Chapter 11 - Game Start

By: Fleur

Translated by: Jayre & Fleur

This time, the players even skipped the process of sharing their names with each other.

The two players who were attached to the newcomers briefly whispered an explanation to their partners. After listening, the high school student was not only unafraid but also eager to try, excitement written all over his face.

Even the rich lady’s mood is much better than that one person Yu Su met in the previous mission.

Even though she did not seem to believe everything, at the very least she did not go crazy threatening to call the police.

The others all sat quietly in their seats waiting for the two newcomers to understand the rules before they started talking.

The first to speak was a short-haired woman sitting to the right: “The mission this time is obviously to make players suspicious of each other.”

The bespectacled male sitting beside her pushed up the heavy frames and said: “The hide-and-seek game starts at nine o’clock at night, and it’s already eight fifty now. Since it’s hide-and-seek, it should not be wrong to find a place to hide. Shall we look at the surroundings now, so that it will be easier to hide later?”

Before he even finished, the high school student stood up ready to move, looking a little impatient.

At this moment, the little boy sitting beside Yu Su murmured to himself: “Hide-and-seek, just who is the one seeking?”

Yu Su glanced at him, and he smiled at her.

The place where the players were at looked to be a hall, with a closed pair of doors in front.

The high school student was the first to walk to the door, and was courageous enough to reach out both hands to pull the doors open.

Outside the hall was a courtyard, and in one glance, one could see the tall walls and a red door in front.

The high school student poked his head out to survey the surroundings and then moved to step outside.

His partner, a man with a centre parting and who looked like an artist, frowned. He stopped the high school student and told him: “Don’t be so reckless. I already told you that if you die in the game, you’ll die in real life.”

The high school student smiled indifferently and said: “The game hasn’t started right? It’s impossible to die so quickly, don’t be so timid.”

After speaking, he walked out. Yu Su was originally worried that the situation last time would happen again but fortunately nothing happened.

The little boy tweeted and maturely told Yu Su: “He really is a newborn calf who isn’t afraid of tigers.”

(T/N: 初生牛犊不怕虎 is an idiom and basically means that those with less concern/apprehension has more courage to do stuff and is usually referring to the teenagers.)

“......” This was said by a child, what a contrast.

Seeing that the high school student was okay, the short-haired lady tentatively stepped out and following closely, the pair consisting of the young man and rich lady went out too.

Yu Su followed, taking a few steps towards the courtyard before looking back to view the exterior of the house.

This was a style that was once popular in rural areas. It had two floors and the body was like an inverted L-shape, with the part that stuck out being the stairwell. In the middle of the first floor was the hall, with a house on each side and a utility room next to the house on the right, opposite the staircase.

There was a two-meter tall brick wall that extended from both sides of the house, encircling the entire building.

There was a separate room built in front of the house on the left, and the chimney above with firewood stacked by the wall showed the purpose of the room.

On the other side of the yard was a small plantation of vegetables and on the other side was a shed that seemed like a chicken pen.

Yu Su glanced at the time on her phone and seeing that it was already 8:54 (pm), she only looked around the first floor to avoid not being able to make it back when the game started.

At 8:58, a prompt was issued: 【The game is about to start, please return to the hall on the first floor to wait】

The group quickly returned to the hall and sat down carefully according to their previous positions.

No one spoke anymore, and everyone looked at the phone in their hands with different expressions.

The rich lady looked nervous and her eyes kept flickering to the others. On the other hand, the high school student was the exact opposite and his face was filled with excitement and anticipation.

Yu Su looked at him and could not help but thought that her attitude filled with anticipation back then was normal. Look at him, he was nearly going to jump and cheer.

The time passed quickly and the moment the number on the screen jumped to 21:00 , cheerful music that startled the hearts of the people played from who knows where.

Yu Su raised her head and glanced upwards.

The sound seemed to be coming from above. It seemed as if there were speakers installed on the top of their heads, the loud noise almost shattered their eardrums.

Although the music was cheerful, it could not make the listeners happy at all. Instead, everyone had an uncomfortable expression and they reached up to cover their ears.

Along with such music, a childish voice spoke.

“Let’s play hide and seek together, make sure to hide well. After counting to one hundred, I’ll be coming to catch you!”

When he trailed off, the music stopped abruptly.

The child’s voice began to count, and the rhythm was about two seconds for a number so they had around three minutes to hide.

