Conquest - Chapter 115 [Hillbilly Stealing Teacher]

Afre Carter suddenly swayed and looked at Shaar in disbelief: "You... are you really willing to point me?!"

At this moment, Alfre Carter only thought that the opponent's strength was too much higher than himself, and such a strong man, he could only look up to him on weekdays! People who practice martial arts regard their own stunts as treasures, so who is willing to teach others easily?

At this moment, this strong man actually took the initiative to say that he was willing to broadcast himself! With his one move to defeat himself, and his brilliant record of defeating Odin, the Valkyrie, Hastings, if he can teach himself one and a half moves...

Afre Carter's teacher is not a strong mainlander, and he has only been trained to the sixth level of the intermediate level. Although he is only one step away from entering the seventh level of the high-level samurai, he has stayed at the sixth level for three years. Never break through.

And that set of ruthless and sharp swordsmanship is also a set of stunts that he learned by accident later, and he is indeed very talented, and he has practiced it to the current level.
At this moment, seeing that this strong man who even defeated Odin Hasting is willing to teach himself, where is the meaning of half resistance?! As for Shaar's true ability, he was just defeated by Shaar with one move, so how could he doubt it?

"You, you mean, willing to teach me..."

Shaar said with a smile: "Everyone is just learning about it, it's not like teaching, it's just learning on an equal footing. I'm afraid you're older than me, I can't be your teacher."

Having said that, where is there any doubt about Afre Carter?

Others were still in a daze, and Shaar had already waved his hand, and asked the innkeeper to bring the innkeeper, and asked Tatara  to take out a few gold coins: "I will compensate for the broken things here." After a pause, Shaar stared into the boss's eyes: "If the sheriff in the city comes to ask questions, do you know how to answer?"
The boss took the gold coin and was stared at by Shaar's sharp eyes. He was instantly blessed and nodded quickly: "Yes! Of course I know... Uh, it was those guys who provoked these gentlemen, the man in black armor. The samurai-sama was forced to fight back in self-defense..."

Shaar was satisfied, and a trace of gratitude appeared on Afre Carter's face. He originally planned to run away after the fight, but it seemed that since he could keep up with this big man, it would save him the pain of running around.

In fact, how did Shaar know that with the order of Hughes, the governor of the military region, the garrison and security team in the city would not approach this block at all. The secret agents in the governor's mansion had already monitored the surrounding blocks. As long as Shaar doesn't make a big mess, just let him go.

Lord Governor's order is clear: don't provoke that guy, just wait for him to leave quietly.
Back at the residence at the back of the inn, in the courtyard of one, Char ordered everyone to retreat, and the black armored warrior Alfre Carter naturally asked his companions to go back to rest first.

Afterwards, Shaar just pretended to be casual and asked a few questions, and Alfre Carter readily revealed the essence and ingenuity of his swordsmanship.

In his heart, this Lord Shaar can even defeat Hastings, he is just like an ant in front of others, and his swordsmanship, rather than cherishing his armpit with a broom, might as well say it outright, maybe this is an expert he can give you some tips.

Afterwards, one spoke and the other listened. Naturally speaking, he did his best without reservation, and he listened carefully and attentively.

It's just that Afre Carter never imagined that the "superior" in front of him was simply cheating to learn his own stunts.
To put it bluntly, Alfre Carter's swordsmanship belongs to the kind of routine that pays more attention to skills and tricks to confuse the enemy. In the shadow of , stab out the real killer move. And such tricks are often simple, sharp, and neat, and once they succeed, they quickly withdraw and leave.

"This seems to be an assassin's swordsmanship." Dora made a judgment in her mind.

The first step is the skill of the wrist. To confuse the enemy's vision by shaking out the sword flower like Afre Carter, the skill of the wrist is extremely important. Action, and the most important thing is the technique of exertion! Short and fast, so as not to be sloppy.

As for the vindictiveness of Afre Carter, there is nothing special about it.
At Shaar's request, Afre Carter made some detailed demonstrations. At his current level, he could shake out seven or eight sword flowers with a single strike, so that the enemy could not tell which one was the real one. real.

Looking at this guy's swordsmanship up close, I saw that every time he swung his sword, he could send out a row of illusory sword shadows, and then in a sword shadow, he stabbed a deadly sword!

