Conquest - Chapter 111 [Unfortunate]

"Your Excellency, your behavior seems a bit inappropriate. We came here first." The other person saw Shaar intervene with a dissatisfied expression on his face. This person is about 30 years old, with a relatively tall body He was a little thinner, but he looked very sturdy. He was wearing a winter leather robe, with an emerald gemstone ring on his thumb, and the two beards on his lips were neatly trimmed, but his eyes were not. Yin sank a little.

Shaar looked at this guy and laughed: "It's all out of the house, since you don't seem to want a room, you might as well give it to me, anyway, there are only three of us, and a yard is enough to live in. "

Let's just say, Shaar directly glanced at Soythe, Soythe immediately took out a gold coin from his arms and threw it to the store owner. The owner took it with both hands, his face was full of joy, and he was about to respond immediately. Down, but suddenly saw the faces of those Lantis people beside him with a sinking face, and he couldn't help but hesitate.

"Your Excellency." The other of the two Lantis people who were discussing with the boss said. He had a kind smile on his face. His face was a little plump and kind of friendly. He is a little more particular than the other skinny guy, the collar of the silk jacket lined on the inside is exposed under the leather robe, he is carrying a horse whip in his hand, swaying it at will, and said with a smile: "Anyway, we talked first after all, we have more people, this yard is not enough to live in, but it was decided first, just ask the boss to find a way to free up two more rooms... Look, are you looking for another home? "

As he said that, he suddenly stretched out his hand and gently took the gold coin from the boss's hand. Although his movements seemed random, he shot very quickly. With a pinch of his fingers, the boss has not recovered. , the gold coin was already in his hands, the man put a smile on his face and put the gold coin back into Soythe's hand.

Shaar's heart moved, and he couldn't help but be a little curious: this guy is so quick to pay for money, if he goes to the golden finger, he won't starve to death!
Shaar snorted, and he looked at the two of them coldly - he didn't have a good impression of the Landis people in his heart, so he frowned and glanced at the boss: "The store is yours, what do you say?"

The boss saw that Shaar and the others were dressed in luxurious clothes, and their money was generous, so he was naturally willing to rent the house to Shaar, but there were so many people in Landis next to him that he didn't dare to offend him, and he was a little embarrassed for a while.

At this moment, among the few Landis people sitting next to him, two tall people stood up, with anger on their faces, snorted heavily, and deliberately bumped into Shaar, He said loudly: "Where did you come from, don't you know the principle of first come, first come!"

Saying that, he stretched out his hand and was about to push Shaar. Shaar has been around in Wildfire Town for many years, what arrogant and domineering person has not seen before? He laughed secretly in his heart, and stood there deliberately, letting the opponent's hand push on his chest, the man slammed it hard, but Shaar didn't move as if his feet had taken root, and he heard Shaar laugh and say: "Speak when you speak, are you rough?"

He twisted the other person's wrist at will, twisted it gently, the man screamed suddenly, and Shaar twisted his wrist over, and knelt down twice, Shaar was not polite, and sent it gently. , the man fell back and sat on the stool. Shaar turned his head and put the gold coins in the boss's hands again: "That's it, I want the yard."

Seeing that Shaar was so arrogant, the rest of the Landis people suddenly became furious, clapped the table and stood up one after another, and glared at Shaar. Shaar was not afraid, but there was a sneer on his face, and there was a hint of evil in his eyes.

The leader of the two Landis people, the fat one and the thin one glanced at each other, and the thin man shouted, "What are you doing, stand up and sit back!" The fat man looked at Shaar and hesitated for a moment. , finally said: "Okay, since that's the case, we won't argue with you. They are all out of the house, seeking money but not anger."

This man endured, and Shaar didn't talk nonsense with them. He walked in with big strides. After Soythe and Tatara called the boss to come and help with packing, they also called the little guy in the store. The horses outside were led to the back for careful feeding.

Although the Lantis people were annoyed, but the leader had spoken out, so he could only bear it. The fat man's eyes lit up when he saw the man lead the horses of Shaar and others. The war horses in this army are naturally very different from ordinary horses. , and there is also the brand of a military horse on the back of the horse. Anyone with a little experience will know at a glance, not to mention that the few guys helped to carry the luggage of Shaar and others. The burden was heavy, and it was obviously very difficult to carry. There was a rattling sound during the transportation, and it was obvious that the package was either iron or some kind of armor. Thinking of Shaar's ability just now, he immediately assumed that the other party was probably a member of the Byzantine army.

The two looked at each other, then walked to their companions, and looked at the person surrounded by these Lantis warriors. There, he was surrounded by those around him in the very center. He glanced at the man and said nothing. The young man smiled lightly and nodded, and the two suddenly understood: "Let's go!"

