Conquest - Chapter 110 [General "No"]

"Obviously, Lao Tzu's General of the Sixth Corps has come to an end. Damn, if we lost the battle this time, does the military want Lao Tzu to be a scapegoat? I won't take Lao Tzu back to the military, and then throw him in that corner for an idle job. Hang it up..." Ruhl was a little worried.

Shaar couldn't answer these worries of General Rabbit, and he couldn't help at all.

However, the original plan of the two was to return to the imperial capital to report their work anyway, and to walk freely on the road, it was considered a tour of the mountains and waters. But now the order of the military. Let Ruhl have to rush to the imperial capital within 15 days, and this matter of traveling in the mountains and rivers is afraid that it will come to nothing.

The Byzantine Empire has a vast land, from the border city of Denzel to the imperial capital, unless it is hurried on the road. Otherwise, fifteen days may not be enough, and if there are troubles such as road collapse or road closure, I am afraid it will be even more delayed.

The two summed up and could only part ways.

Ruhr wants to speed up the journey and can't delay time. Otherwise, if the military order is missed, this matter can be big or small. The current General Rabbit is being tortured by the order of the military department, and he does not dare to do it.

However, Shaar felt that this guy was mostly unwilling to continue walking with him, and was regarded as a follower.

He explained some precautions on the road, such as the passage documents issued by the military. As for what kind of car bandit Roadhog, Ruhl did not explain much. Ishaya, the guy who came out of Wildfire Town - a thief? Do not make jokes! If Shaar doesn't rob others, those guys should be snickering.

After the confession, the small town they met on the next road parted ways, and the fat man hurried away with his escort cavalry.

Shaar is not worried that Fatty will waste time--in the name of a rabbit and his ability to run away, this should be no problem.

With money in his hand and well-dressed, Shaar started to travel around the mountains and waters. He, Tatara, and Soythe, at first glance, came from the Byzantine Emperor, and from the perspective of others, I am afraid that he is still a high-level general at the level of some Corps. on.

It was the first time in his life that Shaar had enjoyed the taste of power. Originally in Wildfire Town, or even in the military, he felt that the best enjoyment in the world was to have a piece of barbecue and a few pots of spirits with each meal, and then to be full, wrapped in a sheepskin blanket and screaming. Huge sleep - such a life, it is already very happy.

But when they came out this time, every time they went to a small town, the soldiers guarding the city saw the dresses of Shaar and others. He stood up from a distance, keeping his back straight. Even if Shaar took the initiative to take out the access documents issued by the military, those guards respectfully saluted and took it with both hands. There are even places. Shaar didn't even need to show his pass, he rushed into the city gate directly on horseback, and the soldiers guarding the city didn't dare to stop him, so they stood in a line and saluted honestly.

Everywhere he goes, he chooses the best hotel to stay in, eats, wears, and lives, and spends money like water—but the problem is, just after passing through two towns, the money in his hand can’t be spent, so it looks like him The "big men" dressed in this way pass the border, and every time they go to a place, what town is guarding the Great Wall. People such as garrison generals got the news immediately, and the words written on the general document were vague, only saying that they were people from the military headquarters of the theater, and went to the imperial capital Osgilia to report on business. Looking at Shaar's and the horses he rides, everyone else thinks that right or wrong is the most important. I'm afraid they are the children of the military giants in the imperial capital. Is there any reason not to entertain such a character when he crosses the border?

Although it may not be a flattery, but according to the management of the officialdom, if such a well-known person crosses the border, if he does not entertain them. On the contrary, it fell into the mouth of the mouth, I am afraid that people will not know it if they offend unintentionally. Therefore, the leaders of the official and military along the way, with the attitude that more things are worse than less things, let the turtles enjoy the taste.

Whenever he stayed in a hotel, someone from the local garrison military or local administrative officials would immediately pay for all the expenses, and it was made clear that he was not allowed to take another steel plate from this uncle, even if it was Shaar. When leaving, the local chief will also send a team of people to escort them along the way.

