Looting Equipment From NPCs

Chapter 99 Ghost Lake (NPC)

[Banana: Don’t say I didn’t warn ya~ We’ll be riding this pace straight to the end :D so stack the chapters if you can]

"Strange feeling?" Tong Fei looked at Qin Tan’s team and seemed a little puzzled.

Lou Fan touched the bow in his hand and frowned slightly. The handsome young man looked a little troubled, his voice is light but very recognizable, "My heart has been beating fast at times since a few days ago, but I didn't pay much attention at that time. But in the past 2 days, or the closer we are to going back to Lazuli, this feeling has become stronger. Until today, my chest felt a tingling pain and it hurts. My heart beats so fast that it felt like wanting to jump out of my chest. I feel that something is very wrong."

Chen Shuyang nodded sharply on the side and echoed, "I also feel my heart beating faster, but the pain is not as powerful as Brother Lou."

As a Lazuli passenger with an advanced-level spirit weapon, Lou Fan's strength in all aspects should be said to be above the average person. So when he said 'it hurts', Tong Fei has no doubts about how strong the pain is. She doesn’t doubt Fan's words at all. Thinking for a moment, Tong Fei shook her head, "I don't feel that way."

After that, Tong Fei looked at Jiang Rou and Jiang Rou shook her head.

"I have."

A cold female voice suddenly sounded, and everyone immediately turned to Feng Zhi who is talking. Her gaze is cold, but now she also frowned slightly and said, "I have this feeling. It happened a few days ago, and just now."

Feng Zhi’s words seemed to hit everyone in the heart with a heavy blow, and everyone's expression suddenly became serious.

Qin Tan glanced out the window and said solemnly, "In this case, we have to prepare for the worst, and we can’t rule out that there won’t be emergencies when we return to Lazuli. Everyone should make sure to carry their equipment and items at any time, and it is best not to separate."

Furball jumped out of Lou Fan's pocket, and its green bean-like eyes looked around. As if feeling that the atmosphere is not right, it jumped onto Qin Tan's shoulder and chirped twice.

Everyone is discussing serious matters here so Lou Fan reached out to teach Furball a lesson (for disturbing them). When he stood up, he suddenly gro.aned and fell to the ground. He curled his body while clutching his chest.

Lou Fan’s action startled everyone and Furball swiftly jumped onto him, chirping anxiously. Lou Fan opened his eyes with difficulty and said to Furball, "I'm fine, you be good."

At the same time as Lou Fan's heart attack, everyone present felt a burst of heart palpitations. Among them, Qin Tan and Wen Lang are second to Lou Fan’s level of pain, while the rest felt a weaker tingling.

In the span of a few seconds, Qin Tan immediately walked to Lou Fan's side. He picked Lou Fan up and put him on the bed. Seeing that Lou Fan’s frown start to relax, Qin Tan squeezed his hand gently.

Lou Fan grimaced, "That's really painful to death!"

Qin Tan turned his head to the others and said, "Let's all prepare. The situation may be worse than we thought."

Tong Fei’s team and Gao Yi’s team both realized that something is wrong. They left with a sullen faces to their rooms to discuss countermeasures. Wen Lang and the other 3 members did not leave but remained in the room. Qin Tan already said just now that they would be together at any time.

Sitting up from the bed, Lou Fan held Furball in his hand and rubbed its fur. He glanced over at his teammates, and said, "Let's take a guess. Tell me about the worst-case scenario you think could happen."

Brainstorming is useful at any time.

Wen Lang is the first to say, "Could it be that the next mission will be terribly difficult?"

Jiang Dong shook his head, "Even if the next mission is difficult, we won't be going with Tong Fei and Gao Yi again, right?"

Chen Shuyang thought about various possibilities and guessed, "It is also possible that something is happening to Lazuli."

Lou Fan thought for a while and glanced at the bow beside him. Then he looked at Wen Lang and Qin Tan, and asked, "Did you feel anything about your spirit weapon just now?"

Qin Tan nodded, "It’s hot."

Wen Lang is stunned for a moment and then came to his senses, "Oh yeah, my poker is also hot. I was wondering what is wrong, I didn't expect it to be a spirit weapon."

Chen Shuyang and Nie Feng kept looking at Lou Fan at the moment and they heard him say, "Just now, my bow felt very hot. Then only my chest felt painful, no, it should be my heart felt painful."

Lou Fan’s eyes are serious like never before, "I think the biggest possibility is that we will go directly to the next mission, with Tong Fei, Gao Yi, and the others."

Qin Tan looked at Lou Fan and added, "Yes, that's the only way it makes sense. Everyone in the group just now felt it. As for why our spirit weapon felt hot, it should be a special reminder that the spirit weapon has been upgraded to an advanced level."

There is no panic at all unlike what Lou Fan expected and he pouted. His teammates are so calm, they are not cute at all.

Chen Shuyang immediately took out his spiritual book and lay it on the table, "Then I'll draw some more amulets to prepare for emergencies."

Jiang Dong: "Then let me sort out the medicine."

Wen Lang looked around in bewilderment. He stared and asked, "Then what should I be doing?"

Qin Tan: "Go and practice your poker."


At about 9:00 am, the group returned to the place where they got off and waited for the arrival of the train.

Last night, Lou Fan specifically told Tong Fei about his guess. As for Gao Yi and Fan Dayong, Lou Fan felt that those two are not particularly willing to trust his team. Plus, their interactions are just so-so, so he didn't say anything. After all, Gao Yi and Fan Dayong already knew that something would happen. As a senior passenger with an intermediate spirit weapon, Gao Yi should have the ability to deal with emergencies.

