Tales Of Herding Gods | Chapters 1321 to 1371 + UPDATE ON THE HIATUS TAKEN

By: Chwan

Hey guys!

Sorry for the late uploads, I got lazy for a couple of days and I forgot to upload for a good 20 days :P. Seriously though, I've been busy with my midterms and assignments I didn't have much time to upload the chapters. One I don't like about this website is the #chapter-updates thingy that takes at least a good 5-10 minutes to create for 2 chapters. So that's why I've been putting uploading chapters aside for these last few weeks. If you guys really don't like waiting for chapters, you can check out about 200+ chapters of TOHG on my Patreon page https://www.patreon.com/ChwanTLS. I try really hard to keep my promises (so far not broken) to upload every day if not every other day up to 5+ chapters daily O_O.

To make it up, I uploaded 50 chapters, they should be up now but I goofed up on the chapter orders. I spent another good hour fixing it, they should be fixed by tomorrow if you see this on 11/19/22.

I'm dead tired...

Chwan signing out 👋!

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