Entertainment Industry’s Gourmet Food Service

Chapter 59

“I don’t want….” your money! Who would want to be with you just for your money! Mo Shaoqing stared at Ling Senhao’s smirk. Ling Senhao let out a bitter laugh. Even money can’t captivate your love interest, seems like my first time courting someone is a failure!

Mo Shaoqing continued giggling: “Who wants your money! I only want you, hehehe!”

The previously dejected Ling Senhao: … … Does this count as a win? Ling Senhao felt that there was nothing in the world that could compare to those words he just heard. It was so sudden, he was filled with so much happiness that in the moment he didn’t even know how to respond: “Shaoqing, actually I…”

He was suddenly cut off -- the person across from him fell over with a “thud” and didn’t get up. Ling Senhao smiled helplessly. There was an old saying that drunk people are pitiful, but not Mo Shaoqing. In the future, no matter where he drank he would always be well taken care of by a very well behaved but worried individual beside him. However the restaurant booth was not comfortable to sleep on, Ling Senhao lifted the drunkard up with the help of the waiter.

“Shaoqing, wake up, let's go home and sleep." To have something so wonderful happen for him this evening made Ling Senhao content, but he didn’t know how Shaoqing would react the next morning.

Mo Shaoqing only mumbled in his sleep: “Hmmmm… tired. Dizzy….”

“This is my fault, here drink some water --” Ling Senhao had mixed some honey and water together and brought it to Mo Shaoqing’s lips.

Mo Shaoqing, dissatisfied, refused vehemently: “I don’t want it! I want more wine! Wine that Boss Ling made himself! So sweet, he...he….”

Ling Senhao didn’t know if he should laugh or cry, could the usual sensible Shaoqing be just an act? This drunk version was so carefree. “Come now, try this, it’s also sweet…”

“Really? If it’s not sweet I don’t want it” Mo Shaoqing’s eyes squinted and stared down Ling Senhao. The young master’s heart fluttered, he couldn’t help but listen to the person in front of him, but he couldn’t help but feel a rock in the pit of his stomach. He was too hasty, they hadn’t eaten much before drinking, what should he do if he was hung over tomorrow!

“Drink a bit, you can say no but then I’ll have to feed you myself…”

The drunk Mo Shaoqing quivered and suddenly felt like he sobered up a little and quickly took a few sips from the cup in Ling Senhao’s hands.

“Drink some more --”

Mo Shaoqing gulped down the contents in the glass and felt the alcohol buzz lessen. “Hic -- Tasty! Another~”

“Ok Ok, let’s go home first!” Ling Senhao didn’t know he could deal with Mo Shaoqing acting cute and helped him walk outside.

The evening breeze was cooling, Ling Senhao brought Mo Shaoqing outside and told him to stay by the door while he went to get his car. Deep down he was filled with thousands of worries, why did he have let the driver go home early!

Mo Shaoqing swayed in the cold wind, the honey water from earlier started to sober him up, he thoughts were now more clear.

Huh? How’d I get to the front door? Did Boss Ling help me outside?

Did we finish eating? Why does it feel like a hole is burning through my stomach, I’m starving!

Mo Shaoqing stumbled a couple of steps, Where is Mr. Ling? Oh… right, he went to get the car and told me to stay here… stay! Then while we were inside didn’t it seem that Mr. Ling wanted to discuss what our relationship was?

How did I answer again…..

I don’t want your money, I want you?!

Did I really say that? Mo Shaoqing felt he had now awake from his drunken stupor.

Hic~ how could, hic this…” Mo Shaoqing’s hands covered his face trying to hide his embarrassment.

*Beep* *Beep* -- Ling Senhao had driven the car over and pressed the car horn a few times. Worried Mo Shaoqing didn’t hear him, he quickly got out and helped him into the passenger seat and fastened the seatbelt. Mo Shaoqing took advantage of the situation and pretended to sleep. As Ling Senhao merged onto the main road, he called the hotel restaurant to put away the things he had prepared. Seeing as his guest was asleep from drinking, those roses and candles and everything else he prepared were all useless now! Mo Shaoqing continued to pretend to sleep, but continued to listen attentively. When he heard about those mushy things prepared he really wanted to snatch the cell phone and throw it out the window, just how much did this guy spend!?

After a while only the sound of two people breathing could be heard in the car. Mo Shaoqing secretly lifted an eyelid and silently observed the person driving using the reflection on the window… Just when did he start caring so much about this person?

Did it start when they were in R Country? Was it the pen, or maybe the hotspring, or was it when he had decided to be a successful person like Mr. Ling…. When did this tiny spec of warmth buried deep in his heart and suddenly sprout? And when they reunited burst open…

He had pretended think about it, but in reality he cared greatly. He cared about who that person had dinner with, and was bothered when they left without saying goodbye..

Mo Shaoqing’s finger traced over the reflection in the window…. Also, how could such a charming person not captivate one’s attention, even more so was that they were so gentle and caring… shocked by his own thoughts, Mo Shaoqing’s face turned bright red. Ling Senhao had stopped the car and was about to help him undo the seatbelt when he was faced with a warm gaze,

“When did you wake up?”

It was only then that Mo Shaoqing remembered he was previously pretending to sleep, “Just now, I’m tired, my head hurts” It wasn’t like he was lying, he was really feeling dizzy.

Ling Senhao spoke softly: “I asked the concierge to prepare a hangover soup and a midnight snack, go up and sleep a bit ok?”

