In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Character Introduction

Since there are a lot of characters, I thought I would introduce the characters before it’s too late.

~First year~

・Tooru Saejima

The protagonist of this story. In first year class 4. Broadcasting club. Before the zombie outbreak, he didn’t stand out much in his class, but he’s acting as the present leader with a sharp assessment of the situation and rare commanding ability, though Shinji doesn’t think so. He basically can’t exercise, but he can make up for it with his brain.

・Daiki Oota

Tooru’s friend. In first year class 4. Basketball club. He’s un-Japanese in appearance with his amazing physique and is compared to a “Rugby player” by Seiji. He gets along really well with Kazuma, and because they’re thinking of all kinds of trivial things, they’re punished by Takumi. He’s a person who’s weak to women and can’t refuse people who are depending on him.

・Sakura Yamashita

In first year class 4. Concert band. Her appearance is very elegant, enough for all of the boys who pass her in the hallway to turn around to look at her. However, around the time she had just moved, she was bullied because her hometown was in the countryside, and so, her personality became twisted. Since the virus mutated inside her, she could maintain her body freely, and is able to command the zombies around her.

・Ryou Hamada

In first year class 3. Concert band. Rather than being optimistic, his character is more easygoing, and he doesn’t care much for details. He has an obese physique, but according to himself, he was filled with dreams and hopes. He loves to create and destroy things, so he’s able to singlehandedly take care of the manufacturing of weapons. Since hitting it off with Rei about “Aid Union God Vine”, and are close friends.

・Rei Shimaura

In first year class 3. Concert band. He has a pretty good-for-nothing-like personality, but in the one-on-one fight with the monster, he had great growth. He respects Tooru because he wasn’t good unless he was told what to do. He likes Jisa of the “Aid Union God Vine”, and he was secretly happy to be told that he was similar to the protagonist by Ryou, who he hit it off with through anime.

・Hazuki Asagiri

In first year class 3. Manager of the karate club. Described as “cute like a small animal”, and is cuter than beautiful. She’s talkative and has a cheerful personality, but she’s a late bloomer in romance and became the manager to spend more time with Takumi, but she still hasn’t conveyed her feelings.

~Second year~

・Seiji Honda

In second year class 2. Boxing club. He’s often thought of as being violent because of his delinquent-like hairstyle and sanpaku eyes, but he rarely resorts to violence aside from Tsubaki. He has a prejudice against his childhood friend, Tsubasa, and hits him every time they come face to face, but when he is honestly asked to do something by him, he gets a mysterious sense of discomfort.

・Tsubaki Honma

In second year class 3. Independent club. He looks androgynous. He is childhood friends with Seiji and accepts his violence. The reason isn’t clear, but it’s speculated that something happened in his childhood. He has a docile personality, and doesn’t perform well in either exercise or academics.

・Miu Shimizu

In second year class 5. Library committee (Since she’s part of the committee, she’s exempted from club activities). She has a calm personality and is beautiful enough to compete for second and first place in the school. She’s a big fan of reading, and reads about three books a day. She has a strong friendship with Yuuki because of a mutual problem. She doesn’t waver in front of a corpse or hesitates to touch it in order to examine it.

・Yuuki Miyoshi

In second year class 5. Archery club and student council. She is the vice president of the student council and is quite strict with the Student Council Regulations. Her archery skills are pretty good, so she’s able to take on zombies, and shoots accurately without being shaken. She’s on good terms with Miu.

~Third year~

・Takumi Toudou

In third year class 2. Former president of the karate club. He boasts national-level strength and has an overwhelming strength against the zombies. He might seem unfriendly at first glance but has a good and helpful personality and chides Kazuma and Daiki, and loosened Daiki’s nerves by awkwardly saying a few words. He is admired by Daiki as a “man among men”. He’s a thickhead and doesn’t notice Hazumi’s feelings at all.

・Kazuma Aso

In third year class 2. Former captain of the baseball club. Although he looks handsome, in reality, he likes women a lot. He follows Takumi and calls him “Tatcchan”. His current target is Sakura. He thinks of Daiki as his younger brother, and often acts together with him repeatedly as his accomplice (fellow travler).

・Jun Haiga.

In third year class 4. Independent club. He suffers from natural psychogenesis aphonia, the cause being his family being slaughtered, leaving only him in his childhood. Since then, he’s been adopted by the Haiga family, but his wish for revenge in his heart remains. Also, he is thought of as creepy by Ryou for not being afraid of death.

・Sayo Haiga

In third year class 4. Independent club. She lives in the same house as Jun because her father adopted him when he was a child. She is supposed to be the older sister and Jun the younger brother. She was upset when questioned by Ryou because she was hiding the fact why Jun came to her family. She has a friendly personality and an older sister-like role of being helpful.

・Shinji Shouda

In third year class 5. President of the student council. He takes pride in being the president and being the best at giving out orders, so he dislikes Tooru, the leader. His behavior and speech make him seem like he looks down on people, but he’s completely unaware of it.

This is the feeling for now.

Since there was a lot of impressions of people not knowing who was who… (Sweating)

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