Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 98 Ghost Lake (NPC)

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Lou Fan's bow has been upgraded!

No one expects this to happen. Because, number one, they are not in danger, and two, they are not in a battle. Lou Fan just stood there and watched the sunrise, then his weapon got upgraded?!

Tong Fei and Jiang Rou are not surprised by these happenings from Qin Tan’s team anymore, so they could still tease them. But Gao Yi didn't think so. He really couldn't figure out what’s with these people from the intermediate team. Not only did their team member upgrade to advanced spirit weapon, there are 3 of them upgrading at the same time. Since when the advanced spirit weapon becomes so common like Chinese cabbage in the market like they can get one whenever they want it? On the other hand, everyone else looked so calm to this upgrade that Gao Yi felt a little stuffy inside.

It’s suffocating!

But no one cares about Gao Yi now. Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang immediately come up and start giving rainbow farts (flattery).

Wen Lang: "As expected of my Brother Lou, you will not fall behind. I already guessed that you will be upgrading soon."

Chen Shuyang looked around the bow and swiftly gave a rainbow fart, "This bow looks so radiant and beautiful. It must be very powerful. Brother Lou, why are you so awesome!"

Lou Fan is speechless by the flatteries, "Enough, the two of you. Will you die if you don't flatter me? Shuyang, don't get led astray by Ah Lang."

Hearing that, Wen Lang complained, "Brother Lou, you wronged me, I didn't do anything."

"Alright, alright." Lou Fan waved his hand, "You already leveled up before me so don't stand in front of me. Shush, go to the side."

Wen Lang smiled and stood aside.

Qin Tan's eyes are filled with deep smiles and he praised, "Not bad."

Lou Fan smiled at Qin Tan, "Thank you, Team leader for the compliment. I managed to live up to your expectations."

On the other side, Fan Dayong felt a little numb, "Team leader, aren’t they all monsters?"

But Gao Yi is lost in thoughts. What is the trigger for the upgrade of the spirit weapon? What is the purpose of Lazuli? He didn't care much at first, but now he thinks these 2 issues are very important.

The lake has returned to calm. Lou Fan faced the light and said, "I think those ghosts in human skins are actually villagers. They died long ago when they were skinned. The deceased couldn’t rest in peace and their consciousnesses split into 2 halves. One half escaped and entered the fog forest while the other half lives at the bottom of the lake because of resentment. But deep inside, they still wanted to return to their home and live in the village. Then, the black fog at the bottom of the lake may be their resentment. Resentment persists and materialized.”

Although this is Lou Fan’s guess, he thinks the truth must be so. The villagers didn’t get disappointed by the lake that nurtured them but remained hopeful in their hearts.

Lou Fan stretched and said casually, "This task should be considered completed, right?"

After saying that, Lou Fan raised his hand to look at the watch. The rest of the group has completely forgotten about it and immediately looks at their watch. Sure enough, the task had been completed, but there are still 7 days left. Just as the group is about to cheer with joy, the mountain range between the 2 lakes in the distance made a loud noise. Looking at it from a distance, only a large hole could be seen.

"Is this the road to Holy Lake City?" Gao Yi guessed.

Qin Tan squinted his eyes, but could only see clearly that it is a hole, so he said, "Let’s go and have a look. The time is still early and there's nothing else here to do. Since there are still 7 days to go, we should go to Holy Lake City to rest."

The ghost lake village really became a village without ghosts, and the forest behind it also appeared. It is impossible for the group to stay here and wait for the train to arrive. Hence, everyone agreed to go to Holy Lake City.

When the group arrived in front of the big cave, they can see the opposite side at a glance, and the sparkling lake is in sight. It is indeed the holy lake. The group managed to find the only inn in the city with ease and the inn turned out to be completely different from before. People are coming in and out. Also, the chattering voices could be heard outside.

Lou Fan’s group showed some doubts and walked in. The innkeeper immediately recognized them and came over to greet them enthusiastically.

"Guests, you are here again. Hurry up and sit in. Do you need to stay in the inn? There are 4 guest rooms left for today."

