Conquest Chapter 107 - [On The Road]

Such a woman who has been thinking about it for a long time in her heart was actually molested?!

Shaar's anger is really more powerful than anything else!

What was outrageous anger? That's was Shaar's current state.

The hillbilly suddenly burst into anger, his eyes were round, and he roared. He turned around, ignoring the stick that fell next to him, spread his arms, grabbed the necks of the two soldiers one by one, and threw the two soldiers away. He slammed it hard, then threw it to the ground, kicked a chair over with one foot, broke two chair legs, and smashed into the crowd.

With his martial arts, although he has never used the crimson murderous aura, he has displayed the most suitable combat skills for group battles, and with his physique strengthened by dragon blood, how could the weapons in the hands of these soldiers hurt him?

After a few back and forth, a small half of the soldiers were directly beaten down by Shaar. Shaar's ghost screams and collides back and forth. With his monster-like physique, where could these drunken and troublesome soldiers compete?

Those old guests in the tavern got such a strong aid, and the situation was suddenly reversed, and within a moment, all the soldiers were beaten to the ground.

The anger in Shaar's heart could not be dissipated. He ran to the pit beside the wall, dragged the drunk officer out, threw it heavily on the ground, raised half of the stick in his hand and smashed it down, the officer was hit in the head. Bleeding blood, screaming and begging for mercy.

At this moment, these people saw that Shaar was so ferocious and vicious, and they were so frightened that they also woke up. Seeing that the officer was beaten, although Pingri also had a few confidants, but seeing Shaar's momentum at this moment, who would dare to come forward and seek death?

Shaar hit a few sticks, threw the stick, grabbed the guy, and shouted, "Speak! Did that hand touched someone's girl just now?!"

The officer was in pain and fear. He groaned and didn't dare to speak. Shaar slapped him in the face with two backhands.

Seeing that the officer didn't say anything, Shaar turned to stare at the other soldiers lying on the ground: "Speak! Who else touched her just now! Stand up!"

Among them, there are quite a few lowkey-level characters, who just said that they had made a few bargains on other girls, but at this moment, how dare they take the initiative to stand up? One by one laid silent on the ground.
A one-eyed soldier cursed, pointed at the officer and said, "It's this kid! He touched it with his right hand!"

Shaar sneered, grabbed the guy's right arm and pressed it on the table, and quickly pulled out his knife with one hand.

"Okay! Then chop off the right arm!"

The officer suddenly lost his soul! How did he think that flirting with a peasant girl in a tavern would cause such a catastrophe? He thought, If only I shut up and endured it, thinking that I was going to suffer, I would've went back to find someone to come back and take revenge.

Seeing this fierce-god-like guy raise the knife, his eyes and tone probably didn't look like a joke... The officer shuddered, and hurriedly shouted: "Don't! Don't! Don't cut!!"

His face was white and he screamed: "My, my uncle is the general of the Seventh Corps!! You can't hurt me!!"

"Oh?" Shaar was stunned for a moment, and sure enough, the knife in his hand was put down.

After looking at this guy carefully, the other party saw Shaar let go of his hand, and he sighed in relief. He saw Shaar looking at this guy and frowning: "Well... the general's nephew, that's to give some face."

The officer was instantly overjoyed: "Then... can you let me not cut it?"

Shaar shook his head and said solemnly: "Well... Well, it was originally planned to cut to the elbows. Since it is the general's nephew, to give the general face, let's cut to the wrists!"

The people around: "..."

The officer's face suddenly turned pale, and before he could call it out, Shaar's hands rose and fell!

With a scream, one hand fell to the ground in the blood...Ruhl scolded, how could he have thought that this turtle was so savage, he said that he would cut it, and he would not be soft-hearted! Originally, he expected Shaar to teach these guys a lesson and let them be beaten, and he never stopped him from behind. When he saw Shaar's hand falling with a knife and a broken hand, he wanted to shout again, but where would he have time?
The officer's scream was like killing a pig, and he rolled around in pain, and the soldiers next to him were all stunned.

Shaar wiped the knife, put it back on his waist, and scolded: " You better hurry up and get out of my way, if you want to get a hand chopped off, you stay here!"

A few clever people jumped up quickly, picked up the officer, and flew out of the gate with a brace, and another picked up the broken hand on the ground, but when they went out, they were obviously panicked, knocked over two tables, and even went out. fell. The rest of the soldiers rushed out in a hurry. Before these people could run out, Shaar suddenly puffed up and shouted loudly.

"I am under General Ruhl of the Sixth Corps! Come and take revenge if you have the courage!!"

As soon as these words came out, Ruhl's eyes almost fell out of anger!!

The fatty was so angry that he vomited blood, scolded and rushed in front of Shaar, shouting, "You bastard, do you want to kill me?!"

