Conquest - Chapter 116 [The Legend]

Dora's voice was a little puzzled: "I've always wondered; what kind of martial art is this crimson murderous aura? Its lethality is similar to fighting spirit, but when it is used, it can mobilize your spiritual power at the same time... This is It’s not something that ordinary fighting qi can do. According to my understanding of you humans, if you make an analogy, the crimson murderous qi seems to be a kind of invincible fighting qi, but on the basis of its own fighting qi, it also adds a kind of instant strengthening and lifting spirit. The magic of power...that is to say, it is a kind of magic surname fighting spirit?"

Magic surname? Fighting Spirit?!

Shaar 's eyes widened as well, and then the turtle laughed and said proudly: "So, is it that I am a dual-cultivator of magic and martial arts?!"

"...Idiot!" Dora angrily interrupted the smugness of the turtle. Obviously, the female dragon was very unhappy with the triumphant face of the villain: "Double cultivation of magic and martial arts? Do you think that dual cultivation of magic and martial arts is so easy? People who talk about the dual cultivation of magic and martial arts all day long are either true geniuses or idiots who don’t know the true meaning of power—you are obviously the latter.”

After a pause, Dora explained: "Double cultivation of magic and martial arts is just a joke to most ordinary people. The world of magic is as vast as the sea, and the ultimate in martial arts also requires a lifetime of hard work. Originally there are two kinds of How can a power with a completely different surname and quality be able to easily achieve dual cultivation! I know that among you humans, there are many guys who claim to be dual cultivation of magic and martial arts, but they are all clowns who jump on the beam! Hmph! They can learn one or two low-level magic, and then learn it. With a little bit of fighting qi fur, you dare to say that you are a dual-cultivator of magic and martial arts!"

"Then... what is the dual cultivation of magic and martial arts?" Shaar humbly asked for advice. Although he was unhappy with this mother dragon who always devalued and stimulated him, he understood that Dora's erudition was beyond his reach. After all, Dora claimed to be a rare and outstanding genius among the dragon clan, or else she would not have campaigned with Ada to accept the blessing of the dragon god. Moreover, the longevity of the dragon family is extremely long, and Dora's long life force is enough to accumulate profound knowledge.

"The real dual-cultivator of magic and martial arts must know how to combine these two different powers! Instead of the kind you imagine, first put a magic spell, and then use the sword to cut out a grudge..." Dora said to Shaar Anna's barren knowledge is disdainful.

Fortunately, Shaar, a cunning turtle, has already figured out the temperament of this proud female dragon: as long as she pretends to be ignorant and makes her laugh, she will say something real when she is proud.

(Humph... I'll just pretend to be an idiot in front of you for a while, and after I've emptied the stuff out of your mind, I'll have time to slowly rectify your ghost~!) Sure enough, after sarcastic a few words, Dora began to show off her knowledge.

"Generally speaking, the level rules set by the powerhouses in this world are divided into two types for the fusion of magic and martial arts. The first is fusion. In simple terms, dragons are born creatures that can fuse two different powers. Almost every dragon family is a natural and powerful creature with both magic and martial arts. We have the innate dragon breath, which is a magic-like attack method, as well as dragon spell magic. Our biological family name has natural magic power, and at the same time, the powerful body gives us the means of physical attack. This is the combination of magic and martial arts. Similar to us are the elves, and... the dark race from the underworld, the demons, thousands of years ago! The elves have a natural talent for magic, but it is not as good as our dragons, but in the talent of martial arts and combat skills, at least it is better than us. And in the talent of magic, the reason why the demons are called demons is naturally unique, but this race has been buried in history, so I don't know exactly how it is. Legend has it that the Demon Race has magical talent comparable to the Dragon Race, and it is enough to compete with the Elf Race in combat skills... This is almost A race with a perfect balance of magic and martial arts."

Shaar was fascinated by hearing this, and couldn't help but ask, "How could such a powerful demon be destroyed in the end?"

"Idiot, who said the demons were wiped out." Dora scolded in Shaar’s mind with disdain, and then added a few biting taunts and sarcasms.

Shaar: I bear it! Humph, this uncle skinned this female dragon and cramped, and it's okay to let it scolded and let out a few words. "The demons were not destroyed, but left this world after being defeated, completely left this world! Legend has it that she went to another world..." Obviously, Dora knew very little about these ancient histories. Continued: "Some special creatures, because of the surname of the race, are born with the conditions of both magic and martial arts, but they are only taking advantage of some advantages. To become a master requires acquired effort... It's just that you humans are different. Human beings are fragile in body, dirty in soul, and greedy in their hearts. Whether it is magic talent or fighting talent, they are the last of all races..."

Shaar was furious. He was a human after all. He was so degraded by this dragon that he couldn't help but feel a little indignant.

"Hey! Don't be so dead! Why are humans the weakest?"