Byzantine peasant-military system has spread all over the country. A team of peasants and soldiers were temporarily dispatched to serve as attendants along the way. Although this big man is dressed as a military general, who knows if he is really capable. Anyway, there are quite a few people in the warlord family. He dared to travel with only two squires, in case he encountered a few stupid thieves along the way. If you hurt a hair of this uncle, isn't it unreasonable?

Someone picks up the house, someone escorts him, and even if he is on his way, there is someone ahead of him, but Shaar is full of majesty, and he really looks like an uncle.

The entourage Tatara snickered in his heart, thinking that if these guys knew that this "uncle" is still a quality and gradeless commander, I am afraid that he will regret his bowels.
Shaar had never enjoyed these before, but this time, she suddenly enjoyed it, and she couldn't help but feel a little airy - Damn, life is like this, it's really delicious. The barbecue that I liked the most in the past, Shaar also gradually lost interest. Now he is fascinated by a specialty of the Byzantine Empire: a fine fragrant leaf shipped from the south, a piece the size of a washbasin, tender lamb and fish cut into small pieces and wrapped in it, with The above spices are then slowly steamed in a pot with a low fire. The fragrance of the leaves is completely soaked in the meat. After taking a bite, the fragrance is full in the mouth, and then accompanied by a large glass of bright red wine like human blood. This kind of diet, when I knew the price when I first ate it, it almost made the turtle's eyeballs pop out for six silver coins?!

In the past, the six silver coins were enough for the turtle to eat and wear for a year. Even his two good horses and the concentrated fodder enjoyed, if they were replaced in the past, it would definitely not be the so-called one-man meal that he, a turtle hunter, could afford. After the chicken and the dog ascended to the sky, Shaar experienced the treatment of the uncle, and even Tatara and Soythe also benefited a lot. The two followed Shaar to eat and drink spicy food, and Tatara finally got rid of the work of the handyman. There is no need to wash the horses, no need to feed the horses, and no need to pour the foot-washing water for the turtles. There's no need to donate a portion of your monthly salary to that rotten Soythe—from Tatara's point of view, this seemingly honest Soythe. It's just a copy of the turtle! The same seemingly loyal, the same full of cunning and cunning.

In this way, out of the three, the magician is the stupidest one. However, Tatara's good days will soon come to an end. On the tenth day, Shaar and others were passing by in a city. A team of cavalry sent by the garrison general was escorted to the next town, which belonged to a baron's domain, and the baron's mansion was in a beautiful place outside the city.

As a nobleman, this baron is quite reserved. He did not personally go out to entertain Shaar, but told the people below to handle these matters.

The people below behaved the same way that Shaar received along the way, but it was the end, but there was one more project. That night, they had a delicious meal in the hotel, and the man who looked like a housekeeper sent by a baron was still quietly He asked his subordinates to arrange some arrangements - this careful butler saw that the uncle was on his way all the way, but his subordinates did not bring a maid. This is a bit inconsistent with the travel habits of big men. I think he just came out of the army, so It would be so easy.

However, since he wants to please this distinguished guest, then this is his responsibility, and the housekeeper has spent a lot of money. He thought, ordinary vulgar powder, the general in extravagant clothes will not look down on him, so he just spends more money.

He sent someone to bring the most beautiful girl with a red card in the best place in the city with a lot of money. The housekeeper of the red card girl saw it with her own eyes, and she really had a slender waist and long legs, and her chest was undulating, which was even rarer. It is this girl who also has a bit of alien blood, her skin is fairer than that of ordinary Byzantine women, and her eyes were a rare amber color.

Giving it to the rude and uncivil-looking general made the butler feel sorry for him for a while.

After letting the beautiful girl dress up, she was sent to Shaar's room. The details are unknown.

However, less than a few minutes after the girl was sent into the room, she suddenly heard a scream of the general from the room.

Immediately after two bangs, the girl screamed and rushed out the door. The originally enchanting face and a pair of autumn-like eyes were stamped with two fist marks, and it was like a certain name that was rich in legends in the far east. An animal called: "Panda".

