Conquest - Chapter 112 [Yin and Yang]

The morning sun shines on the distant mountains, and the mountains seem to have a faint mist.

Adeline Kronma, our poor little Highness is standing on the huge terrace. She is only wearing a loose nightgown. She is barefoot, and her snow-white feet are stepping on the cold marble floor. up, put both hands on the fence of the terrace, and quietly looked into the distance.

This is a round manor. The huge garden at the foot is like a square. Rows of holly bushes have been built into the appearance of a city wall. The servants in gray linen robes have already started their morning work, cleaning up the cold of last night. The fallen leaves blown by the wind, and the gardener, with a hat and huge scissors, carefully trims the holly.

The terrace is full of flowers - these flowers should not bloom in this season at all, they are all transported from the far south, and only the owner of this manor here has such deep financial resources to carry out such extravagance. ——These flowers use magic to maintain their vitality, but even so, they can only last for three days and then wither.
Poor Adeline had a melancholy look on her face. In fact, after living here for so long, she never had a smile on her face. At this moment, the cold wind in the morning blew her face a little. Pale, soft pale golden hair pressed against her cheeks, making her whole person look a little weak.

There was the sound of the door opening from behind. Adeline turned her head and saw a middle-aged woman with a serious face. This was her personal female official. As a female official of the royal family, this middle-aged woman had a perennial expression on her face. Unchanged seriousness, after she pushed the door and came in, she was followed by two young waitresses, one was holding a tray with breakfast on it, and the other was holding His Highness's coat.

"Your Highness, you will catch a cold like this." The female official's voice was unchanging and old-fashioned. She walked over, moving lightly, but with a firm attitude, pulled Adeline from the terrace back to the room, and then closed the door of the terrace.

"Now you have to have breakfast and change your clothes - you only have an hour, His Royal Highness is here in the morning and he will be waiting for you downstairs."
Adeline's face was a little thin, and her chin looked a little thin and pointed, but her eyes were extra-large. Looking at the female official she didn't like, she sighed.

Breakfast is fresh honey tea served with toasted golden brown bread and sweet honey jam. But Adeline had no appetite. She even just ate two random bites, then left the food and sat there in a daze.

The female official was no stranger to the fact that His Highness liked to be in a daze. When she saw this scene, she immediately waved her hand, and the two waitresses took the clothes up and pulled His Highness to start changing. Adeline is like a puppet, at the mercy of the other party.
The slender belt is too tight, and the palace-style long group holds up the chest high, but it makes it difficult to breathe. This kind of beautiful clothes can only be realized when you put them on. Uncomfortable! A waitress skillfully twisted Adeline's hair into a noble bun, and soon several waitresses came in and held out more than twenty necklaces and jewelry of different styles, pearls, and gems. Yes, gold, onyx, cat's eyes... (If that turtle was here, it would have glared off its eyes when he saw these things.) Suddenly, the grin of that guy came to mind, Eddie. Lin's expression couldn't help being a little silly, and a smirk appeared on her mouth.
(That slut must be still in Wildfire now... Has he bought a house? Will he still go hunting with his heavy and ugly fire fork? Well, maybe he has become a Mercenaries?

Several waitresses nervously changed pieces of jewelry of different styles to His Highness. The female official next to her rejected them one by one with a critical and serious expression. The last necklace of emeralds finally got her approval, and the female official was reluctant. nodded.

When Adeline was dressed up, she looked like a doll: Kim Se's hair was coiled up in a gorgeous and elegant bun, with two strands of hair hanging down on either side, which complemented her well. The shape of her face, the interlaced court dress of green and gold, her body was fiercely "stretched" into a gourd shape - for men, this is the "s" shape that most men like to see, but only the poor man himself knows that this is suffering at all. The emerald necklace was mounted on his chest, and the faint light of the gemstone was somewhat charming and dazzling against the tall white chest.
The female officer just smiled with a little satisfaction, and then continued with a stern face: "Your Highness, please remember your etiquette."

The poor worm sighed in her heart, she stood up, her face was indifferent, her eyes were dull: "I will."

As the heir to the throne of the empire and the only heir, Garcia Kerenma is sitting in the hall at the moment enjoying a cup of black tea, which is also a tribute trafficked from the Landis Empire, although he does not like drinking tea, but at least from the appearance, His Royal Highness has no flaws that can be picked out.