There are only 4 rooms left? Previously, it was so empty that they could choose their room at will. Lou Fan immediately informed the boss, "Boss, we’ll take the 4 rooms."

The group of people sat down around a table. Qin Tan asked, "Boss, how did business become so good? Did something happen in the city?"

While wiping the table, the boss smiled and said, "Guests, you probably don’t know about it. Yesterday, there are news from the city lord's mansion that the city lord had disappeared. Now, everyone is very happy and willing to walk around. Relatives who were afraid to come in the past are visiting again so my business is quite good."

It seems that the city lord has also disappeared with the changes in the ghost lake. From that, it could be seen that the people of Holy Lake City are also controlled by ghosts, no wonder. They were wondering why though many people are living in Holy Lake City, the atmosphere is so dead.

The boss smiled and went to prepare the rooms for them. The group is just waiting for the food to be served. Their tensed nerves are finally relaxed, and they happily enjoyed their food and drink.

"Everyone, you can plan for yourself what to do for the next few days," Qin Tan said. "Do whatever you want to do, and take a good rest."

Of course, Qin Tan’s main purpose is to prevent people from disturbing his couple time with Lou Fan.

The ease of not needing to do tasks lets Lou Fan sleep soundly until the next day. He propped his chin up and watched the shirtless Qin Tan doing push-ups in the room. His sticky gaze swept back and forth, and he tutted twice.

Qin Tan stood up slowly and raised his eyebrows. He looked at Lou Fan and asked, "Satisfied with what you see?"

Lou Fan licked his lips and said, "Very satisfied." His gaze cast an unbridled glance at Qin Tan’s body down there. But with just a glance, that particular spot suddenly grew and bulged up.

Lou Fan is shocked and said, "You beast!"

Qin Tan swiftly unzipped his pants. A deep laugh came out of his throat, and then——


Lou Fan got pounced into the bed and his shouts are swallowed up in kisses. During the gap he is breathing for air, Qin Tan said, "I gave you a good night's sleep yesterday, so now it's time for me to enjoy myself."

"Mhmmm... beast!"

It is already noon after the ‘exercise’, and the two had a leisurely meal. Then Lou Fan said that he wanted to visit Ah Feng's house. He really wanted to ask the granny something more. Qin Tan had no objection and followed him. Unexpectedly, when they got there, the door is closed and no one is inside.

"Granny, are you there?" Lou Fan knocked on the door, "Ah Feng, are you there?"

After knocking for a few minutes, there is still no response. At that point, Lou Fan knew that, as an NPC, they have finished providing clues and disappeared.

"Forget it, let's go for a walk by the lake." Lou Fan didn't bother too much. It’s fine if they have disappeared, it’s not something urgent anyway.

In the room, Chen Shuyang is drawing amulets. The biggest consumption of this mission is his amulets. The thunderbolt amulets are used the most, and they are almost used up. He has to make more for them in case of emergencies.

Nie Feng is sitting opposite Chen Shuyang, wiping his scissors. The small scissors swung around at his fingertips with glinting cold light.

Chen Shuyang's eyes drifted to Nie Feng involuntarily. Nie Feng kept moving his hand as if he didn't notice the gaze. Chen Shuyang pursed his lips and continued drawing the amulets in his hand, but he couldn't calm down.

That kiss...

Chen Shuyang shook his head, forcing himself to concentrate.

"What's there to be confused about?" Nie Feng lowered his head, his hands kept moving, and his voice is lazy.

"You, you..." Chen Shuyang opened his mouth but still couldn’t say anything.

Nie Feng looked up at Chen Shuyang, his drooping eyes full of seriousness. Putting down the scissors, he stood up and walked around the table to stand behind Chen Shuyang. Chen Shuyang looked up at him, his neck arched in a beautiful arc.

Nie Feng supported the back of Chen Shuyang’s chair with one hand while lightly squeezing his chin to make him look up. His lazy gaze swept around Chen Shuyang’s face and finally landed on his pale lips. The lazy voice sounded at the same time the man's aggressive breath descended, and he caught Chen Shuyang’s lips accurately.

"You are mine."