“I don’t want to eat!” Inexplicably whined Mo Shaoqing. Sure enough, Ling Senhao didn’t get mad, instead he coaxed him “Be good, just have a little bit.”

“Fine, I want to eat fish congee… and sesame pancakes. Also I want braised pork with pickled vegetables and Ma la crayfish, add on an crab with egg sauce in a clay pot…”

Fish Congee (Click for a Recipe!)
Shao Bing are a sesame flat bread which is a common street food item! Recipe here
Sour pickled vegetables with pork belly! Recipe here
Ma La Crayfish, the Szechuan pepper makes your mouth numb and spicy it's super addictive! Recipe here
Crab with Egg yolk sauce can be found in hawker stalls in Singapore, tastes even better when you use salted egg yolks! Recipe here

The first few were easy to get but the latter dishes… Ling Senhao frowned, this was something he did unconsciously while he was deep in thought.

Mo Shaoqing saw his distressed facial expressions and let out a “heh heh” laugh. He felt quite pleased with himself, making use of the other person’s doting behaviour for him against themselves. Hearing Mo Shaoqing laugh, Ling Senhao realized he had been played. He was oddly not mad but instead quite happy.

“You trickster, get out of the car!” Ling Senhao poked at Mo Shaoqing’s nose causing him discomfort which made him smile in satisfaction. The pair arrived at the same presidential suite as last time. Not too long later the staff brought up some fish congee and braised pork with pickled vegetables, of course those complicated dishes listed earlier were not available! The service at the 5 star hotel was quite decent, but Mo Shaoqing was starving and quickly inhaled everything down. Ling Senhao felt that his love was like some incurable poison, he had become addicted. Otherwise, how could you watch someone eat like this and feel full of satisfaction?

Feeling Mr. Ling’s fiery gaze on him, Mo Shaoqing felt like he should stop eating for a bit, “ *ahem* I’m getting full now, did you want some? Should we order you something else?”

Ling Senhao felt like he hadn’t seen enough of the other person wolfing down food yet, why was he done eating so soon?

“No need, are you feeling better now?”

“Yea, now I’m just sleepy,” replied Mo Shaoqing as he let out a yawn. He had gone through quite a bit today, he wanted to rest well and organize his thoughts. He got up and planned to use the same room as last time, This time I won’t be stupid and ask if there’s only one bedroom in a presidential suite!

“Wait where are you going?”

“To bed, I’m tired.” In order to prove his point, Mo Shaoqing yawned a few more times.  Ling Senhao saw through his tactic,

“Come here --”

“What.. Why?” Mo Shaoqing’s guard was raised as he took the tiniest steps towards Ling Senhao. Ling Senhao teared up internally, did he seem that desperate on the outside? Of course he wanted to… but the timing today was obviously bad. Since the other party didn’t want to come over, I’ll go over to them. Closing the gap in two to three steps he was now in front of Mo Shaoqing and gently hugged him.

“I want to thank you --”

“Thank me for what?” Mo Shaoqing asked dumbly, while internally thinking: I should be the one thanking you, thank you for appearing in my lonely world.”

“Do you have anything you want to say to me?”

Mo Shaoqing continued to play dumb: “Say? Say What? Didn’t we discuss this at the restaurant already!” The words I want you, he could not utter a second time, it was too embarrassing!

Ling Senhao was obviously dissatisfied, he felt that the person in front of him definitely had feelings for him too, which is why he didn’t want to hide his feelings anymore. He knew he had rushed things a bit, but he still wanted to get Mo Shaoqing to say it himself. He lifted Mo Shaoqing’s head by the chin and looked him seductively: “Tell me you like me --”

Mo Shaoqing, who was muddled just now, instantly became alert. Looking into Ling Senhao’s eyes, he felt like he was going to be swallowed whole, unable to say a thing.

“Say it, hmmm~” Ling Senhao leaned in closer and whispered sweetly into Mo Shaoqings ear, it was mesmerizing him, making it hard to disobey. Mo Shaoqing felt like his ear had been shocked by electricity, it was prickly and numb. Looking up in front of him, the light bounced off Ling Senhao’s sharp features making them softer. Gathering his courage he pecked Ling Senhao’s cheek, “ I like you.”

Mo Shaoqing immediately turned red, feeling like his face was on fire (1). He wanted to run, but Ling Senhao pulled him closer and they fell into a deep kiss. Satisfied with the response, Ling Senhao felt that everything turned out better than he expected, he held Mo Shaoqing’s hand and began leading him away… Mo Shaoqing broke away quickly, “Um I want to take a shower first, I’m all sweaty and gross….”

Ling Senhao was a bit saddened but he wanted to take things slow, this moment right now was already a huge success, “Go ahead, go to sleep earlier too!”

Returning to his own room, Ling Senhao immediately headed to the bathroom. Emerging an hour later the water dripped from his wet hair and trickled down his muscular body, slowly disappearing into the bathrobe… The phone on his bed flickered and a text messaged flashed on the screen:

Jin Han: Well how was it bro?

Ling Senhao was thinking of a reply when another message came in.

Jin Han: OMG don’t tell me it didn’t work? Impossible! The method I told you would definitely get anyone laid, but you didn’t succeed, that’s hilarious bro!

Jin Han: Where are you bro? Don’t worry… I still have more ideas…. Hello? You there?

The blue veins in Ling Senhao’s forehead popped violently, hitting someone when they were down, he turned off his phone and tossed it aside.

(1) original text was roughly translates to "his face turned red and was hot enough to cook a chicken egg" but I felt like that would kill the mood. ha.

t/n: aww don't we stan a good male lead

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