"Hey, when it comes to skills, the elves are much stronger than you, and when it comes to the strength of the flesh, we naturally need not mention the dragons, even the dwarves are stronger and more ferocious than humans. As for magic... The number of magicians in humans is relatively, as for your human population, how sparse the ratio is, I don't need to tell you!"

Shaar opened his mouth and suddenly couldn't help but say, "Yi? That's not right! There are goblins! You didn't say goblins! Goblins are fragile and have no magical talent, so..."

Dora seemed to be really stopped, and seemed to be silent for a while.
Shaar was proud of her heart and was about to retort, but she heard Dora sigh deeply: "Ignorant human beings, I really don't know whether to call you ignorant or to insult your human ancestors for being shameless!"

"You humans have vetoed and tampered with history... This is one of the important reasons why we look down on you humans! Hmph, of course you don't know the truth of history... The truth of history is that 10,000 years ago, on this continent Before Shang was invaded by demons, goblins were the real masters of this continent! Goblins once had a glorious civilization, and even the level of civilization exceeded the level of your human beings now!"

Shaar doesn't believe it!!
"Don't you believe it?" Dora snorted: "I tell you, goblins were the smartest race on this continent at the time! They may be fragile and have no magical talent, but they are recognized as a smart race! Among the goblins The masters of wisdom, goblins are the best theorists. Although they can't use it by themselves, they help the elves to create the most exquisite fighting skills. It can be said that the dwarves, the elves, and even you Whether it is human, many of the existing combat skills are handed down from ancient times, and there are many crystallizations of the wisdom of goblins! In the field of magic, goblins have also produced many masters of magic theory! I can even Let me tell you, the current system for the powers of the various lines of magic follows the system first proposed by the goblins in ancient times!! Goblins are theorists, and the smart scholars in their race have studied this knowledge, and then make other races a reality..."

Shaar was stunned!
I don't believe it if I kill him!!
Those goblins who only shouted "Ooke" were actually recognized as intelligent races ten thousand years ago?!!
"...The ancient literature has long been lost, and the fragments left are only rare, but it is said that in the ancient times, goblins could build cities with a population of more than one million, and the magic weapons they made had a super magic guide. Cannon, using a lost magic circle to drive natural magic elements, the attack range can reach dozens of kilometers! Hmph, your human magicians, can you do this now?! Especially in the study of magic theory, the goblins in ancient times were far ahead of the human beings today! The goblins at that time, their knowledge of the magic circle, and even a little relic left behind, are enough to make you the best magus of the human beings have a lifetime of experience. Go study it. As far as I know, half of the 100 greatest magicians in the history of your human beings are recognized as the greatest great magicians, and their personal achievements are inseparable from the relics of goblin civilization. Among them are A few were famous tomb robbers on the mainland at that time. Fortunately, they found some relics of goblin civilization left over from ancient times, and then found some valuable things, and then their strength increased greatly... hum!"

Shaar shook his head vigorously and swallowed: "But...but...but as you said, goblins are so powerful, how did they become what they are now?!"

"The first is because of the war that almost destroyed all races 10,000 years ago, the goblins, as the masters of the continent, naturally suffered the most trauma, and the second..." Dora's voice suddenly became low, its tone is a little weird, and it seems a little awe, some fear... "Secondly... because... other races, we dragons, dwarves, elves, humans... all have their own gods of belief. But goblins, but no belief. The gods! In the civilization of goblins, they have always believed in only one thing called 'truth'."

(There must be a story here!) Turtle immediately and keenly captured the subtleties.
But Dora was still reluctant to talk about this topic, and she quickly pulled the topic back: "Okay! You guy, always lead me to talk about some taboo topics! Now let's continue to talk about the dual cultivation of magic and martial arts."

Don't talk about those "taboo" topics, Dora's tone is much lighter: "The first type of magic and martial arts I just said is because of a special racial surname, this is the race of the innate magic and martial arts dual cultivation. And the second This species is the truly powerful dual cultivation of magic and martial arts recognized by all races! It is even more powerful than the first type!"

Dora seemed to hesitate for a while, and seemed to be a little hesitant about whether to reveal these profound meanings about the law of power to this human being - on the mainland, I am afraid that it is only the strongest among human beings who can understand these truths. .

However, the mother dragon soon dispelled his doubts - this turtle seemed to be stupid, and it was no big deal to tell him, and told him that for him, he couldn't really grasp these theories of high mountains.

