Haunted Duke's Daughter

Haunted Duke's Daughter Chapter 52

Translated by: Niladri

Correction: The teacher is referred to as 彼  (he) in this chapter. Not sure if I had used "she" before


Lilia sighed at the laughing Sakura's with an expression of helplessness. Then, when she suddenly looked up, she saw Tina anxiously staring at her. Unexpectedly, Lilia's cheeks were getting pulled.

―Your behavior was suspicious. Your facial expression was changing even though nothing happened. Scary, Lilia! {S}

―I wonder who caused all of this? {L}

―I'm sorry, I went too far. {S}

Lilia sighed inwardly this time and turned to Tina again.

"Lilia. Are you okay? Maybe you're tired ...? I'm sorry, I must have been bothering you."

"You don't have to worry about it. Saying I am not tired would be a lie, but everything else is fine."

I'm tired from dealing with Sakura. I'm not tired from my daily life.

―How terrible! {S}

Ignoring Sakura's words, she saw that although Tina didn't seem to be convinced, she silently sat back in her chair.

"Today you came just to inform me about the exam?"

"Oh yeah. I thought I had to inform you because I was indebted to you."

"Yes. Keep it up."

If Tina hadn't come, Lilia was thinking of visiting her tomorrow. Either way, tomorrow the results would be announced. She wanted to discuss it, so she would have met with her anyways.

T/N: Tina and Lilia were in different classes right? Hence the 1 day difference...

"Today we will all go to the dining room on the south side after this. Hey, Lilia ..."

"It isn't possible for me to go"

Tina lowered her eyebrows dejectedly, hearing that was the case.

Perhaps it is supposed to be a party to celebrate the test being over? Although it had nothing to do with Lilia, she never thought she would be invited. However, it was not possible to go to a gathering the south side with an unspecified number of people. If she waltzed into there carelessly, there would be endless problems.

―It's a troublesome world. {S}

―Yes. Really. {L}

Lilia returned to her bedroom after sending out Tina, telling her to bring souvenirs (from the party).

The next day. When Lilia went to the classroom, everyone looked uneasy. Lilia, who now understood those feelings, sat down in her seat with no change of expression on her face.

"Good morning, Liliane-sama"

The three people standing around her greeted. All of them seemed anxious, including Sera.

"Good morning. The three of you don't look too well. You had studied right?"

"Of course I did ..."

One would still be uneasy. Of course, depending on this grade, one might be reprimanded by their parents. It seems that some parents take the trouble to bring their children back to school in case they were skipping school. When one skips school for such a reason, it was something like putting the cart before the horse, Lilia just couldn't understand that feeling.

Lilia and another person, Chris were the only ones in the classroom behaving as usual. Chris was speaking boisterously to her entourage.

―Lilia. That is a role model. {S}

―Be like that? Me?

―Do your best!

Lilia turned towards those three people. The three tilted their heads and Lilia cleared her throat softly. And then-

"Good morning everyone, I'll give them out right away."

Being interrupted by the teacher who had arrived before the scheduled time, Lilia couldn't say anything. Sera and the others returned to their seats.

―Aww ……. {S}

―Sorry……. Next time, I'll do my best ...

It may have been a necessary step in Sakura's plan. When Lilia apologized, Sakura laughed that it was okay.

―I didn't think you could do it suddenly either. Don't worry. {S}

―Yes ……. Thank you.

Sakura didn't seem to care anymore and was wondering what to do next.

The teacher started to hand out the graded answer sheets to each person after the morning greetings. It seemed a little interesting to see reactions of students receiving it varying from joyful to depressed.

―By the way Lilia, what was your previous performance? {S}

―It was fifth in terms of ranking. It's neither good nor bad. {L}

―No, it's really amazing! It's not a joke! {S}

―If my grades don't improve, I won't be able to trust Sakura.

―Don't put that kind of pressure on me …….

Sakura was downcast, saying that she should have studied more. As a matter of fact, Lilia wouldn't actually blame Sakura, even if her grades were lower than last time. Because Sakura had given her knowledge that she would not have been able to obtain if she had lived normally.

Besides, it was just a "if" . Lilia was not worried at all.


Having being called by the teacher, Lilia went up to the teacher's desk.

The teacher had a complex expression while looking at the answer sheet at hand, but then he turned towards Lilia and that expression disappeared.

"Well done"

It sounded like a heartfelt compliment. After receiving the answer sheet, she went trough it.


―Oh! {S}

Lilia let out a faint sigh, and Sakura immediately chirped in a happy voice. Lilia might have screamed out loud if she hadn't been in a public classroom. She was really happy. She used to think that she didn't care about her grades, but she was honestly happy about this.


Lilia raised her face when she was called by the teacher again. He also had a very happy smile on his face. No, it looked rather funny?

"I'm not going to conduct class today. I'll just explain the exam questions one by one."

"Yes, it's normal."

"That's right. That's why. You don't need it, so you can go home today."

If one didn't know anything, they would think that the teacher was trying to get rid of Lilia. However, it was easy to infer from the teacher's facial expression that this was not the case.

"Is it okay to leave straightaway?"

Anyone would have noticed that Lilia's cheeks were loosening. Lilia's smile was slightly stiff, making one think that she was trying to laugh. But soon, she bowed a little, displaying gratitude for the teacher's thoughtfulness.

"Then I gladly do as you say."

"Oh, be careful."

The teacher's mouth moved faintly that it was nearly invisible, and Lilia nodded and left the classroom.


Niladri- Just to clarify in case someone forgot, Sakura only trained her before the exam. She didn't actually help Lilia (cheat) during the exam. So, her grade was 100% her own efforts. Sakura merely acted as a teacher.

Again, in case the subtext isn't clear, Lilia got a perfect score. Hence the teacher feels she doesn't need remediation on any of the questions.

BTW, I used {S} for Sakura and {L} for Lilia because adding colors on new isotls.com is a huge hassle. If you guys want the colors, let me know in the comments and I will start posting in isohungrytls.com from next chapter onwards.

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