His golden hair was neatly combed, his handsome face was pale and serious, his dress was cut to fit the body, even the cuffs and necklines were meticulous, he held a teacup in one hand, his face was full of monographs, as at this moment, tea tasting is the only top priority in the world that he needs to pay attention to.

Even when he heard the footsteps coming down the stairs, the Highness did not raise his head, but after drinking the tea with impeccable attitude, he took out a white silk scarf and wiped it. With a clean mouth, he stood up calmly.
"My dear sister, you are in a good mood today." His Highness had the most standard smile on his face.


Those who are unfamiliar with this highness will think that this highness is simply a perfect royal aristocrat, his etiquette, his temperament, his appearance and behavior are all impeccable standards. Even his court etiquette teacher couldn't pick out even the slightest flaw in his Highness's demeanor.

When facing others, he always had a smile on his face - that proud, reserved and graceful smile. And his clothes are always clean, even if he goes out hunting, after riding a gallop, there will never be a trace of dirt on his boots.

As the heir to the throne, Garcia has always been a rigorous person - at least in his manners, he knows very well that since he was born into this world, the only thing he needs to do is: wait!

Wait for his majestic and brutal father to grow old, and then take this vast empire into his own hands. Before that, he just needs to maintain a perfect posture, be quiet, calm, and wait! that's enough.
If you have only heard the fame and legends of the crown prince, and only the legends of him and the man he loves, then most of you will definitely think that he is a wild and shameless playboy who indulges in a life of luxury and corruption all day long Among them...but it's actually the exact opposite!

And for the crown prince's student, his teacher, the emperor's most trusted wise man, Calve Hill, is very interesting: "If it weren't for his bizarre sexual orientation, this student of mine would be the one I have taught. The most serious guy among people."

Of course, little rigor sometimes manifests itself as: cowardice.

The young crown prince never dared to resist any of his father's orders in his life: the brutality and brutality of the Great Lancer was the root cause of his cowardly character.

But there are exceptions to this kind of thing. His Royal Highness, who has always been mediocre and even cowardly, has only done two things that went against the will of the Great Lancer: the first is naturally his weird sexual orientation.

And the second one is about his sister: Adeline.
Therefore, although he didn't like this student, Calve Hill's evaluation of him was: "Actually, our Crown Prince is a good person with a very human touch."

But although Calve Hill didn't say it, everyone thought of another meaning... A good person with a human touch is often not a good emperor...
Garcia walked slowly to Adeline, and his every Taking one step forward, the range, speed, and even the distance of each step were as accurate as if they were measured with a ruler, and then gently pulled Adeline's hand and gave a standard kiss.

Adeline sighed in her heart, she owed her favor.

"I hope it didn't disturb your rest so early." Garcia's voice was very sweet and soft, which was also the reason why he gave the impression of "cowardice".

"I'm fine." Adeline was visibly listless.

"But I heard from your female officer that your sleep has not been very good. If it's because you don't like this place, I can change it for you..."
"No, it's very good here." Adeline seemed to smile, her smile was a little helpless: "In fact, it's all the same everywhere, isn't it? No matter how beautiful the scenery is, no matter how beautiful the manor is, to me, it's just a matter of Just a prison."

The crown prince was silent for a while-for embarrassing and unanswerable topics, he usually kept silent and dodged, which was also a cowardly factor in his character, and then he smiled, still kind and peaceful: "I know you are alone It will be lonely, so I will accompany you today and take you to ride a horse."

" don't have to do this." Adeline smiled bitterly: "Garcia, I know you are very busy, and I am very grateful that you always take your precious time to spend with me. It's just...I'm very worried, like you This action will anger Your Majesty..."

The crown prince remained silent for a while, and he changed the subject again: "I heard that you are less and less fond of activities recently. I think it is not good for your health, so..."
"Brother!" Adeline finally couldn't bear it anymore, she raised her voice, her voice was a little sharp, but soon, she saw Garcia's brows lightly twisted, Adeline finally sighed and whispered: "His Royal Highness! I just don't like being locked in a big house all day long. Occasionally I can only go out and breathe when you come to see me..."

The crown prince's eyes blinked, he finally looked left and right, raised his finger gently, and the attendants and female officials next to him bowed and retreated.