"The second is the transformation of power." Dora's tone was awe-inspiring: "I can't understand such a mystery, probably because my realm is far from reaching that level, I just know these theories based on legends: Although generally speaking, magic power and power are the manifestations of two different family names, but in some legends, the powerhouses who have penetrated the ultimate mystery of power believe that power is power, no matter what the external manifestation is? Dou Qi is also good. , magic power is good, but it is a difference in the performance situation. They pursue the 'essence' of power. Once the essence is mastered, it doesn't matter what the performance of the power is. Simply put, it is such a strong person, they can freely transform their power into any form of expression! The power in their hands can be transformed into the fighting spirit of sincerity, the magic of dragons, the illusion of elves, and the brute force of dwarves... they are no longer manifested. The shackles of form break through the constraints of the rules. A magician is a samurai, and a samurai is a magician—no, or in other words, at that level, the so-called occupational distinction no longer exists. As for power, the wind system, fire system, water system, soil system, etc., all of them do not exist! The only remaining form of expression is only one word: power!"

Shaar was so fascinated by it that she couldn't help but be fascinated. I'm afraid that such a realm can really be regarded as invincible in the world, right?

"Uh... You said, this is the real dual cultivation of magic and martial arts... So, is such a strong person the strongest?"

"...Not yet." Dora sneered: "The strongest? A joke! Power is only power after all, even if it gets rid of its external manifestations and penetrates its essence, it is only power. It is still part of this world! And in this world, it is bound by the rules of this world... As for the above, there are naturally more powerful beings beyond this level..."

Having said that, the mother dragon scolded angrily: "You are still just like a small ant, not to mention the powerful ones in the legends, even an ordinary high-level warrior can kill you. So lofty, what do you think about these things that have nothing to do with you! Practice your swordsmanship well! You can't die before you send me to the Dragon Holy Land."
"...Don't worry! I cherish my own life more than you do."

This female dragon did not blindly use harsh words to stimulate Shaar. Although Dora was not a human being, with the profound knowledge of the dragon family, she quickly found out the second-rate phantom swordsmanship of Afre Carter. Several weaknesses, after thinking for a while, I came up with one or two ways to improve. For the mighty Dora, this trivial matter is just a small effort, but the next day, when Char told Afre Carter about the improvements, the black armored warrior looked at Char with a look of reverence.!

Obviously, the shameless turtle laughed at this favor.
Dora didn't care, the mother dragon warned Shaar: "If you really want to learn martial arts, then you don't need to spend time studying this second-rate swordsmanship. The only advantage of this swordsmanship is that you can use your wrist skills to shake out the residue. Shadow, the rest are not worth mentioning. If you really want to be powerful, then put aside these gorgeous appearances, only understand the most basic strengths and skills, and then wait for you to learn more skills in the future, maybe You can create your own set of swordsmanship."

I have to say that the mother dragon is actually not at ease.

Its original intention was to deceive Shaar to send it to the Holy Tomb of the Dragon Clan, and then let the undead dragon guarding the Holy Tomb kill this bastard. How could it help Shaar become stronger?

Only learn the most basic skills and principles, accumulate more in the future, master it, and create a set of martial arts of your own - this statement is absolutely correct in principle, and it even seems to be for the sake of the turtle.

However, to be able to create a set of martial arts by himself, then at least Shaar must become a real powerhouse in martial arts... Judging from the current level of Tu Turtle, the distance between him and that realm is simply immeasurable. Let's put it this way, you take a snail and throw it in the wildfire field, and then wait for it to climb all the way to Yanjing Osgilia, I am afraid that the surname may be bigger than that Shaar can create a unique set of unique skills... Anyway, Dora's improved "Shadow Sword Technique" gave full play to Afre Carter's ability to defeat opponents with agility and speed, but he was not good at carrying them head-on. In addition to strengthening the false tricks to confuse the enemy, he also concealed hidden features. The ultimate move has been changed to have a hidden surname.

Shaar admired Dora's ability, but the mother dragon was very disdainful: "This is nothing. This shadow sword technique belongs to one of the assassin's martial arts, and it is only barely considered second-rate, but this one is called Afre Carter's human, his physical condition is very suitable for this martial art, so that he can exert his double strength. Hmph, I have seen a lot of your human assassin martial art, and I know at least seven or eight sets of skills better than this, although the tricks I can't write it down, but I know the principle and make some improvements, it's nothing."

Afre Carter, whose martial arts have been strengthened, is naturally grateful to Shaar, and he almost wanted to kneel down to apprentice on the spot, but how dare Shaar accept this apprentice? With his barren knowledge of martial arts, he really accepted such an apprentice, I am afraid that he will be exposed in less than three days.

After firmly refusing, Afre Carter didn't force it, he just thought that with his meager ability, I was afraid that he would not be able to get into the eyes of this master, and immediately said cheerfully: "Lord Shaar, I know you are like this. The powerhouses in the world will not look down on us ordinary samurai groups. But because of your favor, I can't help paying it back! One day in the future, if you have any dispatch, I, Afre Carter, will do my best, and I will definitely be willing to do it at any time. Working for you!!"

Damn, this is probably the scene where the heroic protagonist accepts his younger brother in those legendary stories, right? The hillbilly thought proudly, is it really that I was born to be a hero?

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