At this moment, the boss came over. He had already collected the gold coins that Shaar had given him, with a smile on his face and a bit of cunning in his eyes. Celebration, I am afraid that the hotels in the whole city are full. If you go to other places, I am afraid that you will not be able to find a place to live... Well, if you don't dislike it, there are still a few rooms behind my store, but they are a little worn out. It is a pile of firewood and sundries. If you don’t dislike it, I will ask someone to clean it out immediately. It is always a hundred times better than sleeping in the open. Stop the car, just for this price..."

The skinny man was immediately furious: "Why didn't you say it just now! Are you playing tricks on us on purpose!"

The boss didn't say anything just now, he just deliberately manipulated the heat and wanted to raise the price. It was also a means of doing business. He said it now because the business can make money as soon as he can, and the big money uncle gave a gold coin. It is already a lot of money, but where is the money too much, a few firewood houses, it is also good to make a little more money.

The fat man pulled his companion and looked at the young man among the group of warriors. The young man did not make a sound, and the fat man said: "Okay! Let someone clean it up!"

After speaking, he took out two silver coins and put them on the table: "Get some food and send it over."

The boss quickly took the money and went down happily.

The yard where Shaar lives in is quite clean and delicate, and the furnishings in the room are also good. He rested for a while and came to the yard to have a look. His chest was so high, but he saw the yard next door. It was originally the firewood warehouse of this hotel. It has been evacuated at this moment. The group of Landis people lived in. The yard next door was slightly larger, and several carts were pushed forward. In the yard, the cart was loaded slowly, the barrels and boxes were bundled and covered with a large canvas. The Landis were busy taking the horses down.

When Shaar saw this scene, he couldn't help but smile. He didn't expect these Lantis people to still live in and become neighbors.
Just watching, the fat man in the group of Landis came out of the room and saw Shaar standing next to the courtyard wall. She was stunned for a moment, then came up with a smile on her face, and the two were just separated by the wall. Nodding to each other, the fat man smiled, as if he had forgotten about robbing the room, and said casually, "This gentleman is also on his way? I don't know where it came from?"

"North." Shaar answered vaguely and asked, "Are you from Landis?"

Fatty laughed: "Yes, we came from the sea."

Shaar squinted at the carts in the other party's yard, pointed at them, and asked casually, "Are you a business group? Where are you going to sell the goods?"

The smile on the fat man's face seemed to be that of a standard businessman, and he said in a kind manner, "We are from the Gallon Chamber of Commerce. We have obtained some goods this time and are preparing to send them to the south. Alas, it's all about making some hard money, otherwise, in such a cold winter, who wants to come out and walk."

Char nodded: "Gallon Chamber of Commerce, I've heard of this name." I remember that on the black street of Wildfire Town, there is a store of the Gallon Chamber of Commerce, which is also quite famous on the mainland.

The fat man seemed to be very good at dealing, and the smile on his face became more and more enthusiastic: "My name is Gu Luo, but I'm just a small deacon, I don't know what your Excellency is called? I see your appearance, but you have the bearing of a warrior in the army. Woolen cloth."

"Well, my name is Shaar." Shaar replied casually: "I'm also planning to go south."

Probably because of Ruhl's relationship, Shaar will have a little more affection for Fatty.

"Then, you must be a general in the army." Guro deliberately complimented and said with a smile: "I can be considered a traveller. I dress up in your attire and have a bearing, so I must not be a mortal. If you have a chance to meet, please do more care."

"I'm not a general." Shaar shook his head.

There was a glimmer of pride in that Gu Luo's eyes. After all, Shaar had no experience and only said that he was not a general, but did not deny that he was a soldier.

In Guro's heart, he was even more convinced that Char's identity was extraordinary - not a general? In the Byzantine army, how many can dress like him? Besides, his few good horses are not generals, so I'm afraid they won't be able to ride them.

The two chatted for a while, and then Shaar went back to rest.

This Guro also turned around and went back. The room had already been cleaned. The thin man was standing there respectfully, while a young man dressed as a servant was sitting there leisurely, holding a bowl of hot tea and drinking lightly.

"Is it clear?" The young man put down the bowl in his hand.

"Well, that guy is indeed a member of the Byzantine army. His name is Shaar, and the name should be true." Guro lowered his hand and replied: "Looking at his dress, I'm afraid his level is not low."

"Shaar..." The young man frowned and thought for a while, and suddenly his eyes moved: "Yi, I have heard of this name... Could it be that the former Byzantine sluts were the guy who made the military uneasy? I heard about this guy. Hastings suffered on the battlefield, it would be interesting to meet this guy..."

The thin man said in a low voice, "This... We're here this time, it's better to avoid some trouble on the way. Your status is honorable. Before arriving in Osgiliath, it's really not easy to cause trouble. It's fine whether that person is a general or not. Anything is fine, I see..."