When there were only two brothers and sisters left, Garcia turned around, sat down slowly, and said in his peaceful and pleasant voice, "You should understand that this is your protection."

"If the price of living is to lose the temptation, I'd rather die." Adeline's face paled and she shook her head vigorously.

Garcia frowned, he looked at this sister - this time, after she escaped and returned, she seemed to have become a little unfamiliar, she seemed to be more courageous than before, and her mind...

"It's only temporary." Garcia hesitated for a moment: "I... talked to the royal father once, I asked him to forgive you, and he agreed, as long as you live here in peace and don't run around... "
"Forgiveness?!" Adeline suddenly screamed, with anger and hatred on her face: "Forgiveness?! He actually used this word?! Let me live here with peace of mind and not run around... Ha! Is he afraid that I will reveal his ugly and despicable things!!"

The crown prince's face changed suddenly, he suddenly stood up and walked in front of Adeline: "Shut up!"

Garcia raised her hand, but looking at Adeline who was stubbornly holding her head up and looking at her, the crown prince's hand froze for a while, and finally did not fall, but slowly retracted.

Garcia's face was a little helpless, and the look in Adeline's eyes was even more sad, Adeline's heart softened, she couldn't help feeling a little guilty, she whispered: "Yes, I'm sorry... Brother, I know that you want to save me, it’s gone against his will, I know you've done a lot for me, I..."
"I don't have a brother, only you and a younger sister. I don't want the future... I don't even have a relative to talk to." The crown prince shook his head, his eyes were a little soft, but this softness was quickly restrained and recovered. With that polite look just now.

"You really shouldn't be like this." Adeline shook her head, her tone was very sad: "You should know very well what kind of person he is, Your Majesty. Garcia, my brother... your father has never been He is not a soft-hearted person. In order to clean up his political enemies, he could even imprison our grandmother in the palace for five years, and never see her until he died! He could even do something to my mother, his sister, Such a cruel thing..."

"Stop talking." Garcia's voice was indifferent.

The coldness and hidden anger in her tone made Adeline's heart jump!
"You are my cousin, I have no brothers and sisters, and you are my only relative of the same generation, no matter what, I will save your life." Garcia's tone was calm: "So, please don't say it in front of me in the future. Something 'death' or something. Can you?"

Adeline sighed and finally nodded: "Yes, I understand."

"Okay." Garcia said lightly: "It seems that you are not in a good mood. Today is not suitable for riding. Then I will come to see you another day."

Saying that, the crown prince nodded slightly, took Adeline's hand again and gave a slight gesture to his mouth, then turned and left with perfect etiquette. But when he walked to the door, his footsteps suddenly slowed down.

"Be patient. Adeline... I heard that his health is not good. So, be patient!"
When Garcia left, the door of the hall was closed again, and the thick door panel blocked the bright morning sun outside. Adeline looked at the gorgeous but empty hall, and suddenly felt at a loss. She thumped and sat down. He landed on the ground and sat on the cold steps without any image.

Adeline was in a daze, she sat there with her head bowed for a long time.

Finally, half an hour later, the old-fashioned female official came slowly like a ghost. Her footsteps on the marble floor made no sound. The female official stood in front of Adeline for a while, looking at the sad woman. His Royal Highness, there was a trace of pity in his eyes that was originally rigorous and old-fashioned.

"His Royal Highness... When the Crown Prince left, he instructed that as long as you don't leave this house, you can do whatever you want..."

"Any needs?" Adeline sat there and suddenly raised her head.

"Yes, any demand." The female officer nodded.
"Okay!" Adeline suddenly jumped up, she forcefully ripped off the belt around her waist, ripped off the rope around her chest, and then frantically ripped off the long group of gorgeous court dresses. He was standing there wearing only a close-fitting jacket, shivering from the cold, but there was a hint of excitement and irritability on his face - this was clearly an expression of anger.

"I want an axe... the biggest and heaviest kind of battle axe! Well, and a giant warrior shield! I want a wolf skin robe, that kind of robe made of the hide of a demon wolf, and..." The poor worm thought for a while and touched the corner of his mouth.

"I need a dentist!" cried the poor man. "Find me the best dentist! I want dentures! Gold teeth!!"

