Helping with Adventurer Party Management

Chapter 51: The Heavens Are Watching

After the service of the adventurer guild ended, the interference to my business stopped.

That bald old man seems to have a considerably narrow feeling of being ashamed within the guild.


However, when will they come up with another harassment on the adventurer guild side? One does not know. It seems necessary to beat the schedule by having an office in a little while.


Where should I have my office?


If you think about excluding emotional aspects, you will partner with the adventurer guild in the guild.

It’s a right to borrow space.


Right now I borrowed a table in the adventurer guild as needed. But to make it permanent, I need to pay a fee to formalize it.


However, as far as the method of the other day is concerned, to the adventurer guild as an organization

I cannot expect there to be business ethics.


In this world, the status difference and the low ranking of adventurers are big things,

I can’t expect a natural promise in a capitalist society to keep what’s written on the contract.


Even if you borrow the office space with an official contract, you have profits

If it’s seen, it is obvious that you will raise the rent, and the contract will also have a rebound.


The law is on the side of the strong.


If you think that you will have an equal contract in this world,

There is no choice but to get stronger.


Again, it might be better to borrow an office outside.

In that case, it is conditional that shoes manufacturing for adventurers is on track

It takes a little longer though.


Before the adventurer guild comes up with their next harassment, I must do something.


At first glance, I continued to feel a bit of impatience while touring for the fledgling adventurers, but unsurprisingly, the Adventures Guild did not seem to be done particularly after that.


The staff of the adventurer guild seemed to have discounted the service failure the other day.


A municipal organization is an organization that is accused of failure, but fails to be condemned.

It seems that no one wants to put their hands in once it fails.


In addition, it seems that the opposition from the users and adventurers was also great.


I seem to have become a bosses standing position of the newcomer adventurer as such, and the adventurers were also angry to the point that the guild attacks the caregiver.


I was grateful that it was true that if we could do good services that it could

Be heard from the fledgling adventurers during the tour, so people would

Become allies.

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