statue.

He took a sword from the claws of the stone eagle. Thanks to the sword recognition practice back then, as soon as he touched the sword, he knew that the sword was refined by the five elemental mutated fires. It was a set of mother-and-child swords, and the child sword was hidden in the mother sword's belly. The attack could often be done unexpectedly.

“Yanzhi, take it.”

This time, Jing Yue didn't put it back again but handed the sword to Qin Yanzhi. The latter was taken aback briefly. “I don’t…”

“Take it.”

Jing Yue’s attitude didn’t allow for refusal. Qin Yanzhi paused and silently took the sword.

“In the secret realm, there are dangers everywhere. It’s good to have an extra sword to keep as a fallback.”

Qin Yanzhi responded softly and carefully kept the sword.

Jing Yue then smiled and turned to the other people, “Mini Frostcloud Sect will take this sword. The remaining three can be divided among your three sects.”

After saying that, he turned to head toward the fifth floor with Qin Yanzhi. Wang Yingfeng quickly said, “Sect Leader Jing, where are you going?”

Jing Yue pointed to the top, “Continue, of course.”

Wang Yingfeng was perhaps touched by Jing Yue's style of not keeping all the treasures to himself, and said with rare sincerity, “The next level will only be more dangerous. Aren’t you afraid of losing your life?”

Jing Yue said curiously, “Aren’t you going?”

The four of them shook their heads. Now that they had finally managed to save their lives, and their magic treasures had been exhausted, they didn't want to take risks anymore.

Jing Yue, “What a pity.”

He turned around and waved with his back to everyone.

Everything that happened in the secret realm had been transmitted to the big world through the soul-spirit.

Qin Yanzhi dazedly touched his chest where his heart was located. It was an unfamiliar sentiment but very real. He thoughtfully observed Jing Yue who had entered the meditative state for a long while, his eyes full of doubts and questions, but the other party was still cultivating attentively and unaware. Even the blue phoenix on his lap was sleeping soundly.

In the end, Qin Yanzhi raised the corner of his mouth and closed his eyes again.

Six wheel secret realm.

Jing Yue and Qin Yan Zhi passed through the teleportation array on the fourth level and appeared directly in a bamboo forest.

Qin Yanzhi said eagerly, “Ge, the sword spirit in my dantian woke up for a moment just now. It taught me about Daoyi Sword. I can be sure that the Daoyi Sword is the sword technique that belongs to me.”

Jing Yue didn’t expect the Daoyi sword spirit to play a role in this. Presumably, the sword spirit had the memory of the Daoyi Sword Technique and incorporated it into Qin Yanzhi’s divine consciousness. He wondered if Qin Yanzhi would restore his memory on the day when the sword spirit completely awakened.

The blue phoenix in his arms popped out at this time, its voice a little despondent, “Jing-jing, why did you only take a sword?”

Jing Yue didn't understand why it asked such a question and curiously asked, “What's the matter?”

Blue phoenix said weakly, “Ji-ji has nothing. Only he has.”

Jing Yue, “…”

Blue phoenix, “Ji-ji likes the soft armor on the turtle's back.”

Jing Yue, “It’s useless even if you like it. It doesn’t fit you, right?”

Blue phoenix was heartbroken, putting its wings together and begging, “Will Jing-jing refine one that fits Ji-ji?”

Jing Yue thought about the appearance of blue phoenix wearing soft armor and fell silent. “We'll talk about it when we return.”

Blue phoenix only took it as Jing Yue had agreed, and was expectant. “I’ll be waiting for you then! Don’t forget you still owe Ji-ji a huge jade pendant, one with a spiritual spring inside!”

Jing Yue, “… Okay.”

Thus, blue phoenix grabbed his chest and rubbed hard.

The breeze blew gently and the bamboo forest rustled, the scent of bamboo wafted. The fifth floor had never been reached before, and Jing Yue didn't know what he would encounter, and could only let nature run its course.

He pointed ahead and said, “There seems to be an official road ahead. Let's go over and take a look.”

Sure enough, not long after they walked, they saw a spacious dirt road with a tea shed beside the road. At this time, there were a lot of customers wearing coarse clothing.

In comparison, although Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi were dressed in simple robes, the fabrics were so much better. The waiter immediately greeted them with enthusiasm.

When he saw the appearance of the two, he froze for a long time before finding his voice, “C-customers, come in and have a seat?”

Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi looked at each other. To think of it, they didn't know what to do anyway. Why not go to the tea shed to gather some information, at least to understand where they were?

Looking at the people full of life, Jing Yue suspected that they had arrived in an illusory realm again.

The two randomly ordered some tea and snacks. Jing Yue told Ji-ji to eavesdrop on others while and he and Qin Yanzhi also listened to the next table with their ears perked.

“Noble Consort Zhen is really favored by the emperor, and the emperor allowed her to go home to visit her relatives. The pomp that day was really grand!”

“Yeah, she really has luck on her side. She has been married to the emperor for just over three years and already a first-class Noble consort.”

“Do you know? Although she was born to a marquis family, she’s just a daughter of a concubine. Back then, she was randomly sent to the palace to be a concubine. On the other hand, her half-sister from the first wife was betrothed to the abolished prince. Unexpectedly, in such a short time, she has exchanged identities with the first half-sister. They were truly one in the sky and one in the mud.”

“Tsk, who in the capital doesn't know about this? I heard that Madam Marquis is so remorseful that her first daughter has not even been married until now.”

“Of course not. Who dares to marry a woman who has been betrothed to the abolished prince?”

“Hey, I heard that the first daughter of Marquis Luo died abruptly a few days ago. Although it was a sudden death, I think…”

Everyone winked at each other in tacit understanding, believing that it was probably shady business among the gentry.

Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi didn't pay attention after hearing a few words. It was nothing but gossips in the back palace and had nothing to do with them.

At this time, a dirty beggar woman hobbled towards the tea shed. The waiter who just brought the tea up saw her and immediately screamed, “There is a ghost!”

Everyone was shocked and a burly man shouted angrily, “In broad daylight, where comes… dammit! A ghost!”

The burly man nimbly hid under the table. It turned out that there was no skin on the beggar's face. It just looked like a bloody ball of flesh and even the facial features were difficult to distinguish.

Other customers also saw it clearly at this time and the tea shed suddenly exploded in chaos.

Both Jing and Qin realized that there was a situation at the same time. Even though the beggar woman was only a mortal, they still raised their guard. However, the beggar just swayed and fell to the ground heavily while muttering, “Water, water…”

Jing Yue handed the tea that the waiter had served up to the other party and his gaze darkened.

Although the facial features of the beggar woman were obscured, Jing Yue could still tell that this person possessed the fate of a phoenix and should enjoy a lifetime of wealth and prosperity, but somehow the fate was cut off.

He was about to ask a question when he felt another layer of karma added to him. Jing Yue looked at Qin Yanzhi and the other person's expression told him the same.

But this time, Jing Yue’s magic powers didn’t disappear. Moreover, they didn't seem to have become anyone else in the illusion. In order to find out the reason, Jing Yue blocked the hearing of the people around him and hypnotized the beggar.

The beggar woman's eyes lost focus a little and slowly said, “My name is Guo Huizhen, Noble Consort Zhen of the Great Xia Kingdom.”

Jing and Qin were taken aback at the same time. Noble Consort Zhen? Was it the one they heard just now? Why did the plot seem wrong?

As the beggar woman slowly told the story, the truth gradually unfolded.

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