The female officer didn't respond to the previous request - she regarded it as a child's anger and asked for a weird toy, but... gold, gold teeth?!!
Just when the poor man was mad and angry, the turtle was laughing happily, and then grabbed the gold coins, silver coins and copper plates in front of him one by one.

This was at a table at an inn down the road.

A group of people is on their way, and it seems that Shaar is very happy with these business groups that travel from south to north. When they are resting, they drink and chat, and naturally they will also have fun... Because Shaar has very strange standards for women. The native turtle, who already had some doubts in his heart, naturally wouldn't expose his shortcomings. As a result, a proposal to gamble won everyone's support.

People who travel around, whether they are coachmen, mercenaries or businessmen... Gambling is an entertainment that men like.

And now, on the table, a few Lantis people frowned as they watched their last few coins being taken away by the other party, and couldn't help but feel extremely annoyed in their hearts.
Whether guessing copper coins, gambling dice, or betting on odds and evens, this Byzantine master is always amazing!

Moreover, it is clear that he never cheated, because the copper coins were drawn by the Landis people, the dice were carved out of wood by the Landis people, and the sticks used for guessing odds and doubles were also brought by the Landis people... Shaar I was very happy to win all the money from the other party. After three days, almost all the Lantis people emptied their pockets.

And the reason why Shaar is happy is not just winning money... More importantly, he is experimenting with a little magic.

The female dragon named Dora hidden in the pendant finally began to teach the magic of the dragon family - the imprint of the dragon soul it gave to Shaar was very weak, and she could only use the simplest and humblest spells... But magic It's magic after all!

The first magic that Dora taught Shaar was: clairvoyance.
In fact, this spell doesn't have much effect in actual combat, but for a turtle—well, especially a male turtle whose virgin heart has moved stupidly, he is still very satisfied! At least, this spell can be used to peep at the girl... With that faint dragon soul mark, what Shaar can achieve now is that after concentrating, he can see through a board about the width of a finger in a short period of five heartbeats. Such obstacles, and the denser the texture of the obstacles to penetrate, the more difficult it will be. As a result of his attempts, he can't penetrate walls or iron plates for the time being, but wood or clothes are no problem. There is only five heartbeats in that short time, but it is enough to kill the Quartet when used at the gambling table.

However, it is still a little difficult to peep at a woman for the time being, because when this spell is cast, not only must you concentrate, but at the same time, the target being seen must remain in place.
He can't deliberately find a girl to sit in front of him and let him watch, right?

Of course, he could have paid a few girls to sit in front of him... But in that case, what would he do with voyeurism?!

In a few days, Shaar won the last coin from the Lantis warriors, and even the fat guy Guro lost a few gold coins to Shaar.

After a few days, the relationship between Guro and the turtle has become quite close - at least it looks like this, he is very careful to cover the details of Shaar, and he almost understands it. In fact, Shaar really has nothing to do with it. The details can be covered, his background is innocent and simple, he was born in a reckless way, and he was promoted for his great achievements in the war. These materials have been clearly written in the military's public battle reports and awards.

However, the more Shaar is like this, the more Guro believes that this guy is not easy!
One of the important reasons... It's a bit ironic to say...
When he was resting that night, Guro walked into the room late at night. In the room, the handsome young man was still waiting.

"Is there any progress today?" The young man sighed.

"Sir." Guro hesitated for a moment, his face was very serious: "I think this Shaar Ya must have an extraordinary background! I even suspect that he is probably from a wealthy family in the military of the Byzantine Empire. He deliberately concealed his identity and used this war to make him stand out... I believe that there must be a powerful force behind this guy."

"Oh why?"
"One of his entourage!" Guro said confidently: "I have carefully observed his entourage, the thin guy among them, he doesn't look like a samurai at all! But to be a knight's entourage, this is It's a bit confusing. Today, I quietly hid a magic test crystal ball in my clothes, and as a result... I actually found a magic reaction!!"

Guro lowered his voice and said, "It's just that the response of the magic power is very weak, probably only at a low level! But it is enough to prove that that squire, he is a magician!!"

"Oh?" The young man's eyes lit up.
"Yes! Magician! I guess, this magician must have some magic tool that hides his magic power, so we usually don't notice it! He must be a powerful magician with good strength. Hmph, this Shaar can play against Hastings, his strength is not simple! How can such a powerful guy and the people around him be just a low-level magician? So... that magician's strength must be It was deliberately hidden!!