Shaar looked calm, but looked at Ruhl strangely: "Just now you stood by and watched when I started, and didn't stop me. When I beat these soldiers, you almost clapped your hands. I thought that was what you meant..."
If Fatty hadn't come out without a knife, I'm afraid he would've really had the heart to chop this hillbilly to death on the spot! !

(Hey, I beat people, you can't stand by and watch a good show!) Ignoring Fatty's sullen expression, Shaar turned around and helped One-Eyed up, and then fought with the drinkers who helped the fight one by one. Greetings, the tavern was smashed all over the floor, and everyone couldn't drink enough, so they all said goodbye and left.

The hillbilly had some thoughts in his heart. When he helped the one-eyed, he asked for warmth, and he was three more enthusiastic than Pingri, but when he was talking, his eyes couldn't help but look at the panicked man hiding behind the door from time to time. The girl looked at him at random - fortunately, the one-eyed only had one eye, and she didn't notice that Shaar's god was wrong, but she looked very grateful, and scolded: "These Byzantine bastards, don't know when to get out of Wildfire Town. I'm old now, if I was still at sea 20 years ago, I would drawn a knife and fight his grandma!"

Shaar dealt with her using few words casually, but she was thinking about how to bring the topic to the girl. Finally, the girl took the initiative to run out, still with panic on her face, and took out medicinal wine to treat the bruises on Cyclops, but she seemed to be very afraid of Shaar and didn't dare to look at him. The hillbilly was itching in his heart, but he could only rub his hands together, not knowing how to talk.
But at this moment... a little kid who was only as tall as the hillbilly's knees ran out of the door. The kid only learned to walk, staggered out, and threw himself into the arms of the girl, his mouth hanging on his face with tears of fright.

When Shaar saw this scene, she suddenly felt something was wrong... Sure enough!

With a flat mouth, the baby hugged Aunt Sofia's niece and cried loudly: "Mom..."

At this moment, Shaar's heart was broken... Shaar himself forgot how he was pulled out of the tavern by Fatty and others. Before leaving, One Eye said those words of thanks to himself. I haven't heard a word, I just cried without tears in my heart.

(A virgin! A virgin...) To drag the hillbilly out of the tavern, the fat man who has been through countless accidents, how could he not see Shaar's thoughtfulness? Fatty was originally planted by Shaar, and he was annoyed. Seeing Shaar's dejected appearance, his heart suddenly became dark.

You little bastard, you have bad times too! Hmm... but, does this kid have a problem with his eyes? That girl, what's there to worry about?

He couldn't help but ask Shaar with a schadenfreude mentality. In his distraught state, Shaar told the truth about his original thoughts, and only laughed the fat man so much that he rolled off the horse on the spot.
The hillbilly was furious: "Ruhl! Do you dare to laugh at me! Even if you are a general, you can't trample on my dignity like this!"

Ruhl held back his smile, his face muscles twitched, and he lowered his voice strangely: "You kid, you are the best hillbilly I have ever seen in my life! All right! I make an oath to you! Isn't it a woman! I'll go back to didu, a girl like just now, with this appearance, how many do you want, I can find them all for you!"

Shaara's eyes suddenly lit up, after all, what kind of love did he have for that aunt Sofia's niece, but it's just a kind of confusion in the boy's mentality. Ruhr must be so big, and he suddenly had some hope in his heart, but then he became worried: "What did you say? But...but...but such a beautiful woman is not easy to find..."

If Ruhl wasn't very good at riding, I'm afraid he would have really rolled down, gritted his teeth hard, and said angrily: "Stop talking nonsense, I can naturally do what I promised you! dared to do it just now. Framing this lord, how could you do this"

Shaar smiled: "It's difficult to be the same, you and I can be regarded as brothers with friendship that has fought through bloody battles together on the battlefield. Although you are a general and I am a soldier, I think you are quite interesting, and I am willing to make a friend like you... "
Fatty's eyes widened... Damn, I've seen shameless people, but I've never seen this kid so shameless! Obviously, he is a general, and he is a soldier, but from his tone, it seems like he climbed up to him!?

But... Fatty sighed in his heart, if what that guy Adric said is true, this kid's hidden identity, he could make friends with him... After all, it is indeed true that he has surpassed him... Fatty He shook his head and said loudly: "I don't care about you! The kid you cut off your hand belongs to the Seventh Corps, and now the city defense of Yehuo Town is taken over by the Seventh Corps, you cut off that kid's hand, in case someone finds you to try and take revenge, let's go out of the city immediately!"

Shaar is also a sly guy. Hearing it made sense, he immediately nodded and agreed, and then a few people returned to the residence to bring Ruhr's personal guards, and went out of the city without stopping, all the way to the south.

The hillbilly's trip to the Byzantine Empire officially started.

And in front of him was a new land that he has never set foot on in his life: the Byzantine Empire.

This is also the first time the hillbilly has left the Wildfire Plain. As for the road ahead of him, it is still unknown.

The road life, the hillbilly, has just begun on the road...

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