The train arrived on time, and the group stepped on the train. Wen Lang and Chen Shuyang are a little nervous and got comforted by their partner. Lou Fan's head is empty. He closed his eyes and didn't think of anything, he couldn't stop what’s coming anyway.

The whistle of the train made a long 'woo' sound and stopped slowly at random.

Qin Tan got up and walked to the door of the train compartment first. He turned around and said to his team members, "Act according to the circumstances, we must stay together as much as possible."

Everyone nodded to express their acknowledgment. Holding the spirit weapon in their hands, the group got out of the train.

The violent wind mixed with gravel smashed into the crowd, making people frantically cover their faces. After a look around - as expected, they didn't reach Lazuli.

Tong Fei’s team and Gao Yi’s team in the next carriage got down together. Gao Yi and Fan Dayong looked around in surprise.

Fan Dayong couldn't believe it, "What's the matter? Shouldn't we go back to Lazuli? Where is this place?"

However, what is even more shocking is that there are originally only 2 carriages but many carriages suddenly appeared next to them. People gradually came down one after another, all looking around blankly.

"My mission should be completed already? Why am I here?"

There are also some who were originally scheduled to go to their mission world. This is the first time they saw so many people and they are also confused, "Why are there so many people on this task?"

"Look, their weapons are all mid-level spirit weapons," Lou Fan whispered, in a voice that only his team members could hear.

Sure enough, the trains disappeared and all the passengers present gathered together. Looking around, orange light shone everywhere, and only 3 of them are glowing in eye-catching red light, which attracted a lot of attention.

The crowd hasn't had time to figure out what's going on. The biggest question is, why are there more than 30 people with intermediate spirit weapons and some even with advanced spirit weapons? What exactly is this mission? How hard will it be?

Tong Fei stared at the crowd with heavy eyes. Qi Haichao's* eyes met hers, and he instantly turned his head away.

[Banana: Sorry to break immersion. Qi Haichao is the jerk who pitted Tong Fei in her previous mission world, in case someone forgot.]

The wind and sand around the crowd became bigger in an instant. The gravel brushed their cheeks, causing throbbing pain.

Jiang Rou took out a few windproof scarves from her bag and handed them to the team, "Take this. The sandstorm is too heavy." She had already put it on and felt much better.

"Guys, what’s that?"

Suddenly someone in the crowd exclaimed and everyone look over there. Within the layer of flying sand and rocks in the distance, a rumbling vibration could be heard.

"There seems to be a lot of people."

The thunderous aura carried a killing intent. The crowd did not dare to be careless and they all stepped back while trying to see what's ahead.

Qin Tan protected Lou Fan and took a few steps back. After staring at the front for a long time, he said, "It's a troop of Ancient Chinese army, it shouldn't be real."

Lou Fan quickly took out 5 stones from his bag and stuffed them into his teammates' hand. Without identifying the direction, he quickly said, "Put up the 5-element stones. If these are undead, it should be effective. If they are real people, then we can only fight with a real sword."

Between talking, the icy aura is already approaching. The 5 element stones are arranged in place. Lou Fan and his team members stood in a circle with their backs against each other. They held their spirit weapon tightly in hand, while normal weapons are within easy reach.

After reaching the advanced level, the team found that the advanced spirit weapons could now be used like a normal weapon, unlike previously when Lou Fan's spiritual arrow could only deal with spirit-type enemies. Right now, his spiritual arrows are incomparably powerful.

"It’s coming." Someone yelled.

Sand and stones are flying all around. It’s painful when they brushed past the people’s skin and flesh. It is dark and the crowd only faintly saw the powerful army running towards them.

Qin Tan's eyesight is good, he saw the passengers on the side all take out their equipment and items. Some are sticking amulets while some are putting on equipment.

It’s getting closer!

Lou Fan held the bow in front of his chest, his right hand on the bow string.


A muffled sound accompanied by a circle of ripples spread over the protective cover formed by the 5 Elements Stone array, and the soldiers who hit it disappeared without a trace.

"It’s useful!" Chen Shuyang shouted happily.

Countless soldiers slammed into the protective shield, and the dull sound is endless. The team of 6 people hid safely in the protective cover but the others are not so lucky.

When the soldiers came, the strong momentum pushed most people back for some distance, Tong Fei and the others were still beside them at first. When Qin Tan’s team was arranging the 5 Element Stones array, they are also preparing themselves. But it’s just for the shortest moment when they came into contact with soldiers, everyone other than Qin Tan’s team got carried behind by the force of the impact.

The overwhelming roar is mixed with the sound of weapons clashing. The surroundings are dark, and in the whistling wind, shouts came from all directions.

"Team leader, where are you?"

"Ah Tian, come here quickly!"

The passengers are all intermediate spirit weapon holders with rich experience. Although some got injured, it is not life-threatening. It's just that they can't see the surroundings clearly, and can't even find their teammates. It's dangerous if anyone got singled out.

"Lou Fan, take out the white crystal! Shuyang, the Yang Gathering Amulet!" Qin Tan shouted.

The 2 items are quickly delivered to Qin Tan, and he immediately stuck the Yang Gathering Amulet on the white crystal. Instantly, with them as the center, a dazzling white light radiated out, and the area within 10 meters radius could be seen clearly.

"Quick, go towards the white light!"

"Over there, over there!"

"Everyone, hold on and gather over the white light!"

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