Conquest - Chapter 109 [Ripped off]

Shaar and Ruhr entered the territory of the Byzantine Empire. After crossing the border, they first came to Denzel, a small town not far from the northern border. This is a small town with a population of barely 10,000. However, because of its location on the border. There is a large number of floating people all year round, and the security is also chaotic, but the trade at the border has brought a lot of vitality to this small town.

In this war with the Odins, the temporary military headquarters of the war zone was located here.

Denzel is not too far from Wildfire Town. It only takes two days to travel by horse. If you hurry, you can reach it in one day and one night.

Although it is only a small town, it is more than double the size of Wildfire Town. The wide and tall city walls show part of the military role of this border city. Once the war comes, the city can be transformed immediately. become a military stronghold. According to the imperial and military laws, the city wall was built according to the level of a military fortress, six meters wide and eleven meters high, with towers protruding at the four corners.
It was the first time I came to Byzantium, and it was also the first time I saw such a big city. I couldn’t help but have eyes that were not enough. Compared with Wildfire Town, although the prosperity here is obviously more than that of the anarchic town, The garrison soldiers in infantry armor and clothing.

There are also Byzantine imperial flags, military flags, and fan flags flying on the city walls.

The buildings in the city are obviously much taller than those in Wildfire Town. Walking into the city, the turtle almost didn't stop turning his neck, and desperately opened his eyes to go sightseeing.

Compared with Wildfire Town, this place is more civilized. The clothes of the people walking on the streets are slightly brighter, and the style of service is more obviously Byzantine: the men mostly wear long linen robes and long boots slightly. Lift the toe.

The kind of robe that is cut to a narrow waist can best reflect the strong physique of a man, and there are some men with weapons everywhere on the street, some people dressed as warriors, wearing cheap leather armor or iron chests. A, the wearer of the warrior badge, but the number of such people is significantly smaller than that of Wildfire Town.

There are many shops, blacksmiths, and taverns on the roadside, but what makes Shaar strange is that Byzantine women are obviously much more conservative than Wildfire Town, and most of the women who come and go wear cloaks on their heads. The hat is not only to block the wind, but also to cover the face, and the clothes on the body are relatively conservative. Only some women who look more luxurious will wear silk robes when they are surrounded by servants. A clothing store or a powder shop or something like that.

Denzel City was occupied by the army. There were soldiers dressed in military uniforms everywhere in the city. Now that the war is over, these soldiers seem to have started to rest, and even the taverns on the roadside will stumble from time to time. A few drunk guys ran out, let Shaar see it, and couldn't help frowning.

These guys with loose military discipline are absolutely invisible in the 13th Corps.

Not only is Denzel a much larger city than Wildfire, but the area surrounding it is also more diverse.
But when Shaar came to Denzel's temporary military headquarters with Ruhl, the general Clark did not show much hostility to Shaar, although this local turtle brought a lot of trouble to the warlords in the military headquarters.

Clark almost used an extremely hasty attitude to perform an award ceremony that was too simple to be simple. He stuffed a gold badge of courage into the hands of the turtle, and did not even wear it to Shaar himself according to the etiquette. Then, without even paying a military salute, he left in a hurry surrounded by a few adjutants, as if he was worried that if he stayed by the side of the turtle for another minute, he would get into trouble.

The simplicity and sloppiness of the award ceremony made Ruhr a little overwhelmed.

"Damn, if you come to accept the little white face of Bonfret who was awarded the honor, this guy will definitely be a hundred times more enthusiastic, and he will invite nobles and celebrities in the city to come to watch the ceremony, the honor guard will play music, and the red carpet will be spread directly to the gate... I'm afraid this kid's award ceremony is the sloppiest I've ever seen in my life."

Shaar didn't seem to care. He was holding the gold badge, and Shi Turtle was busy thinking about how much such a piece of gold was worth... Well, with such a heavy weight, it should be pure gold, right?

The people in the temporary military do not want to see Shaar, but Shaar doesn't care at all. Anyway, it is now... a business trip, all the travel, accommodation and food are paid for by the military.