The little boy smiled and turned around to walk out the door.

At the beginning of the countdown, Yu Su already walked into the house on the left of the first floor. The rich lady hurried in and then hurriedly left.

She obviously did not manage to find a suitable hiding place there and took the chance to change places while there is still time.

Yu Su did not care about others. She glanced at the 1.8 meters large wooden wardrobe in the room and immediately began to follow the method she had previously planned.

There was a clothing rail behind the door, which she had taken from outside and hid it there.

There was a table and a chair in the room, not far from the wardrobe. She only needed the table now, but when moving the table she brought the chair along with it.

In order not to leave any footprints, she took off her shoes and carefully stepped on the table. First putting the shoes and clothing rail on top of the wardrobe, she then gripped the top of the closet with both hands and began to climb up. Although it took a lot of effort, she managed to smoothly climb up in the end.

After reaching the top, she quickly adjusted her direction, sprawling on the top and clutching the clothing rail with both hands to use it and push the table further away.

After doing all these, the countdown has reached 93.

Yu Su shoved the clothing rail against the gap between the wardrobe and the wall, then dropped her arm to pull the wardrobe door open a little. She then clung onto the top of the wardrobe, slowing down her breath and waiting quietly.

The top of the wardrobe was filled with a thick layer of dust and every time Yu Su breathed, a little bit of dust would stir, making her feel like her nose was itchy.

Worried that she would accidentally make a noise, she opened her mouth slightly and breathed directly with her mouth.

The child’s voice counted to a hundred, and then there was silence.

All sounds vanished, and Yu Su was hiding alone, unaware of what was happening outside.

An unknown amount of time passed and light footsteps gradually headed towards her side.

Yu Su did not raise her head to look, she stuck to the top of the wardrobe motionlessly, her body plastered to the wall, not daring to make any movements.

In a situation where she was unable to see, her hearing had become more sensitive. She heard the footsteps walking into the room and that seemingly stood by the door for a while. After, they walked directly to the wardrobe.

Yu Su’s fingers curled slightly, feeling her heart starting to beat faster.

The footsteps stopped right beside the wardrobe, and there was no motion for a long time.

Yu Su turned from being nervous to a little strange. What was it standing under for?

Was it because it wanted her to think that it had already left and for her to expose herself? Yu Su did not dare to move, she felt that it must have not left.

The time passed just like that, and yet there was no movement below.

Yu Su could not help but be suspicious, did it actually leave a long time ago but because she was nervous she did not hear it?

That time, she could not decide and chose not to allocate any attribute points for the moment. If she had known, she would have been like Feng Ting and allocated points to her hearing. After all, even though it was not a lot, the legs of a mosquito still had a little meat.

(T/N: She probably meant that something was better than nothing.)

After leaving the game, she would assign the points well.

However, before the end of this twenty minutes, it did not matter if the little ghost baby had walked off or not, she would not move an-

At this moment, Yu Su was startled by the giggles coming from below.

It didn’t leave! It really did not leave!

Yu Su’s heart thumped wildly, and heard it laughingly said a sentence: “I already found you, don’t hide anymore, come out quickly~”

Yu Su swallowed hard and did not move.

After ten seconds, the little ghost baby snorted coldly: “If you refuse to come out, I’ll do it myself!”

In the next moment, there was the sound of the wardrobe door being opened.

Yu Su’s heart that was nearly going to jump out of her chest finally calmed down. She pulled the closet door open a little before the countdown ended and this really fooled it.

“Huh, there’s no one here?”The little ghost baby’s voice was a little puzzled and it seemed a little angry: “Hmph, I don’t believe I can’t find you!”

Footsteps sounded again, but they only walked about the room and gradually went away after a while.

Yu Su did not move until the end, nor did she use her phone to check the current time.

A moment later, there was a familiar cry.

Yu Su thought for a moment and thinking about it, it seemed to be the voice of the high school student.

The high school student hid in the clutter room on the right side of the first floor, where there was a lot of stuff piled up in a mess and a large cabinet for storing food.

The cabinet is like a huge box and can be opened from the top. The space was big enough to hide two people.

The high school student hid inside alone and covered himself with what was originally in the cabinet.

In an ordinary citizen’s home, there were very few places where one can hide perfectly. They were generally under the bed or the like, so where he hid should have been hard to find, but he was still discovered.

And the reason why, was because of another player.

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