This kind of action was very fast, and Shaar subconsciously broke out the crimson murderous aura, and a red light flashed in his eyes. In the characteristics driven by the crimson murderous aura, the sight and everything in front of him began to slow down... …Under such a state, he could see the subtleties of every movement of Affleck.
This also saves him from asking questions. After all, pretending to be a master is not so easy. He was born in a wild way in martial arts. If he asks random questions, I am afraid that he will be a helper without a few words.

After Afre Carter performed it three times, Shaar raised his hand and signaled the opponent to stop. He recalled the action that had been slowed down several times by the crimson murderous aura in his mind, and had a little understanding in his heart, without saying a word, casually walked to the corner of the yard to pick up a broom, and took a deep breath...

With a whistle, he waved the broom in his hand, and immediately saw two or three afterimages appear on the broom under his hand.
Shaar's heart moved, and he found some tricks. After waving a few times in a row, he remembered the skills of shaking his wrist and exerting force. Soon, when he waved the third time, the shadow of the broom had already appeared seven times. eight.

And when Shaar waved the sixth note, he saw that under his palm, the shadow of the broom turned into a row, densely packed with empty and real! I'm afraid there are as many as ten!!

Afre Carter was stunned. He never imagined that this master could only listen to himself once and demonstrate it three times, and then he used his most proud sword skills! And looking at the phantom that was transformed, there are actually more than himself!!

Once Shaar mastered the technique, she became more and more excited, and finally exerted more force at the last time. With a bang, the crimson murderous aura spread over the broom. The spikes danced up and spread all over the sky.
Shaar stood in that piece of flying shreds, widened his eyes and looked at the bare wooden handle in his hand, thoughtful.

Afre Carter was completely taken.

It's just that he didn't expect that shaking the phantom, in addition to the skills of the wrist, there is also the texture of the carrier in the hand! The softer something is, the easier it is to shake out the flowers—like a dancer's dancing sleeves.

And although Xia ya can shake out more than ten shadows at once, after all, he has a soft and elastic broom in his hand! If you give him a long metal sword, he will never be able to do it!

"Okay, you go down and rest first. I have to think about it carefully. There may be some ways to improve your swordsmanship."
Shaar made an unfathomable look, and Afre Carter didn't dare to say more, so he hurriedly and respectfully quit.

After the black-armored warrior was gone, Xia ya sat down on the ground, scratched his head, and couldn't help his face full of excitement: "Interesting! I didn't think there were so many tricks in this sword technique! Back then, Kevin... Alas, when that guy Kevin taught me swordsmanship, it was just some simple block thrusts and slides..."

Thinking of the bald man who died in battle, Shaar felt sad for a while.

"Blocking, thrusting, sliding... These are the most basic skills. Any set of martial arts is composed of countless such basic skills, and some special advanced skills make each set of martial arts useless. There is a difference." Dora's explanation was calm: "The swordsmanship of Afre Carter is good, and it can barely be regarded as a second-class swordsmanship. But after all, second-class is second-class after all, too much pursuit of visual confusion. Enemies, there are too many false tricks, you can be brave for a while when you encounter ordinary enemies, but when you encounter an enemy with keen observation or strong mental will, you will most likely not be confused by these small tricks."

Shaar laughed: "Anyway, I don't want to learn this sword technique, just learn its power-generating skills."

After a pause, he suddenly couldn't help laughing: "That Afre Carter said that it took him a few years to learn this sword technique, and I learned it in a while, it seems that the uncle is really a genius in martial arts. !"

"You're just an idiot." Dora bluntly attacked the self-confidence of the native turtle: "You have the crimson murderous aura as a foundation, once the crimson murderous aura unfolds, your mental power will also be mobilized, and your observation skills will become sharper several times. Some of the subtlest movements can be seen clearly by you, but this ability to comprehend is not innate to you, but is given to you by the crimson murderous aura."

Shaar opened his mouth and suddenly shouted, "Whether it's natural or not... According to you, with the crimson murderous aura, am I learning everything much faster than others?"
Dora finally didn't refute Shaar, the female dragon unwillingly agreed with Tu Turtle's guess: "It's true... but it's only limited to martial arts moves. You can read more carefully than others, observe subtler, and learn naturally. It's faster, it's nothing unusual."
"But what?" Shaar smiled nonchalantly.

"Your crimson murderous aura is weird!"

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