The temporary military department photographed a fat quartermaster in Shaar of receiving them.

Shaar simply opened up about the room and board, stayed in the best hotel in the city, and asked for the best food and wine. The other party readily agreed, and even the quartermaster quietly gave Shaar a one. In the bag, there are twenty gold pancakes the size of a palm! Such a piece is enough for an ordinary family to eat and wear for more than a year!

Then, several high-quality war horses were pulled in front of Shaar. These good horses were all mounts provided by the military.

The temporary military department has only one request: you kid, eat it and take it: ㄧ, just get out of here!
Under Ruhr's instruction, Shaar simply banged the bamboo pole and knocked off a few sets of high-quality cavalry armor. The soft armor was made of high-quality mild steel produced in a famous mining area in the southern Byzantine Empire, which was light in weight. And the defense is superior, such a set of soft armor, on weekdays only flag regiment-level officers are qualified to equip one—and they must be the main battle flag regiment!

Seeing that his squires were wearing such expensive soft armor, Shaar was finally satisfied. Ruhl next to him sighed: "Damn, I have been in the army for seven or eight years before I am qualified to wear such armor. You guy, even a squire is so extravagant..."

Shaar rolled his eyes: "It seems that you taught me about ripping things off!"

The attitude of the other party is obvious: you can do whatever you want, but please get out as soon as possible.

Shaar is also unambiguous, and after getting enough benefits, he will soon slap his ass and leave.
When they left Denzel City, Shaar's two squires, Dodoro and Soyt, both rode high-class war horses and wore expensive soft armor. Even the saddles and stirrups on the horses were only enjoyed by high-ranking officers. good stuff.

Not to mention Shaar, he is wearing a set of knight armor worth at least several hundred gold coins. This is a set of knight half-body armor, which belongs to light armor. Each piece of armor is made of high-quality mild steel. Parts, such as the chest, back and shoulders, are inlaid with thickened steel sheets. The shape of the armor is the most standard imperial knight appearance. Although in Shaar's current identity, wearing knight armor is a kind of overstepping, but this time he has done a lot, and getting a title is a sure thing.

Riding a red warhorse that pulls the wind. This warhorse was chosen by Ruhl for him. According to Fatty, a warhorse of this rank, even among the mounts of the thirteen army generals of the empire, can still rank among the top five. of.

Riding such a high-class war horse, wearing light armor of knights, and wearing a bearskin cape given by the military behind him, Dodoro and Soyette who followed behind were far more dressed than ordinary flag officers. If I don't know Shaar's identity, I'm afraid anyone will think it's the general of that corps traveling!

In contrast, Ruhl, who walked with Shaar, the genuine general, seemed to be Shaar’s sidekick instead. Originally, Shaar planned to knock a good carriage to hurry, but Ruhl refused. This fat man actually told Shaar in a rare serious tone.

"Soldiers, don't ride!" Fatty said solemnly: "Soldiers who only want to enjoy themselves are no longer true soldiers! This is what my teacher, Lord Minas, told me."
Although Moore County is not a Tema military area, the empire's peasant and soldier system has been in place for a hundred years. After leaving Denzel City and passing through some small villages along the way, you can still see some people dressed in military service, but carrying hoes and shovels. Farmer working in the field. Every village has an empty training ground, but the peasant and soldier system is in decline after all. It is obvious that the weapons in the hands of these peasants and soldiers have long since rusted, and the weeds in many places on the training ground are as tall as one person.

After leaving Denzel City, Fatty's mood was obviously a little weird. He received the latest order from the military headquarters in Denzel, requiring him to arrive at the imperial capital of Osgilia within fifteen days. At the same time, the commander-in-chief of the 6th Corps was temporarily led by the flag officer of the 1st Flag Regiment of the Corps.

In addition, Ruhr was also required to personally go to the military headquarters to conduct a debriefing as the front-line commander of this war. It is said that this order was urgently sent by a special magic circle in the military headquarters the night before Ruhl and Shaar arrived at Denzel City.

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