Chen Shuyang could only hear the sentence reverberating in his ears. Stunned, he lets the man pull him into his embrace as he invaded his mouth and does whatever he wanted. Then, the tingling on his lips brought him back to his senses.

"Silly." Nie Feng let go of Chen Shuyang and chuckled. After that, his lips captured Chen Shuyang’s again.

Wen Lang propped his chin and looked at his spirit weapon poker that he placed on the table with a sad face.

"Jiang Dong, when will your spirit weapon be upgraded?"

Wen Lang is a little anxious. After some research, Shuyang pointed out that the condition for going out of Lazuli should be upgrading their spirit weapon to an advanced level. Now, he basically satisfied the condition, but Jiang Dong's spirit weapon is still at an intermediate level.

Jiang Dong rolled his eyes at Wen Lang, "Do you think upgrading spirit weapon is like buying Chinese cabbage in the market? How long has it been since you last got promoted to the intermediate level? You upgrading it to an advanced level so quickly is just dogshit luck (super lucky)."

"Then I'll give you some shit?" Wen Lang giggled.

Jiang Dong ignored Wen Lang and continued to wipe his scalpel. To be honest, seeing that 3 members of the team have upgraded their spirit weapon, he is actually anxious. But the person in front of him is even more anxious than him. If he shows it, Wen Lang is even more unable to sit still. This kind of thing is not up to him to decide, it's no use worrying.

"There will always be a chance to upgrade, you just practice your poker well," Jiang Dong said.

Wen Lang nodded, "Okay, then before you could level up, I'll protect you. ‘Little lady’, come to this brother's arms."

Jiang Dong gritted his teeth, "Is your skin feeling itchy? Sure, I’ll go to your arms. Let's go to bed and have a good talk."

Wen Lang immediately jumped up and waved his hands vigorously, "No no no, I'm joking. I still have something to ask Shuyang, I'll go first."

After walking around and knocking on the door for a long time, there is no response from Chen Shuyang's room. Wen Lang could only go back in despair, but got caught by the "little lady" and dragged to bed for a good education.

"Jiang Dong, be moderate!" Wen Lang growled with his head tilted sideways, laying on the bed.

Jiang Dong, who is working hard in ‘tiling the soil’, thrust his waist and said, "Let this ‘little lady’ love you properly, brother."

Damnit! He won’t say nonsense anymore!

Eating and drinking every day, time flies. Qin Tan didn't let them relax too much so on the 3rd day, he make his team members resume their daily training, they can't be lazy. Others see their diligence and follow suit to train.

Tong Fei sighed, "It's not unreasonable for you guys to be strong. You don't relax yourself and you do the tasks very seriously. Moreover, your team is united." It’s simply illogical if they are not strong like this.

Feng Zhi also had a great change in her attitude toward the intermediate team. Her attitude is friendlier, which is quite different from Gao Yi and Fan Dayong.

It is almost time to go back to Lazuli, which is tomorrow. Qin Tan is exercising by the lake with his teammates when he suddenly saw Lou Fan frowning and clutching at his chest.

"What's wrong?" Qin Tan walked over to Lou Fan and supported him.

Lou Fan grabbed at his heart with 5 fingers. Just now, he suddenly felt a tingling pain in his heart. Other than that, his heart is beating very fast, abnormally fast.

"I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen." After the pain has passed, Lou Fan straightened up and looked into the distance.

The other teammates came over to check on him and Lou Fan waved, "I'm fine, but I have a bad premonition. My heartbeat has occasionally accelerated these days, but it was very strong just now. It felt like I have a bad premonition."

Chen Shuyang immediately chipped in, "Me too, I have this feeling as well. My heartbeat suddenly increased, and then returned to normal again. It happened several times."

Hearing that, Nie Feng looked at Chen Shuyang, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought it was nothing. Plus it didn't hurt, just beating a little faster." Chen Shuyang replied.

Among the team, Lou Fan and Chen Shuyang had the sharpest intuition. Since both of them felt that way, Qin Tan couldn't help taking the matter seriously.

"Let’s go back and ask Tong Fei if they have the same feeling. Even if they didn’t feel anything, we have to prepare for the worst in advance."

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