And... being able to use a magician as a squire, this Shaar's background is by no means simple! It's just that we still can't determine whether he is a Byzantine emperor or a pawn cultivated by the royal family..."
(Tatara, who was feeding the horses in the stable, sneezed, rubbed his nose, and complained in a low voice: Let me feed the horses again, I am a noble magician...) The young man stood up, he After pondering for a while, he walked around the room twice: "If there is really a force behind this Shaar, then his meritorious promotion this time is definitely not easy! When he returns to Osgiliath this time, he will definitely be reused, became an important figure among the Byzantine emperors..."

The young man waved his hand firmly: "Buy him! Find a way to buy him! No matter what he wants! Money! Women! Buy him! When necessary, give him some help! Give him some benefits! What does he want? Try it out, try to be satisfied! Don't make any demands and demands on him first, try to satisfy his greed! Do your best to form a friendship with him!! Any big man, who wants to gain long-term benefits from him, must pay attention to him Invest before you really get rich! So... buy him!!"
Guro, who got the order, continued to get close to Shaar the next day.

"Lord Shaar, a feat like yours will definitely be reused when you return to didu this time?" Guro deliberately complimented: "Life is so beautiful, it's really beautiful. In the future, won't all the wealth and power come?"

However, Shaar suddenly sighed, with a calm expression on his face: "Wealth and power... Hmph, so what?"

He rubbed his nose, sat on the horse, and the cold wind made his nose runny: "money, just enough. As for food and clothing, it's enough to fill your stomach. No matter how big the house you live in, you can sleep for a while. It’s just a bed. Although the delicacies of mountains and seas are delicious, eating them every day will make you tired…”

Well, he doesn't love money, that's why he likes women.

Guro recognized this in his heart, and said: "Since you are so young and promising, I'm afraid there must be some confidantes around you, right?"
When I mentioned this, I immediately hit the sore spot of the turtle!! The turtle's face changed suddenly...A woman...I remembered the sound of "mommy" that child jumped into the arms of Aunt Sofia's niece in that tavern in Wildfire Town.

Tragedy... Seeing the difference in Shaar's face, Guro suddenly became excited, and he decided that he had found a breakthrough! This guy seems to have a weakness for women!!

So, Guro carefully put his words, trying to find out what type of women this turtle prefers.

I'm not afraid that you have a hobby, but I'm afraid that you don't have a hobby!

No matter what kind of woman you want, beautiful, Shaarming, cool, pure, or a mature girl... As long as you speak, with our ability, we can get it for you!!
As a result, after a long time, Shaar, who was quite secretive in his heart, was unwilling to easily tell his own set of women's standards instilled by the old guy. He had a faint feeling that he might be the one who The wicked old guy played a trick... (Old guy... still, again, smiling Jiuquan...) However, Guro was not without gain. After a long time, he finally got a valuable sentence from Shaar's mouth.

"The woman I like... Probably... Well, it should be like Aunt Sofia... Well, it should be like this." Shaar's tone was not as certain as before.

However, after getting this sentence, Guro felt like a treasure, and he went back to the room that night to discuss with the young man.

That night, the mysterious young man made a decisive order.

"Check!! Launch all intelligence networks! Check it out for me! Check out all the information about this woman named Sofia!!! I want to know everything about this woman!!"
Soon, the entire northern Byzantine Empire, all the intensive intelligence organizations of Landis received an urgent emergency order!

Unleash all your power and quickly find out all the information about a woman named Sofia who lives in Wildfire Town!

For a time, people turned on their backs, and the wind was surging.

Countless outstanding spies and intelligence personnel who have been lurking in the Byzantine Empire for many years and carefully cultivated by the Landis Empire have flocked to the small town on the wildfire... When he recalled this incident, Guro, the Minister of Intelligence and Supervision of the Tees Kingdom, was still full of grief and indignation, thinking that it was the biggest stain in his life - he actually used a third of the lurking in the northern part of the enemy country. Strength, go check the groceries shopping aunt in a town... This incident has also become the biggest laughing stock in Guro's career.

"Damn it! I was deceived by that bastard back then! What background does that bastard have! He is a complete bastard! A stupid little virgin who has never seen a beautiful woman!!!"

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