Then he saw Shaar, wrapped in a blanket and rushing out, holding a fire fork in his hand. He rushed out the door and shouted angrily, "Where's the person! Where's the person! Where's the female ghost who attacked Lao Tzu? !!"

Where has that woman ever seen such a battle? Although she is not a national beauty, she is considered a first-class beauty in such a small place. Even the lord of this territory, the baron, has visited her once. Seeing this man is holding a sword in his hand. The knife-like weapon rushed out with a murderous look on her face. The beauty turned pale in shock. She had already received two punches in the face, and suddenly screamed, Gulu Gulu rolled down the stairs directly, ten layers of steps. When this beauty landed, her delicate face was swollen into a pig's head, and even her arm was broken. Then she got up without being helped by anyone. She screamed all the way out of the hotel door, and rushed to the housekeeper in a hurry. Waiting in the hall, seeing this distinguished guest rushing out in such anger, he hurriedly stepped forward to inquire.

"Damn it! I drank some wine and went back to my room to sleep. I was dazed and touched with both hands. I opened my eyes and saw that it was such an ugly thing! I even thought I was having a bad dream. It's like a ghost!" Shaar snorted and shook his head vigorously: "It's okay! I'm quick to respond! This female ghost wants to bite me, so I just give her two punches..."


After finally explaining it, the matter became clear, but Shaar was very sad and angry: "It's too bullying!! I didn't ask you to have a woman to accompany you, since you arranged it, if it's sloppy, I'll accept it with a smile. Well...cough, but, with such a ghost-like woman, do you think Lao Tzu is easy to fool?!"

The housekeeper frowned and said, "This... Lord General, please calm down. In fact, this is the most beautiful girl we can find in this city. Well, to say something disrespectful. The most beautiful side wife, in terms of appearance, is a bit worse than this girl."

Shaar listened, stared, the anger on his face disappeared immediately, he sighed very much, and patted the butler on the shoulder, his tone was very pitiful: "It seems... your baron, life is also very hard. what……"
This is only the first episode, and Shaar didn't take it to heart.

But he left later and came to the next city. The local garrison generals warmly entertained him. In the evening, another girl ran to Shaar's room to sleep... This time Shaar didn't think of her as a female ghost, but the girl was still treated by him. Angrily coaxed out.

In the next city, two stops ahead, the entourage has already spread the news, only that this nobleman has a very high vision and is even more demanding on the appearance standards of women. The garrison officer in the first city spent a lot of thought, and finally found a stunning woman from a place.

It is said that this woman was from a certain aristocratic family, and she was born with a natural beauty. The garrison officer originally planned to keep it privately, and then adjusted it and sent it to the imperial capital to curry favor with her immediate superior. A nobleman was so demanding, so he simply offered it up.

As a result, the general, who was still the same as before, was furious, and when he saw this woman at the banquet, he was so angry that he overturned the table.

This time, others finally doubted it.

If this general's vision is high... it's too high! Such a stunning woman, even if she is sent to the imperial capital, I am afraid that it is the best value that those dignitaries regard as treasures! Is such a stunning beauty still ugly...? Could it be, um, could it be that this general, there are some problems... in that respect?! I'm afraid it's "no"! Well, that must be the case, so every time a person who stops to give him a woman, he becomes angry with shame. Although he dares not say it in front of Shaar, it will inevitably reveal a bit when it is passed on behind his back. The traces came, and in the end, Shaar clearly felt that the guys accompanying him looked a little weird every time they looked at him.

The most outrageous thing is that after another two days, the chief garrison of this place thought about it... Since this uncle doesn't like beautiful women. Could it be that...he likes masculinity?
That night, a handsome and handsome young man was sent into Shaar's room. As a result, in less than a minute, Shaar screamed and rushed out of the room. He didn't even go down the stairs in a hurry. He rolled over and jumped off the fence on the second floor.

"Damn it! I was in a trance, thinking that Bonfret's rabbit was resurrected to seek revenge for me!!" All right! It looks like this general. It must be "no"! All the followers along the way recognized this in their hearts.

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