"Stupid." The young man shook his head, spit out a rebuke briskly, and the thin man quickly lowered his head with a respectful face. The young man continued: "Have we forgotten what our purpose is this time? Since there is such a good opportunity, if this person is really the one who made trouble with the Byzantine army... Hmph, if it is really this guy, Maybe, he went to Osgiliath like us. Such a good opportunity, we might as well have more dealings with him, maybe we can get some news we want to know. "

There was nothing to say that night. The next morning, Shaar got up and finished washing under the service of Tatara. Soythe had already prepared the horses and was about to leave. The Landis were also geared up.

The fat man Guro greeted Char through the wall, and then laughed enthusiastically: "General Char."

Shaar stopped and frowned, "I'm not a general, so don't yell."

"Hehe, I'm used to seeing people. Even if you don't have this kind of bearing now, you will definitely be a general in the future." Gu Luo's face was full of friendly smiles, but it made it difficult for Shaar to reject people from thousands of miles away. outside. The fat man laughed loudly: "We are preparing to go to Osgiliath. If it is convenient, let's go together. Everyone is out of the house, so we walk together, and we also have someone to take care of."

Shaar was still waiting to refuse, and Guro quickly said: "We traveling caravans are most afraid of running into trouble along the way. Judging from your bearing, you must be a strong general in the army. If there is a hero like you accompanying you. , our hearts are also much more at ease, just take it as my cheeky request, with your tiger protection, we can also have a safe journey."

When the other party said so, it would be hard for Shaar to refuse. The turtle's temperament is to eat soft and not hard. If others are arrogant, he will become more domineering. If others are kind, the turtle's heart will soften.

After thinking about it, Shaar said, "Well, I'm going to Osgiliath too. It's not bad for everyone to go together."
Immediately, the two sides went on the road together. These Landis people brought six carts, full of goods, more than a dozen Landis people on horseback, and a few handymen such as coachmen in the business group. Only twenty-six people. The three of Shaar joined the team, but they were inconspicuous.

It's just that the skinny guy never talked to Shaar, and rode with other Landis people from a distance, but this fat guy Guro was a bold person, walking side by side with Shaar along the way, this guy said that he It's true that he travels from south to north, his speech and behavior, as if there is nothing he doesn't know, and he is eloquent. From time to time, he talks about some anecdotes and anecdotes that he has run around all year round and encountered in various places, which makes Shaar listen to it with gusto. When he was a child, he liked to listen to the past merchants chatting and listening to the stories of the bards in the tavern in Wildfire Town, and this time it was his wish.

Hearing the end, I feel more and more that this Guro is really a talent, and being a deacon in a business group is too unprofessional.
"By the way, that year, the caravan and I went to the Chaos Territory in the northeast of the mainland. Alas, that experience was extremely dangerous. We accidentally broke into the territory of the elves. If it was just an ordinary elf, the elves would The nature is docile and kind, and it will not embarrass us. It's just that we met a group of fallen night elves. Those guys are like ghosts in the forest, hiding in the bushes, attacking us twice, and the mercenaries hired along with them were killed and injured. It was so bad; some people were captured by the fallen elves! Finally, fortunately, we met a few Druids passing by, and we managed to get out..."

"Well, there is also Wildfire! I once led a team to the tribe of the Zakou indigenous people, and exchanged iron for their indigenous people's tobacco. Those tobaccos are good things, the best quality tobacco, one gram of tobacco is even equivalent. The same weight of gold! Do you know? Those natives look the same as us, but they drink blood, but the tobacco can only be grown in the valleys next to their tribes. Those natives dry the tobacco It was mashed and rolled up with a whole piece of tobacco leaves... Hehe, speaking of which, the tobacco was all made by the girls of the Zakou natives who put the tobacco leaves on their bare thighs! Those natives Human girls are very eye-catching. The bronzed skin that comes out from the work is healthy and full of vitality. Usually, she does not wear long clothes, but wears short jackets, small leather skirts, bare arms and The thighs were all exposed, and the small waist... Alas, when we watched it, we all drooled a lot..."

As Guro said, he paid attention to Shaar's eyes. Sure enough, Shaar's face showed a longing look, as if he was swallowing his saliva.

Damn, I have been in Wildfire Town for so many years, but I have never been to the tribe of the Zakou natives. I heard that the Zakou natives are more autistic than the dwarves... I knew this earlier, Laozi He also slipped in earlier. Seeing that Shaar's eyes were a little longing, Guro felt a little disdain in his heart, but the smile on his face became more and more enthusiastic.

This young boy looks very simple, as if... it's not difficult to figure him out. Tatara, who followed behind, caught the strange look in Fatty Guluo's eyes, and the magician sighed secretly... ...This fat man is going to be unlucky...`

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